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Numerology By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Nov 15 2019

India is the land of culture, traditions, knowledge, art and more other different fields. Here any kind of knowledge is appreciable and empowered.  The one who wants to spend a different and unique life will always choose a different and interesting work field and career in their life. It is very important to spend different and individual life which will give you satisfaction and happiness in life.
Our happiness is our concern and our career is our choice. If you are looking for an easy yet interesting career field, then you can choose Numerology as your career field.

This is great for people who love numbers or mathematics. Well, don’t get scared! If you are not a math lover, Numerology still can be learned easily because it does not include deep math or formulas, as anyone can learn this art of numbers with basic math knowledge.

What Numerology is?
There are still many people who always think that the word or terminology ‘Numerology’ is full of confusing math, formulas and various principles but actually, Numerology is just the simple art of foretelling with the help of numbers.

Now you are in the thought that how will numbers can tell you the future! Yes, it can.
Numbers have the power of foretelling your future with deep meaning and relevant information. If you are aware of Astrology then surely you know that Astrology is a way to predict future through person’s date, time and day of birth. Through horoscope, the Astrologers tell the future and life-related information about the person. In the same way, Numerology also works.

In Numerology, the Numerologists use the date of birth of the person to predict his or her personality traits, destiny, events, and circumstances. Just like Astrology, Numerology provides a blueprint of the person’s life which is quite accurate.

The Numerology Numbers-
It is not a matter of confusion that normal numbers and Numerology are different. These are the normal numbers but with meaning, information and sometimes with mystical concepts. There are a variety of different series and expressions of numbers which hold different meaning and information.
According to the Numerologists, everything in this world is dependent upon the mystical properties of the numbers. Those you get aware of this can easily predict their future, career and many more things only with the help of numbers. Some kind of numbers in Numerology is:
-Life Path number
-Destiny number
-Love number

These are some kind of numbers which shows many things about person’s life and other various aspects. This is how numbers work in a human’s life to show them the right path.

How to be a Numerologist?
There are many ways to become a numerologist. But to become an expert in something, you have to learn the art perfectly. There are many options through which you can learn Numerology and become a Numerology expert but for that, you need proper certifications and skills to prove yourself in front of your clients.

Institute of Vedic Astrology, Indore is offering online distance learning courses in Numerology and other allied subjects which will give you the certification after the completion of course duration.
This course will help you to become a Numerology expert with their quality study content under the guidance of expert numerologists. 

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Numerology By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Sep 11 2019

Are you in a stage of choosing a business brand? Is it necessary to discuss the decision with a numerologist before you start a business or choose a brand name? You would have noticed several times that certain numbers come across your life repeatedly. It is true that the life of a person is connected to numbers, and the study of it is called numerology. Numerology plays an essential role in various significant aspects of life like baby names, vehicle numbers, business names, etc.

Numerology for business

Money plays a key role in a family’s well being and happiness. Having a business or running a company makes your life as well as the employee’s life brighter. Choosing the right name for your brand is equally important as you invest money in your business. Choosing the right brand name according to your numerology determines the development of your business.

Choose your brand according to numerology

It is important to choose the brand name according to business name numerology because every name is associated with a number. Every such numbers energy that vibrates related to certain ideas.  When the energy of vibration behaves consistent with the brand name and its purpose, it is considered to be good in numerology. IVA Indore provides more information about various effects of numerology.

Meaning of each number

As far as Numerology is concerned, each number has a unique meaning and it has to be taken into account for various parts of life and business as well.

•    Number 1: It denotes the sense of self-reliance and the exploration, and defines the best brand name for camping gear.

•    Number 2: It denotes the sense of relationship and diplomacy which is contrary to number 1

•    Number 3: It denotes creativity and social ease, and is good for party supply stores.

•    Number 4: It denotes responsibility and pragmatism. It represents best number having compatibility with party supplies store.

How to find your brand name?

Your brand name can be calculated by adding the values of the alphabet in your brand name. When it comes to numeric values it can be denoted by number like A, J, and S as 1; B, K and T as 2; C, L and U as 3; D, M and V as 4; E, N and V as 5; F, O and X as 6; G, P and Y as 7; H, Q and Z as 8; I and R as 9. Look at the number to choose the right brand name for your business. You can also discuss with professionals having excellent knowledge in numerology by doing courses from professional establishments on par with the Institute of Vedic Astrology

It is always advised to a consultant with a numerologist before tasking any such crucial life decision. Choosing the right brand name according to numerology and working hard can make you highly successful in your business.  If you are passionate about numerology, you can also enroll in a Numerology Course. Choose a reputed institute on par with the Institute of Vedic Astrology - IVA  that offer these courses along with many online courses.

