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numerology By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Nov 15 2016

Significance of Choosing Baby Names

The arrival of a baby is one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences of a person’s life. It is often said that until one has experienced being a parent, one can never know what it really is. The parent has complete responsibility for the child’s wellbeing. From what the child will eat to its value system, a parent is one of the most influential people in a child’s life. It is a lifelong commitment that requires patience, foresight and understanding. As the child grows and develops into his or her own person, the parent remains the foundation of its life.

One of the many responsibilities of a parent includes selecting a name for the child. A name is the primary differentiator and is the first step in identity formation. Selecting an appropriate name is no small task and requires careful consideration of all options. Here are some important pointers to keep in mind before choosing a name for your baby.

Lifetime Compatibility: A person’s name is the identity of that person and will always remain a part of him or her. It is important for parents to choose a name that in some way allows the child to develop into their own selves without burdening them with parental expectations. The Indian society, unfortunately burdens their children from a young age and this often begins from the child’s name. In order to avoid this burden, parents must choose a name that makes the child feel as if it is a gift to them from their parents.

Uniqueness: Since the function of a name is to set it apart from others, uniqueness plays an important role. Some names are more common than others and are a hot favorite in many communities. This can be due to the meaning of the name and what it symbolizes. However, a unique and distinct name can empower a child to be his or her true self. It is important for parents to find out the meaning behind a name before giving it to their child.   

Simplicity: With borders between continents blurring, thanks to globalization, the need for universally understood names has increased. Cases of bullying and ridiculing are on the rise and it is best for parents to take this into consideration while naming their child. Many Indian names are often mispronounced and misunderstood by foreigners. This may lead to the child being bullied or ridiculed amongst his peers. Parents must choose simple and easy to pronounce names that will help the child feel included and accepted by peers.

Meaning: While some parents choose names based on preference or liking, some may choose names based on their meaning. Indian parents have been naming children after gods and deities for centuries. This is done in hopes that the children will imbibe the qualities of the person after whom they have been named.  It is important for parents to understand the meaning behind the chosen name so that there is no confusion in the future.

Fitting to last name: Have you ever met someone whose name is a tongue twister? This is because the first name and last name together are difficult to pronounce. A person’s name should roll off your tongue easily. Thus, parents should take into consideration the complete name of the child rather than just the first name. They must ensure that the name is not a tongue twister and is easy to pronounce.

Identity: Since a name is the first step towards creating your identity, it is important to pick a name wisely. A common name will make a child feel like he doesn’t have his own identity. Some parents pick out nicknames for their children based on physical attributes or individual characteristics. this helps children form an identity with their own names.

Astrology: The position of planets, time of birth and place of birth can have a significant impact on human life. Planets, stars and constellations place a key role in determining various qualities, situations and life events. Many Indians believe that the position of stars reveals the starting letter of the baby’s name and the child is named from that letter.

Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore a premier institute that provides online training in Numerology reviews the significance of choosing baby names.

Astrology and Numerology in Choosing Baby Names -

Some people are of the opinion that the number of letters in the name can be a crucial factor in the destiny of the person. This is why some people have extra letters in their name. Notable examples are Rani Mukerji who dropped the H from Mukherjee and replaced double e’s with I. Tusshar Kapoor has also used double S in his name instead of single S. Hritik Roshan, a long-time believer in astrology and numerology added an extra H to his original name Ritik Roshan. These celebrities have changed their names according to skilled numerologists and have achieved great success. 

Ancient Indian texts have suggested that the zodiac sign under which a baby is born can have a large impact on their life and character. Some parents even consider consulting astrologers for astrology based names i.e. the first letter of the baby’s name. This is determined by the positions of planets, stars and other cosmic elements at the time of birth. Each sun sign has specific letters and syllables which are appropriate to name babies. Here are a few examples:

Aries: Names that begin with the letter L and A are considered to be lucky for this sign. It denotes confidence, idealism and boldness. Arians are considered to be competitive, goal-oriented and passionate. Painter of the iconic Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da vinci was a famous Aries personality.

Taurus: Stubborn, loyal and devoted are the primary traits exhibited by Taurus. Those born under this sign can be named by letters I, E, U, W and O. A notable Taurus is veteran poet and playwright William Shakespeare.

Gemini: A true Gemini is characterized by Charm, intelligent and adaptability. Their need for acceptance and belonging is what makes them good at adjusting to any situation. Geminis with names starting from A, H, G and K will bring all the Gemini qualities to life. Music artist and rapper Kanye West is a popular Gemini.

Cancer: Cancers are often considered artists thanks to their heightened sensitivity. This also makes them emotional, sensitive and nurturing. Names beginning with the letter D and H are the perfect representative of the Cancer sign. The world-famous Princess Diana of the Royal family was a Cancerian personality.

Leo: Generous, warm-hearted individuals are born under the Leo sign. Protective of their own, these lionhearts can be energetic and possess a strong streak of creativity. M and T are ideal letters for Leo babies. Hollywood actress Mila Kunis is a Leo sun sign.

Virgo: Calm and level headed Virgos will think things through before making any decisions. A sharp mind coupled with a modest and shy streak, Virgos can be named under letters P, N and T. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a famous Virgo.

Libra: Social, sophisticated and romantic, Librans are the life of the party. With their diplomatic nature, Librans are ideal romantic interests. R, K and T named Librans usually embody the above qualities. Hollywood celebrity and social media star Kim Kardashian is a famous Libran personality.

Scorpio: Scorpions have a magnetic personality. They have the ability to be charismatic, powerful and unyielding. Once a Scorpion had made up his or her mind, there little anyone can do to change it. With a strong emotional side, Scorpions make for the best of friends. Names that begin with the Letters N, T and Y are ideal for scorpions. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc, is an eminent Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Signified by the Archer, A true Sagittarius is an eternal optimist. With a penchant for freedom and good humor, those born under the Sagittarius sign are often philosophical. The Letters B, D, P and T have proven to be lucky for Sagittarius signs. Hollywood heartthrob, Brad Pitt is a famous Sagittarius.

Capricorn: Loyalty and ambition are the cornerstones of a Capricorn’s personality. They are disciplined in nature and have a habit of work steadily towards their goals. They may come across and reserved in nature, but they also have a great sense of humor. You may consider names beginning with B, G and J for your Capricorn baby. Hollywood star and funny man Jim Carrey is a Capricorn.

Aquarius: One of a kind and unique, an Aquarius baby is fiercely independent and honest. They do not believe in mincing words and tell it like they see it. Friendly, original and humble, an Aquarius baby can have a name beginning with the letters S, G and D. World-renowned astronomer and physicists Galileo Galilei is an Aquarian.

