5 Palm Lines That Play A Part In Your Destiny

August 11, 2021
Institute Of Vedic Astrology
5 Palm Lines That Play A Part In Your Destiny

Fortune. Destiny. Future. Ask anyone on this planet, all would concur to this belief system in a way or the other. What if someone told you that all of this is also linked to your palm lines? Yes, our palm lines can help us decipher what’s in store for you. There are numerous Palmistry classes and even Online Palmistry Courses available to learn Palmistry. You can even search for IVA India to learn Palmistry Online.

Palmistry is an ancient art and nonproven but a science that reads your palm lines to foretell your story. In this one, the readers understand the palm lines and can describe personality traits and future. Amidst the multiple lines on the palm, there are 5 prominent ones that relate to life, fate, head, heart & sun. Their length, the way they join or set apart from other lines makes all the difference.

Let’s explore these 5 palm lines that play a part in your destiny.
  1. Lifeline:     Lifeline is a crucial part of knowing your future. Like, who doesn't want to curb any and everything that’s possible for enhancing their life’s     length? So, where do you spot this one- right above your wrist and moving all the way till the end of your thumb. Remember: the length of this line is unrelated to your lifespan. Rather it projects the quality and major changes that you may face.
  2. Heart line:     Matters of the heart are equally important for everyone. It is the top line of your hand. Pretty obvious as it is, this line makes us aware of the love and romance part of one’s life. One can become fairly aware of one’s significant other and relationships in general.
  3. Head line:    It lies just below the heart line and concerns your learning and understanding part. It guides us in the areas of our cerebral capacities. Its length and depth are the determining factors. One can anytime learn about such Palmistry basics from the plethora of Palmistry courses in Hindi and English as well.
  4. Fate line:     Knowing about this tricky line which lies in the middle of your palm but is also invisible in every palm. As obvious it can be, this line can guide     you on the choices you make. It does take care of all the major factors that can impact your life. The interesting part is that a few palmists opine that this line can change, during a turning point in your life.
  5. Sun line:     Not many are aware or talk about this vertical line that extends towards the last finger of your hand. This line can vary in terms of length, depth, position, etc. and mean accordingly. It makes people aware about their image in the public sphere.


Ultimately one must remember that Palmistry does not convey certain results. It is yet another way to simply understand a few ways to make better decisions and choices.

If you have interest in this ancient science, explore numerous courses in Palmistry with the Institute Of Vedic Astrology.