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Astrology By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Feb 28 2017

Effects of Mangal Dosha on Your Life

Mangal Dosha, Chovva Dosha or Kuja Dosha is one of the most prior aspect and concern of astrology and especially of Indian Astrology. Mangal Dosha is directly related to Mars, and when a person has Mangal placed in particular houses in the horoscope like 1st house, 2nd house, 4th, 7th, house and 12th house then that person is being called Manglik because he/she has Mangal Dosha in their horoscope.

The Manglik person got many troubles in her/his married life, so astrology describes that a Manglik person should do marriage with the Manglik partner. Though, there are many kinds of remedies and solutions available regarding Mangal Dosha    

Venus, Jupiter and Mangal Dosha:

Venus and Jupiter and Moon are helping planets for the Manglik person and they have the ability and power to decrease the negative effects of Mangal. Mangal can create many problems in life-related to health, mental status and marriage and relationship.

Effects of Mangal Dosha on your relationship:

Mangal Dosha has a huge effect on your married life and relationship. It can ruin your married life, like divorce with partner, death of your partner, sickness of the partner, a arguments different way of thinking which will increase the troubles as well as excess delay in the marriage.

Mangal Dosha can also affect your career, education, achievements and business. The person with Mangal Dosha can do Mangal fast on Tuesday, which will help to reduce the negative effect of Mangal.

Effect of Mangal Dosha in 1st house:

The 1st house with Mangal Dosha can create constant debates and arguments with your partner. It can destroy your inner peace and deliberately creates troubling situations between both partners.

Effect of Mangal Dosha in 2nd house:

The 2nd house of horoscope is said to be the family place. This combination of Mangal can disturb the family with late marriage of Manglik person.

Effect of Mangal Dosha in 4th house:

The 4th house of horoscope is reserved for a happy marriage life and if Mangal puts his sight of this place then a person can’t have a happy married life. He will always face the dispute and mental stress in his marriage and the end of the marriage will be divorce.

Effect of Mangal Dosha in 7th house:

The 7th house with Mangal Dosha can make your partner sick or weak. Otherwise, it can make both partners aggressive, which can create many conflicts and tension in the relationship.

Effect of Mangal Dosha in 8th house:

The 8th house of a person decides the accidents and the age of the person. So, if it has been affected by Mangal Dosha then the spouse or husband can die soon; this house with Mangal Dosha is quite dangerous, so if anybody has this situation then must go for remedies or solutions.

Effect of Mangal Dosha in 12th house:

The calamitous Mangal in 12th house can affect your sexual life; it can raise the sexual diseases or increase the sexual desires in the person. If Saturn has been placed in the 12th house with Mangal then the person can have an operation of sexual parts.

If you have the desire to Learn Vedic Astrology, you can learn it at Institute of Vedic Astrology (IVA India), through online distance learning and correspondence course and became a master of astrology.


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    One cannot always be happy, sad, angry, or progressive as life is unpredictable. When we are so glad, we like to spread the good news, and it's pretty easy and quick to share. But when the news is sad, it is difficult to tell the news to the concerned person. And when we have to tell it to the loved ones, it's even more saddening to deliver the sad conversation. There could be disappointment, disheartening, sorrow, and heartbreak, or the conversation might blow up. The tarot card reading classes help to understand the meaning of each tarot better.

    To avoid this difficult situation, we all must make ourselves ready first and become clear, should get good energy, and figure out the best possible way to convey the message. Before starting any sensitive conversation, One must look out for better communication strategies.

    What is Tarot?

    Today, tarot is becoming more mainstream, but not everyone knows about tarot card reading. It is unclear when tarot card predictions started; tarot cards likely started in the 14th century. It is brought from Turkey to Western Europe. The online tarot card reading course is the best source to learn tarot cards and practice in today's world.

    The tarot card spread is more empathetic, insightful, and a guiding force throughout the reading. It helps you identify the problem's core and how it might have originated. The tarot spread also reveals many aspects of life that we cannot see and what we should see. There is always a question of why difficult situations come into our lives. What is the lesson we need to learn from them? Cards strengthen our inner selves and give us the power we need within. Your actions and advice from your reader can alter the outcome.

    Benefits of Tarot Card Reading

    In a tarot card reading, a person may ask the reader any questions regarding professional health, relationship, life, money, family, business, etc. A tarot card reader reads cards in combination, depending on the question.

    By revealing to you all the inner secrets of life, Tarot card reading can help you lead a happy life. The prediction starts with knowing a person's state of mind and present life. During the predictions, one relates to the situation and therefore gets clearer guidance on the topic he was unclear about.

    After considering a few facts, here is a list of some benefits of tarot card reading.

    Clarity in life

    Suppose you are confused, have doubts regarding health, love, or life, and want a clear insight to make better decisions. Tarot card reading provides that clarity. After tarot reading, you gain new perspectives on life and develop knowledge and a better understanding.

    Focus on improvement areas

    We all know that nobody is born perfect. Some personality traits always prevent us from achieving perfection in life. In life, there is always room for improvement, no matter how successful you are.

    Tarot card reading is a good way of picking the areas which need improvement. And you can work on them to seek perfection.


    Some people in the world keep pondering over negatives and struggles rather than enjoying some positive things in life. And if you are among them, then tarot card reading is perfect for you. It will help you to find inner peace by overcoming feelings of anxiousness, fear, and worry.

    Decision making

    Sometimes we battle between whether to take a particular decision. If you are also confused, then try tarot card reading. It is a good way as it helps to choose the right path for you.

    A Tarot card can not predict the future. But It can bring new insights into life, give a new perspective, and help arrive at a promising decision.

    Improvement in life

    If you are thinking of transforming your life, then tarot card reading is a good opportunity to start a fresh new life. Tarot reading helps to identify those aspects of your personality that need Nurturing. And by exploring those areas, you to become a better person. The tarot card reading course online is the best way to learn tarot reading and improve life.

    Nurturing relationships

    Sometimes people struggle with their partners in relationships. They become unsure of things. Sometimes are not able to express their love to their loved ones.

    With the help of a tarot, single can get an insight into their future love. And those who are in a relationship can get an insight into the area they need to talk about. They can stay happy and enjoy the company by appreciating the positive aspects and can work on improvement areas.


    In tarot card reading, the first thing that comes is tarot spread. It is the positioning of cards that tells how to start the conversation. It gives you the clarity to move forward in conveying difficult conversations. This will give you an insight into other person's energy so that you can handle the situation easily. The tarot card reading online course can make you understand the spread better.

    The cards pulled out for a spread give us a lot of answers that support clarity in the insight of a person's behavior. It becomes easier to prepare ourselves for the conversation. We can add as many questions as we want, and the cards can be pulled accordingly. It gives us more information by putting more questions.

    You need to shuffle the card deck first and then draw cards out of it to support the spread you thought of. It can be a simple reading or complex reading to support the layout of the cards.


    You must prepare yourself for the tarot reading first. Try to focus and channel your energies. Sometimes some supporting questions need to be answered before the questions you want to ask. Connect the missing links and then start the reading. It will help if you avoid distractions during the reading.

    There should be silence so you can focus or light music in the background, no louder voices. You should cleanse the room and burn incense sticks to get positive energy in the room. It is essential to trust your instincts and to stick to the reading. Sometimes It might take a lot of time to get to the end; have patience and yourself. The tarot card reading course in India will help you better understand tarot and prepare for reading.


    There can be several types of spreads for a tarot reading. Here we are doing reading for the difficult conversations with a simple reading spread of 4 cards. But more cards can be pulled out if more clarity is needed.

    Card 1: The first pulled-out card will get the initial reaction. It will tell how the person will react when the uncomfortable conversation starts.

    Initial reactions are not so easy because it's difficult to handle the bad news at first. They might get angry or frustrated or won't believe you in the first place. So getting to understand the first reaction will help you to get prepared.

    Card 2: The second pulled-out card will bring the second reaction of another person. After the information sinks in and the person has gotten it, the news reaction might change.

    The second reactions differ from the first one. Now people might be more understanding. And now they might understand the situation well.

    Card 3: The third pulled-out card is the more result-oriented card. This will also tell you what you should talk about or the things that should not be disclosed. As there might be some external factors involved, and they are out of your control.

    Card 4: The fourth pulled-out card will tell you what influence will the outer forces have! It represents the energy you will leave the conversation with. It will give insight into the outcome of the situation.

    There is no perfect spread for one situation. Different readers suggest different tarot spreads. That will guide a person through tough talks and conversations. To become a successful tarot reader and to get a better knowledge of tarot card decks, one must do a tarot reading course.