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Numerology By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Jun 13 2019

Numerology is something that is connected to the numbers and the events of the universes. It is now time to predict numerology for the current year. 2019 is a "3" year (2+0+1+9=12 & 1+2=3). The number 3 represents good things on the horizon.  You can also learn more about number "3" by enrolling in the courses offered by one of the finest institutes to Learn Astrology - Institute of Vedic Astrology.

As per numerology, year 3 will bring some challenges, allows reflection and improves one’s communication skill and right views to express the ideas.


Numerology is completely the collection of numbers and its associations with your life. You can define and predict future events considering the year number and your life path number. As the Year number is 3, you can calculate your path number by numerology calculator.

•    Add the numbers in your birth date and add 3 to it.

•    For example, if your date of birth is 15th November, 12+11+3=26, 2+6=8.

•    Thus your personal number will be 8

When you are passionate about them, you can also choose them as your career by Learning Numerology courses offered by organizations matching the stature of Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore

Life path number 1: Break the barriers

You may be planning about your future, but now is the time to make it happen through your actions. Make your goals and priorities essential to move forward. Know your aim strongly in your mind and don’t allow people to pull you back. Have methodical and logical thinking to achieve the target.

Life path number 2: it is not too far

You will start the year in positive manners and you need not put effort to make others agree with you. You will have an important role in your family and friends.  Dream higher at the beginning of the year, work and put the required efforts to come out successfully.

Life path number 3: You can balance your curve

It is a harmonious year that can give you the required excitement, freedom and spontaneity. Happy thing is that you can have the thing that is really needed in your life. The year will also give you adventures and you will be able to discover other avenues and opportunities. The year is going to be lucky and prosperous.

Life path number 4: Determination and motivation

You will be stronger and motivated to achieve success. Face some tough obstacles with patience and think logically to achieve success. Be sure about the results that you may get before taking any steps to avoid disasters.

Life path number 5: Show the fighting spirit

It will give you enough potential to excel in any field but think twice before you make decisions. You can dream big in aspects like career. You will also have to work hard and face some hurdles to reach success.

Life path number 6: smart decisions

Your decisions will lead you to complete your projects more efficiently. Time may go tough, but your persistence and optimism will help you to tackle them.

Life path number 7: Year of potential

Leaving your anxious and doubtful personality will help you in achieving success. Patience, reflection and good decisions are the elements that you need to take up to become successful in 2019. Even if success is not guaranteed, you will surely achieve at some point in the near future.

Life path number 8: Much faster

It is the time when you question yourself and makes some assessments. For you, the year is more realistic and down to earth. You will not have any big challenges. You can expect some changes in February and altogether you will have a positive year.

Life path number 9: Year of change

First, a few months can make you feel down. But, when you are focused and look at the positive aspects along with the right plan for the future, you can be successful in hearts and dreams. Old memories may be painful, but they will make you stronger.

You can also determine them when doing Numerology Courses. Choose the right college that offers courses in Numerology maintaining the quality of IVA Indore.

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Numerology By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Dec 28 2018

What do you think the best place to relax and be peaceful?  One of the happy news for a school going student is “You can leave and go home”. In later life, during colleges and offices also leaving back home is a happy time. You guessed right. Home is one of the most important places for everyone. Have you ever questioned; is your home really suitable for you or can there be issues related to it? Is it anywhere connected to numerology? Yes, it is. Numerology plays a vital role in the happiness of you and your family.


Numbers are something that are at every walk of life in the form of the date of birth, age, door number, phone number, etc. Numerology is the study of numbers. It is also connected with your house and the happiness of you and your family. There are some affecting factors like door number, street, pin-code, or even zip code; that tells you about the place and whether it is suitable for you and your family or not. It also provides options to overcome any struggle present in your life. If you are interested, you can also Learn Numerology as a subject. Not only for properties, but numerology also plays an important part in the naming of babies and also businesses by using Business Name Numerology, etc.

Numerology for the location your house

Have you ever felt love for someplace while others don’t admire much about the place? This happens to many people and it happens many times. Numerology is the key cause of this feeling. Locations also have numbers. According to the match in the number of the place and the number in your numerology chart, you like that place and have a craving on it. The same thing happens in the case of your home also.

