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Vedic Astrology: Top 5 Facts you Must Know

By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Feb 27 2021

Vedic Astrology, commonly known by the name ‘Jyotish’, is deeply rooted in ancient Vedic scriptures (Vedas) of India. Sages who formulated these vedic texts encapsulated in them the art of going about Vedic Astrology.

Primarily, the art of becoming a vedic astrologer is mastered only by a few, who are able to study the astral light pattern. It’s said that these patterns are pre-determinants of our destiny.

Many online institutions, like Iva India have taken it upon themselves to educate people about the facts around vedic astrology. This is because it’s often misinterpreted and misrepresented. Here are the top 5 facts about Vedic Astrology that will clear your conception about this field.

  1. It Follows a Definite Methodology

From an outsider’s perspective, this field may appear to be a strange one. However, you must know that it’s based on the guidance provided in vedas and follows a specific methodology. Also known as the ‘Science of Light’, Jyotish Vidya traces our interactions with the universe around us. Consequently, the impact that this interaction creates is studied.

Birth chart is a vital documentation for vedic astrologers as it provides an insight into planetary and universal positions at the time of your birth.

  1. Path-Oriented rather than Predication-Oriented

The most common misinterpretation of astrology is that it provides an insight into future events. However, that might not be completely true. Vedic astrology actually reveals future possibilities in front of you. After gathering the information, you can also change what your future will look like. This can be done by aligning your habitual and spiritual patterns with the universe's wavelength.

  1. A Vedic Astrologer Requires Years of Rigorous Studies

Unlike fortune telling and psychic studies, Vedic Astrology requires years and years of practice, and yet complete mastery is near impossible. Being a spiritual science, it doesn’t only rely on academic excellence. It also needs an astrologer to be intuitive while reading the horoscope or birth chart. This intuition is a consequence of strict spiritual discipline in life, which must be maintained throughout to excel as an astrologer. 

  1. It’s way Deeper than Horoscopic Study

While horoscope is the most sought after outcome of astrology, this field is way deeper than just these horoscopic interpretations.

Basically, it tracks everything that is connected with your actions and impact on universal order. The chart that a seasoned astrologer reads unveils to him the path of your destiny.

  1. Spirituality and Astrology are Closely Linked

Vedic Astrology isn’t something that can be easily studied. It requires divulging into deep academic study and practices. Even after that, a certain intuitive instinct is needed to completely embrace astrology.

This intuitive power comes only by immersing in intense spiritual practices like devotion to deity or meditative activities.

How to Learn Vedic Astrology?

Being an intriguing field, many of us want to learn everything about astrology. To do so, you can look up for brilliant online courses that cater to your needs. Iva India offers numerous courses like Diploma and Professional Diploma at economical rates to understand the nuances of the Vedic Astrology.

These courses are formulated to make a person dive deep into the nitty-gritties of the field and also develop the requisite intuitive power.


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