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How to create a workplace in line with Vastu for prosperity

By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Dec 28 2021

People spend 1/3rd of their lives in their workplace. Being such a contributing factor to someone's energy, the workplace should always be flowing with positive energy to prosper the business and the employees involved in building it.

Although a business’ prosperity depends on multiple factors, the workplace environment is the most crucial one. A Vastu aligned environment ensures productivity, well being and most importantly, helps your business avoid pitfalls.  

To bring in the flow of positivity in your office, we’ve mentioned a few factors to keep in mind:

Vastu for Seating arrangements

  1. The CEO and the decision-makers of the office must sit in the North, East or Northeast direction. These directions are related to growth and new opportunities.
  2. Northwest direction is good for the roles where proactiveness is required all day. Therefore, the sales and marketing     department must be seated in the Northwest.
  3. The South direction is known for storing wealth coming from the North, hence, it is the ideal direction for the accounts     department.

As the North and the East directions are related to productivity and growth, general employees must sit in these directions.

Vastu for Office Entrance  

The ideal office entrance should be in the North, Northeast or Northwest direction. Ensure that your office entrance is clean and doesn’t lie opposite a staircase. In addition, your door should ideally be made of wood and must open inwards.

You should also ensure that your door is in direct contact with sunlight without any shadows falling on it.

Vastu for Desk

Not only directions, but the way you sit, how you organise your desk and the decor around you playsa crucial role in your productivity. For instance, a cluttered desk also makes your mind cluttered and prevents clarity. Similarly, piling up papers, using broken stationary creates confusion at work.

An office can gethectic at times, leading to clashes between business partners and employees. Placing a Turquoise pyramid on the desk helps in understanding yourself as wellas those around you. It provides a fresher perspective and facilitates communication even in tough times.

Vastu for Reception

Reception is the place where people get the first impression of a company. Therefore, it is crucial to make it welcoming and flowing with positive energy. The ideal direction for the reception should be north and east, and the reception is should sit facing the North. Additionally, the company logo should be on the south wall of reception.

Placing plants around the reception also brings prosperity and makes the place look lively.

Vastu for Boss’ Cabin  

The role of a business owner is challenging. It requires both proactiveness and stability of mind. Ideally, the owner's cabin should be in the Southwest part of the office facing North. The North direction provides growth while the southwest direction brings stability to take well-thought decisions.

Placement of any religious pictures or deities behind the owner's desk should be avoided. You can place an image of mountains or trees of life as it denotes growth and strength. You must also avoid glass decor behind the desk wall and keep the furniture in a lighter tone.

In addition, eating and sleeping on your desk must be avoided. It invites lethargy and makes the environment dull.

Vastu for Staircase  

Not every office has the liberty to choose a staircase, but if you do, keep in mind the following tips;

●     The staircase must be built in the south or southwest direction of the office.

●     The staircase should be leading up straight. Avoid building a spiral staircase.

●     The steps should end in odd numbers like 11 or13.

●     Keeping plants near the staircase also results in prosperity.

Vastu for Office furniture  

Higher management like the CEO, COO and other department heads should use square or rectangular shaped desks. The desk must be made of wood as it is one of the noblest materials in Vastu. You should also check the source of it. One must avoid using wood from trees during storms. Also, the tabletops must not be made of glass or metal. 

For chairs, you should look for spacious chairs with good lumbar support. You must also avoid using metal chairs.

Vastu for Conference room

Conference rooms are the place where main managerial decisions are made. It is the place that sees the clashing of opinions and disputes between partners. Therefore, the aura should be motivating as well as stable. North, northeast and northwest are the most suited positions for it.

Remedies for Common Vastu Flaws

Not everything is under our control while building or renting an office. Fortunately, there are several fixes for Vastu flaws.

1.  If Boss’ Cabin is in the South direction

Although the South direction is ideal for storing wealth, it is not suited for growth and prosperity. Therefore, building the boss’ cabin in the south will result in the hindrance of cash flow, growing opportunities and lack of judgement.

However, you can solve this by placing a crystal rock in the southwest corner of the cabin.

2.  If the main entrance has obstructions

The majority of offices are on rent, and hence, Vastu tips are not always followed while building them. If you have an obstructed entrance like a tree/pillar in front of the main entrance or a spiral staircase, you can fix it by placing a tulsi/basil plant at the main entrance.

3.  If the main entrance is in the South direction

South facing door invites negative energy into the room. If your office's main entrance is built in the southern direction, placing a symbol of Om or swastika of Silver or copper can divert the negative energy and prevent it from entering your home.

Following Vastu precisely is not always possible. However, building the office in alignment with the directions can fill your office with prosperity. Not only will this bring you wealth, but will fill your business with respect and positivity.

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