Do you wish to know the numerological meaning of your door number?

Each number says a different and unique thing where,

•    Number 1 is the place to have independence; you may have self-confidence, determination, and courage.

•    Number 2 is considered the best for happiness and peaceful married life,

•    Number 3 is appreciated for the creativeness of people in the home,

•    Number 4 indicates a bit of a negative sense since it denotes death.

•    Number 5 is the value for a free spirit

•    Number 6 represents the positive energy in the house

•    Number 7 means that your home is good for meditation and contemplation

•    Number 8 is more special and auspicious, as it brings luck and good fortune

•    Number 9 is good for the long life of the family members.

Not aware earlier?

Are you not aware of the facts of numerology earlier and now do you realize the effects and causes because of it? Do not worry. There are experts in numerology, who have gained precious knowledge the premier Numerology Institute - IVA Indore. They guide you towards the well being and happiness of you and your family.

If you wish to become an expert in the subject, you can enroll in various courses of numerology from the most reputed Numerology institute in India - Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore. The details and best courses can be understood from the Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore Reviews.

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Numerology By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Oct 24 2018

Have you thought that numbers are connected with your life and they have something to predict about your life? Numerology is followed by the Indian Hindu system for thousands of years. There is observed to be a divine, mystical relationship between numbers and events. These numbers create an impact on various life aspects of a person including relationship, career, marriage, health, etc. In recent days, there are several high-quality Numerology Courses offered by reputed institutions to fulfill the passion of people interested in numerology.

Numerology changes a person’s life

When do you think you needed to make some changes in your life? This thought might have crossed your mind when something is going wrong or missing in your life. A deeper understanding of what and how you should proceed to make these changes is essential. Numerology plays a major role in making these changes. It provides the best options for changing your name, business name, auspicious dates, for various events including weddings, business inauguration, etc. For taking these decisions wisely, there are knowledgeable professionals from reputed colleges including the Institute of Vedic Astrology, whom you can consult for choosing a better life-path.

Numerology for your names

Tricky situations would be faced by almost all individuals during some time or the other in their lives. Many soon realize that relevant solutions also lay in changing names. For example:

•    Understanding how names are important in one’s success is significant to achieve desired happiness.

•    Changes to be made in life or to have a fresh beginning.

•    Certain professions are highly sensitive to names.

•    Changing names based on geographical locations.

Addressing these cases by changing your name using numerology can work miracles in your life. You can Learn Numerology if you are passionate about it.

Numerology for business

Starting a business is a crucial step in anyone’s life. It creates a significant impact on your life, your family and the families of your employees. There are numbers associated with every individual according to the date of birth. Choose your business that suits you best and has good growth. According to numerology, every alphabet has its own numeral associated with it. The number thus calculated should suit you and the business that you choose. This can be fulfilled by a numerology professional having broad knowledge by completing the course from the prestigious establishment teaching numerology - Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore .

Numerology helps for successful married life

The wedding date is as important as the choice of your spouse. It serves as a cause for the best and happy life. The best wedding date depends upon the date of birth of the couple. Generally, 1 and 9 are considered to be the best numbers for marriage irrespective of the couple’s date of birth and having destiny numbers like 1 or 9, where destiny number can be calculated as the sum of date, month and year. Similarly, there are also certain numbers that have to be avoided - the numbers 4, 8 or 5. Number 5 is considered to be worse, as it has the power to result in a divorce. To be more specific with the date of your wedding, visit a professional numerologist who has excellent knowledge in the subject by doing courses from the most reputed numerology institute - IVA Indore. Then, have a good discussion regarding your wedding date to have a peaceful and happy life.

Numerology is associated with each and every part of a person's life. It includes various numbers in life like property number, vehicle number, along with different numbers in business, family and social life. Following these numbers will make your life brighter and happier.

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Numerology By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Aug 16 2018

Nowadays, numerology is essential for building a career in the best way. Generally, it is used as a tool that helps us to identify the relationship between the numbers and the alphabet. Based on the life path number, it is helpful in the field of numerology. In The Numerology Course, the life path number plays an integral role.

Based on the life and career, it is basically measured using the single tool. It is used in the format to know about destiny. In the current world, a life path is an essential tool used for making the tools to get involved with life. The life path number can be classified as,

  • Life Path Number 1
  • Life Path Number 2
  • Life Path Number 3

Life Path number 1

According to this life path number, people get admired by the self-motivation being involved. It is easy to organize the goals based on the spirit which is inventive in nature.