    Tarot can enlighten us when we feel lost and confused. And when we cannot decide how to go further. Tarot cards guide us through difficult times and events. So, whenever we start doubting ourselves and start struggling in our life. Tarot can show us the way. Makes us more positive!


    One must understand that tarot cards are all about instincts and energies around. Sometimes, we might not get the answers to what we are looking for. But there is no need to get worried about that situation. The tarot card reading course online in India will give you deep insights into tarot.

    Being relaxed, calm, and more focused and involved in the cards and energies will give us powerful and life-changing advice. One must understand that tarot never solves our problem, but it gives us an insight into actions.

    It will provide more courage and confidence so that we don't feel lost and we can notice some light at the end of the tunnel. Time and energies are the two most essential factors in any tarot reading.

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  • Vedic astrology (jyotish): what is it and how it is different from western astrology

    The existence of the astrology is vital in this contemporary period, where technology rules in every sphere and helps us grasp astrology's significance. Although astrology has been around for a long time, no one can accurately claim to have invented it. Vedic astrology is an ancient Indian tradition. There is not much difference between Western and Vedic astrology. But Vedic astrology is considered more sophisticated than western astrology. Vedic astrology describes 12 zodiac signs. It is said that this human body is made up of five elements. And these 12 zodiac signs are associated with the elements of the human body or to say that these five elements have favorable and unfavorable effects on the human body. These zodiac signs have different properties, which have an impact on a person's life. People will get so many online astrology courses.

    Know About Vedic Astrology In Detail

    Vedic astrology predicts the life of a human by describing these. Vedic astrology is a system that calculates the position of planets and finds out. Western astrology tells based on tropical Saket or season, whereas Vedic astrology is based on nature. You can also do a distance learning astrology course in India.

    Vedic astrology affects our life so that our future today and tomorrow affects all we can do. Vedic astrology is divided into 12 zodiac signs. Every zodiac has a fixed value, every person has a fixed zodiac, and every person works according to him. According to that, his nature and the distribution of planets are also according to the same zodiac signs.

    All the planets in these 12 zodiac signs can be calculated, and every person in life can be identified as a fixed zodiac and can also be told about it with the same help. We can also know the person's nature and get the solution based on these zodiac signs.

    The word "Vedic" comes from the word "Vedas," which means "holy knowledge" and refers to a sizable collection of religious writings that dates back to ancient India. Vedic astrology has its roots in these sacred writings, known as the Vedas, and is also referred to as Jyotish, which means "light" in Sanskrit. The primary texts are thought to have been composed by Bhrigu, a sage regarded as the founder of Vedic astrology during the Vedic period.

    Vedic astrology has a branch known as Muhurat astrology that you can use to find the most auspicious dates to do something like a major life event, for example, to get the best results. Vedic astrology explains planetary motions and position concerning time and space and their effect on humans and all other entities on the planet Earth. Vedic and Western astrology are two different but somewhat related astrological systems. You can find the best astrology online course.

    Brief Comparison of Vedic & Western Astrology

    The 12 zodiac signs are the same in Vedic and Western astrology, emphasizing time and space. Where they diverge is in their perception of the constellations' locations. The dates of each zodiac sign also change, almost by a full sign. For instance, depending on your exact birth date, Western astrology is a method of forecasting developed to create a horoscope for a specific minute, such as a person's birth. The equatorial zodiac, which is controlled by the equator points, is used.

    Western astrology is based on the movement and approximate locations of celestial bodies like the Sun, Moon, and planets, which are arranged according to their parallel-angled graphic positions. They can also be identified by where they are located in homes. In astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs, points, houses, and "house positions of the birth chart." Interested person can also do the best online Vedic astrology course.

    Western astrology, in contrast, is associated with the tropical fixed zodiac system and primarily depends on the movement of the Sun. On the other hand, Vedic astrology is based on the sidereal zodiac system and calculated and observed in the sky in connection with the constellations. It also depends on the Earth's tilt on its axis, the four seasons that depict the Sun's motion, and the equinoxes and solstices.

    Vedic astrology emphasizes an individual's karma, dharma, and unique life path, whereas Western astrology is more psychologically focused.

    In other words, the primary distinction between the two is that whereas Vedic astrology also considers different facets of the cosmos, Western astrology concentrates on the immediate solar system. Another way to look at it is that Vedic astrology is more closely related to the Moon, whereas Western astrology is more closely related to the Sun.

    It is another distinction between the two systems. Both astrological systems have merits and values of their own and are equally potent; neither is superior or more accurate than the other. Both are now frequently cited by people to support their cosmological conclusions. Vedic astrology is a complex astrological system with many nuances, much like Western astrology. Still, it's worth exploring if you're keen to learn more about yourself or want to utilize it to plan for a successful future event. While Western and Vedic astrology has advantages and is similar in specific ways, the Vedic system is more sophisticated. Although all astrological systems interpret planetary motions similarly, Vedic astrology offers an incredibly complex calculating method that yields detailed data. By drawing on the sister discipline of Ayurveda, Vedic astrology likewise adopts an interdisciplinary approach and provides a broader perspective.

    Jyotish and Ayurveda are sibling sciences that descended from the same massive Vedic knowledge tree. However, there are some essential notions that both of these fields share; therefore, their relationship is not just historical. Vedic astrology is founded on the idea that the human body is composed of five components, just as Ayurveda. According to their ruling element, the 12 zodiac signs of Vedic astrology are likewise divided into categories, and the characteristics of these elements are represented in each sign's unique personality characteristics. For instance, the primary component of the Aries and Leo signs is fire, mirrored in these people's fiery personalities.

    Each zodiac sign's characteristics help predict numerous facets of a person's personality, including temperament, relationships, emotional tendencies, and vulnerabilities.

    There are 12 zodiac signs in both Vedic and Western astrology, although they view constellation positions differently.

    The sidereal zodiac, on which Vedic astrology is founded, is a system in which planet positions are determined based on where they are observed in the sky about constellations. On the other hand, the tropical (fixed) zodiac is used in western astrology. This system is based on the four seasons, which stand in for the motion of the Sun, the equinoxes, the solstices, and the tilt of the Earth's axis.

    While Vedic and Western astrology perceives constellation locations differently, both systems recognize 12 zodiac signs.

    Vedic astrology is based on the sidereal zodiac, a system that assigns planet positions based on where they are seen in the sky concerning constellations.

    Some believe Vedic astrology is a more trustworthy and accurate prediction since it is based on the principles of nature. While Vedic and Western astrology has advantages and mostly overlap, many people today opt to switch between them to strengthen their conclusions.

    Western astrology is a forecasting method developed for creating a horoscope for a specific minute, such as a person's birth. The tropical zodiac, controlled by the equator points, is used.

    Western astrology is based on the movement and approximate locations of celestial bodies like the Sun, Moon, and planets, which are arranged according to their parallel-angled graphic positions. They can also be identified by where they are located in homes. In astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs, points, houses, and "house positions of the birth chart."

    Today, everyone is interested in learning more about this enigmatic topic and eager to learn about the prediction. Because it is common for people to know when they will be successful, when they will land a good job, and when they will likely get married. To acquire this kind of knowledge, you must consult books and put a lot of effort into learning about astrology, even though it is not particularly difficult in this forward-thinking and contemporary age.

    Ways To Learn Astrology

    The first resource is a book that you may pick up that was authored by a renowned astrologer; it will undoubtedly greatly assist you. If you want to learn about Jyotish vidya for your purposes, you can read whenever you have free time and without having to go to a formal institution.

    You can use the second tool by allowing internet services on your mobile device. To learn anything, we act just like students because humans are the only creators in this universe with the ability to understand and seek to use this power to make our lives more comfortable. Humans are also students forever because they constantly learn, so don't be afraid to learn. Many students are taking online classes, helping them perform better in their educational lives.

    The third resource to learn astrology is through the educational system. Numerous colleges in our nation and around the globe offer astrology science as a subject, making it better for students who want to become astrologers in their careers. These colleges also provide study materials for professional courses. And pass the exam after completing all the courses so you can receive your professional astrologer certification. These were the critical distinctions between Western and Vedic astrology. Both have similar goals, but their approaches differ in some ways and require more complex definitions. But the advancement of humanity is the final factor in which both are equal.

    Summing Up

    Here in this article, we have included different ways to learn astrology along with the knowledge of Vedic astrology and western astrology and a comparison among both of them

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  • What are the best resources to learn jyotish or indian astrology

    Ancient Indian science that explains planetary motions and positions concerning time and their effects on human beings is known as Vedic or Indian astrology. Future Point allows you to join the Vedic Astrology online course and master this ancient subject from the comfort of your home in the modern digital world, especially in our current society. Indian astrology is divided into different parts based on planets and 27 constellations.

