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PALMISTRY By Institute of Vedic Astrology Dec 07 2019

Have you ever wondered that your hands are not just the hands but it is a deep source of information and secrets about you! Well, many of us haven’t thought about it before, that our hands are the sea of information. If you are aware of the art of Face Reading then you must know that Face Reading is the art of analyzing the features of the face just to get the deep knowledge and information about the person only with help of their facial parts.

In this art, you can get to know about yourself only by analyzing and reading your hands, which means your palm and the lines are just like the book of your secrets and talents.
This art of reading palm and palm lines is known as Palmistry.

Palmistry is the art of reading palm and palm lines through which we can get to know about the person in dept and we can also predict their future as well.

There are different mounts in everyone’s hands which simply show many aspects of the person and his personality. There many people who don’t have proper ideas about their personality but they can get to know about it through Palmistry.

What are the Mounts in Palm?
The mounts are kind of fleshy bumps on your palm which resides under your every single finger. This is termed as mount because it looks like a mountain on your palm. They play a very important role during the reading of the palm. These mounts are related to the planets which hold a different meaning in your hand and show your personality as well as the future.

There are a total of 7 mounts in someone’s hand-

  1. Mount of Jupiter- This situated at the base of your index finger.
  2. Mount of Saturn- This is situated at the base of your middle finger.
  3. Mount of Sun or Apollo- This mount is situated under your ring finger.
  4. Mount of Mercury- This situated at the base of your little finger.
  5. Mount of Moon- That is situated in the base of your palm under your little finger. 
  6. Mount of Venus- This mount is situated under the base of your thumb. 
  7. Mount of Mars- Mars mount is of two types-
    • Inner Mars 
    • Outer Mars 

The inner mount of Mars is situated between the mount of Jupiter and Venus, and the second outer mount is situated between the mount of Mercury and Moon. 

Let’s get the idea about every mount in detail to get the best information about ourselves.

1. Mount of Jupiter- The mount of Jupiter represents the authority and will power. The person has this mount properly developed then it shows that the person is ambitious, career-minded, responsible, honest and reliable in nature.
If it is flat then it means that the person is clumsy, dishonest and has no proper morals in his life.

2. Mount of Saturn- This mount is related to the perceptive and integrity of things. Properly developed mount represents the independent, sincere, intelligent and hardworking person. If the mount is less developed or fully flat it means that the person easily gets sad and depressed and feels lonely most the time.

3. Mount of Sun- The person having this mount in a developed manner has the qualities of getting clever at most of the situations, loves art and literature and able to accept the other’s opinion. 

If this mount is low in someone’s hand it means that the person is poor in aesthetics, has no fortune in making and does not love arts.

4. Mount of Mercury- This mount represents wisdom. As the person having fully developed mount of Mercury are good at their work, manages things properly, witty and has a high ability to think. If this mount is absent in someone’s hand it means that the person is not willing to work hard, he is negative and has no will to do anything.

5. Mount of Moon- This mount is connected with imagination and mystery. As the person who is having this mount developed are imaginative, creative thinkers and loves to be in freedom. If this mount is less or underdeveloped then it means the person has a lack of ideas and he is conservative about everything.  

6. Mount of Venus-
This mount represents love emotions and affection. The well-developed mount shows a sympathetic, gentle and attractive nature. They have good fortune in love. The one who doesn’t have this mount developed is having a lack of energy and is very cold-hearted and sometimes rude.

7 Mount of Mars-

i) Inner Mars- This mars is termed as the positive mars as the person having this mount nicely developed is courageous, healthy and full of adventures. And undeveloped mount people are timid and indecisive in nature.
ii) Outer Mars- This termed as negative mars. People who are having this mount fully developed are fearless, don’t’ take risks in money-making works. The one who has lesser developed outer mount is having a lack of endurance, they can keep calm as they don’t have patience and weaker in solving problems attentively.

Institute of Vedic Astrology, Indore which is the best institute in India and the USA provided Distance learning courses on Palmistry through which you can learn Palmistry easily and become a master in this skill. Join and know yourself better and help others with Palmistry.

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Palmistry By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Oct 26 2019

Have you ever noticed the shape or the flexibility of your thumb? Do you believe that there is a certain relationship between the thumbs and your character? When a person having sufficient knowledge in Palmistry looks at your thumb, he/she will be able to tell your entire character. Here are some of the basic details that you can know by the flexibility and shape of the thumb.

