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Shatabhisha Nakshatra According to Vedic Astrology

By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Dec 05 2022 best_vedic_astrology_course_online,vedic_astrology_online_course

The lord of the ring usually rules Shatabhisha nakshatra. It is also affected by the Planet Venus as a lunar node of Rahu also influences this nakshatra. It is also known as a veiling star, and the empty circle is usually donated as this nakshatra. In this article, we will discuss its effect on the life of people and those born in this nakshatra, career, and more.You can learn more about different nakshatra with the help best vedic astrology course online.


Effect of Shatabhisha Nakshatra on Both Gender

With relation to doctors and medicine, this nakshatra is known as a doctor and healing of pain. The person born in this nakshatra is usually self-independent, intrigued, and they are mysteries in nature. This nakshatra is secretaries in nature. Therefore people born in this nakshatra are introverted and love to spend time alone. They believe more in their freedom and want to spend their life on their terms and conditions without interruption from others. You can know everything about your personality by astrological reading with the help of vedic astrology online course. One can choose about to opt for any course with the help of distance learning astrology courses in india and astrology courses online in India.



  • Males of this nakshatra are usually very truthful and want to live their life honestly, never stand on false claims, and even stand against their own family if needed.
  • Males of this nakshatra are ready to specify their self and self-worth when it's come to following their principles and standing in them. They first considered rules and policies above themselves and followed them throughout their life.
  • They are star burn in nature; therefore, they want to stand in their decision and want to fulfill at any cost.
  • Males born in this nakshatra are very emotional and can feel the pain of others; hence they can be easily carried out or cheated by others.
  • They never show off their intelligence or assets. They are not like the materialistic type. They love to live on the ground, never make other people down, and can easily mix up with others.



  • Females born in this nakshatra are very calm, expressive, and shy. They never show extra tantrums with others.
  • They are very hot-tempered and, once poked, can lead to anger; there are not easily get affected, but constantly being disturbed can affect their mood and can result in fights
  • They are very ritualistic, believe in God, and follow all the rituals because of fear. They are very orthodox.
  • They often see the negative side of the situation; therefore kind of sad and easily fall into family fights or with their collogues, and therefore they are always mentally disturbed.
  • Often, the women of this nakshatra are sympathetic and generous.


Nature of Professsion People Born in Shatabhish Nakshatra


Shatabhish Nakshatra usually leads to professions leading to research, science, and technology.


The male of this nakshatra can try the profession related to science, psychology, astrology, and other healing arts. Up to approximately 34 years, they may face many hurdles in life. They can lead a delighted life, enjoy life, and succeed in business and their job. From a very young age, they stand out of the crowd due to their smartness and sense of humor.



 Females born in this nakshatra are usually related to science and are more inclined to study medicine. So the maximum number of females lead to being doctors and can excel in this profession. Even many also lead to research in the science field.


Family life

Males – males of this nakshatra are not very lucky in terms of family life. They will always get issues due to their siblings, and their siblings always keep hurdling in their life, and this causes their mental breakdown. Even if they will not get full support from their father therefore always remain sad. Males will get love from their mothers, and she will always take a stand for them. Talking about life partners, their wives will possess all the good qualities and be perfect in the role of housewife even though their love life will not be good or smooth.

Female - Females of this nakshatra will have happy families, and everyone will love them. They will also have a very loving partner and but their married life will not be smooth; they will face many issues like they can be separated due to their profession, or there is the chance that they will be widowed at a very young age.


Health and well-being


Male of this nakshatra will always face issues related to infection as they will have a weak immune system, and therefore, even fever can affect their health. They even get affected by urinary tract infections and respiratory tract issues, including breathing issues. They will also get diabetes at a young age.


Females of this nakshatra are very sensitive; therefore, extra care should be taken for them. They usually get affected by the urinary infection and have uterus issues, which can lead to issues in getting pregnant and having a baby. They are also prone to colic, breathing issues and chest pain.


Different Padas of Shahtabhisa Nakshatra


 1st pada – 1st pada of this nakshatra Falls under the shahtabhisa nakshatra, which is ruled by the planet Venus. The people born in this nakshatra are more likely to be causal. They are highly optimistic and always have positive thoughts about their goal. They easily get affected by others' pain, and they are always generous and stand for others if they need help; hence they are cheated by many.


2nd pada – 2nd pada of this nakshatra fall under the Capricorn zodiac sign navamsa, ruled by Saturn. People born in this nakshatra are efficient and never think about others and what impacts their discussion with others. They are kind of over-ambitious, and therefore they are more likely to see their benefits in everything they are not easily carried out by others and have a powerful personalities. They could attract more opportunities due to this.


3rd pada – 3rd pada of this nakshatra Fall under the aquarium navamsa ruled by Saturn. People born in this nakshatra are usually very far-sighted and can assume the situation earlier and then make decisions according. They never do any work without thinking about its consequences, so they never regret their decision. They are very quick-tempered and easily get affected by others; their anger is out of control. They are eccentric.


4th pada - the 4th pada of this nakshatra Falls under the pieces navamsa ruled by Jupiter. As a result, the people born in this nakshatra are very mature and believe in healing and compassion .negative planet can make natives bold in nature.


2022 For the People of this Nakshatra –


  1. Career – this year may sound fruitful for you. At the beginning of the year, you will get many rewards in more appreciation or money, which can lead to your carrier at its peak. In the mid or end, you will likely achieve your target, which you have been waiting for a long time. For any Innovative ideas and business, this year may be crucial; you can start p your firm and get success with good planning.


  1. Love – this year will be perfect for married people; they may go on the trip, enjoy themselves with their partner, and even have a perfect time with them. This year, talking about the love birds allows them to enjoy and live with their partner. At the end of this year, there can be some challenges, like if the partner is hiding something or trust issues can arise during this time.


  1. Financial issue – this year, you will get good rewards and funds. Suppose you try a mutual investment where you can earn a lot and can get a profit. For the part-time business and new place where you can get good profit at the end of this year .and if you have property by selling it you can get good profit.


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  1. Health issue – this year, you will not find many health issues. But in the mid of the year, you can get plenty of issues like mental stress and other like pain in the eyes and many more, so to get protection from this, you should try to get enough sleep and take rest according. Eat a proper diet, including fruits and vegetables and when you feel stressed; you can take a break and go for a short trip with your family.


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