    To easily understand, all the planets are determined by basic nature. These planets are governed by five major elements of nature, i.e., air, water, earth, fire, and space. As per the nature of these elements, all the stars and planets fall under the system of astrology. This system helps us to learn and understand the concept of astrology. In India, you can find so many schools of astrology online, and you can also find the best astrology online courses.

    Different Aspects of Astrology

    Astrology is divided into different fields based on the system. To learn astrology, one has to start with the basic steps and each little knowledge required to know. The basic step to studying astrology starts with understanding the zodiac sign. All human beings are divided into the 12 zodiac signs. The birth chart of a particular individual also considers 12 houses that deal with different positions of the planet. Each of these 12 houses is related to the person. The first house is of self. The second house tells us about money and possession; the third house is about communication, and the fourth house is about home and everything related. The fifth house tells us about children and creativity. The sixth house tells us about daily work, service, health, and sickness. Seventh tells us about marriage and relationships. Eight house talks about joint finances, and the ninth house talks about philosophy, religion, law, and education. The tenth house talks about status, reputation, and honor. The eleventh house talks about friends and large groups, and the twelfth house tells us about subconscious mind memories and habits. You can also pursue the best online Vedic astrology courses.

    How To Know About Different Signs Of Astrology?

    To understand these signs and how the planets in the house affect an individual, we should know about the basic elements of nature, known as 'Panch Tatva.' All the stars, planets, human beings, and material on earth fall under these five major elements. Earth life is also through these major elements. Studying astrology charts or preparing birth charts is equivalent to studying science, as much of astronomy is involved. Its interpretation is based on established guidelines if a person's birth chart contains multiple planets representing various aspects of their life, such as their mental and physical capabilities, professional partnerships, marriage, children, challenges, etc.

    The Creation of Astrology

    One question usually comes to mind: "Who created astrology?" This question is still unanswerable because we say that or we give the position of astrology as a Vedanga, which refers to the part of our ancient Vedas. Many people claim to be experts in Vedic astrology and Vastu today. Still, to understand the true & goal-oriented concepts of these divine occult sciences, one should only put their trust in the best, who have a track record of excellence in such occult domains.

    Future Point cordially invites you to begin your sacred journey of learning Vedic Astrology, Vastu, or even other amazing branches of occult sciences. Learn from experts who are unmatched and true professionals who are renowned for imparting the best occult education in India and have the power to completely transform a student's life. The subject of astrology is as ancient as Vedas, which has still not been clearly defined as who created or wrote Vedas.

    On its mathematical components, it is apparent that the Vedas provided clear calculations regarding the study of planets, constellations, and other celestial bodies in ancient times, known as astrology.

    The number of astrology manuscripts written by Indian masters is over one lakh, and information regarding the outcome is only now becoming available. Initially, arithmetic and astrology were viewed as one subject or synonyms, but later, they were divided into three categories.

    The very first one of them is Tantra or Siddhanth; its primary goal is to use mathematics to ascertain the knowledge of the motions of the planets and constellations. This is important because the primary function of astrology is the calculation of the planets; without an understanding of their position and motion, no one can predict how these planets will move in the future and how they will affect people's lives.

    The second item listed in this section is the horoscope. It has three subdivisions, including Jatak, Travel, and Marriage, and it provides information about a set of Rashies for anyone related to those Rashies.

    The third is Branch, the detailed section with information on forecasts, symptoms, and projections.

    Skandhas, or Samhitaparga is the person who is knowledgeable about these three Tantras, Horas, and Shakas.

    Tantra primarily consists of two parts: one in which the planets' positions and other relevant topics are calculated, and another in which the significance of the creation's initial round of ideas, the making of yantras, and the computation of time are preserved. One of the traits of siddhant tantra and Karana is the concept of planetary mathematics, which cannot be kept separate at all.

    Karan is the name given to the tantra that comes from Madhyayugin and which comes from any Ishtashok.

    There is no distinction between these three if we evaluate things solely from the perspective of planetary mathematics. The siddhant tantra or the Karana Granth discusses the concept of algebraic geometry.

    The Indian Sages revealed to humanity the ancient and sacred occult knowledge known as Jyotish or Vedic Astrology. This divine science has been employed as a powerful instrument to decipher what the planets and stars hold up for a person since the beginning of time. A learner would comprehend the idea of locating solutions for problems brought on by poorly placed planets in the horoscope by understanding Vedic Astrology.

    Similarly, if one chooses to take an online Vastu Shastra course, they will master the highly complex ideas of the science of Vastu as outlined in the sacred text "Vastu Shastra," which contains the knowledge of Vastu.

    An astrologer can anticipate a person's life trajectory using the study of Jyotish or Vedic Astrology since the nine celestial bodies or nine planets in the cosmos that contain that person's karmic record have already made their decisions.

    The planets merely show a person the outcomes of the karma they have amassed throughout their lives. Every planet is given a particular set of karmas from a person's karmic account. Each planet displays the effects of those underlying karmas at a specific time throughout that person's lifespan.

    Because we never stop creating new karmas, the cycle of karmic consequences keeps going with each new birth we have!

    An astrologer interprets the nine planets' positions in a person's horoscope or Kundli and determines the outcomes they are likely to bring about in that person's lifetime in areas like education, career, marriage, childbirth, health, etc.

    Regarding teaching and performing occult arts like Vedic Astrology or Jyotish, Future Point is considered the undisputed authority. The extraordinarily gifted experts at Future Point specialize not only in Vedic Astrology but also in various other esoteric sciences that are highly potent and have an impact on human life that goes well beyond what is commonly understood. A person can make the best use of this knowledge to make important life decisions that would minimize the harm indicated by planets that are poorly placed in the horoscope. At the same time, maximize the positive effects of planets that are well placed once they have a clear understanding of what various planets are signifying for them according to their placements in their horoscope.

    Summing Up

    Vastu, which is essentially the divine architectural science of the universe and deals with the behavior of forces upon & inside a physical structure, is one prevalent & profoundly life-altering occult science aside from Jyotish.

    One can make no better investment than funding their education, which can enable them to know what their future holds. One should exercise extreme caution when choosing a Jyotish course since occult sciences should only be learned from experts who have dedicated their lives to studying the sacred occult sciences that our ancient Sages revealed thousands of years ago.

    Additionally, Vedic Astrology offers highly efficient cures for problematic planets in the horoscope that can calm them down and potentially lessen or even eliminate their harmful effects.

    Because a disturbed Vastu attracts malefic energies and causes financial losses, health issues, accidents, legal issues, and various other obstacles in the lives of people who come into contact with that home or commercial property. Knowing the correct Vastu for a house, flat, apartment, or commercial property is crucial. It will be better if we take the help of Vastu shastra before any construction.

    Therefore, it is wise to learn about Vastu online from the Best Astrologer and incorporate its wisdom into your life to drive away evil spirits from your home or place of business. It draws in benevolent cosmic energies that will foster success, wealth, good health, and harmony in your life and your neighbors' lives.

    Learning by online resources is quite simple and accessible nowadays. The internet is available everywhere; it does not matter where you are. You can easily access knowledge about any courses of astrology, whether it is horoscope, Vedic astrology, western astrology numerology, or palmistry.

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  • Astrology as a historical and cultural phenomenon: what is it?

    We all know that astrology has been followed by kings and their associates from ancient times. They believed it because of its results before any kind of event and first took the suggestions of the RajPurohit. They were responsible for any spiritual organization or events related to programs. Rajpurohit had all types of knowledge associated with Pooja or Jyotish; they were accountable for kundali making, Grah Shanti, or the condition when some natural disaster came to their kingdom. To avoid any pre-knowable trouble, they arrange a different kind of Pooja like Yagya, Hawan, etc.

    The origin of astrology relates to the deities of our Hindu culture. When we talk about our ancient cultural books, we will find many examples which will explain the link of astrology between humans and god. The most relevant example we can see from our epic Ramayana is the most beautiful thing about this epic is it was written before the actual event occurred, and the great writer was Maharishi Valmiki. All the chapters were written with accurate predictions. Secondly, if we talk about Krishna Leela, there were many more vivid examples of forecasts at that time. It was called "Akashwaani" because, before the birth of Lord Krishna, there was a prediction about the death of many devils, and they were all known because of forecast or Akashwani they tried many times to avoid the birth of Lord Krishna. Whatever the prediction about the Krishna Leela occurred later as the projection was. There are distance learning astrology courses in India available.


