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How to Learn KP Astrology Step by Step for Beginners...

By Institute of Vedic Astrology May 12 2022 KP_Astrology,learn_KP_Astrology_online,KP_Astrology_classes,Astrology

Astrology is known as a science of predictions. With its power of, we define the present, past, and future of a person. Considering from birth till death Astrology has the power of unbridling all the aspects of life, whether it's unleashing happy times or bad times in a native's life. 

What is KP Astrology?

Wherein KP Astrology or Krishnamurti Paddhati is a contemporary version of Astrology or we can say software of Astrology which is used to make predictions related to future events. KP Astrology helps in predicting the future with high intensity and accuracy. There are numerous KP Astrology courses where you to get to understand it in more depth, one can even get a basic understanding by learning KP Astrology online.

Certainly, it is a modern contrary of Astrology in an upgraded form. It is derived from one of the most famous Astrologers of all time Shri K.S. Krishnamurthi.                      

Krishnamurthi derived and made understood various forms of Western and Vedic Astrology and after studying it he developed KP Astrology. KP Astrology is the study of stellar astrology based on the predictions of stars. It is the accurate form to define a happening event accurately. Different types of methods and tools are used to derive the attention toward an absolute cause. Overall whatever is predicted by Astrologer using this method has somehow an impact on whatever will happen.

What is the difference between KP Astrology and Vedic Astrology?

If we are seeking difference on the behalf of Astrology so there are not so big differences. Vedic Astrology predicts the future according to the changes of houses and therein KP Astrology predicts future happenings by connecting nodes of two houses (through cups). Comparably KP Astrology gives and tells a more accurate statement than Vedic Astrology. 

  • KP Astrology has lesser rules than Vedic Astrology
  • KP Astrology has logical and accurate happenings with time but Vedic Astrology sometimes has the missed data

Chronicles of KP Astrology –

There is 12 zodiac sign, every zodiac sign has its circumstances and path and somehow are correspondent to planets. As the sky is considered a circle and so all the planets are revolved around it. Therefore complete 360* degree pattern is divided for all 12 zodiac signs, in the light for 30* degrees for each zodiac sign. Also, each zodiac sign is acknowledged and divided into 27 stars. Hence 20 mins angle for each star span over a 13*degree angle from the center of the circle. 

This concept is known as sub-lords and is significantly divided into 9 parts considered stars or nakshatra. It is the main core of KP Astrology and is highly compelled. The idea of developing KP Astrology is inspired by the Bhav Chalit chart which is mainly used in Vedic Astrology. Apparently, all the techniques and rules used by KP Asdtrolgoy are not so parallel to Vedic Astrology. Significantly have their own occurrence and their factors auspiciousness and directory. 

Features of KP Astrology -

Here are some of the basic features of KP Astrology and fundaments which are to be taken care of;

1. The factors significantly affect the houses, including the houses themselves, the stars of the houses, squire of that house of planets in the stars. 

2. The prediction is done about the events using the sub-lords of the particular house or according to the kundli which is based on the native's house.

3. When there is Mahadasha, the houses get affected determinately. There are many reasons why houses get activated with the other houses in the Mahadasha era. 

4. Each house is dependent on different degrees or different planets.  

These are the basic physiognomy that is used by the Astrologers to leave a positive effect on the native's life by predicting the future happening. 

Why One Should Learn KP Astrology?

Discover the healthy secrets about your magical life.!

Discovering the healthy secrets of your life makes it more interesting. It uncovers the questions a person always in life for sure gets a thought Who I am? Why did this happen to me? KP Astrology simply helps let you know more about yourself. Through this, you can make better and right decisions in your life. You may help others also with your great knowledge and let them know a better version of themself. It defines personality traits. It even allows the proper evaluation related to a career.

If you are planning to go for KP Astrology as a career plan a question might definitely arise, How to learn it?

What are the steps?

Voilaa! We are here to give you a nutshell guide for the same. 

KP Astrology is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-understand guide. It is a simple and modern method of Hindu Astrology. 

Let's begin with the easy steps to move ahead with this topic -

1. A native has to understand the difference and the basics of Vedic and KP Astrology.

2. Reach out to the discovery of KP astrology and its importance.

3. Get to know in brief about the divine tools of Astrology, stars, planets, houses, and their positioning. 

4. Understand the positive affirmative and negative conditions relatable to career, education, love, marriages, health, business, and property. 

5. Necessity practice is always required to practically apply KP Astrology rules. 


KP Astrology is not only used in India but all over the world. And the reasons are mentioned above in the article. It is a modern version of Vedic Astrology and definitely has a future in this by learning this. Opt for KP Astrology classes or learn KP Astrology online. It has its own stimulation of analyzing and predicting. 

Learning Astrology, which tells us the future events or past events based on our present scenario is never been easy. If you are the one who is keen to know the secrets and want to move ahead with it our experts are there for you to give hands-on experience with practically analyzed knowledge. nd get the strongest significator in your life,

Enroll now in KP Astrology classes on our website...and there you go, find the magic about your uncovered life secrets. 


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