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Effective Vastu Tips For Happiness And Prosperity

By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Dec 28 2021

Vastu is a massive science of architecture, which is followed by the forefather that will lead to a happy and successful life. Every one of us wants our house to be filled with happiness and prosperity. We pay attention to all the things but we forget about the Vastu guidelines. As it affects our life negatively it is important to understand how Vastu Shastra works and what impact it will have on our home. As energy plays a key role and modern science also suggests that each one of us is made of energy, Vastu shastra also believes in this manifestation. Any imbalance in these energies can negatively affect our lives. So to have a happy and prosperous life here are a few Vastu tips that we should follow.

Vastu tips for attracting happiness and prosperity

Vastu shastra plays an important role in our lives and it mainly includes 5 elements: water, fire, space, air, and earth. And these elements represent significant energy in our life connecting with the universe. Listed below are some Vastu tips that will attract happiness and prosperity into your life.

1. Remove clutter from your house

Vedic Vastu shastra insists on keeping your house composed and free from any trash. Your home should consist of all the positive energies that include financial stability, overall well being and emotional stability. By removing the trash or clutter from your home you can easily attract positive energies.

2. Placing a kuber yantra in your dwelling

Kuber signifies prosperity and affluence, and the northeast corner of your house is guided and controlled by him. You should place a kuber mantra in the northeast corner of your home and remove the things that collect negative energies in your home. Which include a washroom, heavy furniture and shoe racks.

3. Locker should be kept at the south-west corner of the house

If you expect monetary abundance In your life and happiness, keep your lockers in the southwest corner of your residence. And your locker should never open towards the west or south direction a sit can lead to a heavy outflow of money.

4. Your entrance door maintaining

The main entrance of your house should be welcoming and it should attract both people and positive energies. You should assure that the locks on the door should be proper and should not have any cracks. Hang nameplates and plants at your entrance to attract more positive energy.

5. If have any water leakage fix it directly

If your home has any type of water leakage in your bathroom, kitchen or any other area it can lead to financial loss.

6. Let the radiance of the sun come inside your home

Keep your doors and windows open in the morning to let the sunlight come inside. The sun in Vastu conveys clarity, optimism, high energy and progress. It in flows positive energy into your home and sunlight welcomes income, health and prosperity.

7. Decorate your home with Vastu decor items

Asper the Vastu shastra, keeping symbols and states in your home signifies positive energy and abundance. States like laughing buddha, bamboo plants, Buddha gem trees are some amazing indications to attract wealth, stability and health.

8. Maintain greenery in your garden

According to Vastu plants and greenery indicate growth and good vibes. Planting plants in your garden and maintaining greenery is one of the best Vastu tips for attracting happiness and money inside your home. Connecting with earth and plants not only will bring positivity but also bring balance in the life of people living in that residence.

Other tips


1.Follow the most applicable direction for constructing your home.


2.The Main door should be made of excellent quality wood.


3.The Main door should open easily and not make any sound while opening and shutting.


4.Any shoe rack or furniture should not be placed at the main door as it blocks the opening and positive energy.


5.Lord Ganesh idol should be placed at the main door in the heightened place.


6. Your kitchen should be clean, hygienic and well maintained as it is the second most important place in the house.


7.The living room of your house should be attractive and spacious.


Wrapping it up

Vastu shastra is something that decides the flow of energies in our house, Vastu helps in maintaining balance and ensuring peace in all aspects of our life. Wealth is one of the important factors in everyone's life so if you want happiness, prosperity and good vibes in your house following Vastu tips can help in bringing the energies good for your house. Following the above-mentioned vastu tips can help in bringing good wealth and health in your life, So before building your house or renovating your house keep these vastu tips in your mind and do follow them.


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