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Tap into the ancient language of numbers to gain insights, overcome obstacles, and manifest your boldest dreams.

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Numerology - Your home address holds a money secret

This Course Is Designed For

The Intuitive Counselor Seeking Powerful Tools:

You're drawn to helping others – therapists, coaches, healers. Numerology provides a unique framework to understand clients on a deeper level, enriching your existing practice.

The Ambitious Entrepreneur Ready to Decode Success:

Numbers reveal optimal timing, potential partnerships, and personal strategies. Become the architect of your business, not a victim of circumstance.

The Seeker of Harmony, At Home & Work:

Learn to navigate relationships with unprecedented understanding. Counsel friends, family, and even colleagues, fostering communication and resolving hidden conflicts.

The Changemaker With Unexplored Potential:

You sense there's something MORE to your life, but can't find the roadmap. Numerology charts a path to your unique strengths, passions, and opportunities for impact.

Anyone Craving Clarity in a Chaotic World:

Numerology offers a grounding logic within life's cycles. This knowledge brings confidence in decision-making, helping you design a life of purpose with fewer blind alleys.


Individuals Completed the Course

55+ Countries

Students done our Courses

25+ Years

Empowering Students to get Success

  • Healers & Therapists: Enhance your practice with numerology for deeper client understanding.
  • Ambitious Entrepreneurs: Unlock the numerical secrets to success for strategic timing, partnerships, and growth.
  • Relationship Seekers: Master harmonious connections, improve communication, and resolve hidden conflicts.
  • Changemakers: Discover your unique strengths, passions, and create a life of greater impact.
  • Clarity Seekers: Find meaning in life's cycles, make confident decisions, and design a purposeful life.

It's NOT Just About the Numbers

This course will help you develop:

  • Enhanced Intuition: Learn to trust your gut reactions, informed by numerological patterns.
  • Empathetic Communication: Translate insights into language that empowers, not dictates.
  • A Unique Edge: Stand out in a crowded field of personal growth and development.


  1. Guiding clients towards life-changing breakthroughs.
  2. Strategizing business moves with unparalleled insight.
  3. Building relationships based on deep understanding.
  4. Embracing your full potential with confidence.

If this resonates with you, this course IS for you

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  • 5 Bonuses
  • Certification
  • Video Library
  • Quick Support

Why Become a Numerology Professional?

Impactful Work:

Witness the transformations – the renewed confidence, the life-changing decisions – inspired by your insights.


Practice numerology independently or alongside other holistic modalities. Create a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

A Growing Field:

As people seek deeper understanding and self-empowerment, the demand for skilled numerologists is on the rise.

Your journey starts with passion and a deep understanding of how numbers shape destinies. Embrace the power of numerology – and share its wisdom with the world.

Why Numerology is SO important to you?

Numerology is not just for yourself, but for countless others.

You understand the transformative power of numbers. As a numerologist, you become a guide, helping people:

Discover their Hidden Potential:

Reveal talents, ambitions, and paths to success, empowering them to live bolder, more fulfilling lives.

Navigate Life's Cycles:

Offer clarity during challenges and strategic insight when opportunities arise. Your guidance becomes invaluable.

Create Harmony:

Help clients understand their relationships, fostering deeper connections and navigating interpersonal dynamics with ease.

From Teacher to Professional Numerologist

Kavita Singh

I was always curious about numbers, but this course opened my eyes! I feel empowered to guide myself and even my students to understand their potential better

Key Benefits of Learning Numerology

Become a Translator of Personal Potential:

Master the language of numbers and unlock hidden strengths, talents, and life paths for your clients. Witness their eyes light up as you reveal what they might not even see in themselves.

Offer Roadmap Navigation:

Help people understand the cycles, patterns, and timing of their experiences. This knowledge provides clarity amidst uncertainty, empowering them to make informed choices aligned with their highest potential.

Cultivate Clarity for Clients:

Numerology cuts through confusion. Offer your clients precise insights about career trajectories, relationship dynamics, and even ideal timing for major life decisions. Your guidance becomes a beacon.

Develop a Deeply Intuitive Skill:

Numerology blends calculation and a profound understanding of human nature. As you learn, you'll hone an intuition that extends far beyond the numbers on the page.

Build a Rewarding & Flexible Career:

Help others transform their lives while enjoying:

  • Meaningful work: Witness the positive impact of your consultations.
  • Independence: Work as a solo practitioner or integrate numerology with other modalities.
  • Growth potential: This is an expanding field as people seek self-understanding.

Numerology isn't just a set of calculations; it's a profound tool for empowerment – both yours and your future clients'.

Become a Professional Certified Numerology Expert!
IVA offers to choose from three levels to reach your goals.