Pieces: Often considered the softies of all the Zodiac signs, Pieces are characterized by their kind and sympathetic natures. They are often selfless and imaginative; Pieces can be your most supportive friend. C, D and T are some letters that are ideal for Pieces baby. Veteran actor Shashi Kapoor is a famous personality born under the Pieces sign.   

You can also Learn Astrology and Numerology from distance learning courses at the Institute of Vedic Astrology and can choose the best name for your offsprings and can suggest names in your family and colleagues too! 


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  • How does vastu shastra affect our life?

    Let’s begin with the introduction of Vaastu Shastra –

    What is Vaastu Shastra?

    Vaastu Shastra is an Indian Vedic Science of Architect which is translated from a Sanskrit term. It put downs the architectural designs – related to the construction of buildings and houses for the peace and harmony of lives. It is all about architectural designs, management, space conversation, layouts, and materials. It is not an essential thing but really keeps important for healthier and better living. It’s a fundamental proven science in which you live. The energy we get daily updated by our surroundings; the thoughts we create.


    Despite the fact…,


    What does actually Vaastu Shastra mean?

    It’s an Indian science of architecture that was developed thousands of years back in ancient times for happy home living. It has its roots extended to Indian Mythology, Philosophy, Math, Geography, and History. Every religion is influenced by it as per their religious norms and somehow Hidusim is more believed in it.

      Vaastu actually mean is “HOUSE” or a place where human lives or the things he or she owns, the considerations are the followings –

    • Bhoomi – The land or the plot where the house or building is designed
    • Prasada – Inclusion of walls which is constructed with the house or the buildings
    • Shayana – These terms where the utensils section and furniture area are made or considered
    • Yaana – The parking area or the Angan where the vehicles are parked


    Institute of Vedic Astrology Construe: As per Vaastu, when buildings and houses are designed by keeping the principles of Vaastu in mind they generate positive vibrations and build a positive harmony with inhabitants with peaceful living. Even if the basic construction is done as per Vaastu principles they become part of the universe. The princi[les of Vaastu used while construction is used since ancient times and believable used modern era also.

    The use of Vaastu is more done while constructing and designing the house's living room and bedroom because a person spends on his more than half of his life in living at these two places the most and these are the places where the native feels most comfortable. So it is deeply very beneficial to design the two most important areas of the house according to the principles keeping in mind for a beautiful happy life as they also encourage more spiritual practices. Vaastu architecture course is all about understanding the patterns and connections related to the architectural designs of the house according to Vaastu principles.


    Positive Energy; Happy Life!


    Why does Vaastu Shastra keep so much importance in our life?

    A well-designed home and well-being bring so much clarity and prosperity to our lives and our households. Hence keeping our house energy positive and bringing joy and happiness on good terms with our loved ones and making memories with them is the primary normal. All the broken things from the house are just to be removed out for entice and comic the positive energy. For more detailed and exact techniques one can opt for the Vaastu consultant course or Vaastu online classes which can be mastered in its principles by completing degree courses in Vaastu Shastra.


    Ensuring your house and its essence is nature comfort and safety in an envelope of positivity, happiness, and love which curates and encourages healthy life and prosperity which every human being wish for…and it is where Vaastu Shastra keeps so much importance.


    Here are some Vaastu Shastra tips to bring positive energy and live a happy life –

    Following are the easy Vaastu tips which are very reliable to be followed and bring a conducive positive environment with growth and prosperity for you and your family


    Vaastu Tips for Resident!

    1. Do not keep a broken mirror in the house/

    2. Broken clocks or not working clocks can affect your good time.

    3. Keeping a cactus plant in the house as it is considered as a negative plant that affects the relationship of the house members.

    4. Clear out the spider's web as soon as you see them as it affects the financial growth.

     Vaastu Tips for Financial prosperity!

    1. Leaky taps or brokerage in the plumbing of houses can cause you loss financially, make sure you get them repaired.

    2. Can keep a bird feeder in the northwestern part of the open area or terrace of the house, it attracts financial well-being.

    3. A mirror should be placed in the locker of the house just opposite to the cash as it determines it doubled with this general technique.

    4. The main door of the house should always be there in the east, north, or north-east direction as it is the main part of the house and it generates positive energy.

    Vaastu tips for Educational & Academic Growth!

    1. The bookshelf should be in the north-east direction and should not be opposite to the mirror as increases the pressure of studies and makes your brain lack in it.

    2. The study tables should have a few inches gap between them and the wall, as it needs space for the flowing of good energies to make you concentrate.

    3. The study room should not be under a beam or a bathroom.

    4. East or North direction are considered as a good direction to place to study table, it makes the mind sharp and helps to focus on the studies.

    Vaastu Tips for Healthy Relationships!

    1. There should be a happy picture placed of all family members together in a frame in the Northeast direction for happy living.

    2. No war pictures or articles which define war should be placed or framed in the house, it attracts the negative energy and creates differences between relations.

     Most Important…Vaastu for Good Health!

    1. A citrus plant should be placed near the entrance; the main gate of the house for good healthy vibes.

    2. Avoid mirrors in the bedroom just opposite the beds as it causes negative and sick health.

    3. Scented candles with good fragrances or Diya should lighten up in the Southeast or the Northwest direction of the house to balance your health.

    Here are some believed and unbelieved Myths about Vasstu Shastra which encourages and affects our life!

    •  “Vaastu Shastra is the same everywhere”

    No, Vaastu Shastra isn’t the same everywhere. It depends on the specific area or region. It is not at all likewise Vaastu which is me for India’s region will become for America’s too.

    • “Having a Triangular plot is Inauspicious”

    False, Every incorrect Vaastu can be resolved by doing a few settings that can give you good energy. There’s always a solution for every problem.

    • “Vaastu Shastra is only for House or Building designs”

    False, Vaastu keeps a major role in everything considering even little things. It acts in offices, temples, classes, cities, towns, art everything.

    • Your all problems can be solved only by taking care of Vaastu”

    Not so true or relevant a person has to do more taking care and hard work for good well-being.

     Summing Up!

    Vaastu is an ancient science of architecture and is been considered till today from thousands of years back! It is not superstitious is all based on the rational science of observations and happenings. An era can become as modern as it can but people will never stop believing in it as it actually brings positivity and affects life. It totally depends on people to people.

    However, it makes you understand the nature and the activities which are part of our daily life. It is helpful and effective and in point of fact it conducive the positivity in our lives and consort a healthy environment.

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  • How to learn kp astrology step by step for beginners...

    Astrology is known as a science of predictions. With its power of, we define the present, past, and future of a person. Considering from birth till death Astrology has the power of unbridling all the aspects of life, whether it's unleashing happy times or bad times in a native's life. 

    What is KP Astrology?

    Wherein KP Astrology or Krishnamurti Paddhati is a contemporary version of Astrology or we can say software of Astrology which is used to make predictions related to future events. KP Astrology helps in predicting the future with high intensity and accuracy. There are numerous KP Astrology courses where you to get to understand it in more depth, one can even get a basic understanding by learning KP Astrology online.

