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How to know Love Compatibility With Astrology and What Factors Determine It

By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Jan 18 2022 Astrology

If you two are meant to be, then you are meant to be. Haven’t we all heard or said this to someone? What is the power of starts that draws two people in a bond that is most desired, most profound, and most dear to heart?

Love compatibility is a concern for anyone entering a new relationship. Astrology has the answer if you would be compatible with each other in advance. A good idea to access this by yourself is to join an astrology course, and during these pandemic times, there are good options available for online astrology courses as well.

While love is the essence of life when chosen wrong it also becomes the root cause of suffering.

Astrology has many answers to questions pertaining to love and relationships, after all, a stable relationship is a basis on which you build your career, life, and other achievements of life.

There are many factors that an astrologer considers before telling you is a relationship is compatible or not, it is not just dependent on the placement of some planet in some house. But what other planets are looking at it also determines compatibility. This permutation and combination is best understood in Vedic astrology and has a vast scope of knowledge. There are many distance learning astrology courses that will dwell into this deeply and make the concepts of planets, houses, and their connection clear to you.

As such Moon, Venus and Mars are primary determinants of love compatibility.

Moon – Our habits, lifestyle, thoughts, and emotions are all determined by the moon. Moon also represents our needs, and our psychological traits – thus it plays a very important role in determining your love compatibility.

Venus – Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, desire, and attraction. Venus also represents your beliefs and values, which are important factors in the long-term goals of any relationship. The placement of Venus in your birth cart determines what kind of partner you would be attracted to, what kind of lover you would be, and what kind of role would you have in your relationships.

Mars – Our passions, assertions, and energy are determined by Mars. Its position says a lot about what we would want in our partner, and how we would be. Mars is also the God of war, so a lot of adrenal rush is determined by Mars.


Your birth chart is basically a representation of the celestial world as it was at the time of your birth. The 12 houses are essentially a plan, where your planets settle in each one of them determines what your life’s roadmap would be. 1st, 5th, 7th, and 8th houses are the most important houses determining different aspects of a relationship. These concepts can be made clear with many astrology courses in India, which will ground you to knowledge and understanding of the celestial bodies that run our life.

First House – It is the house of self, defining your temperament, ego, and physical attributes. The planets sitting in your first house have the most significant effect on you. The first house what you are, and what you are is important in a relationship – after all, there are two people in a relationship and the most important of them is you.

Fifth House – The fifth house represents all that you will create in life, including children and art. Your health is also determined by the fifth house. The fifth house also shows how you express joy and happiness, which is the ultimate goal for any love relationship.

Seventh House – This is the house of partnerships. One to six houses represent many aspects of one’s personality and traits, seventh house onwards it is represented how things would be with others and other aspects of life. The seventh house is where you find insight into relationships. It tells us how we are in a relationship, what we seek and how we would be perceived in a relationship. It is also a house that represents the relationship between our inner self and the outer self, thus determining what we perceive of the world outside and how we are represented in it. Also, if our love relationship would culminate in marriage.

Eighth House – This house is the most feared one or the most hated one, as it represents the negativities of life – like calamities, death, misfortune. This house actually hides all our negative elements, but it gives an insight into one’s kinky self too. If any of the two people in love, have any taboo desires, is all here. This house also represents transformation, and love is a very powerful motivation to transform anyone, this house will tell us what the relationships will get us – will it help us be a better person and enrich our lives.

All these factors determine if two people are in tune with each other and would be comfortable for love, where all our lives revolve. Although a lot of sights offer to check your love compatibility online, it usually gives different answers for different websites. It is advisable to either consult a proper Vedic astrologer or if this field interests you to join a proper astrology course, which is taught by experienced and learned scholars.

Love compatibility is a very emotional aspect of any relationship, this compatibility has a significant influence on all other aspects of one’s life. A content love relationship brings out better citizens and secure and intelligent offspring, who will be the future of our society.  Thus, a lot is at stake with your love compatibility – and astrology can quench your thirst for answers and knowledge in this sphere. There are many distance learning astrology courses in India, which can help you greatly.

Before taking any relationship forward, do check your love compatibility under proper guidance, otherwise wrong results may also deprive you of a lifetime of happiness. We do recommend an astrology course not just to check your love compatibility, but to seek answers to various life situations. It not only enlightens your path but also keeps you grounded and makes you more humble and aware of the cosmic existence.

Seek love and you shall find it, if you seek with noble intentions you will find happiness.

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