Career type

Based on the Astrology Lessons, they have the ability to work in a team such that it helps for the comprising purpose. As we have a strong belief in the ideas, we can implement new ideas for the purpose of work. In these cases, the project should be particular. It helps in easy understanding and contains new trails in them.

The high status is appreciated and the achievements can be recognized. For an authoritative figure, it provides proper guidance.

Pursue careers

When compared with Institute of Vedic Astrology Reviews, the sense of direction seems to be good and acts as an Entrepreneur. And there are good opportunities such as farmer, contractor, and craftsman available for the purpose of self-employment.

Life Path Number 2

There is an availability of many situations without providing any proper bias. So, the basic interaction with others is huge and listens to the life story of other people. The sympathy plays a very important role on behalf of the co-workers.

Career type

Generally, the career type is based on the negotiation and the social skills at its best along with the diplomacy necessary in a profession. They remain very quiet during creative work, and the calculation skill seems to be good. As the brain is busy all the time, it has a very hard time adjusting to the career.

Pursue careers

In the Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore Reviews, it is mainly based on mediation and sensitivity produced in the skills. There is a chance of becoming a lawyer, minister, teacher, counselor, doctor, or caregiving person.

Life Path Number 3

Generally, life path number "3" has the ability to create and be artistic in nature. It provides good words and the level of their energy becomes very high. There is a lack of secrecy as they been found in good social skills and possess a career.

Career type

The Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore, is based on career type, as it should provide the fight for the purpose of entertaining others along with interaction with people and culture.

Pursue career

In many cases, they are very artistic and especially a musician. There is a variety of talents provided inside them. In those cases, go for the purpose of choosing music, theatre, and TV.

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Numerology By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Jun 28 2018

In day to day life, we come across lots of numbers as door number, mobile number, date of birth etc. You also assume a number as your lucky number. Have you noticed that in some places few numbers are repeated? Why is it so? What is the connection between that number and your life? “Numerology” is the science that could answer these questions. As the name suggests, it is something that deals with numbers. Number + ology forms the word Numerology which means the study of numbers. If you are interested to know more about numbers, enroll in the professional courses offered by the Institute of Vedic Astrology to become an expert in the subject.

Master number

Have you ever heard master numbers? What are they? Why are they called so? 11, 22, 33 are normal numbers for common people. When it comes to numerology, these double-digit numbers 11, 22, 33, are considered as the master numbers. They are also observed to possess more potential than the other numbers. They also have some special qualities like high charge, hard to handle, need more time and effort to include in a person’s life. Other double-digit numbers like 44, 55, 66, 77, 88 and 99 also have more power and are sharply defined. But, the term master numbers are given only for 11, 22 and 33.

Number 11, a master number

11 is the number that represents illumination, a medium to the subconscious, increase sensitivity, natural intelligence and most importantly enormous power possessed in both physical and mental faculties. They also have the unique ability to empathize, respect and understand others.  As per numerology, a 12-year-old kid under a master number 11 posses the characters of a 60-year-old person. There are reputed institutes on par with IVA Indore which provide courses in numerology.

Number 22, a master number

Master 22 is appreciated as “The Master Builder” as it has more power than all other numbers. People with this master number on their numerology chart are considered to have a higher potential for success in their life and possess good leadership qualities and confidence.  It represents lofty goals on earth that can be touched.  If 22 is the number on your numerology chart, you have infinite opportunities. With confidence, you can serve the world in the most efficient and practical way.

Number 33, a master number

It is considered as the “Master Teacher”. Number 33 is the shaker and mover of the three master numbers. If you have 33 as a number in your numerology chart, you have dreams and intuitions that are out of the box and reach new levels. You don’t concentrate on your personal agenda, but you are a person who focuses more on humanitarian problems. You understand before you communicate and have high knowledge. This master number possesses positive effects, but it is found rarely in the numerology chart.

You can also choose numerology as your area of interest and Learn Numerology. To know or analyze more on the courses and colleges, click on the Institute of Vedic Astrology Reviews. IVA Indore gives you the best platform to improve your knowledge in Numerology.

