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7 Steps For Beginners On How To Read Palms

By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Oct 11 2021

Palmistry has been the subject of interest for people across ages and cultures. It find sits roots in ancient India, wherein reading palms is equivalent to reading what’s in the future for you. Palmistry has been an interesting part of fortune-telling, especially in India, wherein people relate the lines with the position of planets and comprehend the current or future status. To a few people, it comes naturally, knowing the names and significance of the types of lines, while to others, it is acquired. In either case, one can develop this art to gain expertise over it.

Here is a step-by-step guide for beginners to ace over this art. Read on to know more:


1.     Know the names: According to different theories, there can be different lines which palm readers identify. There is one group of people who go by fire, earth, water lines, etc. While the other group goes by the names of heartlines, fate line, lifeline etc. Know by which category you would want to go with and delve into its understanding further.

2.     Understand the significance: Every line has so much to tell. This can be known by knowing the ideal depth, their length, position, features, etc. The contribution of all these factors helps in deciding fate.

3.     Know the hands and fingers: Palmistry is not about just lines on your palm but a thorough understanding of hands and fingers too. This information can help you draw finer conclusions about the personality.

4.     Observe an expert: Once you are aware of the details about Palmistry, try to observe an expert. This will help you check your understanding, learning and power of drawing conclusions. This can also guide you to follow a certain procedure to be adopted.

5.     Read a lot: Reading is in general, a good habit. Reading for gaining expertise over this art is significant. You can draw conclusions on the basis of various case studies. This will help you learn about numerous aspects and angles of Palmistry.

6.     Practice, practice and practice: Merely knowing and understanding won't help. Any form of art needs practice. Palmistry is one art that would need a fine mix of intuition backed by an understanding of the lines. So practice as much as you can and draw conclusions on its closeness to correctness. This will guide you on further practice and understanding.

7.     Join a course: Learn Palmistry online with experts. With offline classes jinxed due to the pandemic, anything and everything can be learnt online. You can find different courses on Palmistry online and even earn a diploma in the same. Explore one and get to learning.


Palmistry is an interesting course to learn. It can also be used as a part-time career option. One can go ahead to learn Palmistry online with the help of experts of the Institute of Vedic Astrology (IVA India) while sitting at home through a distance learning course on Palmistry prepared by experts/professionals having many - many years of experience in the field of Palmistry. Explore our website to know more about such courses in the field of Palmistry & other allied subjects like astrology etc.

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