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Discover the power of ancient knowledge to guide your life, career, and relationships. Become an expert or simply transform your everyday.

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From HR Manager to Professional

Priya Sharma

IVA Made My dream a Reality. I knew nothing about astrology, but their courses are so well-structured! Now, I have a thriving practice and the most rewarding career – helping people understand themselves through the stars.

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Vedic Astrology

Uncover Your Cosmic Blueprint. Chart Your Path to Success and Purpose. Become a sought-after astrologer, guiding yourself and others with the wisdom of the stars.

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Vedic Vastu

Align Your Surroundings with Your Soul. Design Spaces That Fuel Prosperity and Well-Being. Harness the power of Vastu to transform both your home and your life.

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Decode Your Destiny. Unlock the Hidden Patterns Shaping Your Life. Use numerology to navigate challenges, understand yourself deeply, and build the future you envision.

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Clarity for Every Path

Create the Life You Desire

Personal Insight & Decision-Making:

Unlock the confidence to chart your course. End the agonizing 'what if's and trust your next step, big or small.

Career Growth & Success:

Outsmart your competition with insider knowledge. Time your launches, target the right clients, and harness your hidden skills.

Deepening Relationships & Understanding:

Stop talking past each other. Understand loved ones on a deeper level, and express yourself with clarity and compassion.


Ancient Wisdom, Modern Relevance

We don't just teach the past, we translate it into tools you can use today. Our courses blend timeless knowledge with practical applications for solving real-world problems and unlocking your potential.

Our Student-First Philosophy

You're more than just a name on a roster. We offer lifetime guidance and expert feedback to support you every step of the way. Your success is our success. Expert advice beyond the course material.

Professional Growth & Recognition

Our certifications hold weight. Become a sought-after expert, build a thriving practice, and gain the respect you deserve in this field.


What our Student Says

This course changed my life. I always had an interest in astrology, but IVA gave me the tools and knowledge to understand it deeply. Now, I feel more in tune with myself and even help friends understand their own life paths.

Aakash Gupta, Businessman

I always loved astrology, but never thought I could learn it seriously. IVA's program made it possible, and now I'm giving readings to friends and family!

Manpreet Singh Bhatia, Government Employee

IVA's experts are incredible. They break down complex concepts clearly and offer real-world examples. I feel confident in my ability to read charts accurately, thanks to their guidance.

Manoj Yadav, Renowned Lawyer

I was hesitant to invest in an astrology course, but IVA exceeded my expectations. It's helped me make better decisions about my career, relationships, and overall direction. It's been totally worth it.

Meenu Wadhwani, Vice President, Business Development

As a working woman, IVA's flexible course fits my schedule perfectly. Astrology has become a passion that helps me understand myself and my family better.

Jeanette Robins, Information Security Head

IVA's Vedic Astrology course was the perfect way to keep my mind engaged after retirement. Not only does it feel intellectually stimulating, but I'm surprised at how it's helped me connect with new people and communities.

N S Subramanium, Retired Railway Class 1 Officer

Being a full-time mom, I never thought I'd have time for a serious hobby. IVA's course proved me wrong! I'm gaining knowledge that makes me a better parent and helps me understand my own path clearly.

Shruti Jain, Homemaker

Success Stories

From Struggling Homemaker to Sought-After Vastu Consultant

Reena wasn't sure she could make it another month.

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How Astrology Boosted His Sales and Respect

Rahul Kashyap, a B.Sc. graduate and LIC advisor, struggled financially.

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Panel of Experts

Prakash Panjabi

Certified Gemologist & Tarot Expert

Neelima Nilessh Sarda


Rahul Agrawal

Innovator, Educationalist

Arpit Jain, MBA


J. P. Mishra

Vedic Astrologer, Parashar System

PDT Ravikant shastri

Vedic Astrologer, Niryan System

Meena Dhanji Gala

Gems & Crystal Therapist & Healer

Sree Rama

Vedic Astrologer, Sayan System

Gautam Agrawal

Interior Designer & Feng Shui (Form School)

Hemant Baid

Layout Planner

Atul Sharma

Numerologist & Nadi Shastra

H S Sridhar

Astro-Numerology Expert

Sukhbir Singh Kochar


Manoj Upadhyay

Chemical Engineer & Eminent Palmist

Satish Lodha

Industrial Vastu Expert

DR. Rajan R Mayekar

Vastu Remedy Expert, Architect

Aashish Patidar

Video Expert

Anjali Saraf

Video Expert

Aarti Sharda

Video Expert

Tarot Surabhi

Video Expert