Know which natural element you are with Feng Shui

August 11, 2021
Institute Of Vedic Astrology
Know which natural element you are with Feng Shui

We all know that our planet and our life work with the help of natural elements. There are various kinds of natural elements that are present on our earth but there are five main elements without which we cannot imagine our life. But have you ever wondered that not only our life but our whole personality is also connected and based on these natural elements. These natural elements are Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, and Wood. It will be interesting to know that our nature and our body are also dependent on these particular elements.
Here we will be explaining to you, how these elements are connected with our life and personality. 

As it is cleared that, what are the main five natural elements which are connected to our life and personality. Feng Shui suggests that each of the five elements is connected to our daily life which cannot be replaced. In the day to day life of the people, these elements play a pivotal role. For cooking food, we use fire elements. The water element is used for our survival on this planet as no living entity can survive without water, humans, animals, plants, everything needs water. Through the help of Earth or land, one gets the place to build their house, grow trees, crops, food, etc. The metal element is used to make jewelry, interior decoration, construction, making accessories, etc. And the last element which is wood is used to make necessary items in the house like furniture and other wooden material. All these five elements have many applications in human life.

All these elements are also used in Astrology for predicting the future of the person and the Chinese traditional medicines connect these five elements with the body organs. These elements are not used in Feng Shui but they are pervasive in nature which is used in every aspect of life.
In Feng Shui, it is used to maintain the flow of energy in and outside of the house. The main function of Feng Shui is to maintain a balance between the positive and negative energy which later harmonizes the environment of the house. But Feng Shui has also connected these elements with human’s life and personality. It also suggests which element should be placed at which direction in the house, so that people living in the house can enjoy the positivity of the house to the fullest.

Let’s get to know about each element and how it is connected with our personality and you can also check which natural element you are! 


  1. Fire Element-
    The main source of the fire element is the sun. Our planet and the whole creation absorb solar radiation from the heat produced by the sun. Most of the fire element is the energy-giving element. In Feng Shui, the fire element is connected with the fame and the outer personality of the human being. These people are aggressive in nature but have an impressive personality that can easily attract others towards them. 
  2. Earth Element-
    The earth element is represented by the soil, rock, and ashes. On this earth some portion is covered with soil, some with stones and some with vegetation and greenery. These kinds of people are generous in nature, they are ready to help others at any time and also they are social and cheerful as they have their roots connected with the earth. 
  3. Water Element-
    Water is the most important part of life not only for humans but for every living entity in this world. People who are connected with this element are soft-hearted and peaceful from their nature. Water element has the flow so the people connected with this element love to be in flow in their life. These people are also emotional as well as creative and sensitive. 
  4. Metal Element-
    Metal is the natural phenomena that are found under the earth’s crust. Metals are hard and stuff by their nature, so as the people. Those people who are tough, honest and straightforward are connected with the metal element. These people have strong will power to do everything in their life. They also take responsibility effectively. 
  5. Wood Element-

In the five elements wood shows the plants and green vegetation. With the help of the earth and water element, the wood gets developed in the form of a tree or plant. Its energy rises towards the sky and shows growth. It is also related to the new beginnings of the cycle. People who are deep thinkers and fast thinkers are connected with this element. These people have the quality to cheer and enlighten the people. As well as they create a different kind of environment around them.

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