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How To Find The Best Match For Your Horoscope

By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Jan 05 2022 Astrology

Are your stars aligned? Isn't it the very first point to check off when you are looking for your significant someone? Believe it or not, it's in the stars-good or bad. Horoscopes & zodiac signs have much to do with one’s life partner and relationship, especially one that will stay with you forever. A little guidance and know-how of a person’s general set of characteristics are always nice to continue that spark for the rest of your life.

Even when people swear by the fact that matches are made in heaven, there is a thing called compatibility between two people. This can be judged to a fair degree with the help of horoscope &zodiac signs. Definitely, there are ways and means to develop, nurture and preserve your relationship. Matching horoscopes, getting to know your significant one’s basic zodiac characteristics can help a lot. The thing is how can one find the best match according to one’s horoscope? Before getting there, let's understand which sign is compatible with which sign.

With 12 signs of the zodiac, generally speaking, every sign is the most compatible with a fixed sign. It is said that two people of the same sun sign are the most compatible. However, there can be options too but the most probable sign is what matters. Below is the list of 12sun signs and their compatible sun signs in terms of romantic relationships.

1. Aries: For this adventurous zodiac sign, the signs that would be the most compatible would be Libra & Sagittarius. While the former soothes the spontaneity of the Aries, the latter matches and lives up to the expectations of the Aries. This helps the relationship to make the best one, ever. However, youneed to be cautious about your relationship if at all it exists with cancer. Either of you would find yourself to be flaky or overpowering only to end your terms acrimoniously.

2.Taurus: Energies are crucial when it comes to compatibility. A taurus is a highly determined, romantic personality. The most compatible signs would be Virgo & Capricorn, befitting the practical Taurus.

3. Gemini: They are the ones with the best communication skills which helps them in their relationships. This sign goes well with Sagittarius & Aquarius. The high energies match with each other and the spark continues to the end.

4. Cancer: A moon sign which makes the best pairing with either a scorpio or capricorn or even pisces. The worst pairing with this one could be Aries as you may not like the extra enthusiasm all the time.

5. Leo: Leos are fire signs who are feisty, dominant personalities and would love to spend their life with someone similar. Aries & Aquarians with similar energies and choices make the best pairs. However, never try to find a Taurus for yourself wherein your contrasting energies and choices would eventually create a fuss.

6. Virgo: A detail loving sign, these go well with Capricorn & Pisces. While these would make up a supportive & powerful couple, the Sagittarius with virgo is a big no-no. They can mess with each other quite unnervingly.

7. Libra: An air sign can go well with another air sign. Well, Aries & Gemini go well with Librans. Those endless conversations can help to continue the relationship sparky for a long.

8. Scorpio: A powerful and fierce sun sign, this sun sign needs aquarius & cancer for their lifetime. While a Gemini with its spontaneity can kind of ruin your times spent together.

9. Sagittarius: These go well with Aries & Gemini who like to explore the world are simply infectious with their high energies. They know and understand your energies to explore and go on an adventure.

10. Capricorn: Taurus & Pisces will bring the best in you. This kind of relationship will be endearing and last for quite some time. But prefer not to get along (for romantic relationships) with Librans. They may not bring the best in you.

11. Aquarius: Scorpios & leos are the most compatible signs for Aquarians. They will stay loyal and you will develop a deep bond with these signs.

12. Pisces: They get along well with earth signs that can help them stay with their natural understanding of each other’s moods.

While these were the signs and their compatible signs, here are two tips to make your relationship a lasting one, if you were to follow horoscope matching.

1.Know yourself first and then your partner: It's crucial that you know yourself first, especially with respect to your Zodiac sign. Every zodiac sign has a peculiar trait that can very strongly attract or repel people. Knowing your basic traits can help you easily make a better choice. Having said that, of course you don't have to keep asking people their zodiac signs and then start that conversation. The idea is to know when you are prone to react rudely or in a way to show discomfort/resistance to someone. Then you can delve more into your partner’s zodiac traits and how & whether should you take your relationship to the next level.

2.Give time some time: Know that you might start with that spark with someone but may find it difficult to carry on the same. Not spilling any relationship advice here but just making you wary of the fact that sometimes we arrive at a conclusion pretty soon. If you are compatible with someone, even at your lowest times, time will heal and bring the two of you together.

Horoscope matching is an ancient practice to find people most compatible with you. It majorly takes into consideration the zodiac signs and the traits. Although horoscope matching can help you with making the right choice, it majorly relies on understanding the compatibility with your partner’s zodiac sign.

Well, have you ever found your true love or do you find these theories related to life partner untrue? If you were to believe in astrology, timings, horoscopes, pairing and alike, such a compatibility list is simply for you. Get to know more about astrology, Vastu & allied sciences with the help of the Institute of Vedic Astrology.

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