    Astrology And Its Importance


    Astrology has held a lot of importance in India since ancient times. It is best at what time there is a possibility of trouble in whose life, what can be the situation to get out of that trouble. To know about astrology, we can go to our ancient texts; our ancients can go to the Vedas and learn about it; we can understand that there is a college and school to know this science, which is providing education about it nowadays. Astrology is also considered an integral part of literature. We have been told about the events of the astrological disciplines that have been said about them. Only after reading them can we understand their calculations, and we can only provide information about astrology and fruits and future, understanding their phenomenon so much. It is not easy. For this, we need to know and understand all about it. You can do face reading courses also.

    Mystery or Truth Behind The Astrology

    By the results of this ancient occurrence, we can understand the truth behind astrology; usually, the prediction of astrology we can't negate because we all know it depends and predicts based on the calculation of stars and planets, which relates to the birthdate and birthtime of every person if someone talking birth in a specific time there is a particular planet responsible for him. Regarding the position of those planets, we can say the situation of the person for every planet there is a route from which route this planet came from explaining the past, in which way is it traveling it can explain about the present, Which path it will go and which planet come to obstruct the route of following planet it also helps in predicting the future. You can also do a jaimini astrology course.

    Contribution of Maharishi Jaimini To Astrology

    There has been an outstanding contribution of Maharishi Jaimini; he developed the Jaimini astrology, there are 11,000 sutras, and he said the complete statement of fruit in straightforward words. All these formulas have met the test of practicality. Maharshi Parashara also contributed a lot of effort to developing astrology, but the prashari system is quite different from the jaimini astrology. There are some simple practice rules which Maharshi jaimini has rendered.

    The basic rules:

     The astrology of Maharshi jaimini is quite different from the thoughts of Maharshi Parashar. In Parashari astrology, Dasha is based on constellations. Nakshatras do not have any importance in Jaimini astrology. In this system, all astrology is based only based on zodiac signs. Jaimini also mentions that more than one condition is found. The variables Dasha, stable Dasha, pada Dasha, navamsha Dasha, etc., are mainly used. Out of these also, the variable dasha is used the most. You will be first introduced to the Chara Dasha in the following lessons. Char Dasha is the main dasha of the Jaimini system.

     In this dasha, you will learn about the subjects of Jaimini karaka, fixed factor, aspects of zodiac signs, Dasha karma of zodiac, duration of Dasha karma, jasmine yoga, karakas Lagna, pada or arudh Lagna, upa pada Lagna, etc.

    Jaimini Karak in Jaimini Char Dasha:

    A total of nine planets are found in Bhachakra, including Rahu/Ketu. In Jaimini astrology, except Rahu/Ketu, all the other seven planets are written in descending order based on their degrees, Kala and Vikala. In this way, we get seven factors.

    In Jaimini Astrology, all the planets' degrees, art, vikala, etc., should be calculated thoroughly.

     Write a table by writing all the seven planets in descending order of their degrees (in descending order). If the degrees and phases of a planet are equal, then you should decide by looking at the planet's value which planet will come in which order.

    The planet with the highest degree should be written at the top of the table. After that, the planet with a lesser degree should be written, and in the same way, all other planets should also be written in sequence.

    As we know, there are many ways to see a person's situation in astrology; there are many branches of astrology like palmistry, Numerology, Vastu Shastra, Face reading, etc. Face reading is also very famous your face can define your future or current status each person have different shape of faces another type of nose, chin, eyes, eyebrows, lips, mouth, etc. and each difference says something about the particular person the first thing to know about the shape of face it can be any type of shape let's know about it

    • If someone has round shaped face cut, it shows that this person's nature is emotional.They are too caring and susceptible.
    • If someone has an oblong face and, with it, they have a muscular body, we can identify as a very hard-working person.
    • If triangular, the person is very creative and may have angry nature.
    • Squire's face shape shows an intelligent personality; they have a quality of analysis and dominant behavior.
    • Rectangular face type of personality has the quality of good leadership also they are very humble and honest.
    • Same as the shape of the face, we can predict after seeing the nose if it is lined, then it explains about independent, strong willpower personality.
    • If the personality has wide eyes, it defines that the person is open-minded, tolerated, and respected by others.
    • Small eyes personality shows the small and narrow mindset of a person.
    • Uneven eyes indicate that the person has a different view of other aspects.

    The face reading techniques are the part of the Astrology of Samudrik Shastra now days it is not quite challenging to learn these face reading courses we can take the help of books which is written by the great astrologer, if you don't like to reading the better option is internet where we can easily access the knowledge of face reading techniques with the easy access of internet the study became very simple and with the help of internet we can learn anything even many aspirants are relying on online survey because it is time saving and easy access at anywhere the universities are also providing better study material and good education with the certificate which will allow you to enter in the profession of astrology it have the system of regular and distance learning classes means if you have no time to attend the classes regularly you can choose distance learning courses it will provide you all kind of study material books, lectures in video format and notes for self studying that will help you to gain good knowledge about these courses.

    Summing Up

    The purpose of astrology is to make the life of humans easy and to make them aware of all kinds of bad situations happening in their current situation.

    In our Indian culture, astrology has a significant role and an impact on our society. We took the suggestions of pandits and asked them the correct time for any auspicious work like marriage, inauguration events, new home entry, or other things. Here in this article, we tried to sum up all about astrology in detail, along with its history and cultural importance. It is necessary to keep the instruction of astrology in mind or contact an astrologer to move your life in a positive direction.

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  • Horizontal and vertical lines in palmistry

    As we all know, astrology is a method for resolving issues that may arise in the future or the present. Specific use remedies that pandits have used for a very long time have assisted many individuals in overcoming challenging circumstances.

    There are several options. The most prevalent astrology practice is seeing the kundali based on a person's birth date, time, and location. The calculation of the positions of planets and stars is related to the person who gave birth and forms the basis of astrology. The planets carry their past, present, and future lives according to their trajectories. You can learn palmistry online also, and there are so many palmistry online courses in India also available.

    There are various ways to explain a person's current position, starting with calculating their birth time and location.Second, the most widely accepted theory is that a person's appearance and personality determine their future. In astrology, the shape of a person's body, face, nose, eyes, ears, and head all have significance.

    One interprets the lines on the hands as representing a person's past, present, and future. Our palms and fingers have many lines, each with a unique meaning. Without enough understanding, it is difficult to explain how lines that can be vertical or horizontal or can take the form of an M or a V each represent different meanings.

    Let's find out what these horizontal and vertical lines are. There are so many palmistry schools in India where you can take the degree of a professional palmistry reader.

    What does a vertical line mean?

    A vertical line points or emerges from another line that is turning in the direction of the finger. Towards palmistry, vertical lines pointing toward the fingers are viewed favorably.Long or short vertical lines under the fingers are a positive omen.

    Significance of grooves on fingertips that run horizontally or vertically

    Learning about the lines on the fingertips should be something you consider if you are studying palmistry, whether for personal or professional purposes or as a hobby. Numerous character qualities and indications of how well your life can be seen in the hands. Therefore, to receive the entire image, it is imperative to view as much as possible.

    When reading the hand, consider how the traits work in harmony. A barrier or something mentally impeding you may exist if something doesn't seem to fit. A record of your palms is a good idea so that you may check them later to see if there have been any changes.

    Vertical lines on the fingertip, horizontal lines on the fingertips, and horizontal or vertical lines on the fingertips are all examples of search patterns.On the tip of the finger, there may occasionally be one or more horizontal lines. Depending on the line's finger, these lines on the fingertips might imply various things. However, as time evolves, many of these lines may appear and disappear.

    On the fingertips, vertical rather than horizontal lines are more typical. Vertical lines may indicate a lack of energy in you. According to others, the vertical line improves the region's characteristics that the finger depicts. Check the skin consistency to determine whether the line increases or decreases the feature. It indicates good energy if the fingertips are springy and full of flesh. A finger that is weak and seems more wrinkled than lined suggests a decline in the quality.

    Accordingly, a vertical line on the thumb enhances motivation, focus, vigor, and willpower. Three words or less conveys a sharp thinker. Multiple lines, in my perspective, signify a lack of attention and a spread of judgment.

    On the thumb, the horizontal lines are the most prevalent. It conveys anxiety or annoyance with one's ability to exert willpower or complete tasks. It also demonstrates how complex decision-making is. The thumb also reflects the level of energy present; the more lines on the tip, the greater the likelihood that vitality is lacking.