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Numerology By Institute Of Vedic Astrology May 28 2018

Have you ever heard of the word “Numerology”? Have you ever felt the same number is crossing many times during many occasions of your life? As the word suggests, numerology is the study of “numbers”. Yes, numerology is the study of numbers, it is also considered as the universal language of numbers. It is observed that there is a profound relationship between certain numbers and your life as a whole. Choosing a certain number creates a positive impact. Some numbers are assumed lucky because good results will come when you start a new project based on this number. If you are interested in knowing the principles, you can also Learn Numerology. IVA Indore is the best institute in India that offers professional courses in Numerology.

Numerology helps for getting a house for well being

Getting a house is a dream for many people and a huge amount of money needs to be invested for that. So, it is necessary to choose the best house based on the principles of numerology. Choose a number that best suits you and your family. Similar to a good name for people, a suitable number is necessary for the well-being of a house. A number is like a name that represents a property. It is also believed that a house with the number that best suits you will give a good fortune for the people living in it.

Number of the House you choose

When it comes to property, the number 8 is considered special and auspicious as it brings luck and good fortune. The number 9 also has positive vibrations for the long life of the family members. Number 2 is considered best for a happy marriage and 6 for the positive energy. Number 3 stands for creativity; Number 5 represents a free spirit; number 7 indicates that your home is a good place for meditation and contemplation. Sometimes, there is a sense of negativity associated with number 4 as it refers to death. If you wish to be an expert in the science of numbers, you can choose to learn a professional Numerology Course from the Institute of Vedic Astrology, Indore.

Is your house address connected to your happiness?

Are you a leading a happy life or are there any problems and struggles in your life? Whatever it is, have you ever thought your property address is somehow connected with numerology? It is a proven fact that the number in your address influences your property. According to numerology, address plays an important role in the happiness of you and your family. As far as numerology is concerned, numbers are vibrations and they produce energy. In addition to your door number, your street number, building number, the pin-code or the zip code has a significant connection with the happiness of you and your family. In case of any doubts or for getting a clear idea of choosing, changing or doing something to overcome current problems, visit professionals from the Institute of Vedic Astrology.

Numerology can play a major role in creating happiness in the family and the future well-being of your kids. Apart from purchasing the property, numerology is connected with everything like choosing the names for babies, choosing a good day for a beginning a new project etc. To become an expert and know more, professional courses are available from the best numerology training institute in India - Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore. Build a bright future for you and your family by following numerology.

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Numerology By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Apr 09 2018

Nowadays, numerology is considered an important divination tool. This science is based on the relationship between numbers, words, names, etc. According to the survey conducted by the Institute of Vedic Astrology, some people do not have proper practice in numerology traditional methods. As we all know,  numerology is considered by many as an interesting subject that sparks curiosity. On the basis of quality, and the Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore Review, IVA Indore is considered the most reputed mentor for teaching the principles of numerology. The significance of the starting letter is discussed below -

A-    The person whose name starts with alphabet “A” seems to be rude and egoistic in nature. They know about the basic necessities they actually need to lead a happy life.

B- These people lead a life as an individual, in solitude. They often pamper about your love and the exchanging of gifts. These people are considered to be more sensitive. In some cases, people may consider them to be stubborn, because of their strong-headed nature. Possessiveness and loyalty are the major things in them and they always need a caring partner throughout their life.

C-    The C alphabet people love listening to intelligent things and live their life accordingly. They need some kind of intellectual conversations to take place. When these people speak, they want everyone to listen to their words. They lack a healthy sense of humor.

D-    The most romantic people are those whose name begins with alphabet “D”. They work tirelessly for an ideal and are very passionate about nature. They expect trust and loyalty from their partners.

E-     The person whose name starts with this alphabet is perfect they expect the same from the partner. Always active and never get tired.

F-    Enjoys every small thing in life. These people help others in their good and bad times. They never get satisfied with things easily.

G-    They really enjoy the luxury life. Also, they appreciate and sometimes worship their comforts. They easily get bored and not give much loyalty.

H-    They remain super active due to the presence of a large amount of energy. They have the capacity to manage difficult relationships.

I-    By Learning Astrology, you can know that people whose name starts with "I" alphabet need only luxury life that is full of money, and want to be worshipped at all times. But, they generally act loyal.

J-    These people are very good in expressing their feeling outside. They also take time to appreciate good things in their life.

K-    These people are secretive, passionate, romantic and sensual. They maintain good friendships with all the people and are loved by all.

L-    These people are passionate, romantic and sensual. They remain good friends with all the people and are loved by all.

M-   They are innocent in nature and are highly volatile. They usually believe in perfection and never give up easily.