Master Numerology – from foundations to advanced chart reading. Our expert guidance and structured lessons empower you with transformative knowledge.

  (896) Done this course (3555) Done this course (11213) Done this course
Key Features Diploma Professional Diploma   Master Course
Numerology Foundations Numerology Essentials Start Your Numerology & Lo Shu Professional Career Numerology Foundations
Learn Core Skills of Numerology Astro-Numerology & Advance Concepts Professional Numerology & Lo Shu Certification Learn Core Skills of Numerology
Transform Lives with Readings Become a Certified Numerologist Numerology & Lo Shu Expert: From Passion to Profession Transform Lives with Readings
Know More Close
Fundamentals of Numerology
Basic Numerology Concepts
Basic and Destiny Number
Name Numbers
Basic Predictions based on Numerology  
Astro-Numerology Formulae  
Advance Predictions Techniques  
Timely Predictions    
Life Number and its Importance  
Video Lessons - Foundation Course    
Case Studies  
Energy Testing and Dowsing    
Lo-Shu Grid    
Number Repetitions and Missing Impact    
The 9 Celestial Trigrams and Nature associated    
Mingkwa Energies and Implications    
Nine Areas Analysis    
Nine Areas Remedies    
Energetic Number    
Annual Forecast    
Monthly Forecast    
Name Numerology Specialisation    
Orientation Program for Professional Practice    
Comprehensive Analysis & Report Writing    
Attain expert-level knowledge in Numerology    
Provide remedial solutions    
Advance Video Course on Lo-Shu    
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*Disclaimer: The images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the Study Material.

The Course Consists of

  1. Video Lessons: Step-by-step guidance for effortless learning
  2. Course Material: Comprehensive texts to support your studies
  3. Support: Experts to resolve your doubts
  4. Shipping: Materials delivered with blessings
  5. Certificate: Recognition of your achievement

Integrated Advance Professional Diploma in Numerology (Master Course) - Our Most Popular Course

Numerology Foundations
  • Basic Concepts & Terminology
  • Calculating Core Numbers (Destiny, Name, Life Path, etc.)
  • Number Compatibility Analysis
  • Introduction to Predictions
Lo Shu Grid Mastery
  • Understanding the Grid's Structure
  • Analyzing Number Patterns (Repetitions, Missing Numbers)
  • The Five Elements & Celestial Trigrams
  • Mingkwa Energies & Their Impact
  • Nine Areas Analysis & Remedies
Name Numerology
  • In-depth Name Analysis
  • Name Compatibility Matching
  • Name Spelling Corrections
  • Suggesting Baby Names
  • Signature Analysis & Refinement
Bonus for you
  • Logo Design suggestions with numerological principles
  • Company Name Analysis & Selection
  • Brand Name Optimization
Advanced Techniques
  • Astro-Numerology Integration
  • In-depth Personality Assessment
  • Annual & Monthly Forecasting
  • Dowsing Techniques
  • Extensive Case Studies
Professional Expertise
  • Providing Comprehensive Readings (Basic & Advanced)
  • Establishing Yourself as a Numerology Expert

5 Bonuses for you

For Integrated Advance Professional Diploma Course in Numerology & Lo-Shu (Master Course) ONLY

01 Name
Numerology case studies. Gain the perfect understanding of Numerology through a lot of real practical examples.
02 Orientation
for Professional
Launch your numerology practice with confidence and integrity. Discover proven success strategies, navigate common hurdles, and uphold the highest ethical standards.
03 Professional
Deliver impactful consultations with our guide to crafting professional Numerology reports.
04 Course
Maximize your learning experience with a step-by-step guide to getting the most of the course.
05 Constellation
Gain instant access to essential astrological references. Deepen your understanding of the 27 constellations and their 108 combinations for accurate consultations.

*Disclaimer: The images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the Study Material.

This Course Isn't Just Theory – It's Your Launchpad

With this comprehensive training, you'll gain:

The Tools to Guide Transformation:

Learn the core calculations AND how to translate them into actionable insights that clients truly value.

Attract Right Energy:

Use the Lo Shu grid to strategically place objects within your home or workspace that enhance missing elements and promote overall well-being.

Confidence to Take Charge:

Develop a systematized approach, ensuring your readings are both accurate and impactful. Never feel like you're guessing!

The "X-Factor" for Success:

It's not just the facts. You'll learn how to communicate with empathy and clarity, building the trust that turns clients into loyal supporters.

Flexibility to Define Your Path:

Numerology complements so many fields. Use it to enhance your skills, add power to your readings, or create a standalone practice.

Offer More Than "Fortunes"

Move beyond superficial predictions and help clients create real change.