    Certainly, it is a modern contrary of Astrology in an upgraded form. It is derived from one of the most famous Astrologers of all time Shri K.S. Krishnamurthi.                      

    Krishnamurthi derived and made understood various forms of Western and Vedic Astrology and after studying it he developed KP Astrology. KP Astrology is the study of stellar astrology based on the predictions of stars. It is the accurate form to define a happening event accurately. Different types of methods and tools are used to derive the attention toward an absolute cause. Overall whatever is predicted by Astrologer using this method has somehow an impact on whatever will happen.

    What is the difference between KP Astrology and Vedic Astrology?

    If we are seeking difference on the behalf of Astrology so there are not so big differences. Vedic Astrology predicts the future according to the changes of houses and therein KP Astrology predicts future happenings by connecting nodes of two houses (through cups). Comparably KP Astrology gives and tells a more accurate statement than Vedic Astrology. 

    • KP Astrology has lesser rules than Vedic Astrology
    • KP Astrology has logical and accurate happenings with time but Vedic Astrology sometimes has the missed data

    Chronicles of KP Astrology –

    There is 12 zodiac sign, every zodiac sign has its circumstances and path and somehow are correspondent to planets. As the sky is considered a circle and so all the planets are revolved around it. Therefore complete 360* degree pattern is divided for all 12 zodiac signs, in the light for 30* degrees for each zodiac sign. Also, each zodiac sign is acknowledged and divided into 27 stars. Hence 20 mins angle for each star span over a 13*degree angle from the center of the circle. 

    This concept is known as sub-lords and is significantly divided into 9 parts considered stars or nakshatra. It is the main core of KP Astrology and is highly compelled. The idea of developing KP Astrology is inspired by the Bhav Chalit chart which is mainly used in Vedic Astrology. Apparently, all the techniques and rules used by KP Asdtrolgoy are not so parallel to Vedic Astrology. Significantly have their own occurrence and their factors auspiciousness and directory. 

    Features of KP Astrology -

    Here are some of the basic features of KP Astrology and fundaments which are to be taken care of;

    1. The factors significantly affect the houses, including the houses themselves, the stars of the houses, squire of that house of planets in the stars. 

    2. The prediction is done about the events using the sub-lords of the particular house or according to the kundli which is based on the native's house.

    3. When there is Mahadasha, the houses get affected determinately. There are many reasons why houses get activated with the other houses in the Mahadasha era. 

    4. Each house is dependent on different degrees or different planets.  

    These are the basic physiognomy that is used by the Astrologers to leave a positive effect on the native's life by predicting the future happening. 

    Why One Should Learn KP Astrology?

    Discover the healthy secrets about your magical life.!

    Discovering the healthy secrets of your life makes it more interesting. It uncovers the questions a person always in life for sure gets a thought Who I am? Why did this happen to me? KP Astrology simply helps let you know more about yourself. Through this, you can make better and right decisions in your life. You may help others also with your great knowledge and let them know a better version of themself. It defines personality traits. It even allows the proper evaluation related to a career.

    If you are planning to go for KP Astrology as a career plan a question might definitely arise, How to learn it?

    What are the steps?

    Voilaa! We are here to give you a nutshell guide for the same. 

    KP Astrology is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-understand guide. It is a simple and modern method of Hindu Astrology. 

    Let's begin with the easy steps to move ahead with this topic -

    1. A native has to understand the difference and the basics of Vedic and KP Astrology.

    2. Reach out to the discovery of KP astrology and its importance.

    3. Get to know in brief about the divine tools of Astrology, stars, planets, houses, and their positioning. 

    4. Understand the positive affirmative and negative conditions relatable to career, education, love, marriages, health, business, and property. 

    5. Necessity practice is always required to practically apply KP Astrology rules. 


    KP Astrology is not only used in India but all over the world. And the reasons are mentioned above in the article. It is a modern version of Vedic Astrology and definitely has a future in this by learning this. Opt for KP Astrology classes or learn KP Astrology online. It has its own stimulation of analyzing and predicting. 

    Learning Astrology, which tells us the future events or past events based on our present scenario is never been easy. If you are the one who is keen to know the secrets and want to move ahead with it our experts are there for you to give hands-on experience with practically analyzed knowledge. nd get the strongest significator in your life,

    Enroll now in KP Astrology classes on our website...and there you go, find the magic about your uncovered life secrets. 

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  • Astrology for careers – what your sign says you should do

    Astrology for a career is one of the most interrogated topics. Awestrucking about career goals, career options, and job opportunities aligning with your choice of interest is one of the most worrisome tasks. If it does not work accordingly it may be destructive emotionally, and mentally. Failing in exams, job interviews, and struggling for years for the same is very drainful for a person. But people are still not understood and have wrong publicity that Astrology is a primary solution for it. People are still not aware of how can Astrology be helpful and can give the right angle to your career. It is the right perspective and aspect which is widely popular and considerable.

    How does Astrology help in a Career?

    Astrology is proven science that is used for our good fortune and future. Astrology is one of the helping parts of understanding natively about our career by seeing our birth chart.

    Most people give a deep thought to their lives and career and what should they pursue. Many of them at a young age couldn’t afford or go with the flow of desired career options due to parental pressure or lack of finance or anything. Often it works out for some people but they might not be satisfied forever with it. A person wins half of the battle in his life when he gets to do what he loves and what he dreamt of or something he achieved which is more relevant to his personality. On the other side, it can be very frustrating or not give a motivation to do the work every day with new enthusiasm.  

    Astrology is one of the major parts which helps a native understand what career can be the best suitable for him. This native’s horoscope is read out and analyzed to study his nature, and interest. It is easier said than done the number of astrology factors is also considered while making the decisions.

    The Sun signs and the planetary position including the timing of planets are the major factors in astrology that define a person’s career. The dominant planet in the horoscope easily affects the career of a person. The Astrologers study the 2nd house (inclusion of possession and finances), the 6th house (inclusive of work), and the 10th house (inclusive of career, interest, and fame). All these factors are put in together to calculate and help natives to understand a good career opportunity.

    An Astrologer is a big helper in a native's career by making them understand positive points and making one understand his strengths and weakness. They even suggest the best remedies to deal with it.

    Your Best Career Choice According to Astrology?

    The factors which decide a career is the timing of the planets and the zodiac sign with its planetary position or House position or Bhav’s position. This helps in determining what’s the right time or when will the opportunity knock on the door of your life so you can work hard on it.

    Fundaments of Zodiac Sign –

    There are specific factors related to birth date and chart that arbitrate the career. It is the comprehension of four elements water, fire, earth, and air, which are inclusive of your mind, body, and soul.

