Medical Astrology

August 11, 2021
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Medical Astrology

In our daily lives we see many people around us suffering from some types of diseases or taking their family members to the doctor for the treatment.Suffering to a disease or being affected by any type of disease is common and we know how to cure it but there are also many people that are facing any type disease again and again or in simple words, after recovering from one disease they have been affected by another one. This is common and most of us blame the suffering person that this is happening due to your ill health or bad physical personality. But in reality, suffering from any disease again and again is not just because of someone's bad health or weak personality, there are other reasons which affect your health condition. If a person is suffering from anytype of disease continuously then it can be happening because its planet or zodiac signs are weak. According to medical astrology each planet or zodiac sign is related to some type of disease which can cause you illness and disease problems. In this article we are going to tell you all about medical astrology of different planets and their related diseases. So, let's begin it but first understand some more about medical astrology. 


What is medical astrology?


Medical astrology is an ancient branch of astrology which deals with bad health and disease problems. In medical astrology it is believed that each part of the human body is connected to zodiac signs or planets. Therefore, if a person's zodiac signs or planets are in a weak position then may be the person is affected by any type of disease. 


Planets Medical Astrology and Diseases 


1.     Medical astrology of planet sun 


Planet sun dignifies vitality and it mainly rules the digestive system of the body. Planet sun also signifies good nourishment of the body. If it is weak then, it gives you native weakness, heart problems, bone fractures, improper blood circulation, and weakness in eyesight and many more. 


2.     Medical astrology of planet moon 


Planet moon is the planet which makes our body temperature cool and normal.It also signifies the emotional and mental health of our body plus regulate the blood flow properly and maintain the quality of blood. If the moon is weak in your horoscope or zodiac signs then, it can cause you lungs problem, BP problems, T.B problems, and mental diseases etc. 


3.     Medical astrology of planet Mars 


Planet mars is the planet which rules the head, digestive system, and blood flow of the body. Also, it is dry and fiery in nature. If the Mars is somehow weak or bad in your horoscope or zodiac signs then, it causes you inflammation,bone fracture, unwanted hunger, skin rashes, accident, and so on. 


4.     Medical astrology of planet Venus 


Planet Venus is a very warm and moist planet. It rules all warm organs of our body like urinary bladder, reproductive system, kidneys, private parts,skin, and cheeks etc, if it is bad or weak in your horoscope then, it can cause you disease related to urinary, reproductive system, weakness in sexual organs,and diabetes, etc.


5.     Medical astrology of planet Jupiter 


Planet Jupiter is a mild and warm planet in nature. It controls fat tissue and arterial systems of the body. It is also related to organs like ears, hips,liver gland, etc. if it is weak in your horoscope then, it can cause you disease related to liver and ears like jaundice, thrombosis, cough, etc. 


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