    Marks and Lines within the index finger

    Lines might impact leadership and self-esteem on the index finger. Horizontal lines are indicative of animosity or low self-esteem. It might also have to do with objectives, power, or spirituality. Someone who leads an active life will have a distinct vertical line. They may have a strong spiritual sense and be able to manifest it in their daily activities.

    On the index fingertips, there may be a cross or star. The cross throws the religious or spiritual statements off balance. It tends to veer toward superstitions or fancies more often. A distinctive mark indicates a lucky or significant event in the person's life, together with benefits in kind or kind, is indicated by the star.

    The tip of the middle finger stands for security, obligation, and the rule of law. Consequently, a vertical line there could represent a variety of duties. Repeated lines indicate excess, as in carrying too much weight or accomplishing too much. A horizontal line on the middle fingertip denotes a lack of security, particularly regarding one's house or financial situation. A lack of restraint or responsibility, perhaps. A clean, straight vertical line emphasizes the traits of Saturn, which can be either positive—like employment and financial success—or negative—like depression and brooding.

    The little and ring fingers

    The ring finger represents relationships, warmth, happiness, and creativity. If the tip of the ring finger exhibits horizontal or diagonal lines, this can indicate relationship anxiety or general sadness. It may imply coldness or potential barriers to original thought. A vertical line denotes someone obsessed with beauty. There may be a strong commitment to a concept or creation. A genius-like diversity in how things are approached, especially innovative ideas, is demonstrated using many vertical lines.

    The pinkie also stands for business, communication, intelligence, sexuality, and healing. It reveals your interpersonal skills as well as your mental and creative capacity. Horizontal lines indicate problems in one or more of those areas on the tip. It may also indicate a person who is reluctant to speak up. A vertical line indicates heightened intuition and the ability to speak effectively. A star on the little fingertip denotes a speaker with a high potential for success who can profoundly affect their audience.

    Under the Fingers: Lines

    Except for the ring of Solomon, which frequently appears as a partial ring or numerous faint lines, these lines encircle the base of the fingers and are known as rings. A single deep, clean line will be more significant because these lines encircle the finger.

    Vertical lines are those that are directed at the fingers. Good lines are generally thought to be vertical. On the other hand, horizontal lines are seen negatively in palmistry.

    Not every vertical line must provide positive outcomes and lead to achievement. There are many different kinds of vertical lines, but only a select number are regarded as good. Although vertical, broken, or clipped lines do not yield favorable results.

    The benefit of palm reading techniques is that they allow us to gain insight into anyone's health without needing to know details about their birth. The popularity of palm reading techniques is evident in the number of people who sit in public spaces and expose their hands to unlicensed pandits who only have rudimentary palm reading skills.

    What could be the rationale behind pandits sometimes proposing precious stones for the therapy in palmistry to avoid negative effects or to overcome adverse situations of the present?

    The unusual stones do this because they attract positive rays, light, or energy. These beams of light or energy are transmitted to the palm by the finger. As they touch down on our hands, these rays, lights, or energy begin to penetrate our life. Lines might be deep, surface-level, or hardly discernible. While shallow, faint lines are meaningless, deep lines have an effect.

    The explanation is that light or energy can enter the fingers or nails. These light rays or energies sharpen the vertical lines under the fingers or on the palm. It appears as though the lines underneath it are being continually sharpened by light or energy.

    The book store full of books that carry the knowledge of palm reading techniques will help you to access a proper understanding of palm reading techniques. Your second option for obtaining knowledge of palm reading techniques is the broad field of the internet. There are many websites and video tutorials available on the internet; with the help of those videos and websites, anyone can easily access the knowledge of palm reading techniques, even many scholars of palm reading. Therefore, learning how to read palms is becoming quite simple.

    Summing Up

    Astrology, as we all know, has been a part of our culture since ancient times. From dites to Maharshis, everyone has favored it. Despite this, people continue to hold onto their belief systems because, even for small initiatives, they seek the advice of pandits. For example, if we use Vastu shastra, we perform the proper pooja before laying the foundation for a home or business to prevent any adverse effects of Grah. Astrology is, therefore, a crucial aspect of our life. When we arrange any major event, we first perform pooja of all nine planets.

    The best aspect of our lives is that although living in a modern world where science and technology rule in every part of life, we have not forgotten the ancient culture of astrology because of its accuracy and reliable information.

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  • Easy astrological remedies to overcome financial problems

    In today's time, if there is something that can prevent our every difficulty, then it is Astrology. Astrology can solve every problem, that too sitting at home, and the best part is that you can learn all about it with the help of online astrology courses available at the different websites of the institute as per your wish. All we need is to have true faith in them and do some hard work.

    The description of astrology dates back to our forefathers; astrology was given an essential place, and even today, it has got a crucial place, and people can easily know about it in the comfort of their homes with the help of distance learning astrology courses in India. Have you ever watched or read Mahabharata or Ramayana? If yes, then I can say that you are well known for the power of Astrology? In both epics, there is a description of great saints like Maharishi Dronacharya, Valmiki, and Vishwamitra. How they were predicting the future of the kingdom of current kings who were ruling there at that time, and the same was happening as a prediction.

    How were they predicting so accurately? Did they have the third eye or some other divine power to see the future? Let's accept they had some divine powers, but also they were very sharp in calculating the positions of the planets and stars. They had great knowledge and experience in calculating these things, and one can learn it with dedication through the school of astrology online.

    If we move forward from the era of Lord Ram to the new era of Gupta Vansh in Pataliputra, there was a mathematician called Aryabhatta who was also an Astronomer. He has made many theories related to the calculation of stars and planets.

    Apart from imagination, nobody had seen the other planets and their orbits until the United States launched their first human space mission; although we have been worshipping all nine planets from our ancient times in the 19th and 20th centuries, scientists have found these planets.

    Our birth time and data relate to a specific planet and star, and the position of these stars and planets explains our current situation. There is the meaning of something related to the position of stars like

    How Different Planets Explain Our Current Situation

    ● Sun- Represent your energy levels and collective focus in your life.

    ● Moon- Moon represents your general mood.

    ● Mercury- Mercury represents your communication, peace of mind, and also your financial status.

    ● Venus- Venus shows your relationship, art skills, and relationship with someone.

    ● Mars- The position of this planet can define your passion, courage to take risks, and desire to achieve something and compete with someone; it also shows your aggression level.

    ● Jupiter- This planet is responsible for your growth and luck and is also related to your prosperity.  

    ● Saturn relates to your karma, discipline, obstacles, law, perseverance, and strength.

    ● Uranus- It relates and can show your future growth. It also relates to science and technology, new inventions, and progressive ideas.

    ● Neptune - Neptune shows your interest in religion and spirituality. It expresses your imagination and mystical powers.

    ● Pluto- This planet can play a great role in anyone's life; it determines your transformation, regeneration, and destruction.

    These all planet and their movement during birth are responsible for your current situation. One can learn about it by enrolling in the best online Vedic astrology course or attending astrology classes online in India. Lets us know about it in more detail

    How to Solve Money Problems with Astrology?

    ● Astrologically, the second house of a natal chart is primarily concerned with finance.
    ● The fourth house displays landed property, bank balance, luxuries, and happiness.
    ● A fifth house is also a place where money matters are highlighted.
    ● The eighth house is a symbol of inheritance gains
    ● The eleventh house is a sign of one's efforts or labor gains.

    One can analyze the financial condition of the lords of the concerned houses to determine the native's financial situation. Money gains are guaranteed by strong benefits placed in the eleventh place. Shadow planet Rahu is a sign of illusory gains. It also means that someone will suddenly gain through his efforts.

    In the second place, Saturn gives the wisdom to manage large sums of money, but this wisdom can only be gained after much effort. It can also lead to unexpected expenses, and this too in high quantity. It is a source of great fortune, i.e., Jupiter can form an association with these houses to increase financial strength.

    A comfortable lifestyle can also be achieved by placing Venus or its positive influence on the second house. Mercury and Venus are well-positioned and can lead to financial strength. Jupiter is placed under the sign of Mars, and Jupiter's positive influence over Mars can also indicate handsome financial gains.

    Astrological Remedies That Can Help

    As per astrology science, if you have any problem, first you need to see the position of your stars, and if something is wrong, you need to do some Garah Pooja, which can help you to overcome your problems.

    For financial issues, Mars, Neptune, and Saturn have more impact on people's life. It would be best if you cared about these planets. Wealth is the most important thing in human life for living a good comfortable, and luxurious life. Earning money is not so easy sometimes; we do a lot of hard work to earn money but fail to do so. The burden of family pressure and their needs take back man on foot to full fill wishes of the family we take loans from banks, do unnecessary money spending or sometimes huge loose of money in business or some other health issue of a family member.

