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Vedic Vastu isn't just about architecture – it's about empowering you. Create environments that nurture your spirit, attract success, and unlock your limitless potential.

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Empowering Students to get Success

Who is this Course for:

  • Homeowners seeking a heaven
  • Professionals desiring career advancement
  • Business owners aiming for prosperity
  • Students seeking clarity and focus
  • Individuals facing life's challenges
  • Retirees seeking a fulfilling environment
  • Anyone struggling with negativity or stagnation
  • Couples desiring harmony and connection
  • Interior Designers and architects seeking a holistic approach
  • Real estate professionals seeking an edge
  • Astrologers, Healers and Therapists looking to expand their expertise
  • Anyone curious about the power of space
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  • 13 Bonuses
  • Certification
  • Video Library
  • Quick Support

Why Vastu is SO important to you?

Become an Architect of Positive Change:

Vastu empowers you to understand the intricate connection between your surroundings and your life's journey. Master the principles of spatial harmony and you gain the tools to transform environments, attracting abundance, clarity, and well-being – for yourself and others.

Unlock Deep Self-Knowledge:

Studying Vastu isn't just about rearranging furniture; it's a profound exploration of the cosmic forces that shape us. Dive into this ancient wisdom and discover hidden patterns, strengths, and potential within yourself, opening doors to true personal growth.

Develop a Powerful Skillset:

As a future consultant, Vastu offers a unique and in-demand service. Help clients create spaces that foster happiness, success, and fulfillment. It's a knowledge base that sets you apart, adding immeasurable value to the lives of those you serve.

Embark on a Lifelong Learning Journey:

Vastu is a vast and multifaceted system. The more you learn, the more you realize its depth. This path is never-ending, offering continuous intellectual stimulation, fresh perspectives, and deeper levels of understanding with every step.

From Engineer to Professional
Vastu Consultant

Rohit Sharma

"Vastu studies have transformed my outlook. I used to feel stuck, but learning about energy flows has given me a new perspective on challenges and opportunities in my life."

Key Benefits of Learning Vastu

Optimize Your Space:

Learn the principles for arranging rooms and furnishings in a way that promotes a positive and harmonious flow of energy within your home or workspace.

Understand the Power of Directions:

Understand the unique qualities associated with each direction in Vastu. Strategically utilize this knowledge for optimal well-being and support in different areas of life

Enhance Prosperity and Well-Being:

Discover how to create environments that foster improved health, positive relationships, greater financial stability, and overall contentment.

Address Challenges with Practical Solutions:

Vastu provides insights into overcoming obstacles. Identify imbalances and apply simple, actionable remedies for improved outcomes.

Empowerment for Yourself and Others:

Gain the expertise to transform your own spaces and gain the skills necessary to offer guidance and support to others, creating positive change in their lives as well.

Become a Professional Certified Vedic Vastu Expert!
IVA offers to choose from three levels to reach your goals.

Master Vedic Vastu – from foundations to advanced chart reading. Our expert guidance and structured lessons empower you with transformative knowledge.

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Key Features Diploma Professional Diploma   Master Course
  Vedic Vastu Foundations Vedic Vastu Essentials Start Your Vedic Vastu Professional Career
  Learn Core Skills of Vedic Vastu Advanced Chart Reading with Vedic Astrology Professional Vedic Vastu Certification
  Transform Lives with Readings Become a Certified Vedic Vastu Expert Vedic Vastu Expert: From Passion to Profession
Know More Close
Foundation pillars of Vastu
5 Elements and 10 Directions
House name Vastu
Land Selection & Plot Placements
House Placements - Bedrooms, Kitchen, Store, Dining, etc  
Gate and Door Placements  
Brahmsthan (Center) - Locating and Effects  
Pyramids and Use in Vastu    
Video Lessons - Foundation Course  
Energy Testing and Dowsing    
Case Studies  
Garden Vastu - Trees and Plants    
Remedies to be Installed    
Advance Remedies without Structure Changes    
Temple Vastu    
Astro-Vastu Analysis based on Nakshatra    
Case Studies    
Commercial Vastu Specialisation    
Industrial Vastu Specialisation    
Orientation ProgramProfessional Practice    
Perform comprehensive Site Analysis & Report Writing    
Attain expert-level knowledge in Vastu    
Provide advanced remedial solutions    
Specialise in residential, commercial and industrial placements    
Analyse health, wealth, relationship, career, growth aspects through Vastu    
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*Disclaimer: The images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the Study Material.