    One factor decides our behavior and attitude towards everything taking it positively or negatively. And it is accusive of our zodiac sign considering under the planetary positions we were born. Some of you go through and calculate your career as per your zodiac sign as it is a scientifically proven technique but there’s an expert always required in every field to move forward.

    Water – The Zodiac signs which come under Water are the Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces; ruled by the 4th, 8th, and 12th house of the horoscope chart. It is the most popular element in an heir’s life. Water energy is always high so the person is always high on ambition. They are naturally born leaders.

    The best career option for the people who are under Water Sign – Lawyer, Social Worker, Chef, Nurse, or Therapists. The profiles have leadership and good ambition.

    Fire – The Zodiac signs which come under Fire are the Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius; ruled by the 1st, 5th, and 9th house of the horoscope chart. They tend to be very loyal but have anger issues as their mindset is willfully short-tempered. They are very creative and passionate about things.

    The best career suited for the people who are under Fire Sign- Social Media Manager, Police, Trainer, College Professor, Agent, Politician.

    Earth- The Zodiac signs which come under Earth is the Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn; ruled by the 2nd, 6th, and 10th house of the horoscope chart. If you come under these signs you tend to be a practical and generous person. They are very straight forward in nature.

    If you fall under Earth Sign then a good career option for you would be – Artist, Musician, Architect, Designer, Engineer, Finance Officer, or Doctor. These are the best-suited career options for the people who fall under Earth Sign.

    Air – The Zodiac signs which come under Air are the Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius; ruled by the 3rd, 7th, and 11th house of the horoscope chart. People who have these signs are extrovert kinds of people, they can adjust to any type of company or group of people. They are very joyful, good at communication, always high on energy, smart thinker, and are the center of attraction.

    Over and above the best career field for people under the Air sign is Networking, Marketing, Public Relation Officer, Influencers, Personality Developer, and Writing.

    From the above guidance, it is very clear houses are ruled by Zodiac Signs and define our best-suited career with its 4 elements. Each element is considered with its features and influence on natives' life.

    No matter what, whichever career option you do prefer maybe, writer, social worker, influencer, nurse, or therapist it is because of your planetary position. Now, all we know is that houses are co-related with planets and planets are gives the characteristics of getting defined in a person’s life.

    How our Astrologer helps you to find the best career suited for you and your personality?

    During difficult times while growing up Career plays a major role in a person’s life. It is a very dilemmatic thing and sometimes very successful after putting your sweat drop. Lately, a chosen path maybe also not get turned into success. We need proper and appropriate guidance and solution for the same.

    Our Vedic Astrologer, Astro Aashish Patidar gives in-depth knowledge and guides you to the right opportunity to grab on looking out on our birth chart, celestial bodies which influence our lives. He guides the right path to move on by using the birth date, time, and Kundli. Kundli is our birth chart which showcases the graphical design consisting of 12 houses. The interpretation is done wisely by seeing the Kundli and ordered according.

    Many experts say that not only us but our coming youth will be more into taking the advice of Astrologers to move further. The generation is very curious to know about everything personally and previously.

    What are the few often asked questions with our Astrologers?

    1. Which career line should I choose?

    2. Is the career line I am working hard worthy of?

    3. Which is a secondary career option for me?

    4. When will I be settled down in my life?

    5. What is a good time when I will be successful?

    And More…

    Wrapping Up!

    If you are a student or person of any age looking for a new venture, opportunity, career prediction, or options. We help them out and make them move forward.

    Believe it or Not!

    Astrologers have solutions to your problem and direct you to the right option. Today every other person is looking out for accurate guidance and criterion. We believe every other person has some other doubt or the above-mentioned questions in the mind.   

    So if you or your close one are seeking to want to fix the dilemma regarding your career then you should surely consult Astro Aashish Patidar who will solve your all queries by giving the solution.

    Read more
  • Cancer zodiac sign – personality traits and sign date

    As a human being, many questions arise related to the self-Zodiac sign. The most common curiosity among us is What are the traits related to my zodiac sign are they relatable? Along with this what are the positive and negative effects of the same? While this gives Astrology an interesting fact; in Astrology, there is no wins and there are no losses. It’s a magical, mysterious, knowledgeable domain that gives us more reason to be esoteric.

    Every sign is powerful and puzzled and has its own orra. And all contain all the four signs- air, water, fire, and earth signs which work togetherly in a comprehensive manner and show up their unique personality traits.

    Over the decades every zodiac sign has developed its mystical truths, and myths including numbers, colors, animals, strengths, weaknesses, and gemstones. Every zodiac sign is elemented with its strong point of view and complete power pack traits.

    Now let’s take its details to the next level. There are 12 zodiac signs which are layered with Astrological concepts. As we go through these 12 zodiac signs concepts deeply, we start layering them into concepts more deeply as it is very fascinating, as each sign has its unique personality.

    Let’s take a jump to Cancer Zodiac Sign and its uniqueness, traits…


    Zodiac Sign – Cancer (June 21 – July 22)


    Personality Traits – Cancer Zodiac -

    The Strength- They are highly imaginative, loyal, emotional, and attachable.

    The Weakness – Insecure, moody, overprotective.

    Element – Water

    Colour – White, Pastel Blue

    Lucky Numbers- 2,7,9

    Date – Monday & Tuesday


    Compatible Sign – Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio


    Lucky Gemstone – Pearl

    Get every bit of detail about every zodiac sign-on -on horoscope-free daily zodiac astrology!

    Cancer is the 4th Zodiac sign! Its symbol is a crab. It is most challenging for Zodiac to get to know.  Cancerians are the most caring of all. They can do anything to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. They will motivate you always and will be happy for your appreciable success journey.

    Its symbol crab is loyal and very protective. Same like shells of crabs they will protect you from anything. The crabs’ shells are open-minded and non-judgemental rather they prefer to support and believe in helping.  Zodiac horoscope today tells you about your daily sustaining, guiding you to the lucky number and color to make your day.

    Cancer Love-

    Neither or fewer Cancerians are very protective and extremely devoted in any kind of relationship.  They will show their feelings without even thinking of getting hurt. In terms of partners, they will choose someone who understands them with their actions. They are always ready to share equal responsibilities with their partners a build a new love and an aura.

    Cancer Family and Friends –

    Cancerians are more protective of their family terms and members. They don’t leave a single chance to engage with them and maintain them forever together bond. They love to make and create little moments with family which is very joyful for them. When they are making the right thing happy all of the care, and respect they give.

    About friendship, Cancerians are very glad to accept very up and fall on all terms. They are highly sensitive and be your best motivator. They make you feel so comfortable in their friendship, also they are very socially active and cheerful people.

    Cancer Money, Fame, and Career –

    They are very passionate about their work and highly devoted. They will give their best in every field and make their point relevant which makes sense. They will tie a knot and roll up the sleeves to give their superlative performance.
    The finest career option they can opt for is as a nurse, event coordinator, social activist, influencer, or politician.

