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Vastu By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Dec 26 2016

Ever since hundreds of decades the concept of 'Vastu' is believed and practiced by people. Setting your home according to Vastu has proven to bring positivity and prosperity in people’s lives. Even in today’s modernized world people are now more inclined towards creating and setting their homes according to Vastu. A home is a place where a person finds peace and comfort and no one wants to compromise with it. Therefore Vastu helps people to create a positive aura and calmness in their house which helps them to gain inner peace.

Here are a few Vastu tips for your home to bring positive energy:

Placement of mirror in your bedroom

The mirror in the bedroom should never be parallel to the bed. The mirror should be placed in such a way that it doesn’t reflect your bed. Placing the mirror where it is exposed to the bed is known to create health concerns and quarrels among people.


It is important to make your house according to sunlight Vastu factor. Your house must be made in such a way, that it can receive sun rays according to Vastu. Sun rays play a vital role in maintaining positivity in the house. The warmth of the sun rays eradicates all negativity from the house and brings energy in the family member.

Sleeping in a favorable direction

One must sleep in a favorable direction to break the negative energy which will help you to absorb positive energy. This is especially for those people who have sleeping disorders and if they'll sleep according to Vastu it will help them to have a full and sound sleep.

Remove unnecessary items from your house

Declutter your house and remove all unnecessary items from your home. This will help the positive energy to flow freely and you will also experience prosperity in all spheres of life.

Colors of your home

Colors used in your home play a very vital role according to your mood and life both. The light colors are mostly used to paint houses, but you can add some colors to your home to bring positivity. Earthy tones are soothing for the mind and soul. You can also use colors from the seven colors of the rainbow.

A bowl of salt

This may sound a little absurd to some people. But placing a bowl of salt in the South-West and North-East direction of the house purifies the home from all kinds of negative energies.

Indoor plants and garden

Green is the color that spreads peace, energy and tranquility. Placing indoor plants like bamboo, money plant or other flowering plants maintains prosperity and peace in the house. The green color soothes our mind, relieves stress and anger and is healing for the soul too.

Music from bells or wind chimes

Wind chimes or bells can be hung on the entrance door. The music from these items creates a flow of positivity in the house. The mild music is soothing to ears, relieves stress and eliminates all negative energy from the house.

Aroma candles

Lighting scented candles create a pleasant environment in the house. You can use aroma candles or incense sticks to create a positive energy and purify your home from any foul or negative energy.

Apart from the above tips, it is also important for you to stay positive in all situations of life. These are was important Vastu tips which helps people fight with negativity to get their prosperity and inner peace.

If you want more tips realted to Vastu you can Learn Vastu from one of the best institute for Vastu, the Institute of Vedic Astrology.

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Palm_Reading By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Dec 12 2016

1. Marriages -After one age, all parents feel uneasy about the marriage of their children. They also start dreaming about the marriage of their son or daughter. Their wish remains that their offspring can get a good spouse as soon as possible, with whom he or she can spend his forthcoming life happily.

2. Hand lines -There is nothing to worry about in the case of marriage because when the marriage is going to happen, it will. All the information about the marriage of your offspring is there in the palm.  Learn to read palm lines in the Institute of Vedic Astrology.

3. Marriage's future -We are going to present an analysis in which conditions does the marriage of the person gets affected, that's what we are going to present here. At the same time, we will also tell you how it is known that what will be the exact age of marriage for you. We will give you some tips, after knowing that you will be able to decide how the future of your married life, through your multiple palm lines.

4. Multiple lines -If there is more than one marriage line in the hands of a person then there may be chances of double marriage or love affair before marriage which will not turn into a marriage. If the line is thinner than the normal line it will indicate the bad health of your spouse after the marriage. 

5. Mercury Mountains -Below the junior, there is Mercury Mountain, from which the heart goes out to the Jupiter Mountain. The marriage of a person assessed by the horizontal lines that appear in the middle of the finger and between the heart lines.

6. Form of life partner -The number of lines, the proper age for their marriage and their design is determined by the form of marriage line and the number of marriages.

7. Love marriage -The places of Jupiter, Venus and Mars on the palm of the people who want to get married should also be very effective. Whether it is possible to get married or not, it can clear based on the lines visible on the mountain but if obstacles are coming, then Jupiter and Venus can give the correct information about the nature of the mountain boyfriend or girlfriend.

8. Small or large line -When the line of marriage appears smaller or more than the other lines, then it is a sign that you are likely to have an inter-caste marriage. Some people also believe that it speaks of a person being married to a rich or poor family.

