What Does Numerology Say About Your Business Name?

August 11, 2021
Institute Of Vedic Astrology
What Does Numerology Say About Your Business Name?

The Business Brand name-

The business brand name is important as it gives the first impression of your business. If you select a dull or boring name, there are more chances of getting customers away. If we talked about bigger brands like Apple, Microsoft, and Alibaba, Facebook, etc. their brand names are so attractive, simple and unique. But it’s not only about giving the unique or attractive brand name its more about the importance of it. Many times we select unique and creative brand names but still leads to failure. So what is the reason behind it? The simple answer is you didn’t select the brand name according to your numbers. Yes, a number which has a vital role in our life and every one has its own different number that gives them courage and willingness to do something new and creative. To achieve great success in business or life, you must need to understand the importance of numerology and its presence.

The meaning of Numerology-

Numerology is the science of numbers. The importance of Numerology affects our business in various ways. They give exact and accurate expressions about our personality, mentality and what we like or dislike. Numerology for Business name led to growth with the power of numbers. Each number contains some unique specialty and reflects a particular area of our life.  Numerology is the most accurate tool to know our future and natural talent. It gives us the best direction regarding career, business, relationship, and education opportunities.

How numbers affect your business and brand name-

Numbers are crucial from every aspect of our life. Also, they are everywhere from the starting of our life until the end of our life. Your birth date contains a number, your death date contains a number. Finding the business brand name by our number or life path letters led us to the top among others. Their effect is exceptional and unconditional. A brand name is very prominent for making an impactful business. Apart from being powerful as a  brand name, the brand name should also be unique with the date of birth of the founder of the company. Also, the date of the start of a business is very crucial. If we talked about some famous and successful founders like Larry page the founder of google we will find that his date of the birth total is number 4 and number 4 is an extreme number that takes you on the top among all others. Therefore, while making a brand name you should take numerology seriously, as their effect is very prominent or outstanding.

Benefits of having the brand name according to numerology

There are limitless advantages of making your business brand name according to numerology as they give exact and accurate results. Below there are some main advantages of having a brand name according to numerology.

Unexceptional growth 

The main advantage of having a brand name according to numerology is a limitless success. If you select the brand name by adding your birth date and alphabets letter you will get the correct name that suits your personality as well as your character. If we see the name of top fortune companies like Coca-Cola and Luis Vuitton, we will get to know that “O” is common in both companies’ names and “O” is a very dominant alphabet.

Successful leader 

When you select your business and its brand name according to your numbers, then there are a lot of chances to become a successful leader in your business. Because you select your interest in the field according to your numbers and they give an exact and accurate impression of your choice and interest. You do what you love and when you work like this you never feel bad for yourself and about the business. 

Great market goodwill

The only reason you start a business is the market goodwill of the business. You never want your business market value will go down and therefore you work hard to make it every day better than yesterday. But if your brand name is according to the numerology, then you might have to do less hard work for its goodwill. If we talked about top fortune companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook. You will get to know their brand name are made according to their numbers like, if you see apple it gives your number 5, same if you see Microsoft it gives your number 1 and last if you see Facebook it gives your number 4, these all numbers are prominent and outstanding numbers from the astrological point of view. Also, these companies possess great market goodwill.

How to learn more about numerology

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