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Effective Vastu Tips To Clean Negative Energies from your house

By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Jan 24 2022 vastu

As we all know our bodies are made of energy and the whole universe runs on energy. Energy is something that decides the environment of our house. It impacts our house negatively as well as positively. Certain places in our house are filled with negativity. This article will be telling you how to clear negative energies from your house and maintain positivity. Developing positivity energies in our house is very significant to live in an environment that radiates positivity.

10 Tips for Removing Negative energies from your house

Cleanliness remedies

1. Properly maintaining the cleanliness at your home entrance not only will help in making a good impression but also radiates positivity as cleanliness removes negative energies from the house. It is very important to not only clean your house from inside but the entrance and outside environment should also be clean for maintaining proper hygiene.

2. Wipe your home windows and doors with lemon, juice, salt, and white vinegar, as it prevents negative energies.

3. Mop your floor with some sea salt as this remedy also helps in removing negative energies.

4. Removing the negative energies of the bathroom and toilet keep a glass of water with some salt in it inside your bathroom. It will help in consuming all the negative energies from your bathroom from this Vastu tip.

5. Lighting agarbattis and Dhoop heighten positive energies, it helps in reducing the negative energies from the house and promotes a healthy and energetic environment. Buying sage for smudge sticks and spreading them in every corner of your house also removes negative vibes from your house.

6. Use of crystals in the home like black tourmaline, Amethysts, and much more such crystal helps in removing the negativity from your house. The Colour of your house plays a key factor as it impacts the energies that reside in our home according to Vastu shastra colours have very importance in radiating positive energies at home.

7. A religious symbol and idols invite very auspicious energies. The position of the pooja room should be in the northeast direction of your home.

8. Chanting of mantras and bhajan inside your house is a great source that attracts positivity in your home. They have the power to convert negative energies into positive energies.

9. Negative energies increase if you don't maintain proper cleanliness inside your house and around your house. Energies have a big role in building our life hence keeping proper maintenance of energies is important.

10. Keeping dry plants inside your house or your garden then removes them as it is not a good indication it attracts negativity in your house and affects your financial wellbeing.

How can one maintain positivity?

1. Positive attitude towards life

You should always have a positive perspective towards life, the more negative you think the more it will impact your life. Whatever the situation is, maintain a positive belief in everything.

2. Remove the clutters

Remove the unnecessary waste items from your house as they are a sign of negative energy. If you have broken mirrors inside your house and watches that are not working try to remove them from your house.

3. Remove Negative peoples

If you stay around the negative people and the people who talk negatively stay away from them as these people negatively impact you and your decision-making.

4. Never ignore health problems

Never ignore health problems, if anyone in your house is suffering from something concern a doctor and maintain a peaceful environment around them and positivity to keep them happy and healthy.

5. Paintings and fragrances

Put beautiful and positive paintings in your home to avoid negativity. Use fresh fragrances to maintain. A positive attitude every day and a good mood.

Summing up

We all know that negative energies impact our career, health, success, and well-being. Keeping a house away from negative energies is very important to maintain cleanliness and positivity in your house. The above tips can help you in radiating positivity and in attracting good vibes to your house. Vastu Shastra is beneficial for having a negative free environment in your house and following vastu tips will guide you to live a life free from negativity.Join best vastu shastra course online to know more about the vastu tips.


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