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Why Fool is the most Valuable Card

By Institute of Vedic Astrology Apr 29 2020 TAROT_CARD

Tarot cards the most powerful divination tool 

Tarot cards are probably the most popular and powerful tool for divination. Many people think that they are just like other normal cards with different characters but it’s not true tarot cards are the true storybook of our life. They tell us about our wisdom and help us to find inner peace. Tarot cards exactly show us what to do and when to do. They suggest solutions to our problems regarding every aspect of our life. The 78 tarot cards are crucial as well as important to understand. Each one of them reveals a different story of life. In this article, we will cover one of the most valuable cards among all these and understand its role in our life. The fool is the first card in the row and also known as 0 number card. It brings happiness and joy into our life. Many peoples saw the sign but by understanding it deeply we can understand how important fool matters in our life.  


What are the tarot cards? 

Tarot cards are the ancient form of playing cards in most of Europe. They meant to be the true divination tool. There is a total of 78 cards that have been divided into two arcana. The first one is a major arcana that includes 22 major cards and the second is a minor arcana that holds 56 cards. Cards of the major arcana are treated as more important because they impact life and give more lessons, while the cards of minor arcana indicate the specific events of life. The fool is the major arcana card that means it has a significant effect on our life. 


Fool the most valuable card- 

The fool card is one of the interesting cards among 22 cards. It seems that it refers to unconditional love and happiness in life. It seems that if a person has a fool card, they might start with 0 but ends with the 22. For example, if you start work and your card is a fool then you might take it to the end or achieve higher success in it. The person with the fool card never bothered from anything and solved it with a great smile. This type of peoples is determined and creative in their respective fields. 

Importance of the fool card -

The fool is one of the strongest and powerful cards that indicates the new beginning of something into life. It can be anything to get rid of the bad past or starting of a great future. The journey of fool cards starts with 0 and ends with 22 that shows you unexpected and new adventure into your life. 

If you receive a fool card while starting some new job or business it is a great sign of success and honor. You will be fully devoted to the new direction of your life unless you doubt yourself or start being more enthusiastic. 

The fool card is also important from a love and relationship point of view. If you haven't got your partner yet, that means you will get a loving, charming, and genuine partner in your life very soon. If you are already into a relationship that indicates you both are ready to start a new phase of your life. 

Lastly, the fool card is also treated as an effective card for health. If you are sick of something that means you will recover from it very shortly and it also prevents you from any type of disease. 

The fool also seems to be a positive concern to finance. It removes the obstacles from the way of inflow of money. It can also be a sign of getting repayment and advancement of some project work. 

Want to learn more about it... 

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