Palm Lines will tell When will you get Married

August 11, 2021
Institute Of Vedic Astrology
Palm Lines will tell When will you get Married

1. Marriages -After one age, all parents feel uneasy about the marriage of their children. They also start dreaming about the marriage of their son or daughter. Their wish remains that their offspring can get a good spouse as soon as possible, with whom he or she can spend his forthcoming life happily.

2. Hand lines -There is nothing to worry about in the case of marriage because when the marriage is going to happen, it will. All the information about the marriage of your offspring is there in the palm.  Learn to read palm lines in the Institute of Vedic Astrology.

3. Marriage's future -We are going to present an analysis in which conditions does the marriage of the person gets affected, that's what we are going to present here. At the same time, we will also tell you how it is known that what will be the exact age of marriage for you. We will give you some tips, after knowing that you will be able to decide how the future of your married life, through your multiple palm lines.

4. Multiple lines -If there is more than one marriage line in the hands of a person then there may be chances of double marriage or love affair before marriage which will not turn into a marriage. If the line is thinner than the normal line it will indicate the bad health of your spouse after the marriage. 

5. Mercury Mountains -Below the junior, there is Mercury Mountain, from which the heart goes out to the Jupiter Mountain. The marriage of a person assessed by the horizontal lines that appear in the middle of the finger and between the heart lines.

6. Form of life partner -The number of lines, the proper age for their marriage and their design is determined by the form of marriage line and the number of marriages.

7. Love marriage -The places of Jupiter, Venus and Mars on the palm of the people who want to get married should also be very effective. Whether it is possible to get married or not, it can clear based on the lines visible on the mountain but if obstacles are coming, then Jupiter and Venus can give the correct information about the nature of the mountain boyfriend or girlfriend.

8. Small or large line -When the line of marriage appears smaller or more than the other lines, then it is a sign that you are likely to have an inter-caste marriage. Some people also believe that it speaks of a person being married to a rich or poor family.

9. Marriage delay -If the Jupiter Mountain present in your hand tilted towards Saturn, then it means that your marriage will happen only after the age of 30. If the line of marriage on a man's palm is far away from the heart line and if there is no auspicious sign in place of Jupiter, then it is a proof that the marriage of the concerned person is going on in a long life.

10. No marriage line -If a person does not have a line of marriage in the hands of a person, then it does not mean that the concerned person will never get married. On the contrary, it is an indicator that marriage delayed unnecessarily. You should take measures for this.

11. Chances of marriage breakdown -If the line of hand breaks after reaching the middle, it is the sign that the possibility of marriage breakdown is strong. But other signs or lines of palm can prevent marriage from breaking then they are also considered. So, Palmistry can help you get the exact idea of your marriage.

12. Sun's place -The line of long and reaching the sun's place points to a financially rich life partner. Apart from this, if your marriage line is cutting other vertical lines, then it is a sign that there will be a lot of delay in your marriage.

13. Annoying life -If any other line comes on the marriage line, it makes married life annoying. Also, any kind of mark above the marriage line denied the wife's pleasure.

14. Clarity of Saturn Mountains -There is no will to get marry in the person whose Saturn Mountain is fairly clear. If a line meets the line from the lunar mountain, then such a person gets married. 

15. Future calculations -It is also believed that palmistry proved only when the future is calculated according to the current circumstances. 

16. Real future - To know all the information about your real future, you will have to go to the shelter of other branches of astrology. 

17. Authentic -Such as horoscope diagnosis, question horoscope or tarot card readings. With all this help you can accurately get to know at which age your marriage is going to happen.  

18. Widefield -The area of these branches of astrology is quite wide. With this help, you can know your future, but if you find that your future is not in your favor or there is a problem in it, then you will get satisfied with it and you can try to control the unfavorable situations in your life as well. 

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