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Abroad Travel and Settlement Yoga in Vedic Astrology

By Institute of Vedic Astrology May 26 2022 Vedic_Astrology,Astrology,Astrology_courses,vastu_shastra_course

Everyone has this dream to travel once to a foreign destination. Some try their best to get settle themselves at locations abroad. For their dream to come true about the foreign settlement, people must work hard. But, you might have noticed that people also go to astrologers seeking questions about their job and foreign settlement. In recent years, astrology has become more like a solution to every professional and personal problem that an individual must be facing.

Even after doing a lot of hard work, many of you might stay behind others in a very different way and can't achieve the success for which you are aspiring. Foreign exposure for once is a must for anyone, and that is why people in the corporate profession are so eager to know if they stand any chance of going abroad.

When people come to an Astrologist with their questions relating to this topic, they often have limited but exactly the same type of questions. Some of these questions are- when and how it will happen, or is it even possible.

In Astrology, we have different planets or stars or celestial objects whose positions or relative locations in houses determine or predict the upcoming or present events happening in their life.

There are different reasons which can make you shift abroad. You can be pursuing abroad settlements for reasons like Marriage, Education, Business, or different things as such.

Under such situations where you feel extremely worried about your plans and commitment to shift abroad in the coming days, you should talk to an astrology expert. In fact, as per our knowledge and after talking to the experts in the field, we are certain that the field has combinations available for foreign settlement as well.

Astrology finds answers to your queries after going through all the necessary details that astrology extracts from your birth chart or horoscope.

Due to globalization, foreign transfer and settlement are common these days, especially for students who aspire to get a job in a multinational company. Multinational companies also are looking out for professionals who are willing to get a transfer to a foreign land for progressive growth.

Below, we mention some of the houses responsible for the combinations made in astrology in this regard.

Houses Responsible for Astrological Combination about Foreign Settlement

Under Astrology's very principles and scope, there are different houses under which the location of the stars/Planets and Celestial objects are studied for the combinations required.

Under Astrology, it is believed that the houses which determine or Can make predictions on foreign settlements or transfer on different house numbers like 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 12th. Let us understand the very concept and meaning of these houses.

Among these, house number 3 Signifies journeys that are usually short, house number 4 is about the birth place's house, and 7th is all about foreign journey and settlement.

Other house numbers like House number 8 actually signify any change in profession. House 9 determines any long journeys ahead and the fate which lies within.

House numbers 10th and 12th signify career/Profession and Foreign house land, respectively.

Timing for travelling abroad

Other very common questions that the seekers ask astrologers are their time or sometimes expected year of travel abroad.

According to the experts in astrology, a native would be expecting foreign travel for permanent settlement with the house on foreign land only when there is a connection which somehow gets established between the fourth, 12th, and the 10th lord.

Also, astrology believes that for combinations in this regard, when there is a transit of Saturn, Jupiter, and Rahu, this sort of transit generally facilitates foreign travel.

Also, suppose the transit happens more than times, or let us say double, between Jupiter and Saturn. In that case, the results awaited are sure going to be auspicious for the candidate aspiring for foreign travel and settlement.

For such regards to getting fulfilled, it is important that the 4th house and the lord of ascendant must become afflicted to the planets or stars like the Saturn, Rahu, and mars.

Also, Rahu and Ketu's connection with the 4th house is going to be extremely significant for the individual. From both the lagnas, if Rahu and Ketu both lie in the axis of the 12th house, then the chances are quite high for foreign travel and settlement to happen for real.

Other combinations are not possible to explain here altogether, and for someone who is interested in astrology and searching for Distance learning courses in India, face reading astrology, jamini astrology course, and Astrology courses in Indian Universities, we would like to suggest you keep visiting our site and read our articles on a daily basis because we promote progressive thinking and willingness to learn divine courses like astrology.

We often see that students and professionals become a little shy when they have to keep asking people about how to get in touch with someone who knows everything related to astrology and its concepts in need of help. So this is an initiative from our side for you lovely readers out there looking for solutions regarding their personal and professional life with some knowledge and basic predictions and concepts related to astrology.

These articles will help you manage your basics well, always do remember that learning anything is no less than a marathon where every day gives you opportunities to win or fail, but ultimately you have to win the race at the last and final go, which you will do so keep reading our articles, and also do not keep updating us on your queries so that we keep asking the astrologist and experts about the solutions and keep you updated on the same through the help of our articles which we never fail to make informative even for those who are newbies here. So, start searching the web for how to read face astrology while we are here to update you with the latest concepts.


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