    Cancerians make money by giving their best in any field in which they go, as they are highly active and enthusiastic people.

    This is a dedicated sign, who is ready to go for unhealthy things to make them healthy without thinking of getting hurt. They are rooted in family, friends, and sensitive vibes. They do not entertain extra interruptions in their work.

    What’s Does Cancer Horoscope Predictions Means for You in 2022!

    Here it is –

    Welcome to the horoscope prediction of 2022, Cancer!

    This year you will find peace in your relationships and friendships. The happy and positive vibes will flow, and your loved ones will express them for you more and more. You will be more compatible, independent, and burnt out this year. You will be confident enough to make and set the boundaries for yourself. Your continued relationship will face some significant changes but you both gonna make it. It’s the year of communication, the more you will communicate the more you feel upbeat. Plant your seeds, set your intentions but have patience you’re the driven results.   Focus on your goals, avoid the drama, and have a joyful 2022!


    An online astrology course is the best way to grab knowledge about the astrology field and the know-how every zodiac sign keeps emerging energy in its place.

    Astrology courses in Indian Universities hold and guide your best methods and techniques that teach you in-depth knowledge about Zodiac signs and their traits!

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  • How does numerology help in decoding behavioural aspects

    Do you know about number powers, or have you ever heard about numerology? Do You see the exact number in repeating ways wherever you go and stay? Does the particular number influence you, or do you feel driven towards it? Since you are here to learn how to decode behavioral aspects with numerology, you might be interested in learning numerology online.

    Here we will discuss what numerology refers to and how it helps decode behavioral aspects, and some interesting facts.

    What is Numerology

     Numerology studies the relationship between numbers and their dynamic impact on our daily lives. The number we interact with oftently are symbols that emit powerful vibrations or energy that impact us globally. Each number's radiation is distinct, and they uniquely affect us.

    Numerology can help you determine the direction and purpose of your life. It is also beneficial to know and learn which type of energy affects your life shortly. You can learn numerology reading to do it by yourself without any help. A lot of people also make use of Numerology to help to name a child or business. The number of the alphabet in a name affects the overall character, and that's why parents make a lot of effort to choose names that will bring the desired outcomes.

    There are numbers on your birthday and your address, phone number, and a paycheque. "All within you and even within you!" The most obvious way they impact your energy flow comes from your Numerology chart. The numbers you see in Your chart are similar to Your Life Path and other core numbers. They impact your life personally since they originate from your birth date and full name. Many online platforms offer to learn numerology for free, and you can find different numerology courses in India in which you can enroll.

    How to Calculate Birth and Life Chart Numerology?

    Personality number: The number that you choose to use is calculated by using consonants of your name. It's also known as the inner-dream or dream number. The number reflects your personality and gives you an insight into how others perceive you. Understanding how other people perceive your personality will help you get rid of false perceptions and let your true self shine through.

    Destiny number: The number that you choose is calculated by using your surname and first name. It's also known as expression, name, or Namank number. It is a brief overview of the purpose you have in life. It outlines your personality, reveals your goals, provides you with an idea of how to reach them, and also reveals the obstacles that may be in your path.

    Life path number: This is the most crucial number in your numerology chart. It is determined based on the date of your birth. It will reveal what your weaknesses and strengths are, your opportunities, and the lessons you're likely to encounter during your lifetime. This will help you understand the way ahead more clearly and help you identify opportunities.

    Soul number: This number is calculated by using numbers that correspond to the vowels of your first name and your surname. It's also referred to as a soul urge number (also known as the heart number). It offers a glimpse into your own strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and other resources. It essentially reveals what you're like and exposes your inner self, which you might have a secret from the world. 

    Decoding the Significance of Each Number

    Number 9: Anyone born between 9 and 18, and 27, falls under the base number 9 and is controlled by Mercury. Mercury. They are highly competitive and also are leaders. They put all their energy into completing a task. People in Base 9 do not care about their place in society. They are more focused on achieving their task. They are given assignments or new projects due to their leadership qualities. In some cases, because of their insanity, they are a victim of loss. People in the 9th position dislike solitude.

    Number 8: The people born on the 8th, 17, or 26 of any month have base number 8. Saturn controls them. Saturn. They are quiet and serious. They enjoy working in a secluded location. Even when they're unhappy and angry, they will not tell anyone about their feelings. The number 8 individuals are self-motivated, and when they fail in their work, they attempt to do the same thing again to make it work. They don't have a massive circle of friends; however, they have an intense relationship with their small group of friends. They are open about their feelings only with certain close friends.

    Number 7: Anyone born between 7 and 16 or 25, or any other month falls under the number 7; planet Neptune governs the base. They are knowledgeable, and their conduct with everybody is excellent. They admire all with their behavior. They don't believe in shortcuts to success. They believe in the importance of the hard effort to accomplish goals in their careers. They don't like those who make sweet promises to appear in the good books. Because of their exceptional intellect and sharp eye, 7 individuals achieve incredible heights in their professions. But, they are afflicted because of their soft character, and many think that their modesty is their weakness. Their most afflicted fault is overthinking a situation.

    Number 6: They are born between the dates of the 6th, 15th, and 24th in any given month, are called base number 6, and are controlled by planet Venus. They behave well within society and are considered to be ideal. No matter what bitter feelings may exist about them, these individuals strive to be an excellent relationships with all people. They are looking for support from others to accomplish their tasks. If they don't receive this support, they continue by referring to other people. People with the number 6 love to look attractive and have good fashion sense. They tend to be known for their positive behavior. They're honest in their decisions and possess a sense of justice.

    Number 5: People born between the 5, 14, and 23, or any other month ruled by planet Mars. The people of the base number 5 are composed, soft-spoken and articulate and possess an open and friendly nature towards other people. They have a very cordial behavior that they cover up the hurt even if they are embarrassed and do not confront the issue immediately. People are amazed at five people because of their soft-spoken manner. Leaders with five numbers are competent and are willing to examine their actions whenever they aren't working. They don't engage in defensive attacks when people discover flaws in their leadership; instead, they try to rectify their shortcomings.

    Number 4: People born on 4, 13, or 22 or any other month are guided by planet Rahu. People with the base number 4 are determined and wish to have quick success. They are usually involved with their work so much that they lose track of their environment. Fourth, they do not want to be disturbed by their work. Even though they enjoy being in solitude at times, they are social.

    People in number 4 are stable and allow them to stay focused on their work until the very finish. Although the 4th group of people is practical, they do not accept inconsistencies and can be somewhat rigid.

