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Learn Tarot Card Reading: Top Myths & Instructions...

By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Feb 03 2021

Most people see tarot card readings as a mysterious act and they feel that not everyone can learn it. People are attracted to the tarot card readers' strange costumes and peculiar appearance that they see in images or videos. This attraction encourages them to move towards the world of tarot card reading, but they do not know how to learn tarot card reading.

Due to this ignorance, many myths hover over them, and they are deprived of the real knowledge of tarot card readings. To get into the awe-inspiring world of tarot card reading, you need to be with experienced guides who are well-versed in it.

Here we will talk about some such myths which keeps you away from the correct knowledge of tarot card readings. Also, some important instructions that will help you learn tarot card reading.

Top Myths About Tarot Card Reading

Only the Gifted Ones Can Read Tarot: Many people could not learn tarot card readings because they feel that it is not everyone's cup of tea. They think that this method cannot be learned; instead, some people have got this knowledge as God's gift and are the rightful heirs. Whereas it is not so. Anyone can learn tarot card reading. For this you need to join an experienced tarot card reading institute.

A Person's Third Eye Has to Be Open: The person whose third eye is open can read the tarot card; this is also a wrong perception in the people's mind. Correct education and knowledge are required to read tarot cards and not the opening of third eye.

Older Cards Have More Power: This is one of the top myths that have no ground. Tarot card reading depends completely on your learnings and instincts.

Here are a few instructions that will help you find a structure and a base for your Tarot card readings:

Create your 'Code of Ethics': When learning and practicing tarot cards, make some rules that match your ideology and philosophy. 'Code of Ethics' is like a principal for you. For example, you will keep the clients' information and problems coming to you completely confidential or never mislead your clients. 

Formulate your questions properly: While doing card reading, there will be times when cards do not seem relevant to the question you asked, or they will give vague answers. The main reason for this may be that you may have asked a vague question. Tarot cards are like a mirror. They represent you most politely and honestly. So if you are confused or asking unclear questions, then it will also appear in your card. And then you will not understand what the card is showing. So make your question as direct and to the point as possible. This is one of the most crucial tricks that you can only learn from an experienced guide or institute. Choose an institute which has experienced tarot card trainers. Iva India (Institute of Vedic Astrology) can be your best choice if you want to explore the depth of tarot card reading. Visit their website and enroll to their amazing tarot card reading courses now.

Opening and Closing: It is important to take care of some of the important things when you open and close the tarot card reading session. When you are opening the card reading session, keep your mind focused and pronounce positive affirmations in your mind. While closing, thank the existence and the holy souls and insist that they always guide you in this way.


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