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Vedic Vastu Shastra is one of the earilest teaching of Indian Civilization. Vedic Vastu Shastra focusses on specifics construction and magnification of buildings, structures and interior spaces. Vastu is the yoga of design, bringing balance, health, harmony, inner peace, order and unity in any residential, commercial or industrial space. Vastu Consultant follow specific modalities and time-tested techniques and create a happy, healthy, prosperous, enlightened and conducive living environment everywhere. Vastu experts can be dazzel anywhere irrespective of residential, commercial or Industrial establishments.

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Key Features Diploma Professional Diploma Integrated Advance Professional Diploma
Foundation Pillars of Vastu
Land Selection
House name Vastu
5 Elements and 10 Directions
Plot Placements
House Placements  
Bedrooms Placements  
Kitchen, Store and Dining  
Door Placements  
Gadgets Placements  
Brahmsthan (Center) - Locating and Effects  
Astro-Vastu Analysis based on Nakshatra  
Commercial Vastu Specialisation    
Industrial Vastu Specialisation    
Pyramids Concepts and Use in Vastu    
Energy Testing and Dowsing    
Garden Vastu - Trees and Plants    
Temple Vastu    
Remedies to be Installed    
Advance Remedies without Structure Changes    
Case Studies    
Video Lessons - Foundation Course  
Video Lessons - Advance Course    
    Course Outcome
Grasp Fundamental Vastu Concepts
Master Plot Selection
Plan Vastu Placements  
Plan Residential Placements Plan  
Learn Zone Plans  
45 Gods - indepth Analysis    
Provide Basic Remedial Solutions    
Provide Advance Remedial Solutions    
Analyse Residential (Flat, Bunglow) Properties    
Analyse Office (Commercial) Properties    
Analyse Shop (Commercial) Properties    
Analyse Factory (Industrial) Properties    
Establish yourself as Professional Vaastu Expert    
    Learning Methodology
Comprehensive 6-Module Curriculum
Extensive 12-Module Journey  
Foundation Video Course  
All-Encompassing 24-Module Program    
Orientation Program for Professional Practice    
Specialisation Courses    
Site Analysis & Report Writing    
Get Set of 6 to 27 Vastu Shastra Books - Course Manuals (from Diploma to Integrated Professional Diploma based on course you choose), Specialisation, Orientation Program and Certificate of Vedic Astrology Course

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Audio books available with Astrology & Vastu Course Only.

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(Available Only with Integrated Advance Professional Diploma Course )

Commercial Vastu Specialisation offers specific Vastu for Office, shop, godown, warehouse that includes form, style, various materials, symmetry, iconography, fabric, board, floor, wall, ceiling, colour schemes, paint technology, color mixing, design process for commercial properties.
Industrial Vastu Specialisation offers specific Vastu Vastu concepts for aqua, automobile, alcohol, brick, bakery, cables, cotton, dairy, flour, garment, paper, plywood, poultry, pharma, stone crushers, oil, etc. industries.
Specialisation Free with Advance Integrated Professional Diploma Vastu Shastra Course

Orientation Program For Professional Practice

(Available Only with Integrated Advance Professional Diploma Course)

Since no learning is complete unless it enables the student to earn as a professional, we have tried to ensure practical utility of these courses so that a student can earn money as well as good name after becoming a professional Astrologer. The ethics, code of conduct, hurdles you will face and how to avoid, strategies for success, etc are covered in this course.


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Learning from institute of Vedic Astrology - A Unique Experience

Learning From Institute of Vedic Astrology - A Unique Experience

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Modules 1

Sthapatya Veda, Ancient structures, Vedic Period; Aryan and Dravidian architecture; Indian Vastu; Shahi, Mughal and Regional Styles, European Style. Cosmic directions. Scientific Facts.

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Modules 2

Understanding maps through vastu zones, vastu shilpa vidya, shilpkala, chitrakala, desha bheda, paryankaadi and allaya vastu.

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Modules 3

8 Varga, 12 signs, birth star, kakini, natural and man-made formations, plot shapes, types of land. Vithi Vinyas, Land strata, Vedhe.