Length of the segment of the thumb

When the first half of the thumb is longer than the second half, it means that you will have an iron will and you are a hard-working person. When it comes to love, you will be 100% dedicated and faithful to the core. When both halves are equal, it indicates that you are balanced and you will understand what you are doing during every situation. When the first half of the figure is longer than the second half, it represents your quality of perfectionism.


As per Indian Palmistry, when your thumb can bend more and when it is more flexible, it represents that you can adapt to anyone and are flexible to any situation. If your thumb does not bend, it means that your mind will not change according to the situation and people will have to talk twice before they can manipulate you.

Straight or crooked thumb

A straight thumb denotes that you are a serious person and crooked one expresses that you are less serious and you can express yourself easily. If you want to learn about them you can learn Palmistry and it enables you to predict the future just by reading the palm of the person.

Degrees between your thumb and pointing figure

Stretch your thumb and your pointing figure, if you can stretch them more than 90 degrees it means that you possess high self-confidence and are self-reliant. You like to do things in the right and precise manner. You are a lucky person and stick to your values.

In cases when you cannot stretch more than 90 degrees, it indicates that you are a bit shy person and wish to be in your comfort zone, but you may not shove them out. It is better if you try to open up yourself and be flexible.

Obtuse angled thumb

Some people have the thumb that is always at an obtuse angle that is the first half is bent. They are the types of people who are a calm and meditative type. It denotes their creative nature and they can be good artists. When you take Palmistry courses in one of the reputed colleges on the stature of the Institute of Vedic Astrology, it will help you to achieve expertise in the subject and earn degrees.

Length of the thumb

A long thumb shows that you have leadership skills and you love to be within control. When you have a short one, it indicates that you are struggling to control your emotions and you need to work on your self-esteem.  When your thumb is twisted, it means that you deeply understand the life situations and are quite calm in dealing with them.

When you possess an interest in the subject, you can take up expert-designed Palmistry courses in India's Best Palmistry Institute IVA Indore, to learn the concepts and become an expert.

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palm_reading By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Dec 13 2018

Are you aware that you can know certain facts about your life and also about the future by studying about your hands? The mounts and the lines speak important things about your life. It is called Pamistry, followed by thousands of years of practice. There are experts who are involved in it as a profession.

Mounts and palms in a Palmistry

When you look at your palm you can find bumps of flesh called mounts. There are also certain thick and thin lines running across palm, which are the lines. Generally, experts Learn Palm Reading through these lines and mounts. There are 6 major lines and numerous minor lines. Each line represents a unique entity like the head, heart, life, Saturn, Apollo, and Mercury. Similarly, there are seven mounts representing seven celestial bodies of the ancient gods of Roman and Greek mythology. 

Which hand has to be chosen for Palmistry?

The left hand is considered to what God has given you and the right hand is for determining what you do with the left hand. There are four types of hands according to palmistry. They are:

The Earth Hand

The Earth hands are found to be sharply square in the shape of the palm and fingers. The length of the palm is approximately even from the wrist to the bottom of the fingers. The skin may be rough and ruddy in color. People having earth hands are considered to be more practical and level-headed. They learn from experiments instead of reading or studying from books. When it comes to the job also, they prefer outdoor to indoor and they do not show much interest in paperwork. Prestigious institutes on par with IVA India

provides various courses that teach about the other facts of the hand.

The Air Hand

The Air hand can also be square but mostly they are rectangular and have long fingers and low-set thumbs. They have dry skin and knuckles that protrude. People with Air hands possess curious and intellectual skills. They prefer to read and to learn more through study. They worry more, as they tend to internalize their feelings and their anxiety. This can also make a person face problems in close relationships in spite of impressive communication skills.

The Water Hand

The water hand is generally an oval-shaped having the widest part of the palm larger than the length of it from the wrist to the bottom of the figures.  They also have long and flexible fingers. People with this type of hands are generally emotional and unbalanced. Sometimes they feel the inability to handle their anxieties and have issues dealing with stress. But, they are motivated by their quest for peace and they have good artistic skills. Institute of Vedic Astrology Reviews gives you an idea about the courses to become a professional in the subject.

The Fire Hand

The Fire Hand has shorter fingers and either appear flushed or pink in color. Such people are extremely impulsive, short-tempered and impatient. They are great leaders and have a clear vision of what they think and want in the future. These qualities make them unique in their thoughts, temperaments, and feelings.

If a person learns these concepts, he can be an expert in palmistry or the art of hand reading. There are courses provided in prestigious institutes on the level of the Institute of Vedic Astrology to achieve expertise in the art.

