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By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Jan 13 2021

What’s The first thing you notice when you meet someone? It’s the FACE. Isn’t it? We Capture the image of a person’s face at the first sight and ends up recognizing that person even when met after a long time. But there’s something more amazing about the face. You must have observed that you get to know a lot about a person just by looking at his or her face for a few seconds. Many a times you neither had exchanged a word nor had a hand shake. Still you fairly guess the person’s nature or his or her mood.

How’s that possible?

Ourface is the mirror of our personality. It reveals a lot about our character,traits, emotions, and also our future. By taking a detailed topography of a person’s facial structure, features, and expressions, we can know a lot about a person. This is face reading.

Let’s know a brief history of this art

Face Reading, is a part of our vedic tradition and is broadly covered in Samudrik Shastra written more than 5000 years back by Rishi Samudra. Face reading was widely used as a technique to get deep insights about a person’s behavior, health, wealth and romantic life. Even today people are interested in learning this less difficult but practice intensive art for all reasons like-

·        Helping one to understand how people feel

·       To analyze an individual's personality

·        Clear recognition of personality types and behavior styles

·       Insights into communication patterns which people would like to hear

·       Identify Stress issues and their effects on health and performance

·       To know how each person will operate in a team and who works best independently

·       Identify Strengths and weaknesses

How to read faces?  

In order to learn the art of Face Reading, you need to recognize facial expressions and try to connect them with a person’s personality. The most important facial features are forehead, eyebrows, nose,eye, ear and lips and they mean differently for different genders.

The face is divided into 3 parts which represent different stages of life:

·      Upper face from forehead down to the eyebrows represents life from birth until 30 years.

·      Eyes to nose make the middle part of the face which represents life from age 30 to 60.

·    The lower part of the face from the nose to chin determines life from age 60 until death.


A brief understanding of facial features

1. Forehead and eyebrows: A broad and open forehead is asign of intelligence, while thick and pointy eyebrows show a person is destined for prestige.

2. Eyes, ears and nose: Eyes that are pointy in the corners signify a person who can’t be easily fooled. Ears show how successful a person will become in the middle part of their life. A not too wide, high bridged nose indicates leadership qualities.

3. Lips and chin: People with big lips are more likely to be rich.  A round chin indicates a person will become a rich entrepreneur.


How to learn face reading?

However, face reading learning is not a tough task but can be mastered by continuous practice. Moreover, it is a skill which should be learned by all and put into use to get easy insights of otherwise complex human personalities.

The Institute of Vedic Astrology offers India’s first and only systematic and exhaustive Face Reading course. This course can transform your life and generate positive impact of your choices. You can learn this art while being in the comfort of your home through the distance learning course and get Diploma in Face Reading.


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