    Sometimes we try to control unnecessary spending and try to save but fail to do that because new problems arise, and we spend that money to solve these new problems.

    Some remedies can help us overcome these financial problems; lord Kubera possesses all kinds of wealth, so always try to make him happy for this you need to do to change to the position of your locker. The Southwest corner is known as a Bhandara Corner; it indicates the position of the wealth storage. The second thing you also need the blessing of goddess Laxmi to keep growing your business, work, job, anything from where you are earning money; always keep your places clean where you are living because if you want that goddess Laxmi and Lord Kubera stays in your house, you always need to keep your house clean and secret.

    Either you can do some other pooja to overcome these problems; time your planets are weakened in your horoscope for this, you need to do some Grah Shanti pooja and use Siddha Kawachi if there is Vastu dosha in the construction of your house or inner designer you need to fix it. The chanting mantra can also help you overcome those kinds of problems, like the Laxmi mantra or the Gayatri mantra.

    In our Hindu culture, females of the house are the second version of the goddess, so always respect them.

    With the help of astrology, you can solve most of the issues related to your health, wealth, Vastu, or whatever it must stay in our life culture to solve 90% of our problems.

    In this new era where we are just following technology and science and forgetting our old culture, it can be harmful to us in the future. Still, many students want to be a scholar of astrology science on the many online platforms available in the new age of the internet and technology.

    Suppose you want to be a professional astrologer with certificates and you have no time to attend the classes. In that case, many colleges available in India can help you achieve your goals as an astrologer with certificates that can help others overcome the problem related to the Jyotish vidya. You can choose the best online Vedic astrology course or get enrolled in the best astrology online courses.

     There are great differences between Vedic astrology and modern astrology. Vedic astrology is a very vast field. You can also learn these courses online and offline mood various online platforms, which can help you learn these courses for free.

    Calendar Panchangam and every solar eclipse, moon position, everything depends on the calculation and Jyotish Vidya, Hindu Jyotish vidya is very advanced because when Hindu Panchangam release there is forecasting and prediction has given for the whole year even if there is too much rainfall or hot weather in a particular month.


    We should not let our culture mix with a modern system. Technology is helping a lot to calculate with more accuracy. So always remember transformation is the rule of nature; everything will change with time and replace with new technology Computers can calculate accurately but can't think logically. However, many places can help you to learn; all you need is to get enrolled in the best online astrology courses in India for effective learning.

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  • How to become a successful numerologist?

    Numerology is as much in life as the name Numerology itself suggest that it is a form of astrology. In this article we can tell us about the Numerology and various ways to learn numerology online. In other words, the future can be counted in Numerology, and according to the same calculation, our future is said about it since our birth is related to our birth. It is calculated, and by this, we are told our future, the calculation of the assesses that attract our planets as much as the importance of digits in our life is, and we believe in these kinds of movement and calculation. Nowadays, people do not think it as a form of blind faith; that is why they have to face troubles; they do not know their ability and what they want to do. The Numerologist is the one who can calculate the points and tell us about our future; it can tell which path is appropriate for our life and which path is inappropriate so that by using it, we can move towards a bright future.One can learn about numerology easily at their home by simply enrolling in numerology home study courses and become an expert later on.

    Some people of the city do not trust it because some people do not know about it nor do they know the importance of it.However the people who know the Numerology and believe it, they  respect the astrology, alongwith they also respect the science quickly. With years of effort, we can gain knowledge of calculating the eyes, and it is not necessary to learn that we are very knowledgeable in mathematics. A common man can also learn numerology reading to calculate the digits through daily efforts.

    The life of every person has some of the other lucky numbers that are also based on this number, which guides our character and behavior, according to the numerical calculation, in the same way, our life is spent, according to that our life's decision and further work. It is decided and the number which is found in our life according to Numerology, it tells how our life or our character will be, every number has different importance, it means differently, it is determined accordingly that in our life what can our character be like. One can know about their life with the help of numerologist who have completed the in depth study of numerology courses in India or abroad.

    Numerology has existed since the time numerology was created. The subject of Numerology has been in front of everyone since then. In this era, the sage Muni used to count them and did it. Used to tell about and used give their condition as well in today's world, it was not so difficult to become a non-biologist. First, we had to go to the ashram and learn about it; due to the latest technology, we do not need to go anywhere. We can learn about it sitting at home; many colleges in India are related courses of the controllers who can teach us online. Courses can be learned in this course, gives you information about many things like we can calculate it by our date of birth date, our future things can be found and this course we can easily read from our home sitting at home. It is easy to read the calculation of marks when we know the rule of counting the numbers, and we have to learn it for some years. At the time of calculation, we have to be most careful because if even one digit is wrong, then its result can change; based on this, our interest points are also selected, which number is auspicious for us and which part is inauspicious for us. It is essential for us nowadays, there are also a lot of such websites that offer a course of a numerologist for free. There are many websites on the title of the Numerologist course online where you can take a basic or, say, demo; if anyone has a confusion, then he can demo before using this course and know the simple information about it. How to proceed in this, all this basic information can be found, it can be easy for us to choose our future in the Numerologist and we can quickly know whether we have to move forward in the field of Numerology or not, it is found on many such websites. We can get information about it; after that, we can go towards the entire course and start the information. We can give, and we also get to know how much interest and interest we have in this or not; the basis of calculation of the digits can be done in two ways in the Numerology; the first is from the date of birth. The second is from our full name, the date of birth, and the name is our full name. We can know about our future, and there are other ways in which we can learn how to learn about it. We can get the knowledge of basic control, and we can learn to calculate the digits, as well as if we face some problem in mathematics, then we can understand the numerals by making a chart of numbers for that, in the beginning, we should try to calculate it daily, it is a rule to calculate it only in the number of 1 to 9. We are ready to calculate; if we have a date of birth, then there is a way to calculate it too. We never calculate in two letters.

    How to calculate your birth date according to Numerology?

    The primary purpose of our Numerology is to calculate it in one digit. The number that comes last will be in only one letter, which can be from 1 to 9 as

    if someone is born 08-09-1990,

    then 0 + 0 + 0 9 + 5 = 41

    4 + 1 = 5

    According to this, the best score is 5. Similarly, more calculations are done.

    To learn Numerology and become an expert in it, we should also read many books to gain knowledge of many things and rules or can simply learn numerology free by sitting at your home . However many institute offer this course and numerology course fee are very less when compared to its return of investment. We should read the articles written by those who are experts so that we can get an idea of ​​how this Numerology can be the most beneficial in the field; if we know how to calculate it and if we know about it well, then we can also make our future career in it. Still, before that, we should give full time to it. You have to know about it, and you have to understand about it, you have to learn its calculations.

    Expert advice will have to be taken; if we want, we can also try online to learn it.

    Suppose we are confused about the word that is Numerology. Calculating numbers can be challenging; first of all, we need to clear this thing in our mind: it does not have any formulas or principles; it is only one. There is a simple calculation that is easy to read. It depends on us. There can be three aspects of this calculation.

    • life path number
    • love number
    • destiny number

    These three ways can be done, and it depends only on the numbers of our date of birth; based on these numbers, we can know about our future good and bad events, and all things are determined accordingly.


    In India, there are many colleges where degree courses are done online for free. And if we do it from Open University, then we do not have to go anywhere to give exams. Open University provides us this facility that we can offer the degree in our city by enrolling in numerology home study courses. We can learn about it sitting at home and get its official degree; everything happening around us is the game of all the points. Our life is based on numbers, our planetary constellations are also based on numbers, we should give a lot of time to become successful neurologists, and we should try to make a lot of effort. We should be able to do it can become better numerologists.

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  • Vastu tips for healthy life 2022

    Vastu shastra is an ancient Indian science that studies the energy of everything in the universe. Vastu helps us to eliminate the negative energy and convert its effects to positive energy, which can be used for our benefit and progress. Vastu shastra studies the land, building, work area, or space around us. But directly or indirectly, it affects all parts of our life because all our work is interrelated. You can also pursue a Vedic Vastu course.

    Vastu shastra helps in financial prosperity, career stability, academic growth, relationships, and good physical and mental health. We have learned that the human body is made up of five elements. We can also say that this universe is made up of these five elements: Earth, Air, Space, Fire, and Water. The human body is formed up of these elements and mixed up back with these elements only after death. Thus these elements play a vital role in our life and energy. Each element affects us, and we are controlled by all five of these. We should know each element and how they work in our day-to-day life. We must understand Vastu shastra also plays an important role in using these elements for our good mental and physical health. You can also find the best Vastu shastra course and advanced Vastu courses online.