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palm_reading By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Sep 25 2018

Knowing about the future is always interesting and many people derive joy from this process. Imagine, you can predict the nature of someone, how do you feel? It would be fascinating, right. It is highly possible to predict the character traits of people and even tell some facts about their future. Palmistry has maintained its importance for thousands of years. There are also colleges that offer professional courses to master the concepts of palmistry. If you are passionate about learning the subject, you can also choose it as your profession.

What is palmistry?

Palmistry is the art of predicting the nature of a person from his/her hand by analyzing the mounts (bumps of flesh) and lines. There are certain major lines and numerous minor lines in the palm. Each major line indicates a different aspect like head, heart, life, mercury, Saturn and Apollo. They depend upon how thick, thin and broken these lines are. Websites similar to Palm Reading Online will help you gain more knowledge in the subject of palmistry and guides you to learn it as a course.

How to become a palmistry professional

You can Learn Palmistry and become a palmistry professional by doing professional courses from reputed colleges on par with Institute of Vedic Astrology.  These comprehensive courses teach the subject in a step by step process to help the student achieve expertise in the field.

Step 1: Take a book and write what you have learned on one side of the notebook. Look at the hand of your friends and draw the outline of their hands on the other side of the notebook.

Step 2: Palmistry is not a course that you can learn in a hurry. You need to read slowly and understand the concepts. Spend more time doing exercises in observations, analysis, expression, methods, and judgment.

Step 3: It will take several months to know completely about the outline of the hand and about mounts in the palm before you move to the lines. People show intense interest in studying the line of palm. But, to be a success in the study of human nature, it is important to maintain patience and proceed in a step by step manner.

Step 4: you should not give words about their life to your consultants unless you get to stick to the concepts in the study.

Step 5: Remember the most important and basic rule in palmistry. Every sign has its own meaning and that is final. It may qualify the meaning of the other signs, but it has its own meaning and can never be altered.

Step 6: Understand the level of responsibility that you have and be particular in the works that you speak out. Know that you have the same responsibility as that of a medical professional on diagnosis.

People believe strongly and trust deeply in the words of palmistry professionals. Be careful and take high responsibility when you do it. Have complete concentration while studying the course and look at reviews of top institutes maintaining quality on the level of Institute of Vedic Astrology Reviews. By this, you can know the true feeling of the people who took up the course previously.

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Palm_Reading By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Jul 13 2018

Do you ever think your hand is related to science and it can reveal some facts about your life? Yes. Hand reading is an art. Each individual differs in the rise and fall in the structure of the palm and the major lines running through the palm. Each of these lines define the qualities of intelligence, vitality, and emotions,  while mounts denote archetype, personality. By analyzing these lines and mounts, a profession can deduce some facts of your life.  There are professional coaching and training, where you can undergo training to become a professional in hand reading. There are professional establishments on par with Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore that offer such courses.

Mounts and line of the palm

Palmistry says that the names of seven mounts denote the seven celestial bodies of the ancients, gods of Greek and Roman mythology. There are two mounts in the palm that have an equal effect on the personality of a person. If they stand high and full, then it is considered being strongly influenced.

Generally, a palm has six major lines and numerous minor lines. Every palm has lines that denote head, heart, and lifelines, whereas lines of Saturn, Apollo, Mercury are found in some palms and are absent in other palms. The depth and clarity of the lines determine the strength of each aspect. There are many Palms Reading Online Courses available to gain more knowledge regarding palm reading.

The major lines of the palm

There are six major lines that speak about the particular aspect. These lines are unique for each palm. When the line is thick and clear, the aspect that the line represents functions well. When they are thin or broken, there are probabilities for the aspect to be weak or the individual may face challenges over it. For further clear understanding of the lines, Learn Palm Reading. This is an interesting subject and you can even choose this as a profession.  The six major lines are:

The heart line: It speaks about an individual’s emotions and physical condition of the heart. If the line is deep, then the person will be steady in handling emotions, along with being reliable and devoted. If not, the person will be fickle-minded, sentimental and changeable. The heart line originates from the mount of Jupiter and moves through the hand.

The headline: It denotes intelligence, the ability for concentration and focus. By having a clear headline, the person will be able to think clearly, concentrate and have a good memory. By thin or broken headline; the person may experience poor memory and confusion. It begins from under the mount of Jupiter and extends till the beginning of the lifeline.

The lifeline: It informs about an individual’s vitality and ability to resist illness along with the overall energy of the person. If the line is deeper the person has good energy, whereas the thinner line denotes the poor level of energy and poor ability to fight illness.

The Saturn line: It is the line of security and fate representing the security feeling of an individual. It begins near the wrist and extends till the figure of Saturn.

