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Importance Of Astrology In The Life Of a Student

By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Dec 28 2021

Know that there are all the answers you need

Astrology is a field based on ancient science, however, today as we know it is based on planetary and celestial bodies’ positions, these positions impact all kinds of human existence and their environment. It is now a scientifically proven fact that celestial bodies have an influence on our environment like the moon affects tide and even has an influence on the blood supply in our veins, similarly, all celestial bodies have an impact on the basic physical, psychological, economic and social

                                                          Astrology is an open door of knowledge,

                                                                 for whoever wishes to walk its path

                                                                         All seekers find answers

                                                                       And answers lead the way

                                                                        For it just not seek the truth

                                                                                But it’s meaning too

The word ‘Astro’ is derived from the Latin and Greek word astrologia, which means astronomy, but for them, it meant a discipline studying heavenly bodies, with the advancement of modern science Astronomy and Astrology are now two different fields.  

Core Belief of Astrology

At its core, and around which this whole field is based in the thought that this whole universe and all its objects are connected and have an influence on each other in one form or other, and this belief is based on some patterns and calculations.

The Indian Astrology draws a chart for each person with positions of nine basic celestial bodies, at the time and place of a person’s birth. As time goes and these change positions, so do its impact onus. These nine celestial objects (not just planets- as Sun, Moon, Rahu, and Ketu are not planets) represent nine different thought patterns in your life.

Astrology has everything – from ancient belief systems to modern science. It focuses on human characteristics to make an environment from which one would benefit. The answers to all your career, education, and concentration questions lie in your charts.

Significance of Astrology

1.      Astrology answers why and when questions of your life.

2.      It directs us to be humble and not be too judgmental of others.

3.      This field reminds us that destiny is not what you thought that you decided for yourself.

4.      It directs us to be spiritual and offers solutions that are humanly and empathetic.

5.      Astrology provides a broad outline for important decisions in your life.

6.      It ignites and motivates you to move in the correct direction.

7.      The horoscopes direct us to a higher purpose, which otherwise would not have made sense to us.

8.      It makes a strong point for reincarnations.

9.      This will guide you to work with forces of nature rather than against it.

10.  It enables one to analyze one’s own strengths and weaknesses and make better plans for the future accordingly.

Astrology’s importance for a student


Education is the basis of life, it is the most important step of your life and it needs to be planned precariously.

In the twenty-first century, there are numerous fields and all are more competitive than the other. They require a great deal of preparation from early years and gain mastery over time. One needs to excel in their fields to make a meaningful impact or mark in their respective fields.

What if you had a guiding hand that directed to your destiny? Or, if you put it the other way around – what if you worked very hard in a particular direction and after no significant progress or results you came to know that you had your heart in another field all along?

Learning Vedic Astrology , that would direct you to a field or direction, that you might have even not known till now. They tell you what yogs are formulated in your horoscope, and which direction will lead you towards your destiny.

Astrology and competitive exams

No doubt most of the students due to their environment or parental dreams want to crack competitive exams to get a good position in society. And today, these are getting tougher to crack day-by-day, because of the increased competition. For every one post, there are at lea stone lakh applicants. To beat these odds, does not just rely on your caliber and hard work, your stars need to be aligned too.

There are various positions in your Lagna charts where if the wrong body resides; it can hamper your possibilities of success in competitive exams. There is no way out, you just need to know this timely. Maybe you are destined for some other better things. Or, you are destined to crack exams and get a better life in that direction, but you have not given it a shot fearing such a huge competition. Either way, make a point to know your possibilities.

It is compulsory here to let you know, that just because your charts say so – does not guarantee success if you are now willing to prepare for it with concentration and hard work.

Astrology and education

Higher education or a coveted degree is only possible if the student is patient, studious, and intelligent. All these do not just happen with anyone; it has to be aided by yogs in your horoscope to make the higher degree achievement a reality.

But if the yog is there in a horoscope, then one can even achieve success with basic degrees. After all, astrology is life’s compass – it will guide you to your purpose and lay down the road map.


Let us all understand the importance of a career, and know that there are not many chances given to a student to make a career. Years gone by working towards a goal you were never destined to achieve will drive you to frustration and depression. It is advisable to get an early consultation, because astrology has all the answers for you, provided you seek.


You can learn astrology from the Institute of Vedic Astrology and can always seek guidance from experts of the IVA India and ensure how these changes can be incorporated. 

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