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Top 10 things you should know about Astrology!

By Institute of Vedic Astrology Mar 25 2022 online_astrology_courses,astrology_courses_in_college,vastu_shastra_course_in_india,vastu_consultant_course

Astrology plays a vital role in our life; it is an ancient science that involves predicting earthy and human life events and happenings through the observations and interpretations of celestial bodies. It’s more than just a conviction and a well-established scientific theory that tells positioning and offers insights into a person’s life from birth till death. This gradually involves a deep logic and growth and defines more accuracy and dependency among others. Astrology involves the interpretation of the sun, stars, moon, and planets. Understanding the pattern of astrology related to our zodiac signs contently with our birth dates gives us the insights we need in our life. It helps in changing the perspective of life and makes it more interesting without losing anything.

It helps out to know –  the reason for the hindrance coming our way in the path of a good life. To learn and know more about this unique topic there are many best online astrology courses in India. This methodology offers great insights and logical consistency to follow this ancient artistry.

Things you should know about Astrology Top 10

1.The Zodiac and its 12 signs

Knowing about the zodiac sign and relating with them have become new pop culture, people are more tend and practiced towards this classical; western trend. The zodiac is the way of the constellation through which the sun, moon, planets move into their journey in the sky. Observing this constellation path astrologers developed 12 signs!

In modern history, these 12 signs are the allusion of a person’s personality and basic character sketch. These 12 zodiac signs are divided into 4 elements – Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. It is said that fire and air are considered masculine and water and earth are considered feminine. The 12 zodiac signs are –

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pieces.

Get know more about these 12 signs through online astrology courses.

2.Astrology and Religion

Astrology is known as the ancient method of prediction. Whereas Religion is known as a belief system. Astrology is truly based in with religion from the very beginning. The similarities between both are; both are dependent on each other one or the other way. Astrology and Religion have been taken into consideration which itself makes us realize that they have something very common. They both have an impact on our lives in different ways or similar ways. Both hold great methods and techniques that teach about ancient and modern astrology.

3. Astrolgoy and Vastu KIN!

Astrology and Vastu has very strong and very wide effects on our lives! Both are complementary to each other. Astrology is connected with Vastu for getting a perfect and happy home. Vastu decides the perfect direction for everything in our houses, offices, sites, and more to inaugurate positivity.

4. Astrology and Astronomy are contrary

Astrology and Astronomy have common roots but have unorthodoxness. Astronomy is the study related to the universe. Astronomers explore the motion, position, and properties related to our celestial bodies. Astrology is the study of these motions, positions, and properties how they affect the lives of people.

5. Psychological Guide

While some people seek advice from counselors and some seek it from astrologers! Indians prefer seeking advice more from astrologers as per their beliefs. Before getting into or starting any work the Indian’s approach and guide to the new track are Astrology. It helps in embarking the journey of the personal hood, advancing, and an amendment to the path or your life.

6. Vedic Astro

Vedic Astrology is very popular in India. It tells you about the fortunes, karma, and roles & responsibility associated with your birth sign. It is an extensive part of Astrology that has helped out millions of Vedic Astrology and has its proven effect, even one can learn Vedic astrology and make a career in it. There are many best online Vedic astrology courses. It mainly empowers people to do good in life.

7. Modern and Traditional Astrology

Both modern and traditional astrology has their independent accuracies. Traditional astrology was more dependent on predictions but modern astrology is done based on the birth sign, date, and person’s birth chart. Both keep importance related to the inner and outer world. Modern Astrology is way more related to psychological factors and traditional astrology with external factors.

8. Astrology Houses

The concept of Astrology makes you understand about the houses made things technical and complicated. If you look at your birth chart you can see 12 houses and sections which are linked with 12 signs. Understanding these signs helps to know which sign is associated with which one. Astrology becomes more interesting when you think about your birth chart and get to know more personal information about yourself. To know and learn about it there are best astrology online courses for the people who are keen to about astrology.

9. The Empowering Destination

It’s a long way and a reassured safe road to move on. You will see a new angle of the world and anticipate the long-term and short-term traits through it. Once you start believing in it, it will give you more reasons to believe in it more. It unquestionably becomes a constant and the greatest spirit. It helps us to identify the reason for the hindrance coming our way in the path of a good life.

10. Fun, Light and Hearted thing

There’s always a curious understanding which helps to grab the knowledge. It’s fun light and the hearted thing which takes faith into a new life and assists in tackling the difficulties of life. Having a personal enthusiastic personal experience ground more truths about astrology. It’s the explanation of the natural world through the celestial bodies.

Summing Up!

Astrology enables lighting the path of the future and the choices we will make in the coming years! It has improved with time and has had a big impact on the practices from ancient times, it has made people believe in it with its accurate predictions. There are many resources to learn Astrology but a more reliable source to learn this is through distance learning courses in India.


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