The Course Consists of

  1. Video Lessons: Step-by-step guidance for effortless learning
  2. Course Material: Comprehensive texts to support your studies
  3. Support: Experts to resolve your doubts
  4. Shipping: Materials delivered with blessings
  5. Certificate: Recognition of your achievement

Integrated Advance Professional Diploma in Vedic Vastu (Master Course) - Our Most Popular Course

Fundamentals of Vedic Vastu:
  • Basics of Vedic Vastu
  • The Five Elements & Their Influence
  • Directions & Their Significance
  • The Connection Between Veda & Vastu
  • Varna System in Architecture
Plot Selection:
  • Site Selection: Plot Shapes, Roads
  • T-Y-L Junctions and their effects
  • Soil Testing & Bhumi Shodhan
Zone Analysis:
  • Locating & Understanding Key Zones (8, 16, Marma, Brahmsthan)
  • Vastu Bar Chart Analysis
Practical Applications:
  • Ideal Placements: Boring/Well, Tanks, Parking, Security
  • Home Design: Bedrooms, Drawing Room, Kitchen, Puja, Toilets, Stairs
  • Door Placement, Design, & Significance
Understanding Deities & Structure:
  • The 45 Deities & Their Roles
  • Vastu Mandala Principles (Sakala, Peeth, etc.)
Additional Vital Concepts:
  • Architectural & Interior Design Principles
  • Furniture Placement
  • Vastu for Apartments, Shops, Offices, Warehouses, Factories
  • Temple Vastu
Remedies & Advanced Techniques:
  • Identifying & Correcting Vastu Defects (Without Structural Changes)
  • Vastu Consultation Process
  • Gems, Gadgets, Paintings in Vastu
  • Directional Planning, Energy Assessment Tools
  • Controversial Rays & Geopathic Stress
  • Astro-Vastu, Pyramids, Dowsing
  • Environmental & Garden Vastu

13 Bonuses for you

For Integrated Advance Professional Diploma Course in Vedic Vastu (Master Course) ONLY

01 Essential
Master the art of correcting spaces without structural changes in 3 dedicated modules.
02 Commercial
Elevate your expertise with insights into Vastu for offices, shops, warehouses, and more.
03 Industrial
Gain specialized knowledge for industries like manufacturing, food processing, technology and many more.
04 Orientation
Program for
Start your Vastu consultancy with confidence. Learn ethics, success strategies, and how to navigate challenges.
05 Professional
Deliver impactful consultations with our guide to crafting professional Vastu reports.
06 Course
Maximize your learning experience with a step-by-step guide to getting the most of the course.
07 Vastu
Accelerate your learning and achieve mastery with our comprehensive course guide. Gain clarity on navigating the course structure for optimal understanding.
08 Land
Do Land Selection and soil testing using these reckoner. It helps you not to miss any aspect while selecting lands.
09 Nature
Learn what trees and plants are to be planted as per Vastu and in which direction.
10 Zone
Place this tracing sheet on any property map and get to know the directions instantly.
11 Door
Place this tracing sheet on any property map and get to know the location of door and its effects instantly.
12 Exclusive Hand-
Holding Session
Exclusive live hand-holding sessions by the Founder Director of the Institute of Vedic Astrology. Get personalised guidance and insights to enhance your learning experience. And remember, more surprises await you in the future!

Next Hand Holding Session On: 14th July 2024
13 Exclusive
Q&A Live
Every 1st Sunday, you have the opportunity to get your questions answered directly by the Founder-Director of the Institute of Vedic Astrology. On other days, you can email your questions and receive answers by experts within 24 hours.

Next Q&A Session On: 21st July 2024

*Disclaimer: The images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the Study Material.

Benefits of this comprehensive Vastu course

Mastery of Foundational Knowledge:

Gain a deep understanding of the fundamentals of Vedic Vastu, including the five elements, directions, and their interplay in a space.

Comprehensive Site Analysis

Develop expertise in plot selection, soil testing, identifying auspicious zones, and understanding the impact of surrounding features.

Optimized Residential Design

Learn the principles of room placement, door locations, and interior design elements aligned with Vastu for maximum harmony and positivity in homes.

Insights for Diverse Spaces

Apply Vastu wisdom to a wide range of properties, including apartments, shops, offices, factories, and even temples.

Effective Remedies and Solutions

Master the art of identifying Vastu imbalances and implementing practical remedies, often without requiring major structural changes.

Professional Consultancy Skills

Learn the step-by-step process of conducting Vastu consultations, from analysis to delivering impactful reports and recommendations.

Harnessing Natural Energies

Explore advanced concepts like energy measurement, dowsing, geopathic stress, and the integration of pyramids to enhance the positive flow of energy in spaces.

Yes! I am Ready to Transform My Life

Why Join Institute of Vedic Astrology

  • Crafting Vastu Professionals since 1999
  • Over 25 Years of Empowering Lives through Vastu Training
  • Proud Recipient of the "Gem of India" Award
  • Students from 27 States across India.
  • Students Representing 55+ Countries Worldwide.
  • Integrated Learning approach
  • Courses developed by esteemed Vastu Gurus
  • Dedicated International Department
  • An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution
  • Offering 3 Professional Training Courses

What our Student Says

"Vastu learning has been a game-changer! I used to just make spaces look nice, but now I understand how to make them feel good too. Clients are happier, and my business is booming!"