N-    They frequently get emotional and being pampered by everyone. They are usually the most selfless people on planet. Thye are highly imaginative and energetic.

O-    Based on Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore, these people love fun and hide desires. They always expect the best from all. They are very loyal to the people they love and have possessiveness.

P-    Image and reputation are important to people having their name starting with alphabet P. They are intelligent in nature and attract everyone.

Q-    These people have full energy and are very different in nature. They also remain enthusiastic throughout their life.

R-    Based on the Vedic astrology review, they remain as the action-oriented person in life.

S-     They are strong and do not easily lose their emotional balance.

T-    They are very sensitive and private people. They remain committed and loyal throughout their life. They do not share their true feelings with others.

U-    They are usually happy and enthusiastic people.  They always give importance to other's feelings.

V-    These people expect freedom and show selfishness. They are strong in their hearts and remain calm during difficult situations.

W-    They are egoistic and proud people, as they feel proud inside. They are ideal and romantic. They put effort on love and feel it deeply.

X-    They are enthusiastic in nature, but get bored when something is not interesting. They are multi-talented, as they can do work quickly and maintain a good company.

Y-    They are independent in nature and do things in a proper way. They smartly control their emotions and do not fully express themselves.

Z-    They have a natural inclination to love. They remain romantic throughout their life. They have the capacity to fix things in life by facing and fighting with them.

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Numerology By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Feb 12 2018

Numerology reveals that a company’s name has a certain impact on the company’s future. People believe that the correct application of numerology plays an important role in their company’s life. This means that a company's name can bring good vibrations into your business. You can Learn Numerology on your own by Numerology Course which is available online and offline.

The study of numbers, its combination and the interaction of numbers in a person’s life are termed as numerology.

When you use numerology to change your business name it is known as Business Name Numerology. As your company name has a powerful energy, the letters and words in it can determine the future of your business.

Change your company name with numerology to change your destiny

Changing the company name with numerology is easier than the name numerology. In the company's name numerology, you have to consider two factors such as the nature of business and date of birth of the business owner.  The name of your company must reflect the sense that you want to deliver in the society.

Changing the name and destiny

Company name numerology can be done with the use of formula

Find a name that can show your business + Think an effective number for your company + provide your service + be patient = Success

You have to follow this formula to achieve success in your company. First, you have to find a name that suits your company and then choose the expression number with the alpha-numerical chart. After getting the right name for your company you can change it. Now market your company’s product or service and wait until you reach the goal.

Meaning of Numerology Expression numbers are

One – can be a leader, new ideas and innovation

Two –says about relationship and balance. Number 2 is good for the therapist or a coach

Three- creative expression in art, music, speaking, photography

Four – it is great for construction or manufacturing company

Five – successful expression number and it explains the travel, entertainment, and fun

Six – this suits for healing professions like a teacher. It is best for schools, restaurant and businesses.

Seven – it is a powerful number which can seek unique and unknown

Eight – a great number for business and it gives power as well as success

Nine – represents the transformation so it is useful for coach or speaker

These are the meaning of numbers and you can choose according to your kind of company. When you apply some mathematical principles and good numbers to keep your company name, it can lead your company to a successful path.

Many business owners don’t attain success even if they have the right knowledge, skills, dedication work. They may get disappointed as their efforts are going useless.

Such a person can change their company name with Indian Numerology to have luck in their life. The name of your company based on Indian Numerology will not only increases the wealth but also brings popularity to your company. When you have the growth it has greater results in your life thus by changing your destiny.

Join the Institute of Vedic Astrology to become a numerology specialist and have a good company name and a bright future! 

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numerology By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Nov 15 2016

The arrival of a baby is one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences of a person’s life. It is often said that until one has experienced being a parent, one can never know what it really is. The parent has complete responsibility for the child’s wellbeing. From what the child will eat to its value system, a parent is one of the most influential people in a child’s life. It is a lifelong commitment that requires patience, foresight and understanding. As the child grows and develops into his or her own person, the parent remains the foundation of its life.

One of the many responsibilities of a parent includes selecting a name for the child. A name is the primary differentiator and is the first step in identity formation. Selecting an appropriate name is no small task and requires careful consideration of all options. Here are some important pointers to keep in mind before choosing a name for your baby.