9. Marriage delay -If the Jupiter Mountain present in your hand tilted towards Saturn, then it means that your marriage will happen only after the age of 30. If the line of marriage on a man's palm is far away from the heart line and if there is no auspicious sign in place of Jupiter, then it is a proof that the marriage of the concerned person is going on in a long life.

10. No marriage line -If a person does not have a line of marriage in the hands of a person, then it does not mean that the concerned person will never get married. On the contrary, it is an indicator that marriage delayed unnecessarily. You should take measures for this.

11. Chances of marriage breakdown -If the line of hand breaks after reaching the middle, it is the sign that the possibility of marriage breakdown is strong. But other signs or lines of palm can prevent marriage from breaking then they are also considered. So, Palmistry can help you get the exact idea of your marriage.

12. Sun's place -The line of long and reaching the sun's place points to a financially rich life partner. Apart from this, if your marriage line is cutting other vertical lines, then it is a sign that there will be a lot of delay in your marriage.

13. Annoying life -If any other line comes on the marriage line, it makes married life annoying. Also, any kind of mark above the marriage line denied the wife's pleasure.

14. Clarity of Saturn Mountains -There is no will to get marry in the person whose Saturn Mountain is fairly clear. If a line meets the line from the lunar mountain, then such a person gets married. 

15. Future calculations -It is also believed that palmistry proved only when the future is calculated according to the current circumstances. 

16. Real future - To know all the information about your real future, you will have to go to the shelter of other branches of astrology. 

17. Authentic -Such as horoscope diagnosis, question horoscope or tarot card readings. With all this help you can accurately get to know at which age your marriage is going to happen.  

18. Widefield -The area of these branches of astrology is quite wide. With this help, you can know your future, but if you find that your future is not in your favor or there is a problem in it, then you will get satisfied with it and you can try to control the unfavorable situations in your life as well. 

Join an online distance learning Palmistry course at the Institute of Vedic Astrology and become a master of palm reading. 

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Vastu By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Nov 28 2016

Vastu is more like an ancient science that has helped people for many centuries to create homes that are favorable to Vastu and are filled with prosperity and positivity. People now design their home totally according to Vastu and it has proven to be quite effective in maintaining peace, positivity and prosperity in the house and among family members.

If you are looking for a few tips on how to design your home according to Vastu then this is the right place for you. Here are some basic Vastu tips for home design:

Buying the plot – While buying a plot we must go for a rectangular or a regular shaped one. It is easier to design and your designer can use the area of the plot properly without any wastage. It is recommended to buy a North, East or West facing plots, as the entrance facing these directions is good according to Vastu.

Position of the house

While building the house you must leave more space in the North-East side as compared to the southwest side, it is good for Vastu. If possible you must construct the house in the middle of the plot, leaving some space on all the four sides so that the air circulation will be free and continuous.  

Entrance of the home

According to Vastu, you must place the entry gate of your house on the North-East side, it not only provides good ventilation but your house will also welcome positivity, prosperity and good health. 


The location of master bedroom also plays an important role in the life of the master of the house. The master bedroom must be located in the area which should be the highest point of the house and in the South-East part.


The kitchen must be located in the South-East part of the house. It is a good Vastu, as it creates warmth and in family and brings family members together to build a strong relationship.


The location of the staircase in your house should be in the South or West part of the house. The staircases should be constructed in such a way that you climb from north to south or east to west in a clockwise direction. This helps to eliminate staircase accidents.

Bathroom and toilet

The bathrooms and toilets must be in the West and South parts of the house to ensure proper ventilation and keep the house cool. 

Water tanks

The water tanks or bore well should be installed in the North-East part of your house to ensure good Vastu.

Prayer room

The prayer room or the puja room should be facing East and located in the Northeast part of the house, according to Vastu.

Center of the house

According to vaastu, the center portion of the house must be light and no heavy construction, like stairs, must be made there. This ensures free and continuous circulation of air.

The above mentioned are the few Vastu Tips which will help you live happily and peacefully. Vastu helps people to stay positive, happy and strengthens the family bond.
Else you can also opt for an Online Vedic Vastu Course at Institute of Vedic Astrology to gain deep and authentic knowledge about Vastu and related subjects. 