    Number 3: People born on the 3, 12, or 30 of the month of their birth are subject to the rule of Jupiter. Jupiter. People born on three are severe and observant. They are highly aware of the world around them and are mindful of their image and standing. They believe that their dignity should never be impeded. They appear to be a mature person. Thirdly, they take particular care to be role models to youngsters. These individuals are very imaginative and can improve nearly any profession. On the job front, they attempt to prove their worth, and as a result, often they lose money.

    Number 2: The planet of mastery Moon guides people born on the 2, 11, 20, and 29. People with base number 2 are peaceful by nature and are always joyful and content. However, they are quickly unhappy when they come into their lives. Two people prefer to fight for their dignity but do their best to avoid being involved in a petty conflict. In addition, the two individuals can work with others and can solve disputes. These individuals prefer to be in a light and fun atmosphere. Their natural disposition can put them in a position of loss. They also are prone to be scammed by their loved ones.

    Number 1: Sun is the main planet for those born on the 1, 10, 19, 28, or any other month. People born at the top of the list are usually hard-working and egoistic. People with the base number 1 are also willing to fight for the own good of their image. But, they are also compassionate and of a caring nature. They don't want to be admired and will not like being with people who make a big deal of display. People with base number 1 are blessed with an unwavering idea of what they want to achieve. There is no obstacle in their way when they choose to take action. The first thing to consider is that people can be excellent leaders.

    If you desire to learn numerology online, you can opt for a numerology study course from home by simply writing numerology classes near me in the search tab. Indian Institute of Vedic astrology (IVA) is one best numerology colleges in India that offers numerology classes online and offline.

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  • A beginner's guide to reading palms


    Palm reading is considered one of the most divine activities. The divinatory activity is often called Palmistry and can also be called Chiromancy. However, these practices are often regarded as the most difficult to grasp. Many people around do not understand what this activity is?

    If we put things simply here, Palmistry is an analysis or interpretation of individual characteristics through the physical structures present in their hands. This activity or study is also carried out to predict the happenings in one's future. Many of you must be thinking, why only hands are being used to carry on these predictions and interpretations?

    Let us answer this with what we know the best. It is often said that our hands do represent and are portals that shed one's invaluable sights.

    Might readers have heard of things like Zodiac Horoscope today and this day? It is all very much related to this divinity. In Palmistry, there is certain topography that Palmistry deals with. One of which is the Hand Shape.

    The beginners' readers are often taught "Hand Shape" and its significance. The concept of Palmistry is that every hand is of particular shape and defines something unique about the personality concerned.

    The Hand Does Matter

    Palmistry and other divine activities like these give more importance to our hands. Through this part of our body, the experts' readers can tell us a lot about individuals' lives. Not just about the present times, but activities like these can tell one about their past experiences and how these experiences can affect one's future.

    For more understanding of the person's life, palm readers might join both the palms to understand how the person's life has evolved and how things in the past affect future happenings.

    In recent times, it has been noticed that the interest in these practices has increased at an exponential rate. There are many Palmistry courses online. With Palmistry courses online in India, it has become easy for the Indian public to explore their interests in online astrology courses.

    To learn Palmistry online can be very much significant. Interested aspirants can watch this through videos and other presently used tools and understand Heartlines and other important lines present in palms nicely. Like any other divinity practice, Palmistry is complicated yet makes everything interesting when learned. Modern Palmistry is of many forms and becomes all the more complicated and fun simultaneously. You must be thinking that what is so fun about such an activity?

    Through palm reading, one can read certain things about different personality traits. For beginners, it is always advised to start reading from the shape of the hand or the hand shape, as we said earlier. Directly jumping on to fingers and proportions can create a lot of confusion without any practice of the beginner's level.

    There are minor and major lines that can help you read or guess certain facets of an individual personality. Palmistry is not just about fun but has been included among other divinity practices and has been well established since then.

    Other aspects of Palmistry that deal with numerology and numerology classes online are also becoming all the more craze among the public.

    The government and experts have also recognized Palmistry's importance and expanding work. They have now decided to introduce Palmistry or numerology as a professional course to be opted by the students who have a certain level of interest in it and want to pursue it with great enthusiasm for their career in the future.


    Thus, apart from offering some of India's best online astrology courses, India is collectively introducing astrology courses in Indian Universities, which is a far better way to give this field some recognition and help the interested ones with guidance, resources, and knowledge.


    Talking about career and success, which one palm reader aspires for in this field is also expanding and increasing. The market growth has been commendable since the last decade as people are getting more serious about their future and want to know things they are doing are in the right direction or not?

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  • How to use numerology to find your life path for 2022

    The year 2022 is a 6 Universal year! 2+0+2+2=6!


    The numerology is valued from 1 to 9 and this year 2+0+02+2=6 is ruled by Venus!

    This is the universal year which is about acknowledging responsibilities, success, glamour, entertainment, and self-love. The world is speculating on mental health, self-love, self-care, and healing. This year is a new change and will raise full of positivity. 


    There will be demanding circumstances in relationships in the first quarter of the year but you will figure it out and will get back on with love. The social and business interactions will more don’t wait for the opportunity to come, go for the various opportunities. 


    This year will give a rise to your potential. 


    2022 – Yearly prediction to get your successful life track!


    People whose birth dates are – 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,27,30 , it will be favourable year for y’all.A numerology reading can help you with tricks and ideas to go for it, you can go for Numerology reading online or Numerology courses online. 


    Find out your numerology number and knows what it means –


    The Birth Number!


    Look at your birth date to find your birthday number! If you were born on the 6th your birthday number is the 6th. If you were born on 17 (double-digit number), then add up both numbers (1+7= 8) to find your birthday number. For birthday numbers you don’t have to reduce the single-digit number. Only you have to use the date number, not the year or month number. This easy peasy trick helps you to find your lucky number. 


    Life Path Number – 


    Your life path number shows you the destiny of your life. It indicates your personality, creativeness, nature, and the karmic debt you have t go through. To find out your life path number you will need to add your date of birth, month, and the year you were born. 

    Let’s say you were born on 23rd November 1999, so you need to add the numerical birth number, 2+3=5, then add the double-digit birth month number i.e. November =11; 1+1=2, and then finally the year in which you were born = 1+9+9+9= 28. And break down the number again by adding; 2+8=9 and here we get our single number. 


    Now add on all the main numbers; 5 (Birth Date) + 2 (Birth Month) + 9 (Birth Year). Deduce all the numbers; 5+2+9= 16. At last, we have to make a number single-digit number so will get back to making the number as a single-digit 1+6=7. This gets us your Life path number is 7 and start manifesting about its role. 


    Destiny Numbers –


    Your destiny numbers show the part of your life which has been written for your betterment. It keeps the fulfillment of what your heart wants and what you desire in life. To calculate this same you can use mathematical calculation as a life path number but also you need to use your first and last name aligns with numbers. Each alphabet letter has a number that co-relates with it. 


    Use the number 1 for the letters A, J, and S.