Lifetime Compatibility: A person’s name is the identity of that person and will always remain a part of him or her. It is important for parents to choose a name that in some way allows the child to develop into their own selves without burdening them with parental expectations. The Indian society, unfortunately burdens their children from a young age and this often begins from the child’s name. In order to avoid this burden, parents must choose a name that makes the child feel as if it is a gift to them from their parents.

Uniqueness: Since the function of a name is to set it apart from others, uniqueness plays an important role. Some names are more common than others and are a hot favorite in many communities. This can be due to the meaning of the name and what it symbolizes. However, a unique and distinct name can empower a child to be his or her true self. It is important for parents to find out the meaning behind a name before giving it to their child.   

Simplicity: With borders between continents blurring, thanks to globalization, the need for universally understood names has increased. Cases of bullying and ridiculing are on the rise and it is best for parents to take this into consideration while naming their child. Many Indian names are often mispronounced and misunderstood by foreigners. This may lead to the child being bullied or ridiculed amongst his peers. Parents must choose simple and easy to pronounce names that will help the child feel included and accepted by peers.

Meaning: While some parents choose names based on preference or liking, some may choose names based on their meaning. Indian parents have been naming children after gods and deities for centuries. This is done in hopes that the children will imbibe the qualities of the person after whom they have been named.  It is important for parents to understand the meaning behind the chosen name so that there is no confusion in the future.

Fitting to last name: Have you ever met someone whose name is a tongue twister? This is because the first name and last name together are difficult to pronounce. A person’s name should roll off your tongue easily. Thus, parents should take into consideration the complete name of the child rather than just the first name. They must ensure that the name is not a tongue twister and is easy to pronounce.

Identity: Since a name is the first step towards creating your identity, it is important to pick a name wisely. A common name will make a child feel like he doesn’t have his own identity. Some parents pick out nicknames for their children based on physical attributes or individual characteristics. this helps children form an identity with their own names.

Astrology: The position of planets, time of birth and place of birth can have a significant impact on human life. Planets, stars and constellations place a key role in determining various qualities, situations and life events. Many Indians believe that the position of stars reveals the starting letter of the baby’s name and the child is named from that letter.

Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore a premier institute that provides online training in Numerology reviews the significance of choosing baby names.

Astrology and Numerology in Choosing Baby Names -

Some people are of the opinion that the number of letters in the name can be a crucial factor in the destiny of the person. This is why some people have extra letters in their name. Notable examples are Rani Mukerji who dropped the H from Mukherjee and replaced double e’s with I. Tusshar Kapoor has also used double S in his name instead of single S. Hritik Roshan, a long-time believer in astrology and numerology added an extra H to his original name Ritik Roshan. These celebrities have changed their names according to skilled numerologists and have achieved great success. 

Ancient Indian texts have suggested that the zodiac sign under which a baby is born can have a large impact on their life and character. Some parents even consider consulting astrologers for astrology based names i.e. the first letter of the baby’s name. This is determined by the positions of planets, stars and other cosmic elements at the time of birth. Each sun sign has specific letters and syllables which are appropriate to name babies. Here are a few examples:

Aries: Names that begin with the letter L and A are considered to be lucky for this sign. It denotes confidence, idealism and boldness. Arians are considered to be competitive, goal-oriented and passionate. Painter of the iconic Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da vinci was a famous Aries personality.

Taurus: Stubborn, loyal and devoted are the primary traits exhibited by Taurus. Those born under this sign can be named by letters I, E, U, W and O. A notable Taurus is veteran poet and playwright William Shakespeare.

Gemini: A true Gemini is characterized by Charm, intelligent and adaptability. Their need for acceptance and belonging is what makes them good at adjusting to any situation. Geminis with names starting from A, H, G and K will bring all the Gemini qualities to life. Music artist and rapper Kanye West is a popular Gemini.

Cancer: Cancers are often considered artists thanks to their heightened sensitivity. This also makes them emotional, sensitive and nurturing. Names beginning with the letter D and H are the perfect representative of the Cancer sign. The world-famous Princess Diana of the Royal family was a Cancerian personality.

Leo: Generous, warm-hearted individuals are born under the Leo sign. Protective of their own, these lionhearts can be energetic and possess a strong streak of creativity. M and T are ideal letters for Leo babies. Hollywood actress Mila Kunis is a Leo sun sign.

Virgo: Calm and level headed Virgos will think things through before making any decisions. A sharp mind coupled with a modest and shy streak, Virgos can be named under letters P, N and T. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a famous Virgo.