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numerology By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Nov 15 2016

The arrival of a baby is one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences of a person’s life. It is often said that until one has experienced being a parent, one can never know what it really is. The parent has complete responsibility for the child’s wellbeing. From what the child will eat to its value system, a parent is one of the most influential people in a child’s life. It is a lifelong commitment that requires patience, foresight and understanding. As the child grows and develops into his or her own person, the parent remains the foundation of its life.

One of the many responsibilities of a parent includes selecting a name for the child. A name is the primary differentiator and is the first step in identity formation. Selecting an appropriate name is no small task and requires careful consideration of all options. Here are some important pointers to keep in mind before choosing a name for your baby.

Lifetime Compatibility: A person’s name is the identity of that person and will always remain a part of him or her. It is important for parents to choose a name that in some way allows the child to develop into their own selves without burdening them with parental expectations. The Indian society, unfortunately burdens their children from a young age and this often begins from the child’s name. In order to avoid this burden, parents must choose a name that makes the child feel as if it is a gift to them from their parents.

Uniqueness: Since the function of a name is to set it apart from others, uniqueness plays an important role. Some names are more common than others and are a hot favorite in many communities. This can be due to the meaning of the name and what it symbolizes. However, a unique and distinct name can empower a child to be his or her true self. It is important for parents to find out the meaning behind a name before giving it to their child.   

Simplicity: With borders between continents blurring, thanks to globalization, the need for universally understood names has increased. Cases of bullying and ridiculing are on the rise and it is best for parents to take this into consideration while naming their child. Many Indian names are often mispronounced and misunderstood by foreigners. This may lead to the child being bullied or ridiculed amongst his peers. Parents must choose simple and easy to pronounce names that will help the child feel included and accepted by peers.

Meaning: While some parents choose names based on preference or liking, some may choose names based on their meaning. Indian parents have been naming children after gods and deities for centuries. This is done in hopes that the children will imbibe the qualities of the person after whom they have been named.  It is important for parents to understand the meaning behind the chosen name so that there is no confusion in the future.

Fitting to last name: Have you ever met someone whose name is a tongue twister? This is because the first name and last name together are difficult to pronounce. A person’s name should roll off your tongue easily. Thus, parents should take into consideration the complete name of the child rather than just the first name. They must ensure that the name is not a tongue twister and is easy to pronounce.

Identity: Since a name is the first step towards creating your identity, it is important to pick a name wisely. A common name will make a child feel like he doesn’t have his own identity. Some parents pick out nicknames for their children based on physical attributes or individual characteristics. this helps children form an identity with their own names.

Astrology: The position of planets, time of birth and place of birth can have a significant impact on human life. Planets, stars and constellations place a key role in determining various qualities, situations and life events. Many Indians believe that the position of stars reveals the starting letter of the baby’s name and the child is named from that letter.

Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore a premier institute that provides online training in Numerology reviews the significance of choosing baby names.

Astrology and Numerology in Choosing Baby Names -

Some people are of the opinion that the number of letters in the name can be a crucial factor in the destiny of the person. This is why some people have extra letters in their name. Notable examples are Rani Mukerji who dropped the H from Mukherjee and replaced double e’s with I. Tusshar Kapoor has also used double S in his name instead of single S. Hritik Roshan, a long-time believer in astrology and numerology added an extra H to his original name Ritik Roshan. These celebrities have changed their names according to skilled numerologists and have achieved great success. 

Ancient Indian texts have suggested that the zodiac sign under which a baby is born can have a large impact on their life and character. Some parents even consider consulting astrologers for astrology based names i.e. the first letter of the baby’s name. This is determined by the positions of planets, stars and other cosmic elements at the time of birth. Each sun sign has specific letters and syllables which are appropriate to name babies. Here are a few examples:

Aries: Names that begin with the letter L and A are considered to be lucky for this sign. It denotes confidence, idealism and boldness. Arians are considered to be competitive, goal-oriented and passionate. Painter of the iconic Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da vinci was a famous Aries personality.

Taurus: Stubborn, loyal and devoted are the primary traits exhibited by Taurus. Those born under this sign can be named by letters I, E, U, W and O. A notable Taurus is veteran poet and playwright William Shakespeare.

Gemini: A true Gemini is characterized by Charm, intelligent and adaptability. Their need for acceptance and belonging is what makes them good at adjusting to any situation. Geminis with names starting from A, H, G and K will bring all the Gemini qualities to life. Music artist and rapper Kanye West is a popular Gemini.