Yes! I am Ready to Transform My Life

Why Join Institute of Vedic Astrology

  • Crafting Numerology Professionals since 1999
  • Over 25 Years of Empowering Lives through Numerology Training
  • Proud Recipient of the "Gem of India" Award
  • Students from 27 States across India.
  • Students Representing 55+ Countries Worldwide.
  • Integrated Learning approach
  • Courses developed by esteemed Numerology Experts & Gurus
  • Dedicated International Department
  • An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution
  • Offering 3 Professional Training Courses

What our Student Says

Numerology has given me amazing clarity on my strengths and the right timing for decisions. This course has been a game-changer for my business and life!

Rahul Sharma, Entrepreneur

As a doctor, I appreciate the logic and structure behind numerology. This learning has helped me understand my patients on a deeper level and offer better guidance.

Dr. Ravi Patel, Physician

This numerology course ignited my creativity! I use it to suggest the best colors, layouts, and even lucky dates for my clients. It's added a whole new dimension to my work.

Seema Kapoor, Interior Designer

Numerology has been my secret weapon for better financial planning – my own and even for clients! I feel more confident and understand the flow of money much better now.

Sunil Joshi, Accountant

I struggled to find my direction, but this course helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses. I'm making better choices about my education and future.

Ram Singh Thakur, Student

This course boosted my communication and negotiation skills tremendously! I understand people better, and it's showing in my sales numbers.

Rajesh Kumar, Sales Manager

I always felt there was more to me than meets the eye. Numerology has helped me understand my true potential and break out of old patterns. I feel more confident than ever.

Rekha Singh, Homemaker

As a logical person, numerology surprised me! It's been incredibly accurate in predicting patterns and helping me make smarter decisions.

Adarsh Chauhan, Engineer

Numerology has become my post-retirement passion! It keeps my mind sharp and provides fascinating insights into myself and those around me. I'm loving this new journey of learning.

Anita Rao, Retired Professor

Yes! I am Ready to Transform My Life


I'm not a "numbers person." Can I still learn numerology?

Definitely! Numerology is more about seeing patterns than doing complex math. The IVA course breaks everything down clearly, so anyone can understand, even if you don't love numbers.

Is numerology a real science or just fortune-telling?

Numerology is based on ancient wisdom and observing how patterns play out in our lives. The IVA course teaches a structured approach to understanding these patterns, giving you tools to help yourself and others.

Won't learning numerology limit my free will?

Not at all! Numerology helps you see your path more clearly. With the insights you gain in the IVA course, you'll be empowered to make choices that are right for you.

I'm interested but busy. Is the course time-consuming?

The IVA course is designed to fit your life! It's flexible and you can learn at your own pace. Each lesson is focused, so you can make progress even with a little bit of time.

Are there successful professional numerologists out there?

Absolutely! People from all walks of life use numerology in their work. The IVA course gives you the knowledge and skills to build a successful practice too!

How is IVA's course different from others I might find?

IVA's course gives you everything you need, from deep knowledge to practical skills for becoming a professional. You'll learn from experts and be part of a supportive community.

I'm spiritual but not religious. Is numerology compatible with my beliefs?

Yes! Numerology focuses on universal patterns and energies, and the IVA course respects all beliefs. You can easily integrate what you learn with your own spirituality.

Can I use numerology to make major life decisions?

Definitely! Numerology offers valuable insights for any decision. The IVA course teaches you how to spot good timing, understand relationships better, and be prepared for potential challenges.

Does numerology work on anyone, or only those who believe in it?

The patterns numerology looks at exist whether someone believes in them or not. The IVA course teaches you how to spot these patterns so you can offer helpful insights to anyone.

I want to help others. How does numerology empower me to do that?

Numerology lets you see the hidden things that impact people's lives. With the IVA course, you'll learn how to share these insights in a kind and helpful way, making a positive difference.

Will I be certified after completing the IVA course?

Yes! When you finish, you'll get a recognized certificate that shows your expertise as a numerologist.

I'm intrigued! How do I take the next step?

Download the IVA Brochure for detailed course information

Are you ready to get the upper hand?

At the Institute of Vedic Astrology, we do everything
for our students…

  1. Expert Guidance: Learn from skilled Numerology who explain things clearly.
  2. Structured Learning: Follow a step-by-step plan to master the basics first.
  3. Visual Learning Support: Watch videos that make Numerology concepts easy.
  4. Lifetime Support: Get answers to all your queries over email.
  5. Practical Application: See Numerology in real life and learn to use it yourself.
  6. Tailored for Success: Get all the tools you need to become a Numerologist.
  7. Learn from Real-World Examples: See how Numerology works with
    100s of examples and Case-Studies.