Are Astronomy & Astrology two different notions?

August 11, 2021
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Are Astronomy & Astrology two different notions?

Did you ever wonder that the stars you like gazing at have something to do with your future predictions? We all, at some point in our life, have been obsessed with checking out zodiac sign predictions in newspapers to foresee what lies ahead of us throughout the day. Ranging from here to making life decisions related to our business, love life, marriages, finances, career and even predictions on health.

We considered the concept of planets and celestial bodies lie just under astronomy and astrophysics, taught to us in schools until we realized its importance in our life events. Ancient astronomy and astrology were taken under the same branch of knowledge. But after the 17th century, the two concepts were separated with an important distinction.


Astronomy vs Astrology

If you are new to the concept of stars, planets and their positioning, you might be confused in both terminologies. Astronomy is the study of celestial bodies and the universe as a whole, lying outside the Earth’s atmosphere. Astronomers examine their positioning, motion and their properties. At the same time, Astrology is the study of how these relative positions and motions of celestial bodies are interpreted as impacting humans’ life on Earth. For several ages, one of the main driving forces behind astronomical observation and theories was to refine the Astrological predictions.

Stargazing with Astronomical binoculars, studying the relative patterns and movements, soon developed a curiosity of knowing more about the behavioral influence it brought in people’s lives. All the ancient civilization, were able to analyze the pattern of stars and develop a system of belief to understand the present and predict the future. The practice of both the notions might have common roots earlier, but the line drawn by the scientists between science and belief made a big difference between Astronomy and Astrology.

But till date, the observations and theories developed by the astrologers have been fascinating and actually helping people in providing the vision of the future for a very long time. The adherent of the beliefs and usage of specific techniques and tools have shown results of improvements in people’s life. Even today, many successful people have agreed upon taking astrological consultancies to help make their life decisions. We also take consultancies for matching kundlis before marriage or making a career decision. One such course, “KP Stellar System” developed by late Prof. "Krishnamurti Paddhati” provides the guidance in unique system to get accurate predictions for the occurrence of an event using tools and techniques.  

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