Cancer: Cancers are often considered artists thanks to their heightened sensitivity. This also makes them emotional, sensitive and nurturing. Names beginning with the letter D and H are the perfect representative of the Cancer sign. The world-famous Princess Diana of the Royal family was a Cancerian personality.

Leo: Generous, warm-hearted individuals are born under the Leo sign. Protective of their own, these lionhearts can be energetic and possess a strong streak of creativity. M and T are ideal letters for Leo babies. Hollywood actress Mila Kunis is a Leo sun sign.

Virgo: Calm and level headed Virgos will think things through before making any decisions. A sharp mind coupled with a modest and shy streak, Virgos can be named under letters P, N and T. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a famous Virgo.

Libra: Social, sophisticated and romantic, Librans are the life of the party. With their diplomatic nature, Librans are ideal romantic interests. R, K and T named Librans usually embody the above qualities. Hollywood celebrity and social media star Kim Kardashian is a famous Libran personality.

Scorpio: Scorpions have a magnetic personality. They have the ability to be charismatic, powerful and unyielding. Once a Scorpion had made up his or her mind, there little anyone can do to change it. With a strong emotional side, Scorpions make for the best of friends. Names that begin with the Letters N, T and Y are ideal for scorpions. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc, is an eminent Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Signified by the Archer, A true Sagittarius is an eternal optimist. With a penchant for freedom and good humor, those born under the Sagittarius sign are often philosophical. The Letters B, D, P and T have proven to be lucky for Sagittarius signs. Hollywood heartthrob, Brad Pitt is a famous Sagittarius.

Capricorn: Loyalty and ambition are the cornerstones of a Capricorn’s personality. They are disciplined in nature and have a habit of work steadily towards their goals. They may come across and reserved in nature, but they also have a great sense of humor. You may consider names beginning with B, G and J for your Capricorn baby. Hollywood star and funny man Jim Carrey is a Capricorn.

Aquarius: One of a kind and unique, an Aquarius baby is fiercely independent and honest. They do not believe in mincing words and tell it like they see it. Friendly, original and humble, an Aquarius baby can have a name beginning with the letters S, G and D. World-renowned astronomer and physicists Galileo Galilei is an Aquarian.

Pieces: Often considered the softies of all the Zodiac signs, Pieces are characterized by their kind and sympathetic natures. They are often selfless and imaginative; Pieces can be your most supportive friend. C, D and T are some letters that are ideal for Pieces baby. Veteran actor Shashi Kapoor is a famous personality born under the Pieces sign.   

You can also Learn Astrology and Numerology from distance learning courses at the Institute of Vedic Astrology and can choose the best name for your offsprings and can suggest names in your family and colleagues too! 

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Vastu By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Oct 24 2016

Why should you check the 'Vastu' of a flat before purchasing?

The architectural Indian science of "Vastu Shastra" which is most commonly known as "Vastu" has been a foundation for recognizing and developing the best living spaces. This is the science of construction applied in Hindu Architecture. Plots and homes which are recognized by the 'Vastu' help the residents to live their lives with more happiness and prosperity. This is the antique practice that has gained popularity in the real estate space, for identifying the best places, plots and structures for residential, as well as commercial purposes.

'Vastu' is also based on Buddhist beliefs and has been formed with the aim of integrating architecture with nature, the relevant roles of various parts of the structure and ancient beliefs employing geometric designs and symmetry. When you're going to buy a flat in an apartment or also planning to let out a flat then you should still look for certain Vastu aspects. A lot of people still think that Vastu is not important because their house is not touching the ground but Vastu doesn't work that way.

Why is 'Vastu' important?

'Vastu' is very important which is considered to be the favorite aspect of buyers. These days considering 'Vastu' is important because of the designs and directions. The concept and main parameter is the construction and the directions. In real estate, the Vastu is considered to be the main parameter and flats and residencies are being planned after consulting the Vastu expert only. For people who believe and construct the home under the guidance and as per the direction of Vastu brings a lot of positive energy and general well-being for the owner.

Why should a person get it checked by an expert?

Vastu is an influential constituent that determines the decision of home users and tenants.  One of the main difficulties of living in a leased flat or apartment is that you cannot make a lot of changes in the flat, without securing the prior approval of the owner. If a house is made by keeping Vastu principles in mind, then people living in such flats will not face any difficulties which are also assumed by the Vastu Experts. So it becomes important to check this before buying any flat, building or plot and the same if you renting the home.

