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Top 10 Vastu Tips for Job stability

By Institute of Vedic Astrology May 30 2022 vastu_online_class,vastu_consultant_course,Vastu_shastra,vedic_vastu

A career is significant for every person, and if our career is not good, then we will not be able to pass our life well; we do a lot of things to get a better job, like bowing our heads in temples with lots of vows. They ask for worship and much more, but do you know that according to Vastu, you can get a better job? You have to bring some small changes to your house. Before proceeding, let us tell you what Vastu Shastra is; many of you must know that Vastu Shastra is a part of Architecture and Construction; whenever we get a house built, then go to the Pandit about Vastu. I ask so that there is peace in our house. People go to such a person who has taken a very good degree in a degree course in Vastu Shastra. But do you know that Vastu not only has an effect on our home but it also affects our career, job, or outside life?

Vastu Shastra is not only for the house, and it has a great effect on our everyday life too. For this, you do not need to go anywhere; you need some changes in your homes. Any one of us can take the knowledge of Vastu Shastra very comfortably; in today's blog, we will tell you what you should do and what not, and along with this, today we will also tell you how to do a Vedic Vastu course or Vastu architecture course

What to do:

A career is arguably one of the essential things in one's life. A career is one that we all - ultimately - strive to build on all the years after attending school, college, and enrolling for higher studies. There are many such cases, and I'm sure you've seen some of them yourself in which a colleague or an acquaintance who was not as academically terrific as his peers became a richer, more successful, happier, and more abundant life happens. On the other hand, you'll probably and with an excellent chance to find people you thought would lead a perfect, prosperous, and happy life, but you were shocked to hear from your "trusted source." That's not the case. They are in misery, debt, and problems and are leading a very sad and sad life. In simple words, they sound like the "biggest loser" you know now. Today we have brought the solution to this biggest problem for you, Due to which you will also get a good job and stability will also come in your job.


  • While working, a wall behind your back exemplifies support.


  • On the wall behind you, dangle a poster of peaks. This strengthens support.


  • An open space ahead of you while working represents vulnerability, and new indications will come to you.


  • For meeting rooms, try to sit at the SW (southwest) corner, and this must be the remotest from the foyer of the conference room.


  • The furnishings must be either square or erect angular. The courtyard is better.


  • Wooden furniture is evaluated the best.


  • If your bureau is in the west, you can purchase a glass-top table.


  • If any of the furniture is halted, either get it repaired or change it instantly.


  • Make sure that you have high-quality behind chairs. They support and are good medication allies.


  • Fix any leaking out taps or water spigots as they signify the loss of money.

These are 10 important things, but apart from this, you can also take care of these things like:

  • Face either East or North while doing business. North is better for financial gains.


  • Keeping plants in the SE (southeast) corner of the office supports business and money growth.


  • You can also place or light a lantern or a lamp in the SE (southeast) part of the office. This will attract wealth and good fortune.


  • Always keep your office well located.


  • Try to keep fresh blossoms on the East side of your office.


  • Heat-producing devices such as computers, machines, heaters, etc., must be kept in SE (southeast).


  • If you're an artist, learner, columnist, etc., then make sure that your room is away from all types of distractions. (All the Students requested must-read Vastu tips for the study room).


  • If you're the holder of a business or CEO of a corporation, then make sure that you get the SW room at the office, and you sit in the SW corner of this room with your face in the North.


  • Keep the NE (northeast) part of your bureau clean and tidy.


  • Keep completed products (if you're in manufacturing) in NW (northwest); these speeds up selling.


  • Make sure that the center of the room is clean and available.


  • Make sure that all windows and doors are neat.


  • You can place a water fountain NE (northeast) of your table or your bureau room.


What not to do:


  • Never sit under a flash


  • Avoid sitting with your back to a foyer door.


  • Never hang posters or decor of water bodies on a wall behind you; it indicates a lack of assistance.


  • Never sit cross-legged.


  • Avoid circulation oval or irregularities shaped furnishings at the workplace.


  • Avoid cluttering the workplace.


  • Avoid blocked places for working.


  • Avoid loud offices.


  • Avoid metal or plastic furniture.


  • Avoid sharp-edged out or pointed furniture.


  • Never hang unfavorable pictures, such as war, violence, crying baby or lady, etc.


  • Never keep the bureau in grade dark.


  • For the home office, make sure that the superior bedroom and office room aren't contiguous.


According to the Vastu Consultant Course, these are some of the things that if you take care of it, then you will get success in your career and job, and you will reach great heights.

How can you take Vastu Shastra classes?

In the blog written above, you have learned which things you should do and which you should not; now, we will tell you how you can take the knowledge of Vastu Shastra. You will have to do some research about Best Vastu Shastra Course, or you can also see Vastu Classes Near Me with the help of the internet. In Vastu Courses in India, you can also take knowledge of it online; with the help of Vastu Online Classes, you can study online as well, this will save your time and money, and you will not have any problems. You can also do an advanced Vastu course so that you will get to learn new things and you can get deeper knowledge about Vastu Shastra.

To Conclude:

Often knowingly or unknowingly, we become our enemies, and we do not even know today through this blog, you people know how Vastu Shastra affects not only our home but also our career or professional life. And it is also very easy to get these bad things out of your life; you have to change some things and keep some things in the right place. These things are very important to know not only for the elders but for the little ones and also for the students, if we take care of these small things, then both our career and life will be very good, and we will never have any problem in future.


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