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Triangle Mark on Palm Will Reveal Your Health, Wealth & Personality

By Institute of Vedic Astrology May 30 2022 palmistry_online_courses,palmistry_courses,palmistry_class_online,palmistry_classes

Triangles that form from connecting lines while running across the palm can provide an essential clue to the character and future of an individual. The specific shape of triangles and their location can provide clues about the personality of the individual and nature. If three lines intersect on the palm, it's an equilateral triangle. When a triangle is formed in your palms, it may bring you both good and bad results you can know more about it if you learn palmistry online or offline. However, it is dependent on the location where the shape of the triangle is made because they have different significance. This article will help you understand the meaning of triangles that are formed on your palm hand. Let's take a look at the additional effects of triangulation at various points on your palm. One who are keen interested in learning more facts can opt for palmistry online courses.

Triangle Meaning According To Their Position

Triangle in the sun's mount

If someone is blessed with an equilateral triangular shape on the Sun mount, they are sincerely religious and kind to others. However, if the triangular shape is tilted in the wrong direction, society is constantly scathing about the person, and they will have no success in their life.

Triangles on the moon's mount

On the other hand, if a person has a triangle on the moon, it suggests that person can travel abroad and become successful.

A triangle at the top of Venus

If a huge and clear triangle appears on the venus mount in the palm of your hand, this suggests that the person is easy, kind, compassionate, and loving. They can lead a good life and have high standards. However, If there are dosha triangles on your palm, that person lives a long and boring life.

Triangle in the mount of Mars

If you have an equilateral triangle in your palm on the mount of Mars, then the person is courageous and has perseverance. A person with this kind of character can cope with any circumstance. The ability to make a quick decision in a flash. This person could become an army commander and put his name on the immortality lists by losing his life in combat. However, if the triangle is on the mount of Mars without function, the person is seen as a coward.

Triangle on the Mount of Jupiter

If someone has a triangle in the mountain of Jupiter and has a triangle on the mount of Jupiter, then the person will become a master of diplomatic skills. He always strives to improve his performance and respect. However, when the triangle is unclear, flawed, and unreliable, the person is arrogant and selfish.

The triangle on the mount of Saturn

If your palm displays an unbroken triangle beneath the summit of Saturn, i.e., the middle finger is over the line of your heart. If this is the scenario, it means that you're interested in works of religion and reading old writing. However, when the triangle is flawed, it is believed to be a deceiver and the least reliable.

A Triangle on the Top

If the headline contains three triangles, the person seems to be extremely smart and has an impressive educational background. If, however, the person's destiny line is a triangle that is considered to be unlucky and unlucky. The person will fail in their endeavors.

Triangle upon the line of marriage

If you see a triangle along the line that is the wedding line on your palm, there's a chance of numerous obstacles. It is rare to see sweetness in marriage.

Triangle between the lifelines and the health lines

The triangle is formed around the lifelines and health. It indicates that the person is likely to have a great chance of success. If, however, these lines are broken, the person is thought to be materialistic and greedy.

Triangle in the middle of palm

The regular and large triangle on the center of your palm indicates good fortune, which means that you'll start an occupation, earn lots of money, and gain fame; you could even be a ruler. It also means you'll be blessed with a healthy partner or spouse. However, the triangle on Neptune's Mount is an unlucky signification, which indicates the repercussions of being in a lonely position throughout one's life.

Know About The Various Mandalam

Sukra Mandalam

Sukra mandalam, also known as 'Sukra mandalam' or the region of Venus, lies beneath the middle finger and the ring. If there is a triangle there, these people could be living a regular life. They might also be taking care to keep up their standards of living. If the triangle, in this case, isn't in a straight line, this could indicate an unmoral life, as per palmistry.

Shani Mandalam

The middle finger is located below the middle, and over the heart line lies the region of Saturn. If a triangle is well-defined, they are more likely to be skilled in executing rituals. But, if the shape isn't well-defined, this suggests that the person is fraudulent.

Chandra Mandalam

On the lower portion of the palm, below the small finger, is the Moon's region. If you've got a perfect triangle, there is a chance to get success in your career, and working abroad in your career is noticeable.

Soorya Mandalam

Soorya mandalam is the part of the palm below the ring finger and over the line of your heart. A clear triangle indicates that the person is paying a lot of attention to religious matters and could be a true devotee. They'll be conscious of the health of their fellow members too. However, a blurred triangle in this space means that the individual may have difficulty achieving success in the world. In addition, such a person is more likely to be the subject of the ire of others.

Triangles And Other Lines Meaning & Conclusion

  1. A triangle that is nearby or around the lifeline could indicate a lengthy life.
  2. If the top side of the palm is joined to make the shape of a triangle, it's thought to be very lucky.
  3. The people whose health line and lifeline connect to form a triangle will attain great heights in life according to palmistry.
  4. If there is breakage within any line that makes up this triangle, it may suggest someone is a selfish person who is a pleasure seeker.
  5. If the wedding line forms an equilateral triangle. It is thought to be unlucky. These people could have to go through many obstacles before getting married. The marriage life of these individuals may not be an easy one.

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