A basic structure plan is one of the key requisites for a fruitful meeting with our Vastu Specialist or expert. If you don’t have a building plan, it would be better to draw one yourself for the initial meeting. Vastu Methodology undertakes a 100% matching of symptoms and reasons to give you effective solutions to your problem.  

How will it help?

Your surroundings can have a huge influence on your life to the point of affecting your personal happiness, your prosperity, even the possibilities that come to you in your life thus making your choice of home a very important one. Because most of the important moments in our lives occur in our houses, the house itself becomes more than just four walls where we eat and sleep. That’s why thoughtful consideration is called for you if you are thinking about purchasing a home. These are the types of considerations that are taken into account when you want to assess the good Vastu of a home. Of course, these are not all of the elements that make up a home with good Vastu, but these are some of the important considerations which will definitely help you before and after purchasing the home.

Pros -

(1) In the Vastu, it is considered that the North direction is the symbol of happiness, growth, success and wealth. This space is the zone of God of wealth Lord Kuber who rules the finance and development in the house.

(2) It is also said that people who are living in such auspicious properties, whether commercial or residential properties are usually faithful and lodging by their moral values and beliefs.

(3) Vastu is a very interesting and highly useful science which is given to us by the tradition. We have several useful inputs from Vastu to plan the layout and other aspects of our houses.

(4) Houses which are purchased after Vastu check, make people live healthy and happy and ensure their peace and security.

(5) Planting of neem trees, coconut trees and big trees from 'South-East' to the South-West which means from Agneya to Naishritya gives us good results.

Cons -

(1) The possession of the Vastu effect is comparatively less to the south-east placed land or house and it is also very weak in giving good results.

(2) Water used in the house is not suitable to flow through the South-East direction. So it is essential that the South-East side of the house during construction to minimize bad effects in the house. 

Learn more about Vastu related tips and ideas for purchasing, constructing or renovating the house. Institute of Vedic Astrology is the right place to learn Vastu with easy learning methods by only sitting at your home. 

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Astrology By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Oct 13 2016

Generally, human life is filled with both happiness and sorrow. But some people feel that they are always on the sorrow side. This may be due to any bad effect or other astrological reasons in their living area.

Without knowing this reason they will wander in search of happiness in many ways. Yet they often fail to bring peace in their life.

Such people must know about the astrological signs that should be in their house to bring happiness. Mostly these signs are painted or made to hang on the main door of a house. You can understand the benefits of these signs when you Learn Indian Astrology.

Important signs that bring happiness to your home

Swastika Sign

The swastika is a Sanskrit word which means that fortune or auspiciousness. It is believed that this sign indicates the sun and good rays. When you use this sign in your door it attracts the positivity and gives you happiness.

Kuber sign

Kuber sign is especially used in the entrance of the house as it gives you good health and fortune. This automatically brings happiness to your home.

Ganesh and Laxmi

You may know that every good work is started by praying the Lord Ganesh and Laxmi. Likewise, when you keep this sign in the door you will have happiness forever.

You can study astrology in the Institute of Vedic Astrology, Indore and learn more things about it.

Yellow Fish

You can have the paintings of yellow fish on the door or paint this sign in the entrance. As fish live without any fear in the water, you can also live your life without any obstacles. This also disrupts the happiness of your life.

Golden Dharmachakra

Golden Dharmachakra is a valuable wheel of holy Dharma. This sign can control the negativity of karma and gives you the most glorious life. You can Learn Astrology to get more information about it.

Lotus Sign

Lotus sign is used on the door to get rid of the stains of mistakes. The petals of white lotus bring you the essence of happiness forever.

Precious Umbrella

The Precious Umbrella protects you and your home from all of the obstacles like diseases, spirit possession, and other interferers. This sign protects you from your long-term and temporary sufferings. So you can enjoy happiness and peace in your life.

Vase of great treasure

The sign of vase can yield you the necessary things for your life. This can offer you a happy life, enjoyments and peace.

White Conch Shell swirling clockwise

The White conch shell swirling clockwise can increase your level of mind and satisfies your good wishes. So, use it on your door to have the benefits of happiness in your home. In order to know all the signs you can Learn Online Astrology.

Thus, these are the best auspicious signs that can be kept at the door so that no one can stop the arrival of happiness in your home. If you have an interest in astrology you can take Astrology Courses in Distance Education to succeed in it.