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Modules 4

Roads in directions, Soil testing, removing impurities, house construction, ephemeris for Vastu planning, Constellations, Auspicious Yoga, Land sleeping.

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Modules 5

Construction planning: Wall, borewell, tank, slope, digging, Vastu Mandala, door frame, Various Door entries and their impact.

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Modules 6

Deviation of degrees; Closing Corner, Trees, Brahmasthana, Garage, Parking. Master, Children and Other bedrooms. Sleeping positions. Kitchen, Dining and Store.

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Modules 7

Bathroom, commode location, geyser, washbasin, mirror. Staircase. Wardrobes & cupboards. Colour, Basement, Marma Points. Aayadi Shadvarga.

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Modules 8

Shala, Vastu for Apartment - doors, kitchen, dining, bedrooms, puja, toilets, wardrobes, windows, balcony. Shop: entrance, sitting, cash, showcase, racks, accountant, salesman, display.

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Modules 9

Constellation and their planet lords, deity, 4 parts of each constellation, nature and basic life of native born in different Constellation, relation of Vastu with Constellation and its application.

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Modules 10

The Directions Layout Planning: Features, Slanting projections, Positive and Negative Effects, Raised Spaces, Depression, Wells or Pits, Closed Corner, Position of Door, Open Spaces. 8 Direction Plans.

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Modules 11

Office, group housing, factories, educational institutes, hospitals, banks, hotel, restaurants, farm house, duplex houses with common and independent walls, cafe, boarding & lodging houses, guest house.

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Modules 11A

Vastu Case Studies for residential and commercial properties with to-scale plans. Proper analysis, good and bad Vaastu aspects and suggestions for corrections.

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Modules 12

Vastu defects. Remedies without breaking structure. Sacred geometries for Vastu corrections. Building orientations. Maps. Vastu Yantra. Ratna Adhyay. Colour Therapy. Energy Channeling.

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Modules 12A

Vaastu Correction WITHOUT Demolitions or Breaking Structure – Part 1. A long awaited and a very effective tool for students making their career as a Vastu Consultants.

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Modules 12B

Vaastu Correction WITHOUT Demolitions or Breaking Structure – Part 2. First impression of the property. Vastu Consultations Stages. Energy and 5 Senses. External factors. Predecessor energy. Unifying principles and Steps for applying Cures.

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Modules 13

Pyramid, concept, evolution, source of energy, geometrical measurements, shape in building, pyramids for Vastu cure, crystal pyramids, colour pyramids, constructing pyramid.Modern Vastu concept

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Modules 14

Environmental Vastu, Environmental conscious designs, Plants and their properties, Uses; Useful Herbs, Useful trees as per Vastu; Vastu correction using Plants, Trees and Shrubs.

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Modules 15

Basic drawings, reading maps, finding compass directions, plotting details in map, zone plans, Vithi Vinyas, locating Brahmasthan, fixing door and gate positions, complex plots, missing -extensions.

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Modules 16

Architectural concepts, aesthetics, style, climate, social factors, dimensional system, form, elemental shapes, site development, models of planning, landscaping scheme, Earthquake resistance principles.

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Modules 17

Form, style, basic shops, uses various materials, symmetry, iconography, fabric, board, floor, wall, ceiling, colour schemes, paint technology, design process, material not allowed as per Vastu.

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Modules 18

Gems and Crystal properties, effect, use, applications in Vastu, Vastu remedial measures, Panchratna, Navratna, Crystal material, Crystal Remedy, Use in corrections, Energy channeling through crystals.

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Modules 19

Energy Vastu Science, Tools and instruments for energy measurements, uses and applications, advanced concepts, work ideology, controversial rays, Geopathic stress, Ley lines, other advanced modern tools.

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Modules 20

Temple Vastu – Part 1: Energy systems of temples, parts of development, theme, mandapa, Vedic Architecture. Examples of many temples.

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Modules 21

Temple Vastu – Part 2. Deities, Consecration process, Purification rituals, Pillars and Columns, Sthambha, Gopura, types of Vigraha, measurement characteristics, worship, pradakshina.

