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By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Mar 02 2020 Gems_&_Crystal_Therapy


Gems stone are so attractive and beautiful. They are the most natural means of transmitting colour waves into someone’s body. The beauty of gemstone makes it valuable and precious. There are different types of gemstone available and each of them possesses healing power. “Indigo gemstones” one the most valuable and precious gemstone that helps you to avoid negativity from the body. Indigo stones are meant to be very effective in various ways.



Indigo is a deep rich colour mostly close to wheel blue. The colour of indigo stones varies between violet and blue. Indigo stones are made for brooding and these stones are a sign of maturity and virtue. Indigo is a colour of the true birthstone. Also, they are called as thinking stones and popularly known to be quit and discriminating. Indigo gemstone value honesty and sincerity. They give you a sense of direction and lead you forward to find a purposeful way to enlighten yourself. Indigo gemstone brings truth in your soul and guides you with powerful energy.



SODALITE is a stone usually comes with rich royal blue colour. Sodalite brings calmness and rational thoughts in the person's mind. It encourages self-esteem and self-trust and also prevents you from insomnia.

BLUE SAPPHIRE is also known as Neelam and well wide popular for its dominant and active nature. Blue sapphire is extremely costly and valuable. It is very effective for business and health achievements in-person life. This stone is mainly found in Sri Lanka, Burma and Kashmir. It is also very helpful in avoiding Sade Sati of Shani.

TANZANITE is the most rare and valuable crystal that only found in Tanzania. The colour of tanzanite is saturated violet-blue that seen rarely. They are present in a very small amount of earth. Tanzanite are mainly used for meditation and helps you to connect with the world.    

LAPIS LAZULI is the stone that is found commonly but it is one of the most ancient gemstones that is being used from 4000 BC. Because of its beautiful colour lapis lazuli is an excellent stone for executives, journalists and phycologists. It is a stone of truth and powerful for enhancing intellectual ability.

IOLITE(NEELI) is a deep light blue and transparent stone. It has recently become popular due to its ability to remove bad habits and promotes detoxification. It is mainly used by addictive peoples to remove their addiction. These stones are mainly found in India, Sri Lanka, Netherlands and mostly in all parts of Europe.

KYANITE is a beautiful blue colour stone that is found during the nineteenth century. It generally comes from Italy, Switzerland, Austria and the USA. It helps in meditation and creates a better physic vision. It prices mainly depends on its colour, clarity and cuts.

CUPRITE is an expensive gemstone mainly found in the Uriel and Altai mountains of France and Bolivia. Cuprite stone helps a person to be fit both physically and mentally. It decreases stress at workplace. Cuprite stones encourage you to live life with full of enjoy.  



There are lots of gemstones available with their unique speciality. Some of them can prevent you and some of them can harm you. Therefore, you must use the gemstone that is recommended to you. From the astrological point of view, Indigo stones are perfect for the inner soul as they have a lot of knowledge to share. These stones prevent you from cosmic rays of the planets. Gemstone are recommended according to the birth time and they are more effective in ring form. They help you to achieve success, prosperity and positivity into your life.



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