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Astrology By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Sep 26 2016

Hindu weddings are acclaimed everywhere throughout the world for their festivities. The greatest charms at these weddings are the different religious customs and conventions that are taken after. There are various religious conventions that one needs to see keeping in mind the end goal to solemnize a Hindu wedding. However, the initial phase in a run of the mill for a Hindu wedding is horoscope coordinating. Matching of the Horoscope in a Hindu marriage is a long live tradition in their culture. 

1. Why should it be done?


  • To check marriage compatibility

According to the Hindu culture, horoscope fundamentally mirrors the places of various planets of a man and their impacts on his/her life. 
As indicated by Shastras, nature contemplates man and women as a solitary character post-marriage. Thus, one mate's fate, fortunes and destiny impact the other. It can either do wonders for life or prompt a terrible relationship. This is the reason, horoscope matching is an imperative part of disentangling the marriage compatibility of two individuals.

  •  To know relationship quotient

Ashtakoot or Guna is considered to be a real parameter taken into deliberation for a horoscope matching. In totality, there are eight guna(quality) that are mulled over to test the harmony between two individuals. Each guna has distinctive numeric features, which when included, total up to a sum of 36.

  • To anticipate physical and mental similarity  

In order to ascertain each other’s mindset, conduct, interest, temper and aptitude horoscope matching is an essential prerequisite. Additionally, the level of physical fascination is tested because marriage can't survive if there are no sentimental attractive qualities for each other. Also, the well-being of the bride and groom is also a thing that has to be considered. This major factor can be revealed by horoscope matching.

  • To predict family luck and financial stability in the future

Financial stability is the most vital factor that most of the parent considers when their daughter or son gets married. What will be the job perspective sooner rather than later, how stable will be the couple's monetary condition and even chances of promotions can be examined through horoscope matching.
 Adjustment parameter is another thing that most of the parents look for while horoscope matching. Whether the girl or boy can adjust with each other respective families or not, whether they can adjust to the changing circumstances or not are integral to the coordination custom.

2. What is to be seen in Horoscope and How should it be interpreted?
The horoscope of girl and boy are coordinated on the accompanying 8 tallies adding to a sum of 36 qualities ('gunas'). The criteria for guna matching are considered on the following parameters given below or one can say that it is the way a horoscope is interpreted.
• Varna – Matching of the castes
• Vashya – Attraction
• Tara – Longevity 
• Yoni – Characteristics or nature
• Graha Maitri – Natural friendship
• Gan – Mental compatibility
• Bhakoot – Relative impact of one on the other
• Nadi – Possibility of childbirth
This theory can be interpreted as follows –
It is said that if the number of ‘gunas’ exceeds 27 out of 36 then a match is considered to be fruitful and best and if it is between 18 to 26, a marriage can prove to be disastrous. Beginning from the sun sign Aries to Pisces, star signs have a sum of 78 distinct mixes for married couples.
Zodiac compatibility is viewed as a plausibility for cheerful and fruitful marriage. That is the reason why most of the parent's counsel an expert for sentimental compatibility perusing.

3. What else to be seen other than horoscope?
Having a successful and soulful marriage means looking for other traits and things that will make your life worth living. Before it is too late, here is a checklist of things for you to tick off before going for a marriage.
• Each other’s career goals-the real ones
• Living standards
• Each other’s family plans
• Your feelings about love, marriage and sex
• The contrast between lust, like and love
• Know your spending habits
• Things like immediate family/parents/siblings
• Each other’s worst qualities

Learn to read horoscope by learning Astrology from the Institute Vedic Astrology. You can Learn Oline Astrology from their distance learning course with best quality study material which will make you an expert in it in a short span of time. 

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Vastu By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Sep 12 2016

Vastu Shastra is a very ancient and traditional method of architecture that is determined by astrological aspects. It is aimed to bring peace, harmony, prosperity and happiness in a home. Astrology and Vastu are not just popular in India but are also steadily rising its importance in occidental countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, etc. More and more people in western countries today, are getting inclined towards designing their homes according to the science of Vastu that consists of the five essential elements - Earth, Fire, Sky, Air and Water.

Let’s check out the influence of Astrology, Vastu and Yoga on the occidental society and how one can possibly make a career out of it!

Yoga is now a global phenomenon!

Statistics demonstrate how an ever-increasing number of people in Europe and the United States are practicing yoga and making it a part of their lifestyles. People often brush it off as a fad, but the countless psychological and physical benefits of yoga cannot be doubted. As yoga research expands every day, we see more and more people embracing this Indian form of body postures or asanas to lead healthier and more peaceful lives. Yoga has been known to heal people and cure a variety of diseases including but not limited to hypertension, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, anxiety, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Make a career out of harmonizing people’s lives!