Rakesh Patel, Interior Designer

"Taking a Vastu course was the best thing I could do for my family. Our home feels so much more peaceful and balanced. Even the kids are sleeping better!"

Priya Sharma, Homemaker

"I thought I knew everything about design, but Vastu opened my eyes. It's helped me create buildings that are not just beautiful, but actually enhance people's lives."

Sanjay Kumar, Architect

"I was skeptical at first, but Vastu principles have seriously improved my business. The workspace is more productive, and I feel calmer and more focused when making decisions."

Seema Joshi, Business Owner

"Learning Vastu has made me a better teacher. I understand how to arrange my classroom for better energy flow, and my students are definitely more attentive and engaged."

Kavita Singh, Teacher

"I never thought Vastu would be for me, but it's incredibly practical! I made simple changes to my apartment, and now I sleep better and have so much more energy."

Ravi Kumar, IT Professional

"My Vastu journey started as a hobby after retirement, but now it's a passion! I love helping friends and family improve their homes, and it keeps my mind sharp."

Meera Gupta, Retired Professor

"Vastu studies have transformed my outlook. I used to feel stuck, but learning about energy flows has given me a new perspective on challenges and opportunities in my life."

Rohit Sharma, Engineer

"Vastu learning was the missing piece in my career. Understanding spatial energies has helped me create better marketing campaigns and connect more deeply with customers."

Asha Parekh, Marketing Executive

"Vastu studies showed me the hidden problems in my house that were affecting my finances. Now that I've fixed those, things are definitely looking up!"

Suresh Patel, Accountant

Yes! I am Ready to Transform My Life


How does Vastu work, and what are its core principles?

Vastu reveals the interplay between universal energies and your environment. Imagine it as an ancient blueprint for aligning your space with the forces of nature – earth, water, fire, air, and space – to enhance well-being, success, and overall harmony.

What specific benefits can I expect from learning Vastu?

Expect clarity in decision-making, stronger relationships, greater prosperity, improved mental and physical health, and a feeling of being more in tune with your life's purpose. Vastu is a powerful tool for transformation!

Is Vastu considered a science? What is the evidence?

Vastu is based on centuries of observation, experience, and the deep understanding of cosmic patterns. While not a science in the modern Western sense, its results speak for themselves – ask anyone who has implemented Vastu principles and witnessed the positive shift in their lives.

Can Vastu be a viable career path?

Absolutely! As awareness of Vastu grows, so does the demand for skilled consultants. Offer your expertise to help individuals and businesses create environments that truly support their goals and well-being.

How long does it typically take to gain a strong foundation in Vastu?

Our program provides a comprehensive foundation, but Vastu is a lifelong exploration. You will be equipped to start seeing results quickly, and your understanding will deepen with ongoing practice.

Why is it important to learn from reputable sources?

Vastu encompasses complex concepts – a reliable source ensures you learn authentic principles, not misinformation. It's about honoring this ancient knowledge and getting the best results for yourself and your future clients.

Can you explain how the course fee aligns with the value provided?

Consider it an investment in yourself! You'll gain knowledge to transform your life, potentially launch a fulfilling career, and access ongoing support from our expert community.

Are there alternatives to IVA's professional course for those interested in a live classroom setting?

We understand different learning styles. While we currently focus on our proven online format, explore other reputable institutes that offer in-person Vastu programs in your area.

How does the study material dispatch process work

Materials are dispatched seamlessly upon enrollment. Expect [insert your specific timeframe and process] to have them in hand, ready to dive in!

What support options are available for students who have questions?

You're not alone! A dedicated support system is in place. Just drop us an email to resolve doubts and deepen your understanding.

How does the IVA certificate compare to self-study options or other Vastu programs?

Our certificate signifies rigorous training, upholding the integrity of Vastu. It sets you apart, demonstrating your commitment to clients and distinguishing you from self-proclaimed experts.

Do I need any prior knowledge of Vastu to enroll in these courses?"

Not at all! Our courses are designed for all levels, from those completely new to Vastu to those seeking to deepen their existing knowledge.

Are you ready to get the upper hand?

At the Institute of Vedic Astrology, we do everything
for our students…

  1. Expert Guidance: Learn from skilled Vastu Expert who explain things
  2. Structured Learning: Follow a step-by-step plan to master the basics
  3. Visual Learning Support: Watch videos that make Vastu concepts
  4. Lifetime Support: Get answers to all your queries over email.
  5. Practical Application: See Vastu in real life and learn to use it
  6. Tailored for Success: Get all the tools you need to become a great
    Vastu expert.
  7. Learn from Real-World Examples: See how Vastu experts with
    100s of examples and Case-Studies.