The line of Apollo: It is said to be the line of art or recognition. This is not observed in all the palms. When it is present, there are high chances that the person is creative. They start from the wrist and end in the mount of Apollo.

The line of Mercury: The line of health appears in lesser than 50% of hands and indicates certain distinct health issues. Even without this line, the person can have a long life. 

To learn more about the line and mount in the palm choose the best institute to learn Palmistry - IVA Indore to study the palmistry. 

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palm_reading By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Jul 24 2017

Have you ever wondered what the lines in your palm tell about you?

Palmistry, also known as hand reading and chiromancy is an ancient art of reading the lines and telling the fortune. It is one of the most enthralling skills that could provide excellent information regarding a person. Whether you want to know what the future holds or eager for character evaluation, palmistry gets you covered.

If palmistry fascinates you and you want to gain an insight into the field, the Institute of Vedic Astrology could become your ultimate destination.  IVA offers a large number of courses related to Futurology and allied subjects among which Palmistry is one. Established in the year 1999, today it has become a sole destination to gain knowledge of the world of Astromancy.

Mode of teaching

IVA offers an online (distance learning) training course with the help of which you can become a skilled palm reader. The comprehensive courses along with the associated workshops enhance the knowledge and help you gain the expertise. 

There are two courses in Palmistry offered by IVA-

A) 6 months Diploma course

The diploma course consists of six modules where you learn one module every month. Each module emphasizes providing you the complete knowledge about palmistry. The fundamental rules and ethics for being a palm reader are discussed and different methods of hand reading are taught.

B) 12 months Post Graduate course

The postgraduate course comprises 12 modules. The size modules are the same as that of the diploma course and the rest is to provide you with the expertise. Other than this, there is one highly informative specialization course meant primarily for postgraduate students. The extra perk comes in the form of an orientation program for professional practice to the students.

Benefits of learning palmistry from IVA – Institute of Vedic Astrology

IVA is a leading institute in India teaching a vast number of Futurology courses. The study material provided by them is easy to understand and highly authentic. You not only gain the necessary know-how of the subject but obtain a thorough knowledge of the same.

The most alluring benefit of Learning Palmistry from IVA is apart from getting the bookish knowledge you will also get practical exposure. The specialization program is one of its kinds providing you remedy in palmistry. You learn different aspects that assist in changing the effects of the lines of the hands. It’s a great value addition that helps students in the future manifolds.

Besides these, some other alluring benefits are-

•    The enrolled students are provided 1000+ pages of study which will provide a systematic knowledge of the subject.

•    The one-month orientation program is extraordinarily lucrative and is free for the students who complete the postgraduate diploma course.

•    There are no hassles while resolving the issues as IVA Indore responds to your email within 24 hours on working days.

•    You can also pay your fee in installments.

So, if you are seeking a course that could help you understand the palm reading techniques, IVA is your ultimate destination. It’s time to groom yourself as an authentic palm reader and take it as a profession.

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palm_reading By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Jan 12 2017

There are such a significant number of palm lines that uncover a great deal about our destiny and fate. As indicated by palmistry, the majority of these lines change over some time thus, does the destiny of the person.

Do you realize that the maturity of a man can likewise be judged in light of the individual's lines that are available on the palm?

All things considered, as indicated by palmistry, diverse lines in the two men and women uncover their richness level.

1. Palmistry-Signs that shows pregnancy issues - People, who have comprehension of palm perusing, would realize that the mount of Venus in one's grasp speaks to love and closeness. Also, depending on the lump and state of this mount of Venus, palmists and celestial prophet decide the liveliness, sentimental and exotic nature of a person.

2. Now and again, there are a few markings in and around the mount of Venus that are connected with one's sexual life and family life, i.e. offspring. These markings can be at any place around the mount of Venus, beneath it or even inside it.

3. Markings in palm -These markings have various conversions on account of men and women. Today, I will impart the information about specific checks in and around the mount of Venus that uncovers many measures about richness, loss of offspring and so forth., in women.

4. A net-molded checking on the mount of Venus is a sign of unsuccessful labor.

5. If the armlets line makes the sign of island (out) directly under the mount of Venus, at that point it means the loss of descendants.

6. Ladies who have the arm ornament line in a bend (inwards) the mount of Venus, encounter issues in considering having children at a late age.

7. A woman, who has a piece of her lifesaver (in the wake of softening up between) going towards the mount of Venus encounters issues identified with ripeness, ovary follicles and urinary tract.

8. Markings in different parts of the hand -There are a few markings around one's hand that may likewise educate us about their descendants and sexual issues.