As we discussed earlier, Vastu Shastra deals with spreading peace and tranquility within architectural structures, obeying the laws of astronomy. These days, people want their homes to be just perfect! Yet, only some give importance to natural lighting and ventilation. Vastu takes a holistic approach towards a home architecture that takes all the scientific principles into account like ground preparation, measurement, spatial geometry, space arrangement, etc. This is all aimed at harmonizing your home or workplace and incorporating scientific, astronomical methods to bring a balance in the space that surrounds you and your life at large.

With the increasing industrialization and urbanization, Vastu Shastra opens some of the most lucrative career options for people not just in India but also the western countries. With the right amount of knowledge and learning, one can work towards making people’s lives better. Everyone looks for prosperity and peace in their lives and this is precisely why there is a huge demand for reliable experts in the art of Vastu Shastra. Even a beginner can earn an attractive remuneration in this career.

What’s in it for you?

Well, looking at the highlights:

  • An attractive remuneration
  • A gratifying job
  • Social connectivity
  • Recognition and fame

It cannot be disputed that Vastu opens a lot of doors for people looking to find their true passions or career possibilities. Given the immense scope and perks of being a Vastu expert and its growing recognition in the western countries, Vastu is now a global phenomenon that can help you pave a new professional path and find a career in making people happy. How gratifying is that! 

Make a great career 

By learning Vastu you can start your own part-time career in Vastu by suggesting people Vastu tips and ideas, construction ideas, interior, etc.  For that, you should Learn Vedic Vastu from the Institute of Vedic Astrology with their online distance learning course. Which will help you to become an expert in Vastu. 

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Astrology By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Aug 22 2016

Well, we won’t be driving you crazy about astrology but will be covering some of the most important things that you must know about astrology and will be discussing why you must consider consulting an Astrologer. There is no doubt in the fact that astrology, in reality, is not exactly science. It is a mere subtle, fluid symbolic system that has interpretive results. Astrology was and is considered to be a philosophical art form and visiting an astrologer is also an art. A number of people think that it is just like attending a lecture or signing up for a tedious workshop, where you sit and listen to the information that is offered and the information provided can be applied to anyone. But in reality, astrology is just like the unvisited city of misconceptions for most of the people.

If you haven’t visited an astrologer before then for sure, you should consider visiting one as soon as possible. But we would warn you that out there most of the astrologers are not trustworthy. You should consider doing a little bit of research on your own for finding the best and reliable one form the never-ending list of astrologers that you can easily find online.

It is important to consult an astrologer especially when one is facing difficult times, you can be skeptic but trying out different ways for getting out of the difficult situation is not a bad thing. An astrologer can give you a nonjudgmental and rough overview of who you are and what is happening in your life. An astrologer can also tell a lot about what the chart says about your past, present as well as future life.

Even if your child is struggling with his or her career planning or you are worried about his or her career planning then visiting an astrologer regarding the same can benefit you a lot in the long run. Astrology plays an important role and for understanding things that are happening in your life and what will happen in your life in the future there is only one option and that is astrology. We like the odds that astrology offers. You will get a clearer picture of your child’s career planning after visiting an astrologer. However, we will advise you to take the help of a career counselor in addition to the suggestions gained from an astrologer for landing on the right decision. 

In case if you have decided to visit an astrologer and this is your first time then you must keep certain things in mind for getting the most out of your visit. Below are the things that you should follow:

  • Get a recommendation. 

You are going to pay good money to someone and for sure you would like to have the best option in front of you.

  • Prepare your questions

Do your homework and prepare your questions before consulting an Astrologer in india. You must collect all the information about you such as date of birth, birth time and the questions that you would like to ask.  

The second thing you can do if you don't want to consult an astrologer or do not believe in any of them then you can also Learn Astrology to get the direction for you and your children. Learn astrology and become its master in the Institute of Vedic Astrology, Indore. Here you can get the easiest online distance learning program for yourself under the best astrology guidance.  

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Numerology By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Aug 08 2016

What is Numerology

To Understand Numerology in simple words, it can be interpreted as a science that believes that there is a relationship between numbers and life events. It is fascinating to note that numerologists understand everything about the event that will going to happens in the world but which is entirely dependent on some mystical properties that are associated with numbers. These mystical features come from the inherent vibrations of numbers. According to the theory of numerology, a unique kind of vibration is related to the number. Interestingly, each number can help you to understand and predict the behavior of people and even predict compatibility between two people.