Libra: Social, sophisticated and romantic, Librans are the life of the party. With their diplomatic nature, Librans are ideal romantic interests. R, K and T named Librans usually embody the above qualities. Hollywood celebrity and social media star Kim Kardashian is a famous Libran personality.

Scorpio: Scorpions have a magnetic personality. They have the ability to be charismatic, powerful and unyielding. Once a Scorpion had made up his or her mind, there little anyone can do to change it. With a strong emotional side, Scorpions make for the best of friends. Names that begin with the Letters N, T and Y are ideal for scorpions. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc, is an eminent Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Signified by the Archer, A true Sagittarius is an eternal optimist. With a penchant for freedom and good humor, those born under the Sagittarius sign are often philosophical. The Letters B, D, P and T have proven to be lucky for Sagittarius signs. Hollywood heartthrob, Brad Pitt is a famous Sagittarius.

Capricorn: Loyalty and ambition are the cornerstones of a Capricorn’s personality. They are disciplined in nature and have a habit of work steadily towards their goals. They may come across and reserved in nature, but they also have a great sense of humor. You may consider names beginning with B, G and J for your Capricorn baby. Hollywood star and funny man Jim Carrey is a Capricorn.

Aquarius: One of a kind and unique, an Aquarius baby is fiercely independent and honest. They do not believe in mincing words and tell it like they see it. Friendly, original and humble, an Aquarius baby can have a name beginning with the letters S, G and D. World-renowned astronomer and physicists Galileo Galilei is an Aquarian.

Pieces: Often considered the softies of all the Zodiac signs, Pieces are characterized by their kind and sympathetic natures. They are often selfless and imaginative; Pieces can be your most supportive friend. C, D and T are some letters that are ideal for Pieces baby. Veteran actor Shashi Kapoor is a famous personality born under the Pieces sign.   

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Numerology By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Aug 08 2016

What is Numerology

To Understand Numerology in simple words, it can be interpreted as a science that believes that there is a relationship between numbers and life events. It is fascinating to note that numerologists understand everything about the event that will going to happens in the world but which is entirely dependent on some mystical properties that are associated with numbers. These mystical features come from the inherent vibrations of numbers. According to the theory of numerology, a unique kind of vibration is related to the number. Interestingly, each number can help you to understand and predict the behavior of people and even predict compatibility between two people.

The following section will discuss how numerology can influence a person’s life:

How can it affect your life?

If you believe in it and see the patterns, you can observe the effects of numerology on different aspects of your life. For example:

The course of your Life

The direction of your life is very much decided by the numbers in your life. The kinds of challenges you face, the people you meet, your achievements and lessons of life are all associated with your number. To find out your number, you just need to add all the single digits of your complete birth date and then keep adding them until they are reduced to a single digit. That single number is the number of your life path.

Your Traits

You will be surprised to note that your numerology can give out some insightful aspects of your personality. It can show your characteristics and also let you understand how people see your character when they first meet you. To know this number, you simply need to use the alphabet chart of numerology and see the numerical value of all the consonants in your first, middle and last names. Once you find the numbers, you need to add all the numbers and bring them to a single digit and get your number.

Your Career Path

Numerology can help you much in finding your career path. If you are working on a career path that is compatible with your number, then you will surely get a lot of success without many hurdles or hassles in your life. For example, people with number 3 would be better in communication-related jobs and might face problems if they get into the technical field. Therefore, if you decide on a career keeping in mind your number according to numerology, you can do tremendously well.

What are various Systems involved?

Various systems can be used in numerology. The following section gives you a brief on the three systems:

 Chaldean Number System

It is one of the oldest systems that are studied in present times. In this system, the letter to number calculations is determined by vibrations emitted by each letter and not by the alphabetical order itself.

 Pythagorean System

It is one of the most popular systems used in numerology. In this method, the value is assigned by the Western alphabets by utilizing a number formula. The value is between 1 to 9.

 Kabbalah System

The Kabbalah system is originated in the Hebrew culture. It considers a person's name and not the date of birth to determine the number. It has 22 vibrations between 1 to 400

 Final Words

Hence, there are many aspects of Numerology that you might want to discover. In the end, it is up to you to believe in it or not. But learning about it and trying it out once could be worth it. 

There are a lot more about Numerology and its deep aspects but for that, you need to learn it professionally. Institute of Vedic Astrology is here to help you out with their Online Distance Learning course of Numerology. Learn Numerology and become a master in your life and career. 

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