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Modules 22

Industrial Vastu Part 1- Industrial Vastu design, concepts, ideal arrangements for various industries. Applying Vastu principles in many industries.

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Modules 23

Industrial Vastu Part 2 - Wind mill, Libraries, Hospitals, Museum, Crematorium, Swimming Pools, Government and Public Transportation Buildings. Railway Station, Airports, Petrol Pumps.

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Modules 24

Case studies and Practical Applications.

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Chapter 7

Panchtatva - The Five Elements (6 Lessons)

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Chapter 8

The 10 Directions (11 Lessons)

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Chapter 9

Locating Directions (3 Lessons)

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Chapter 10

Drawing Zone Plans (3 Lessons)

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Chapter 11

Plot Selection - Part 1 (8 Lessons)

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Chapter 12

Plot Selection On Basis of Roads (15 Lessons)

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Chapter 13

Plot Selection on Basis of Shape of Land (6 Lessons)

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Chapter 14

Soil Testing Procedure (6 Lessons)

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Chapter 15

Land Selection Based on Natural & Manmade Formations (13 Lessons)

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Chapter 16

Placements in Plot (11 Lessons)

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Chapter 17

Placements inside House / Flat (11 Lessons)

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Chapter 18

Placement of Kitchen, Dining, Store and Stairs (9 Lessons)

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Chapter 19

Brahmasthan - The Central Place (3 Lessons)

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Chapter 20

The Door / Gate of House / Flat (12 Lessons)

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Chapter 21

Ideal Layouts, Practicals & Case Studies (5 Lessons)

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Chapter 1

Introduction to Course (3 Lessons)

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Chapter 2

Introduction to Vastu (4 Lessons)

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Chapter 3

Scientific Basis of Vastu Shastra (5 Lessons)

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Chapter 4

The Veda & Vastu Shastra (9 Lessons)

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Chapter 5

The Art of Vastu (5 Lessons)

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Chapter 6

The Architects (5 Lessons)

Choose Your Course

Diploma Course In Vedic
Vastu Shastra

1 to 6

Professional Diploma
Course In Vedic Vastu Shastra

Module 1 to 12+ Modules 11A-12A-12B

Integrated Advance Professional
Diploma in Vastu Shastra

Module 1 to 24 + Modules 11A-12A-12B + 2 Specialisation + Orientation Program

Success Stories

Students across India and in 48 Countries have already gained this qualification and are using it to develop and improve it as their full-time or part-time career or as a hobby.


Smt. Simmi Ladia

मैं नि: संकोच यह कहना चाहूंगी कि IVA हर द़ृष्टि से एक आदर्श संस्थान है जिसमें छात्रों की कठिनाइयों का त्वरित हल किया जाता है। पाठ्यक्रम का अध्ययन कर मैं अंक शास्त्र को पार्ट टाईम के रूप में उपयोग कर धन एवं प्रतिष्ठा प्राप्त कर रही हूँ अब मैं हस्त रेखा शास्त्र का कोर्स संस्थान से कर रही हूँ और आशा करती हूँ कि यह मेरे कैरियर में चार चाँद लगा देगा।.


Ranbir Kaur Baidwan

Excellent courses. Excellent people. Excellent support. Gr8 learning experience. God Bless.


Piyush Chirania

मैंने IVA से ज्योतिष में पोष्ट ग्रेजुएट डिप्लोमा की उपाधी प्राप्त की है। एक वर्ष कैसे बीत गया पता ही नहीं चला। पहले माड्यूल से ही दूसरे की प्रतिक्षा रहती थी। इसी संस्थान ने मुझे इस योग्य बना दिया है कि मैं अर्जित ज्ञान का सदुपयोग करते हुए शनै-शनै इस क्षेत्र में पेशेवर की तरह कार्य करने लगा हूँ।


N. Pramod Kumar

The astrology course was very informative and the practical, case studies and examples were well supported and taught in simplified user & friendly language. Staff were helpful. IVA definitely deserves ISO certification for its commitment to quality. I wish IVA the God speed