The following section will discuss how numerology can influence a person’s life:

How can it affect your life?

If you believe in it and see the patterns, you can observe the effects of numerology on different aspects of your life. For example:

The course of your Life

The direction of your life is very much decided by the numbers in your life. The kinds of challenges you face, the people you meet, your achievements and lessons of life are all associated with your number. To find out your number, you just need to add all the single digits of your complete birth date and then keep adding them until they are reduced to a single digit. That single number is the number of your life path.

Your Traits

You will be surprised to note that your numerology can give out some insightful aspects of your personality. It can show your characteristics and also let you understand how people see your character when they first meet you. To know this number, you simply need to use the alphabet chart of numerology and see the numerical value of all the consonants in your first, middle and last names. Once you find the numbers, you need to add all the numbers and bring them to a single digit and get your number.

Your Career Path

Numerology can help you much in finding your career path. If you are working on a career path that is compatible with your number, then you will surely get a lot of success without many hurdles or hassles in your life. For example, people with number 3 would be better in communication-related jobs and might face problems if they get into the technical field. Therefore, if you decide on a career keeping in mind your number according to numerology, you can do tremendously well.

What are various Systems involved?

Various systems can be used in numerology. The following section gives you a brief on the three systems:

 Chaldean Number System

It is one of the oldest systems that are studied in present times. In this system, the letter to number calculations is determined by vibrations emitted by each letter and not by the alphabetical order itself.

 Pythagorean System

It is one of the most popular systems used in numerology. In this method, the value is assigned by the Western alphabets by utilizing a number formula. The value is between 1 to 9.

 Kabbalah System

The Kabbalah system is originated in the Hebrew culture. It considers a person's name and not the date of birth to determine the number. It has 22 vibrations between 1 to 400

 Final Words

Hence, there are many aspects of Numerology that you might want to discover. In the end, it is up to you to believe in it or not. But learning about it and trying it out once could be worth it. 

There are a lot more about Numerology and its deep aspects but for that, you need to learn it professionally. Institute of Vedic Astrology is here to help you out with their Online Distance Learning course of Numerology. Learn Numerology and become a master in your life and career. 

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Tarot_Card By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Jul 25 2016

Cultivating skills in Tarot card reading is useful for building a successful career, to set yourself apart from the people, and also for traveling beautiful places around the world. When you are good at Tarot card reading, it can give you the proper overview of the person's present occupation and can guide him/her on the right path. It also helps to identify the luck that favors the life of an individual such that they can collaborate with other people.

Tarot Card Reading as an occupational oracle: According to the occupational oracle, it provides an overview of the current occupation, job, and the workplace. as it is an important tool for deciding what may happen in the future.

The Collaborative Tarot Card Reading: Based on the Tarot Card Reading Course, the collaborative tarot card reading helps us to identify the project in the future that we are going to undertake. As there are some mistakes made in the process, this card reading is used to analyze the contribution which seems to be positive.

The Cup of Success and Luck Tarot Reading: In this reading, you can easily know about luck in the life of an individual. It can also take you into the path in order to discover your own ideas and capture abundant luck throughout the life of an individual and get an idea about Tarot Card for beginners.

Tarot Card Reading under occupational decision: The tarot card reading can help you to make crucial decisions regarding the jobs or changing jobs from one company to the other. There are so many benefits while considering changing jobs and also some basic reasons to work in the company as before. To know more about tarot card reading, click Learn Tarot Card Reading.

Tarot Card Reading for career principles: Basically, there are some different yet important ways for understanding the tarot cards and the divination among the people. Everyone around the world can dream about the satisfied living in a full-fledged way, to get the best position in a job and to analyze the situation and act.  For building up a career, you should work in a patient and a preserved way so that you can have the ability to work hard and achieve the aspirations based on the dream.

Tarot Card Reading for career origin: The career origin is based on the important aspects of the life as it includes the magic, the caste, and the religion, which are mainly interconnected with the tarot for the purpose of regard. This origin-based reading can act as an empirical concept as it can denote the symbol, the emotion, the action, and the character of the person as positive or negative.

There are so many cards that are useful for a combination of the different types of tarot card decks. Tarot card Reading takes a bit of effort for the reading purpose. It introduces many visitors to the wonderful decks of tarot. Generally, the decks can be chosen, according to the various recommendations that come from websites such as Tarot Card Reading Online for the purpose of ranking and reviews.

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