    Use the number 2 for the letters B, K, and T.


    Use the number 3 for the letters C, L, U,


    Use the number 4 for the letters D, M, and V.


    Use the number 5 for the letters E, N, and W.


    Use the number 6 for the letters F, O, X,


    Use the number 7 for the letters G, P, and Y.


    Use the number 8 for the letters H, Q, and Z.


    Use the number 9 for the letters I, and R.


    What meaning does number keep in Numerology and how does it represent your personality in 2022!


    These numbers are used to understand the facts behind numerology which is correlated with your life. These numbers keep popping in your life as a lucky number for good things to be happening. 


    Number 1 represents a person’s personality as a strong, independent, and self-sufficient person. Who is capable of his/her power to do anything. They have a center of attraction personality.


    Number 2 represents a person’s personality who is very patient about things and has a positive attractive energy. 


    Number 3 represents a person’s personality who is socially active, good at communication and likes to interact with people outside. 


    Number 4 represents a person’s personality who is up to their commitment and makes sense in every point.


    Number 5 represents a person who is very fun-loving and has an attractive smile and personality. Who grabs people’s attention by their words.


    Number 6 represents a person’s personality who has leadership skills and performs top in every stage of life. They very well know how to handle a situation.


    Number 7 represents a person’s personality who has high intuition power, who is sensitive, careful, and full of emotions. And are highly invested in any of their relationships. 


    Number 8 represents a person’s personality who runs behind success and is always up to learn new things. They are an innate desire to rule their era. 


    Number 9 represents a person’s personality who is stuck on something related to the past or present and is difficult to move ahead to new things. 


    Calculate your lucky number and apply in 2022 with your manifestation! 


    Summing Up!


    These are the basic numerology bluffs that you can do by yourself, but to be a professional numerologist’ you can join an Institute which offers numerology courses in India.There are numerous numerology colleges in India but as preferred by many people IVA India is the best institute to learn numerology


    IVA India administrates numerology classes online which helps one to learn about it by comforting at their home. They provide diploma and professional diploma courses in Numerologywith exam conduction and certification with hands-on experience under the guidance of the experts. 


    Numerology courses fees depend on your choice, if you opt for a Diploma course or a Professional Diploma course which goes for the duration of 6months to 12 months can require daily practice for 20 minutes. 


    Visit the website – and grab the offer of learning Numerology for free!

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  • What is the effect of numerology on your life?

    Numerology has become very popular and a trendsetter in past decades.  It is a fascinating subject and determines its influence on the life of people. It is a scientific calculation of numbers that helps you to tell the right path related to career, love, relationships, business, and more. It’s a side part of astrology. 

    Numbers are the prime cause that starts reacting since our birth and are appalled with our birth dates. They start their influence right after our birth and keep their influence till our death. The beings of the Universe are categorized with the value from 1 to 9. These numbers are called divine numbers. Everything in this universe is related to numbers.

    There’s a lot to learn and know about numerology and through various online astrology courses you can brush up yourself on Numerology, it will help you to accomplish your destiny by degrading a negative effect on your life path.

    Not only we but Bollywood celebs are more reliable in numerology, which got them desirable success and shaped their career. A numerologist uses pictographs to derive the solutions for the person self – discovery. Numerologists believe that numbers have a great deep connection with the universe and its vibration. 

    How does Numerology Work In Our Life – 

    There are particular energy and vibration manipulated with each number inclusive of certain properties. These properties give highlight a person’s life, behavior, personality, and fortune. Numerologists analyze these properties and determine the lucky number for them. Numerologists state things don’t happen in terms of mishaps, everything happens just in numbers. 

    In our daily life numbers works as our representative to tackle the situation and drive our inner potential out. It helps us to get the right decision for a thing and start a new venture with our lucky number. Numerologists are more trustable for this kind of fortune. You are required to master numerologist for this to go on the correct guidance. One can even become a master in numerology by enrolling in numerology college or can learn virtually through numerology online classes.  

    Effectiveness of Numerology In Life-

    • Numerology in personal life 

    It has a wide effect on our personal life. It helps in determining the lucky number for you and a lucky color according to your personality. Try to be quirky as much as you can while applying the formulas related to lucky numbers and colors. You can apply this technique in personal life – vehicle numbers, phone numbers, house numbers, can consider life’s important events on the lucky number date.

    • Numerology in Business

    In business, it helps you to choose a lucky launch date, lucky day, or new assignment work meeting. This is always applied by big companies and business owners. 

    • Numerology for Marriage 

    As per the Indian culture and Hinduism people are very vigilant about dates in marriage or any event happening. Dates for marriage are considered with the lucky numbers and a good ritual day. 

    • Numerology in Career 

    Numerology in career is used by many successful people. Many Bollywood stars are into numerology for their movie realizing dates, some even get a tattoo of their lucky number, and some of them use it for their desired career path. If you are looking for a career opportunity in any profile, get guidance from numerologists.

    Number and their magic in our Life!

    1. It’s the very first number and the sun rules it! It has a masculine characteristic and turns the beliefs into reality. 

    2. It is the number that defines feminine personality, class, style, intelligence, life choices.

    3. It determines the creative person with a good IQ level. It helps to perform the right activity at the right time. 

    4.  After number 2 this is the second number which also expounds a women’s personality, considering good physical activity and a strong appearance. 

    5. This number defines a personality of an extrovert person, who always finds a way to be extra in life.

    6. This number is ruled by planet Venus and is entitled to a loving and caring personality. 

    7. This number defines a passionate person who is always willing to do so better in life without box thinking. 

    8. Considered money, fame, and power. Leads to both positive construction and negative destruction.  

    9. The last divine number in the series, this is considered for the protection of nature’s personalities and immense knowledge. 

    It is a very fun and interesting thing to learn and understand.  One can even make a career opportunity in the same. They can apply for the best online astrology courses in India. There are numerous website and colleges in India which provides numerology manual course. You will get to learn everything about the calculation of numbers, birth dates, life path numbers, master numbers, and more. A person is only eligible for the Numerology course if he/she is 18+ and graduated. Also, if you are interested more in offline courses with a better experience of learning you can even apply for astrology courses in Indian Universities.

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  • Top 10 things you should know about astrology!

    Astrology plays a vital role in our life; it is an ancient science that involves predicting earthy and human life events and happenings through the observations and interpretations of celestial bodies. It’s more than just a conviction and a well-established scientific theory that tells positioning and offers insights into a person’s life from birth till death. This gradually involves a deep logic and growth and defines more accuracy and dependency among others. Astrology involves the interpretation of the sun, stars, moon, and planets. Understanding the pattern of astrology related to our zodiac signs contently with our birth dates gives us the insights we need in our life. It helps in changing the perspective of life and makes it more interesting without losing anything.

