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What does a break in headline suggest in palmistry?

By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Jan 02 2023 palmistry_online_course,palmistry_course_in_India,online_palmistry_courses,Join_palmistry_classes_online

Headlines created an important role in Indian palmistry. The headline is also called Metri Rekha in Hindu palmistry. It is also called as wisdom line.  The study of headlines informs about the mental health and quality of thoughts of a person. Future events and current circumstances of life will determine by the headline. By looking headline we collect lots of information about the person. The headline shows the decision-making power and problem-solving attitudes of a person. This headline predicts many things about a person such as knowledge, intelligence, will strength, intuitive ability, power of the mind, and capabilities of a person. This headline is also called the line of knowledge.

A person’s mental health is recognized by their actions and decisions. In the same way, looking at any person’s headline predict the mental stability and decision-making skill of that person.

The symbol, shape, and place of origination of the headline can inform us about the person’s current and future events. The break-in headline informs us about the future and present mental health issues of a person. Future illness or injury of the head is recognized by the headline. Patterns in the headline give strength to the breaking headline. This shape and pattern on the headline reduce ill effects and provides stability for a person.


Where you can find headlines in your hand?

The headline above the lifeline commences from the index finger and the thumb runs through the halfway palm horizontally. The headline is parallel to the lifeline and sometimes it took a curve on the moon mountain.

Headlines predict a person’s honesty and rationality. With the help of headlines, palmists can predict the future issues and current circumstances of a person. Headlines affect thought processes and the possibility of head injury in the future. Learn more about the palmistry online course available.


Break in a headline in palmistry:-

The headline breaks into two parts, it shows mental fever and sudden illness in life. The headline considers a river of thought processes and the mental flow of emotions. It predicts that head-related problems will arise. These people take their decision from their hearts, not from their minds. Breaking headlines can explain arise impulsively and will create mental exhaustion. The person who has a breaking of a headline in their palm can suffer from many ups and downs in their life and sudden changes. These people are unpredictable. Their thoughts change from time to time.

If the breaking of the line of the head in a repeated way shows a lack of mental stability. The person may predict as unpredictable, with constant headaches, erratic, and poor health. The person also suffers from nervousness.

The cuts, clues, and small lines are also responsible for the prediction of the path line, lifeline, and headline. The line intersection place also determines the future prediction. If there are any connecting branches, symbols, and clues shapes will heal the line and suffers less. These symbols help the breaking headline as a support system. The breaking line shows the bad effect of the symbols and shapes like squares, triangle will help to diminish the bad effect and heals the line to show positive results.

The clues of the line’s conditioning and shapes such as stars, dots, islands, and intersecting lines reduce the ill effect of the break line. At the end of the break, the line reaches for more clues.        

There are many types of headlines that can predict several events and things about current and future events in a person’s life.

Long headline: - People who have long headlines have good thinking abilities and clear mind thoughts. Most people who tend to have long headlines often overthink.

Medium headline: - The headline with a medium length that extends from the ring finger has a good ability to take decisions. They are brilliant people.

Short headline: - The headline ends till the ring finger such people are impulsive and careless. They are slow to respond, they should be more careful about solving the troubles of personal and professional fonts.

Curve headline: - headline ends on Moon Mountain with a gentle curve these people are more tolerant, real, and have good interpersonal skills.

If the curve of the headline goes downward this person is considered to be artistic, emotional, and highly creative.

Crossing headline: - If the headline crosses the heart line the person has good common sense. But sudden changes were seen in their life.

Missing headline: - the missing headline in the palm is very rare and it suggests unrealistic and passionate nature. Their thoughts come from emotions.

Overlapping headline: - The breaking of the headline, and overlapping the other lines is a sign of mental exhaustion and a transforming mental outlook in life. If the headline break and overlaps between the lines it resonates with mid-life crises.

If the headline has broken with clean and has no overlap can predict illness or head injury in their life. If there are islands it is rarely seen as encouragement. Learn more about the palmistry course in India.

     The energy of lines in palmistry:-

Let’s take an example of a flowing river its origin starts from a mountain and breaks into several channels the speed diminished as it divides into many small canals. In the same way in palmistry, the headline which is broken has less energy than the other lines. It disrupts the flow of thoughts. Which reflects in the person’s behavior and passion. A person is very passionate, set his way, and sometimes behaves cold-hearted.

     If the headline is broken in the left hand but it’s unbroken in the right hand then the power is negligible of the broken line. If you want to know more join the palmistry course online.


Role of Sister Line:-

Sister lines play a major role in supporting any broken line. All the bad effects of a broken line are neutralizing and giving strength to the broken line. It overcomes the problem which is created by the broken line.

Recently we have seen actor Sushant Singh Rajput who ends his life by hanging. We can find the breaking of a headline in his palm.

The thoughts which are made disrupting the thought flow are the bad results of headlines. But the good results are to make prosperous. Learn more about online palmistry courses.

Hence, the breaking of the headline shows the unstable mind of the person. It also tells about the future of mental health and future events. The person whose headline is broken often makes decisions from their heart and faces several problems. They are very emotional. The Crossbar in the palm near the headline shows the frequent headache and brain fever. The island in the headline shows the interruption of thoughts and concentration on mind thoughts and self-control.

The headline is also called Dhan Rekha in Hindu palmistry. Looking at headlines we gather lots of information about a person’s behavior and mental issue. The person can solve their problems and make the stability of their mind by more focus and meditation. Breaking headlines aware the person of the present event and cautious about future problems. Remedies are suggested by palmists to avoid bad effects and make a person’s life happy and easy. Join palmistry classes online.


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