    Tips for living a healthy life through Vastu

    These five elements help maintain energy in our bodies and around us. This we are directly related to them. These elements control our mind and body. If we have good knowledge about them, we can use them for our betterment and progress. So we should learn about them. In this, we will understand how these elements are controlled in Vastu shastra and which directions are responsible for or dominate them. Accordingly, we can decide what will favor our family and us. And how we can use this energy for our progress and well-being. Let's us individually know about each element.

    Earth is the first element, also known as Prithvi. This element is known for providing stability and patience. It dominates the center and diagonal directions also. Air is the second element, also known as Vayu; this element is known for fun and happiness in life. It dominates the east direction. Space is the third element, also known as Akasha. This element represents cognitive energy and mental peace. It is responsible for all forms of social energy. It dominates the West direction. Fire is the fourth element and is also known as Agni. This element represents confidence, money, and success. It dominates the South direction. Water is the fifth element, also called Jal. This element supports life. Thus is the major element associated with immunity and health. It dominated the North direction. All these details you can find in the Vastu architecture course and Vastu consultant course.

    For all human beings, a major factor is health. As we all know, "A healthy mind lives in a healthy body." If we are physically and mentally fit, we lead healthy and peaceful life. Health is the most important part of the progress of a human being. If we are not physically fit, we cannot perform our day-to-day work properly, which leads to mental and personal loss and hampers our progress in life.

    Now let us study how these element and Vastu helps us to maintain a good and healthy life. Vastu helps us in knowing about the different directions of the house and the energy level of that place. Certain measures are mentioned below that can be followed for the good health of all our family members. And maintain peace and prosperity in the house. You can go to a pandit who has done a degree course in Vastu Shastra.

    Vastu says Fire (Agni) element is also responsible for health factors; if fire element is imbalanced, it causes sickness in the house. So to balance it fireplace should be in the house's southeast direction. So we should place candles and diyas in the southeast direction only.

    Our sleeping habits are also responsible for our health. Our bedroom is where we sleep and gain most of our energy by relaxing. The position of our bed should be in such a place that it is a little away from the wall so that positive energy can flow. And while sleeping, we should face South direction for a sound sleep. The center of our house should be left empty, or we should keep light furniture in the center. This helps free the flow of energy in the house. One should avoid placing mirrors opposite the bed as a reflection of a sleeping person drives his/her energy and causes sickness.

    If someone in the house is not well for a long time, keep a burning candle in the room, which helps in fast recovery. We should ensure that our bathroom and kitchen energy do not mix up. If they are opposite to each other, make sure doors should be closed and kept close to avoid energy mixing up. While drinking water, we should face east or northeast direction; this helps to make the immune system good. If there is space around the house, we should plant citric fruit trees near the entrance of the house. This invites good health and prosperity. We should not place a cactus inside the house as it is considered a negative plant that affects our health and relationship. You can also do Vastu online classes or find Vastu classes near me on the internet.

    Vastus says salt is also a very useful component that plays a very important role in healthy living. If anyone is ill for a long time or suffering from the disease, a bowl of rock salt or black salt should be kept at his bedside. Make sure that the patient's head should be in the east direction. This helps in the fast recovery of their health. Also once a week floor of our house should be cleaned using salt that keeps illness away from the house. Using rock salt or black salt in the food is also good for health. It keeps our blood pressure controlled and makes a person fit and fine. Rock salt does not have any side effects as normal white salt.

    In earlier days and even today, a picture of Lord Hanuman is placed in the house. It should always be South facing because he is Lord of health and protects our family from illness and disease. Vastu Shastra classes should be held in every university and school.

    We can place air purifying plants inside the house. Leaking taps should be repaired soon. Health is directly related to the food we eat, so the dining room is the heart of the house. By placing mirrors to reflect the food on the table, we attract abundance into the house. Many such small things were taken care of from very ancient times. These small tips not only bring wealth but also prosperity to our house. We should remember health is wealth.

    Our grandparents sometimes tell us about many such small things, we call them religious beliefs, but there are not only religious beliefs and are now proven in the modern study of science. All the older rituals and beliefs are now directly or indirectly relating to science these days. Similarly, Vastu shastra is also a type of science only. Now when we study this, we come through the olden day's rituals followed by our ancestors. And we can connect more easily.

    Different fields of Vastu shastra can be studied nearby us. Many universities have accepted that this ancient knowledge is helpful for human beings and can solve many problems in our life. Many universities in India offer a diploma in this course, and one can get a certificated degree in this course. Learning such courses can lead help mankind.

    Today's youth is keen on learning all the ancient knowledge because somehow, these beliefs are also related scientifically. We can learn Vastu through books; many famous writers have also written books on Vastu shastra. It is not very difficult to understand if we start from simple books and basic studies. Once the base is clear, you can move up level by level. Many universities offer offline courses, and online courses are also available.


    Getting an online advance vastu shastra course is easy because today's world is advanced; if one cannot attend universities regularly, one can enroll in online courses. Online certification is also available, and degrees can be taken. Vastu shastra is a vast topic to study once you get inside it, you would like to go deeper to discover every part of it. It will help today's youth explore and learn more about this unique science.

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  • Astro house chart and its importance in astrology

    Astro chart directly refers to our birth chart; we also call it as kundAstroli. It shows the position of the planets and stars at the time we are born. Each of these planets has its different effects on human beings. Studying their effects gives one a rough idea of an individual's life. We cannot say these are exact predictions but somehow are related to our life. These stars represent some conditions that affect individuals' life. In olden times these charts were prepared by astrologers (Jyotish), and they used to find out how these stars and planets would affect individual progress in life. And if any of them create a negative impact, how can it be reduced.

    Astrology divides all the factors of nature under the twelve zodiac signs. These zodiac signs help us to study the horoscope of all human beings, which we call Rashi. All these zodiac signs depend on the moon's motion during the position of different planets. These zodiac signs and their nature impact the person falling under their jobs, and sometimes there might be exceptions also. However, these birth charts can mostly predict the nature and characteristics of the person. All the twelve zodiac signs have some unique features as per their nature. All the planets fall under the five major elements of the universe. So many astrology courses are also available, and anyone can pursue an online astrology course, or you can also do an astrology course online for free.

    Every planet and star has its path, and they exist in a particular house, and that houses represent your personality, your behavior, and cooperation with society. With the help of these houses, it is easy to understand and find the past, present, and future of a person. You just need to calculate it by your birth date, time, and location. These houses are divided into 12 equal parts, and each part represents our Sun's moment; let us know about each part of this house and what it represents about a person. There are so many astrology courses in India that are also available.

    Importance of Astro Chart

    The first house tells about a person's physical appearance and personality, and the second relates to your job, earnings and family, and marital status. The third house represents the style of your communication, travel, and relationship with society's friends. The fourth house shows the status of the maternal relationship and your living infrastructure. The fifth house is related to your creative interest in children, and the 6 house the related to your help daily routine life in the 7th house explanation about partnership 8th house is associated with the transformation. Travel philosophy and education are all defined in the 9th house 10th related with your public figure amongst the people 11th out define about your friendship and personal networking—emotional attachment-related with 12th house. Astrology courses in college should also be available for students, and distance learning astrology courses. These all were the common relations and differences between each house and number.

    With the excellent knowledge of astrology need to make a little extra effort like you can join or learn from online classes. With the help of these charts, it is easy to find the right path for your good and comfortable future life.

    These things are very close to human life nobody can ignore this thing. Without spiritual power, no religion exists. For all religions, different rules have been created, but everyone believes in future predictions; whatever the situation presents, everyone wants to make it correct that's why people want to know about their future. It does not matter what his Karma was in the past life, but we want a good life and a better future.

    For distance learning, you can add many books to your library and acquire great knowledge people wants just good prediction; it does not matter whether you have a pandit's certificate or not. We can understand the craze for future prediction nowadays when pandits of astrology demonstrate their skills of future prediction on TV shows, online platforms, and in public gatherings. General predictions related to Rashi's are the daily highlights of newspapers, so we can understand how people are crazy about future predictions. Sometimes people's current life depends on their past life; usually, we call it "rebirth" if someone did ferocious things and sins in his last life, he has to suffer in his current life. That's why when Kundli generates, they have specific planets and stars which carry their last life's due work, Karma, results, sins, and the welfare of people. People's future is related to their past Karma; if it is bad, you will have to suffer; if it is good, you will enjoy your future or current life. Jaimini's astrology course is also very beneficial for us.

