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5 Personality Traits Of The Air Signs: Gemini, Libra & Aquarius

By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Oct 06 2021

Each element in Astrology symbolizes a strong suit that is common in all their zodiac signs. In the case of Air signs, traits like intellect, independence, practicality &spontaneity stands out.

The element Air is free, dynamic, powerful, yet light. These qualities are also reflected in its signs.

Out of all four elements, Air is the only one that is invisible. Hence, at times its strength this questioned. However, Air is the reason we can breathe. And although this element doesn’t look as fierce as water or fire, a light breeze can turn into a ferocious storm in no time.

Likewise, the air signs hold immense invisible strength and power. Here are 5 core traits of air signs that are quite interesting.


1.   They Are Born-Geniuses

Of course, intellect is not just exclusive to the air signs, but one cannot ignore that most geniuses come from these signs. Personalities like A.P.J Abdul Kalam, John F. Kennedy, Oprah Winfrey and Charles Darwin belong to this category.

Air signs are always looking for ways to stimulate their critical thinking and a resolution-oriented. Therefore, in any organization, you’d see air signs coming to the rescue in times of crisis.


2.   They Are Practical

Too often, our emotions overcloud our judgment which leads to poor decisions. Surprisingly, air signs are known to be devoid of such emotional misjudgments. Air signs are more practical, which lets them think clearly and make the right decisions.

Unfortunately, their practicality is a double-edged sword. Being a practical thinker in every situation can also result in emotional detachment. It especially affects those decisions where they are expected to think from the heart, not from the mind.


3.   They Are Excellent Communicators

Air signs are referred to as the ‘communicators of the zodiac’. They connect with people and ideas better than the other signs. And as Air has different ways of communication, so do its signs. Aquarius, Libra & Gemini have their unique ways of communicating with the world.

Aquarius is known to stand the ground. Their intellect and determination to work for a cause help them to share their ideas fearlessly with others. Often, these tasks are out of the comfort zone of others, but Aquarius can do them flawlessly.

Libra is one of the most selfless signs that works particularly well in groups. They are best suited to build morale and maintain harmony in the group. In an organization, you’d often find Libras working in HR roles.

Gemini is the quick chatter of all the air signs. They love to socialize, talk about their ideas, build a quick connection, but soon move on to the next one. Unlike the selflessness of Libra, Gemini does not go out of their way to build harmony.


4.   They Love Adventure

Just like the Fire signs, Air signs are also thrill-seekers. Their intellect and curiosity push them to try different things. As mentioned earlier, they like spontaneity and adventures that stimulate critical thinking.

The element air makes element fire stronger. Likewise, air signs are most compatible with fire signs. Their shared love for adventures and spontaneity results in amazing friendships.


5.   They Have Secretive Personalities

Some people are hard to read, while others have personalities that are open like a book. In astrology, water signs are relatively easier to read because of their ability to have a deeper connection with their emotions. Air signs, on the contrary, are the hardest to read. Due to their emotional unavailability, people may find it difficult to understand their way of thinking.

In conclusion, Air signs are really the jack of all traits. They excel in intellect, communication as well as connections.

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