9. A man who has a line going straight from their little finger up to center finger has odds of mishap and childlessness.

10. If there is an 'X' (cross molded) checking directly under the space between the center finger and fourth finger, at that point its a sign of fruitlessness.

11. Presently for men - The accompanying markings in the Palms of Men identify their sexual wellbeing and commitment to their descendants.

12. In a man, if the lifesaver covers their mount of Venus, i.e. begins from under the thumb and makes a littler bend up to the base of the wrist. At that point, it's a sign of impotency and a few sexual issues. 

There is a lot more information about palm lines and mounts in the Palmistry. Learn Palmistry to know more about life-related things. Join the Institute of Vedic Astrology and learn Palmistry with their online distance learning course with comfortable language and quality study material. Join now to create a better life and career. 

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Palm_Reading By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Dec 12 2016

1. Marriages -After one age, all parents feel uneasy about the marriage of their children. They also start dreaming about the marriage of their son or daughter. Their wish remains that their offspring can get a good spouse as soon as possible, with whom he or she can spend his forthcoming life happily.

2. Hand lines -There is nothing to worry about in the case of marriage because when the marriage is going to happen, it will. All the information about the marriage of your offspring is there in the palm.  Learn to read palm lines in the Institute of Vedic Astrology.

3. Marriage's future -We are going to present an analysis in which conditions does the marriage of the person gets affected, that's what we are going to present here. At the same time, we will also tell you how it is known that what will be the exact age of marriage for you. We will give you some tips, after knowing that you will be able to decide how the future of your married life, through your multiple palm lines.

4. Multiple lines -If there is more than one marriage line in the hands of a person then there may be chances of double marriage or love affair before marriage which will not turn into a marriage. If the line is thinner than the normal line it will indicate the bad health of your spouse after the marriage. 

5. Mercury Mountains -Below the junior, there is Mercury Mountain, from which the heart goes out to the Jupiter Mountain. The marriage of a person assessed by the horizontal lines that appear in the middle of the finger and between the heart lines.

6. Form of life partner -The number of lines, the proper age for their marriage and their design is determined by the form of marriage line and the number of marriages.

7. Love marriage -The places of Jupiter, Venus and Mars on the palm of the people who want to get married should also be very effective. Whether it is possible to get married or not, it can clear based on the lines visible on the mountain but if obstacles are coming, then Jupiter and Venus can give the correct information about the nature of the mountain boyfriend or girlfriend.

8. Small or large line -When the line of marriage appears smaller or more than the other lines, then it is a sign that you are likely to have an inter-caste marriage. Some people also believe that it speaks of a person being married to a rich or poor family.

9. Marriage delay -If the Jupiter Mountain present in your hand tilted towards Saturn, then it means that your marriage will happen only after the age of 30. If the line of marriage on a man's palm is far away from the heart line and if there is no auspicious sign in place of Jupiter, then it is a proof that the marriage of the concerned person is going on in a long life.

10. No marriage line -If a person does not have a line of marriage in the hands of a person, then it does not mean that the concerned person will never get married. On the contrary, it is an indicator that marriage delayed unnecessarily. You should take measures for this.

11. Chances of marriage breakdown -If the line of hand breaks after reaching the middle, it is the sign that the possibility of marriage breakdown is strong. But other signs or lines of palm can prevent marriage from breaking then they are also considered. So, Palmistry can help you get the exact idea of your marriage.

12. Sun's place -The line of long and reaching the sun's place points to a financially rich life partner. Apart from this, if your marriage line is cutting other vertical lines, then it is a sign that there will be a lot of delay in your marriage.

13. Annoying life -If any other line comes on the marriage line, it makes married life annoying. Also, any kind of mark above the marriage line denied the wife's pleasure.

14. Clarity of Saturn Mountains -There is no will to get marry in the person whose Saturn Mountain is fairly clear. If a line meets the line from the lunar mountain, then such a person gets married. 

15. Future calculations -It is also believed that palmistry proved only when the future is calculated according to the current circumstances. 

16. Real future - To know all the information about your real future, you will have to go to the shelter of other branches of astrology. 

17. Authentic -Such as horoscope diagnosis, question horoscope or tarot card readings. With all this help you can accurately get to know at which age your marriage is going to happen.  

18. Widefield -The area of these branches of astrology is quite wide. With this help, you can know your future, but if you find that your future is not in your favor or there is a problem in it, then you will get satisfied with it and you can try to control the unfavorable situations in your life as well. 

Join an online distance learning Palmistry course at the Institute of Vedic Astrology and become a master of palm reading. 

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