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Smoky Quartz  the Healing Stone

By Institute of Vedic Astrology Feb 27 2020 Gems_&_Crystal_Therapy

Introduction to  Smoky Quartz

Healing crystals plays an important role from every aspect of life. There are many types of healing crystals available in different region of the planet. Every crystal has their unique specialty that makes it different from other crystals. In this article we will talk about one of the precious and excellent grounding stone known as  Smoky Quartz. It gently removes the negative vibes and promotes positive thoughts. In addition, it is an important crystal from the astrological view.

  Smoky Quartz meaning

 Smoky Quartz is a grounding stone with almost transparent clarity. It is well wide known for its ability to help someone in forgetting their painful memories of past. Doing meditation with  Smoky Quartz, someone let go off the past and make them self a better person, not bitter.  Smoky Quartz enhances a bright light of positivity and truth in anyone hearts. Many peoples keep this powerful stone closed by them and discover the clarity to lead forward and a path of wisdom.

Where  Smoky Quartz are found?

Like any other crystal, Smoky Quartz crystal are found commonly all around the world. The difference is its color and transparency level that comes naturally according to the biological conditions. It is mainly found in Switzerland, Africa, Madagascar, brazil, Australia and the USA. Natural black  Smoky Quartz founds in Morella in Victoria Australia. It comes in variety that is unusual as its color occurs naturally. There are more type of  Smoky Quartz comes in different color some of them comes in golden rutile, pink and dark brown etc.

 How it works-

The ancient Egyptians and Sumerians use  Smoky Quartz as a part of their Jewellery. Later on, it is used to protect peoples from negativity and transmute the energy, by grounding it back to the earth. It is well known for its ecological   preservation relation, as it takes you closer to the beauty of nature and make you feel happy. It heals peoples mind physically, emotionally and spiritually. One of the most beneficial elements of  Smoky Quartz is that it can dissipate and dissolve overwhelming energy from people’s life.

 Benefits of  Smoky Quartz

 Smoky Quartz is very advantageous to use regularly in meditation, because it is best directed towards the user needs. It is also used to protect the objects and homes in people’s life. The main benefit of  Smoky Quartz is they are easy to buy and help both to boost spiritual growth and thought clarity towards life.

It is a stone of cooperation and helps peoples to overcome from depression, anxiety and stress.  Smoky Quartz possesses a high level of energy. In simple words it helps you to transform your dreams into reality and manifest your goals.

How one can use it

These stones are good for protection and physic sense as they absorb an enormous amount of energy from different sources.  Smoky Quartz is mainly used in homes and work places to release negativity outside. You can also wear it is Jewellery form because they are easily available. It is also used by many successful persons to achieve their business goals.

It is referred to those peoples who are highly addict of any kind of drugs like smoking and alcohol etc. It releases highly positive energy therefore it is also recommended for those who are in depression or in stress.

How to learn about  Smoky Quartz

There are many sources and options through which one can learn about the  Smoky Quartz and various other gemstones. One of the best ways to learn about gemstones is from the Institute of Vedic Astrology, India. The institute is known for its online distance learning courses in various subjects like Gems and Crystal Therapy, Vedic Astrology, Vastu, Feng Shui, etc. Learn Gems and Crystal Therapy and become a master of gemstones. 





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