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5 vastu tips for newly married couple to enhance the romance in their life

By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Jan 29 2018 Vastu

People will be more conscious of the arrangements before the marriage, but many of them forget to think about the couple’s future life.

Don’t push yourself to find the answer; it is nothing but the Vastu of the home where the newly married couple lives for the rest of their life.

If you follow the vast tips in your home it can even enhance the love, romance and strengthen the bond between them.

Vastu is such a powerful weapon that can make your long-term relationship stronger. To understand these benefits you can Learn Astrology and make your married life better.

Best Vastu Tips for Married Couple to Enhance Romance in their Life

Keeping Photos

If you want to have romance and love forever you can keep your wedding photos or any other special capturing in the eastern wall of the house. This brings positive energy to your room and you will be in love together.

You should avoid keeping the photos of dead ancestors or God images as it can interrupt the romance vibration. 

Bedroom direction

A bedroom should be built in the south, west or southwest direction because love and romance are there to improve your bond.

To have more ideas about these things go through the Institute of Vedic Astrology reviews.

Bed position

A couple’s bed should be placed with the support of two or more walls. It may be either southwest or northwest direction of your home.

The main part of the bed must be in the south direction as it can help you to increase physical intimacy and deep sleep.


Your bedroom should not be painted with any pale colors like white or off-white. It is better to be in bright colors such as bright red, orange, etc.

Don’t keep mirrors

It is highly recommended to avoid keeping mirrors in the bedroom as it reflects your sleeping way.

You should not place even a dressing table in your bedroom. You can learn more about this when you Learn Vedic Vastu

Bedroom materials

You can use a wooden bed to have warm energy and coziness. Rather than keeping artificial flowers, you can keep the fresh flowers to have a fresh and pleasant odor.

Then you can keep fancy lamps which can give you the aesthetic feel any real sense. In order to raise your mood, you can have green and blue shades in the bedroom lamp.

Then avoid the habit of keeping unwanted furniture to decorate your room. This may lead to fights by blocking the love of couples. In IVA Indore you can study these techniques clearly.

Window position

Make sure that your home has windows and doors in even numbers. Also, windows must be open inside instead of outside.

Thus, they are some essential Vastu tips for a couple to enhance the romance in their life.

Apart from this you can Learn Online Vastu in the Institute of Vedic Astrology and know more things related to it. Love the Right Partner and live in the Right Environment to be glorious in your married life!


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