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Solar Eclipse - Dosh Shanti Puja 25 October 2022 (Tuesday Evening)

By Institute of Vedic Astrology Oct 11 2022 Solar_Eclipse,Dosh_Shanti_Puja

Solar Eclipse will occur on Kartik month, Dark half (Krishna Paksha) on No Moon day (Amavasya) Tuesday 15th October 2022 on Swati Constellation and Libra Zodiac Sign. Those who have solar eclipse or lunar eclipse yoga in their horoscope can do Shanti Puja on this occasion. The Sutak (condition in which ritual purity has been reset) of Solar eclipse will take place on Tuesday early morning from 04:23 (early morning). Place Tulsi leaves and Kusha in food material and drinking water pot. Avoid eating during this time. Keep Puja Room closed from Sutak time. After the completion of eclipse, clean the kitchen and puja after taking bath. For old people and children the sutak to be followed from 13:23 PM on 25th October. This Grahan is not visible in Dibrugarh, Tinsukia, Itanagar, Silchar and Andaman Nicobar islands, so no puja is to be done in those areas.

The Solar eclipse will start at Indore on Tuesday evening 16.23 Hours and will complete at 18.32 p.m. Since the sunset will occur so the end of the Grahan will not be visible. Jaap has a very significant effect in this eclipse period. Doing mantra jaap during this time will yield 24 lakh times (1 Purushcharana) result of Japa. Doing this on the banks of river is very auspicious, but if this is not possible then chanting can also be done in the house.

People who have Solar Eclipse in their horoscope should do the chanting using red sandalwood beads (mala) while people who have Lunar Eclipse yoga in their horoscope should do the chanting using Pearl beads. Sit on the Kush aasan while doing chanting. Take bath immediately after completion of eclipse.

Moon Mantra – Om Som Somay Namah (Mantra Jap - 11000)

ॐ सोम सोमाय नमः

Sun mantra – Om Grhni Suryay Namah (Mantra Jap - 7000)

घृणि सूर्याय नमः

If it is not possible for a person to chant so much mantra then two or more people from his/her family or Pandit can chant for that person additionally. If Chanting is doing by Pandit ji on the person’s behalf, then Panditji should be given asana and mala before the Sutak of Grahan. Panditji's Dakshina also to be given after taking bath next day morning.

Please see the morning newspaper in your city for accurate information about time in your city.

Eclipse is not good for Unmarried and pregnant women

Solar eclipse is not good for unmarried boys and girls and pregnant women. It should not be seen. Pregnant Women should stay in a room where the shadow of the eclipse is not seen. The window should be closed and heavy curtains should be placed in it. Pregnant women should also keep a coconut with them during the eclipse time so that the negative energy emitted from the atmosphere will not affect them.

Avoid doing following during the Eclipse

  • Do not use scissors
  • do not pluck flowers
  • do not clean hair or clothes
  • do not brush
  • do not milk buffalo
  • do not eat food
  • do not use harsh words
  • Do not travel
  • sleeping is also not recommended during the eclipse time


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