    These houses are defined in Vedic astrology. Vedic astrology is ancient and derived from the Vedas.

    Without these houses, it would be impossible to calculate a particular person's position of stars and planets.

    As we know how Jyotish vidya helps us in our daily routine life, it shows the correct path to make our life journey trip easy. If someone is facing a problem, they used to go to the Jyotish and ask them for the proper help to resolve their problems if there is any Kundali dosh.

    The zodiac sign is also divided under these elements. They are air, fire, earth, and water. As per these elements, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius fall under the fire element. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces fall underwater element. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are under the air element. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are under the earth elements. All these elements have a particular power that gives them a special quality. These elements work together to balance each other, distributing their strength and weakness evenly for all the zodiac signs, creating a beautiful cosmic wall of interconnection.

    The Astro chart helps us to study the zodiac by the positions of these different planets. A birth chart of a child is prepared when a child is born. If we study the birth chart, a major incident in life can be marked by the position of stars and constellations. For example, before marriage, the birth chart of both people who are going to get married is studied by an astrologer. If everything is good and the characteristics of their planets and signs match, they will have a good relationship and a happy married life as per him. There may also be certain issues, but the astrologer's measure can resolve them. All the planet and have a negative and positive effect. Suppose there are any negative effects of certain stars; the measure given by the astrologer can reduce them. As per astrologer, every zodiac sign has a certain precious stone related to it; these stones also provide strength as per their energy. The negative of a planet cannot be removed but reduced to a certain extent.

    The Astro chart or birth chart is not only referred for marriage but also for career, relationship, family well-being, work, and health-related fields. Sometimes a person faces long health issues; this is due to the effects of those planets which are responsible for health. If properly studied and precautions are taken, their effects can be reduced, and a person can overcome them easily. Sometimes you may consider it as magic only, but these are just cosmic energy interrelated to each. Different parts of science can be related to different fields of Astrology.

    As per the Astro chart, there are different houses for different planets in the chart of every human being. The position of these planets in different houses with planets creates different conditions in the life of a person and affects his overall life and progress. If the position is with friendly planets, it creates fruitful results and brings success, and if, with an enemy planet, it goes vice versa. We can take an example of the planet Saturn also called (Shani) when this planet enters a particular zodiac sign for seven and half years, called sadasathi. Sometimes for two and a half years, also known as Dhayia of Shani. Saturn is also called Lord of Justice and is a great teacher. He rewards the righteous acts and punishes those who follow evil paths and betrayal. He is also known as the Lord of Karma, who gives us a revert of our sins. He is the most unfavorable planet that brings restrictions and misfortune.


    Similarly, all the planets have different effects and different characteristics. We need to provide the strength and worship them to have their blessings. For that one, all the astrology methods should gain this valuable knowledge with help of online astrology course and use them for the benefit of our life and future. It can always be helpful for the progress of our self, and also we'll be of another person.

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  • Can astrology help a person overcome depression

    Now in today's busy life, it is very hard to find the time for ourselves we all have a lot of work-related to office or business, families, children, friends everyone has different expectations and needs it is very difficult to find time for everyone, and full fill their expectation it is a most difficult thing in the word to make happy everyone.

    By the feelings of guilt because of failing to full fill the wishes of your loved ones you start taking so much pressure, there could be more reasons like financial problems, health problems, Vastu of your houses are jealousy or some other reasons take you on the way of stress and depression.

    Usually, as per medical science, when people feel not good or happy, the state of their mind takes them away from their natural state of mind, so people use to take so much stress and always keep thinking about those problems instead of trying to find a solution. Some people live a luxurious life even if they cannot find peace of mind.

    Depression is nothing but the dwelling of negativity in our life which only reminds us of our defeat and failure; it is good to think excessively, but thinking excessively about negativity is depression, and it weakens us not only mentally but also physically life.

    Keeping us in sorrow is its symptom, or else we can never understand the good. In every work, we see only sorrow, and we continuously think about that; this condition is depression.

    Depression can happen to any person; it is not a difficult thing in today's era. Due to the failures of today's problems it is making a home in people's minds; someone fails in real life when a person is not able to complete his work. When a person cannot find happiness, the mind starts cursing itself, putting pressure on itself, and going away from real life. It puts us in the circle of sadness, and to get away from depression, and it is necessary to know whether what we think is right or not.

    Depression is the name of negative thinking; when we start getting negative things from all around, and we can not find any good in it even after wishing, then we start writing our world, and people of today commit suicide due to depression. We also choose the path, but suicide is not the right solution to choose the path, only we commit suicide to save ourselves from it, but if we want, we can overcome depression because it is not only real, it is only the only part of our mind. Imagination is there, and based on that image, we make our life imaginary in which we only find ourselves defeated, but the truth is that we should try to live in real life and accept reality and work based on it.

    Nowadays, depression is a very common problem for everyone. Somebody is depressed even without any kind of reason because he is filling alone or they have not got enough likes on their Instagram or Facebook posts.

    Healthy and happy people also can go into depression when they fail in their career or have a great loss in the business if their career is going darkly Or they failed to save their love life.

    In astrology, depression could be the reason for your bad state and the position of planets and stars or depression. A person's mood is always not in peace; he always looks restless. Sometimes they get very angry outside, always in anxiety, and think about suicide or death they could have sleep disorders, body pain, headache, or sickness they fail to make correct decisions. If someone wants to do this sitting at home, then many online astrology courses are also available, and you can also pursue astrology courses online for free.

    As per medical science, your damaged state of mind causes depression in astrology, for mental peace is for the good state of your mind.

    Moon is the key player; when the moon is set with Neptune and Pluto or comes with Saturn, you lose control of your mind. There are so many astrology courses available in India.

    There are some remedies in astrology to overcome depression:

    ●  You should add silver to your daily life by drinking water or eating food. You can use a silver glass or plate. You can also use silver bangles or backless in your hands.

    ●  You must pray to Lord Shiva because he poses the moon on his head.

    ●  Daily yoga and exercise may help you to overcome this problem.

    ●  Make a strong belief and willpower because half of your work will be done if you believe in yourself; if you are supposed to win and try to work on the positive path, you are going to win it does no matter how many obstacles come in your path and you determine to uprooted from your path.

    ●  Depression is the evil that not only steals the peace of mind and weekend your belief system but also can destroy your thought process.

    Spirituality can help you to work on this kind of situation because it gives you your soul's inner face.

    Astrology can help you to overcome depression and stress; the different facts about astrology and its remedies are directly connected with his spiritual words. Any kind of spirituality will help you to grow your mental peace and give you a special treat for relaxation. Astrology courses in India are available.

    If you worry too much and care too much burden of pressure, you need to learn a few methods of astrology. It is not too hard because of the internet, so finding an easy solution and learning online via various platforms is very easy even nowadays; some the astronomers play online classes for free and give classes very professionally like paid services, all, although you can take knowledge from there for your benefits if you go through it, classes may they would provide you may want more best options like a certificate of astrology later you can do your own business professionally or can help others as a social worker or for your benefits. Astrology courses in colleges are also available in many universities, and distance learning astrology courses are also available.

    There are many parts of astrology, like natural astrology, related to the placement of major celestial bodies at the time and the places of your body.

    Numerology is the part of calculation and placement of stars and prediction about the future.

    Palmistry, although I would not say that palmistry is an integral part of astrology because Astrology predictions depend on the place of planets and stars, and after the correct calculation, you can say something about future in the palmistry by the analysis of the lines of your form you can know about the person present past and future it just related with the physical appearance of the body.

    Yoga is also an integral part of astrology to overcome any kind of mental and spiritual disorders.

    Horoscope is generally divided into a zone, each with its planets and stars. By this, you can know about general prediction either this is so many courses under astrology if needed you can learn each of them and usually. Jaimini astrology course is a very vast and ancient authentic system of astrology. Generally, the origin of astrology in India is also mentioned in our shastras.

    In astrology, it is very easy to find if the person is struggling with depression or not by analyzing the Kundli lines of his palm. To maintain a good mental balance, people must avoid so much stress and a toxic environment as impossible to live with nature and follow the rules. If you go through the opposite of nature will automatically go opposite to you.

    As we are growing with modern technology, we forget the old cultures; computers have replaced Pundits, but computers can do only calculations but are not able to do any kind of logical thinking. So for a better future, we must save our soil, our culture, and our ancient books, which can give us constructive and decent knowledge.


    Depression is a dilemma that completely ruins a person's life, and there is no proper treatment for it, even in medical science. Still, through astrology courses, we can altogether remove depression from ourselves, just if we need it. Have faith, and then you will be away from this dilemma for life.

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