Hemant Sharma

मैंने वास्तु शास्त्र पर कई किताबों का अध्ययन कर के अपने बंगले का निर्माण करवाया। किन्तु कई वर्ष बाद अपने मित्र की सलाह में मैंने प्ट। के वास्तु पाठ्यक्रम में प्रवेश लिया। कोर्स के दौरान मैंने पाया की मेरा ज्ञान अधूरा था जिसके कारण मेरे बंगले में अनेकों वास्तु दोष उत्पन्न हो गये थे। माड्यूल 11 एवं 12 द्वारा मैंने इनके समाधान को समझा व बिना तोड़-फोड़ के उसे सही करना भी जाना।


Dr. Smriti Chourasia

It gives me immense pleasure to inform that I was thoroughly satisfied by the useful knowledge extended to me by your course. Needless to add that after completion of the course I am full of self confidence in my abilities. Best regards.


CA Ashwin Sethi

I did Vedic Vaastu and Numerlogy courses as a part time hobby. These course have given me a new way to my life. I have got good guidance and support that was unimaginable le. Whoever can learn these courses even has a hobby will have great impact on intellect and lifestyles. Thanks IVA team.


Heeral Chhelavda

The course is very exhaustive and nicely explained. I faced some problems in understanding few concepts which was solved by IVA experts immediately. Now I am gaining confidence in the subject. Would like to join Tarot Reading after completing this. Thanks IVA.


Er. Sunil Kumar

I am an Engineer and self-employed professional. Learning Vedic Vastu Shastra from IVA had greatly helped me in my professional career. I recommend this course to all people related to construction. People who have Vastu related problem in their properties will also surely benefit from this.





Students Online Learning Vastu throughout the World

Institute of Vedic Astrology students in 55+ Countries


How successful is a career in Vedic Vastu Shastra?

The Vedic Vastu Shastra courses help the students know about stellar or nakshatra movement importance and uses. After getting into the Vedic Vastu shastra course, one can have a vast career opportunity. Institute of Vedic astrology offers the best offline and online Vedic Vastu shastra courses. One can go with the astrology profession in the future; after completing the course here, one can learn about different house readings, signs, planet movement, and how they impact one's life.

How can I get a Vedic Vastu Shastra certificate in India?

Vedic Vastu courses is one of the most demanding course in India. People are searching a lot about them. If you want to take a certificate for Vedic Vastu shastra courses, you can join IVA India. They provide two different options that one can choose according to their preference. They not only offer certificates, but their courses come with specialization too. One can quickly learn Vedic Vastu Shastra Courses in India from the Institute of Vedic Astrology.

How can I learn Vedic Vastu Shastra online?

If you want to learn Vedic Vastu shastra online. Ivaindia is one of the best institutes you can go to. They offer the Vedic Vastu Shastra courses online and offline. Students can enroll in courses according to their preferences and explore the vast opportunity waiting for them. You can join these courses and learn from scratch. One doesn't need to hold any prior experience and can gain knowledge about Vedic Vastu Shastra and go along as a certified astrologer as a profession.

Which is the best institute or Vastu consultant from where I can learn scientific Vastu Shastra online?

People's interest in Vedic Vastu Shastra courses is growing day by day, and people like to learn it as a hobby or make career options out of it. Many professionals are also interested in such courses. However, whether you are a student who wants to learn in the comfort of home or working professionals, the good news is that the Institute of Vedic astrology offers the best online courses in Vedic Vastu shastra that deals with all scientific aspects and help you to grasp the concept easily with practical learning.. One can go for the institute as they have good reviews by their students and provide better opportunities in terms of future prospects.

How long does it take to learn Vedic Vastu Shastra?

The duration of the Vedic Vastu Shastra course varies according to your preference and age. The Institute of Vedic astrology provides two different courses to learn Vedic Vastu Shastra. The courses are namely as 1) Diploma in Vedic Vastu Shastra: Beginner level 2) Professional Diploma in Vedic Vastu Shastra: Beginner to advanced level The course duration varies from 6-12 months with a practice/study of 20 mins daily, the wherein professional diploma you get specialization and to enroll in it, you need to be 18+.