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Shravana Nakshatra According to Vedic Astrology

By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Dec 05 2022 Vedic_astrology_online_course,best_vedic_astrology_course_online,distance_learning_astrology_couses_in_india

Shravana nakshatra is also known as savanna, Shravan, and thriovam. It is the 22nd from the list of the 27th constellation of the Nakshatra belt and falls under the three stars, including Altair, alshian, and tarazed. They together form the star head, which is Aquila, which is an eagle.

This Rashi is spread to the Capricorn zodiac sign and ruled under the lord Vishnu. In simple terms, the savanna is known as hearing, and the sign of this nakshatra is the ear used for hearing and listening. This nakshatra is ideal for listening as well as speaking skills. As the nakshatra discusses, this is commonly used for people with good listening and hearing ability.


They are more capable of listening to things and what is going on in the environment; they absorb all the information with good listening ability. People born in this nakshatra have the best carrier advice in the media and entertainment. And people have the best quality and are bold; they can easily travel to foreign countries and are likely to settle in the foreign. The best thing about this nakshatra is that people are very honest with their goals and do what is required to achieve them with pure determination and hard work. In this article, we will discuss how this nakshatra affects the people, their impact on the men and women, their careers, love life, and finances, and how this year will affect them.These nakshatra predictions might take your attention and amaze you , if something like this excite you then we suggest you to search for best vedic astrology course online or can explore about the distance learning astrology couses in india.


Characteristics of Shravana Nakshatra

This horoscope has different outcomes for both men and women. Usually, this nakshatra is symbolic of the footprint, which symbolizes the lord Vishnu's foot. This nakshatra relates to listening and power gain due to hearing ability and sense of adoption from the environment. It is also the birth opening of the God Saraswati, known as goodness of knowledge and educational devotion. Therefore these nakshatra people are more related to education and do well in this field. Vedic astrology online course can help you in getting indepth knowledge about it.



Men of this nakshatra are usually very soft-spoken, and they could handle difficult situations just by having polite and very saturating knowledge. They don't get aggressive very quickly and are diplomatic.Astrology courses in India or distance learning astrology courses in India are helpful for learning the basic aspect of astrology at comfort of home.


  • They are very forgiving and readily accepted and available for needy others. Due to this nature, they are more likely to be cheated by their people.
  • They are highly spiritual in nature and a great god lover. They follow rituals that the gurus instruct without any doubts. And they always believe in God's hand in everything that ever happens.
  • They face a lot of ups and down in their life. They never get fear due to this; they welcome both ups and down with great happiness and are strong
  • The knowledge about their carrier highly influences them, but in their life, they remain in the middle and spend their whole life as that.


  • women of this nakshatra are very kind; they likely to donate to people in terms of money, materials, or other, and they kind of show this nature in front of each one. She poses a character that attracts people with money.
  • she is easily driven by the needy, and this always remains on the list of great fund donators.
  • Females of this nakshatra are susceptible and emotionally weak.
  • they follow God and believe god hand in everything Which she does.
  • Females are very talkative, mostly very Frank with their partner, and share everything with their loved ones without hesitation.


Profession According to Shravana nakshatra


Male of this nakshatra usually has a good career in engineering, like mechanical. And more likely to achieve well in this specific field. Whereas till 30 years, they may have a very struggling life, and till 45, they may get stability in their job, and after 65, they can socially and economically grow in their specific field.



Female of this nakshatra couldn't go with a high education degree or professional job. Therefore minimal education and just a related job. But they can be good in many other specific arts, like a good dancer.


Family Life


Males of this nakshatra will have a perfect family life. They can enjoy a wonderful married life with their loved ones. Their wife possesses good character and is very loyal and trustworthy toward their partner. They took excellent care of their family as well as their husband and were an example of an ideal wife. Males of this nakshatra have a few hookups and maintain them free outside the marriage.



Female of this nakshatra lead a joyful life. She believes in perfectness in everything, including room wardrobes, cooking, and even relationships. She expects the same from each and everyone, which sometimes upsets Her. She had a great married life; she is the kind of one men woman who showers all her love and care on one person and leads him to a good marriage.



Male-male of this nakshatra are prone to skin disease; therefore, they need to take great care of their skin. Also, they may have hearing issues; consequently, they should take care of that and always be protective of their ear. Also, the make should not eat junk food as they can face digestive issues.


Female-female of this nakshatra should be very careful about their skin. And later on, they can get affected by tuberculosis.


How will be the year 2022? 

So now we will discuss how the year 2022 will affect people and their carrier, love life, financial condition, and everything.


Job – this year can be either very favorable or unfavorable. So talking about the favorable, you need to make the right move and discuss the right discussion with your boss to get a great opportunity and promotion. If you do not take a stand, you will either fall into the hard-working phase or, after doing a lot of work, you may not get what you deserve.


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Business – talking about the business, you will have a great year starting your business and lead a very successful career. You need to be very careful and have proper planning.

Family – talking about the family this year may be very blissful, and you may feel more connected with your parents and plan things for them accordingly. Talking about a married couple this year can bring any ups and down in your relationship. Although you may be very friendly with your partner but still try to figure down the small conflict between you can your partner. This year may sound like a true gift for single people as you will get what you want and will be very fortunate to get life from your live ones.

Financial – this year may sound like a very struggling year in the context of money; therefore, people need to focus on their saving skills and always have savings. This year bring uninvited financial issue which can affect your finances.


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