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Patiently Wait for the Effect of Vaastu Corrections

By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Dec 27 2022 degree_courses_in_Vastu_Shastra_online,Vastu_course_online,Vastu_shastra_online_course,Astrology_courses_in_India_online,Vedic_astrology_courses_in_India

People do Vastu correction and expect good results the next day. That may only sometimes happen. Remember that it takes time to see effects. It would help if you also were patient to avoid bad effects. In cases where the difficulties are purely financial and related to industries and other businesses, immediate improvement can be expected once reforms are made. Wherever the pranic sheath is affected, resulting in health problems, youth behavioral problems, marriages on the rocks, etc., recovery is slow. But as said earlier, stopping further downfall is a good sign of a correct Vastu sector. The field of Vastu is like the universe. There are so many degree courses in Vastu Shastra online.

Beyond this knowledge, there can be no end to exploration and development. Try it yourself and be convinced. After being convinced, motivate your relatives and friends to build according to Vastu. We hope this science gets the recognition it deserves and is universally adopted. Thus every home can be a happy home, and in turn, it can help us live with less tension, more harmony, peace, love, and understanding among different communities, so hatred, malice, and envy are a thing of the past. You would like to know what benefits you can get if the building is as per Vastu. Anyone can do Vastu course online.

This information is given below. If the rules of Vastu are strictly followed, you can expect the following results. Please note that all other areas should be according to Vastu for effect starting from North East. If the structure meets most requirements despite minor flaws here and there, then most of the benefits described here are available to the inmates. You can find Vastu shastra online course.


  • Northeast Area Fully Open - Plinth - Lower level than water body or fountain or swimming pool in the area - or Low-level lawn in the entire area. Effects: Healthy progeny - Calm mind - Never react - Everything runs smoothly in their life - No accidents or premature death - No fatal diseases - Prisoner healthy and cheerful - Forgiving and kind.


  • East offset as per Vastu - North East in Para (1) - gradually moving from North to South. Effects: Obedient boy - Brilliant - Do well in studies - Never worry about your parents - Affectionate - Caring - Healthy - Achiever in all fields.


  • North open as per Vastu- North East and East as above- Gradual gradient from East to West- No rock garden- Heavy weight- Level of North West and South East same. Effect: There will be a continuous increase in economic prosperity.


  • Kitchen in South-East - subject to the conditions of Para 1 to 3 above. Effects: Healthy women - Always happy - Enjoy running a family - Satisfied - Forgiving - Kind - Never quarrel or dislike others - Make your husband feel he has the best wife in the world.


  • Room in south direction - For Virgo - Conditions 1 to 4 above are fulfilled - Effects: Healthy and happy Virgo - Affection - Deep attachment to parents that does not diminish even after marriage - Excellent academic achievement - Artistic - Time But someone's marriage crisis.


  • Set short and high on the south with a gradually increasing slope from east to west. Effects: Always free from trouble- No financial problems in their life- Long life of both men and women.


  • All short and high positions as per par vest of 1 to 6 meters set. Effects: Male children settle into excellent careers- Timely marriages are happy- Healthy boys who do well in sports and other outdoor activities prefer to be with parents- Increase in harmony. 8. Master Bed Room in South-West - All Positions from Para 1 to 7 Meters Effects: Healthy couple - Rarely fall ill - Longevity assured - Energetic and loving work.


Vastu Shastra is an ancient construction science that is used to maintain happiness and prosperity in the home. It is considered to be the key to maintaining a happy and healthy environment within our home. Hence, if the recommendations of Vastu are not followed, it may lead to a Vastu defect known as Vastu Dosha. So Vastu Dosha is a defect of any philosophy of Vastu Shastra. There are so many Vastu Astrology courses in India online is present.

It is believed that Vastu defects can bring stress in the family, difficulties in running a business, bad luck, and can also harm our physical and mental health. And according to Vastu Shastra, every Vastu defect has some remedy, and if done properly, it brings back happiness and peace in life. You can also go for Vedic astrology courses in India.


How to work on Vastu Dosh?

  • Work on the direction – Knowing about the directions and the positive and negative effects is essential. So one should always start with finding the right direction, according to Vastu. Look around your house and note which room is located in which direction.
  • Work on the correct placement of furniture and other items - after working on the direction. It should be ascertained whether the furniture is placed correctly or not and if not, then it can be rearranged as per Vastu.
  • Work on the color of the room – The next thing is to find suitable colors for each room as per Vastu Shastra. It is one thing that can be rectified if not made, as per Vastu Shastra.
  • Based on karma and all the doshas, we can choose suitable Vastu remedies to reduce the Vastu defects.


Remedies for Vastu defects:

In this 21st century, people mostly live in towns and cities where they have to live in high-rise buildings and apartments due to the scarcity of land. In such a situation, it is challenging to follow Vastu concepts, and hence it is difficult to maintain Vastu compliance.


Vastu correction can be done without any hard and fast destruction and reconstruction. The most significant importance of Vastu Shastra is that Vastu Dosh can be rectified by just a small change that will impact our life.

  • Changes in the interiors of the bungalow or house
  • Change the color of the rooms
  • Change in position of furniture
  • Location of some religious objects
  • Worshiping at home removes defects etc.

There are many other ways to reduce Vastu defects. However, this means one must follow only some of the measures. We can trust those best suited for us and what we can do. You can also pursue distance learning astrology courses in India.


Vastu Improvements for Your Home:

As mentioned above, there are many different methods for Vastu correction. Some simple remedies to remove Vastu defects are given below:


  • After entering from the house's main door, install the idol of Lord Ganesha or hang the picture somewhere.
  • Place a copper swastika above the main door to attract positive energy and ward off negativity.
  • Make a place of worship in the house so positive energy comes.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, keeping a small brass idol of Annapurna Devi in ​​a rice jar brings prosperity to the family and reduces Vastu's defects.
  • Placing a white elephant somewhere in the study room will increase knowledge and academic excellence.
  • Place a copper pyramid to remove Vastu defects in the directions.


According to Vastu Shastra, if the idol of Lord Kuber is kept in the northeast corner of the house or near the cashier's place in the office, then the financial problems caused by Vastu Dosh go away. Similarly, a Seven Mukhi Rudraksha, if kept in a locker, can remove financial obstacles and bring back a good fortune.

If the toilet or bathroom is in the northeast, southwest, and southeast, which are major Vastu defects, never keep a wooden bowl with rock salt in the bathroom or toilet window. Vastu defects will be removed by applying these tips.

Hang wind chimes on the west window of the home or business premises. Wind chimes will prove helpful in removing family tension due to Vastu defects.

To remove all kinds of Vastu defects from the living room, put a picture of a white horse in the living room.

To reduce Vastu defects, keep crystal lotus or tortoise in the bedroom.


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