    It helps out to know –  the reason for the hindrance coming our way in the path of a good life. To learn and know more about this unique topic there are many best online astrology courses in India. This methodology offers great insights and logical consistency to follow this ancient artistry.

    Things you should know about Astrology Top 10

    1.The Zodiac and its 12 signs

    Knowing about the zodiac sign and relating with them have become new pop culture, people are more tend and practiced towards this classical; western trend. The zodiac is the way of the constellation through which the sun, moon, planets move into their journey in the sky. Observing this constellation path astrologers developed 12 signs!

    In modern history, these 12 signs are the allusion of a person’s personality and basic character sketch. These 12 zodiac signs are divided into 4 elements – Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. It is said that fire and air are considered masculine and water and earth are considered feminine. The 12 zodiac signs are –

    Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pieces.

    Get know more about these 12 signs through online astrology courses.

    2.Astrology and Religion

    Astrology is known as the ancient method of prediction. Whereas Religion is known as a belief system. Astrology is truly based in with religion from the very beginning. The similarities between both are; both are dependent on each other one or the other way. Astrology and Religion have been taken into consideration which itself makes us realize that they have something very common. They both have an impact on our lives in different ways or similar ways. Both hold great methods and techniques that teach about ancient and modern astrology.

    3. Astrolgoy and Vastu KIN!

    Astrology and Vastu has very strong and very wide effects on our lives! Both are complementary to each other. Astrology is connected with Vastu for getting a perfect and happy home. Vastu decides the perfect direction for everything in our houses, offices, sites, and more to inaugurate positivity.

    4. Astrology and Astronomy are contrary

    Astrology and Astronomy have common roots but have unorthodoxness. Astronomy is the study related to the universe. Astronomers explore the motion, position, and properties related to our celestial bodies. Astrology is the study of these motions, positions, and properties how they affect the lives of people.

    5. Psychological Guide

    While some people seek advice from counselors and some seek it from astrologers! Indians prefer seeking advice more from astrologers as per their beliefs. Before getting into or starting any work the Indian’s approach and guide to the new track are Astrology. It helps in embarking the journey of the personal hood, advancing, and an amendment to the path or your life.

    6. Vedic Astro

    Vedic Astrology is very popular in India. It tells you about the fortunes, karma, and roles & responsibility associated with your birth sign. It is an extensive part of Astrology that has helped out millions of Vedic Astrology and has its proven effect, even one can learn Vedic astrology and make a career in it. There are many best online Vedic astrology courses. It mainly empowers people to do good in life.

    7. Modern and Traditional Astrology

    Both modern and traditional astrology has their independent accuracies. Traditional astrology was more dependent on predictions but modern astrology is done based on the birth sign, date, and person’s birth chart. Both keep importance related to the inner and outer world. Modern Astrology is way more related to psychological factors and traditional astrology with external factors.

    8. Astrology Houses

    The concept of Astrology makes you understand about the houses made things technical and complicated. If you look at your birth chart you can see 12 houses and sections which are linked with 12 signs. Understanding these signs helps to know which sign is associated with which one. Astrology becomes more interesting when you think about your birth chart and get to know more personal information about yourself. To know and learn about it there are best astrology online courses for the people who are keen to about astrology.

    9. The Empowering Destination

    It’s a long way and a reassured safe road to move on. You will see a new angle of the world and anticipate the long-term and short-term traits through it. Once you start believing in it, it will give you more reasons to believe in it more. It unquestionably becomes a constant and the greatest spirit. It helps us to identify the reason for the hindrance coming our way in the path of a good life.

    10. Fun, Light and Hearted thing

    There’s always a curious understanding which helps to grab the knowledge. It’s fun light and the hearted thing which takes faith into a new life and assists in tackling the difficulties of life. Having a personal enthusiastic personal experience ground more truths about astrology. It’s the explanation of the natural world through the celestial bodies.

    Summing Up!

    Astrology enables lighting the path of the future and the choices we will make in the coming years! It has improved with time and has had a big impact on the practices from ancient times, it has made people believe in it with its accurate predictions. There are many resources to learn Astrology but a more reliable source to learn this is through distance learning courses in India.

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  • 5 questions to ask about vastu before buying a house

    Vastu is one of the significant factors while you choose your house. It depends on the preferences of home buyers and planetary movement. These days the craze of Vastu courses in India is immense among the people, and they are taking it into consideration before deciding the layout of the house. According to Vastu, some of the layouts might lack the home's way, and it will be harmful to your life and overall growth. The primary and fundamental thing that Vastu follows is the direction. It helps to decide the direction in your bedroom, bathroom, living area, kitchen and so one should need to be. Real estate construction is done mainly after taking advice from Vastu experts. It helps bring a lot of positive cosmic rays to home and ensures the wellbeing of everyone in the house. You can learn about them if you want by sitting at your home through Vastu online classes digitally.

    Vastu science is a traditionally evolved science, and there are many Vedic Vastu courses that move around the core principles and complement your home with long-term peace, positive vibes, and prosperity. While buying a home, there are sure do and don'ts that one needs to follow or ask these questions to enter a home that will undoubtedly bring success in their life effortlessly.

    Questions that You Need to Ask About Vastu Before Buying House?

    Vastu Guideline that One Should Follow For Master Bedroom

    Individuals must sleep toward a spot or direction which brings them loads of mental and actual advantages. According to Vastu, laying down with one's head in the south is the most favored situation. Laying down with one's head in the east or west is likewise okay, yet one should try not to lay down with their head in the north.

    Some Important Tips for Master Bedroom

    1. One shouldn't keep their master bedrooms in the south-east or north-east, which might prompt medical conditions and disagreement among couples. It is advisable to keep the bed in the southwest corner of the room with the head pointing toward the west.

    2. Try not to place a mirror or TV in front of the bed; your appearance ought not to be seen in a mirror when in the bed since it prompts homegrown disturbances.

    3. Have gritty/Earthy shades for your room to tackle positive energy. Try not to paint the dividers dark.

    4. Try not to have a painting showing a waterfall or temple in the room.

    Direction for Entrance of House According to Vastu

    The main attraction in any house is its entry which should be east direction as they are the most promising thing your home has.

    The north direction of the entrance need not be obstructed as this is known for success, and the slop needs to have in the south to north or west to east direction. As far as stylistic theme: No desert flora plant needs to be kept at the entrance.

    Which Direction Should One Choose for Building House

    According to Vastu shastra, east, north-east, and north are the best for your home if you are planning to buy a home or build a house. Nonetheless, there are numerous different things than simply following these hard and fast rules. Having an east or north face house is smart for the northern locale; however, imitating a similar standard of design in the north-eastern district would be an error. West or south-bound premises are suggested for the north-eastern area. It is ideal to consult a Vastu expert to get the best guidance for your home. However, if you want to learn about them, you can enroll yourself in the Vastu architecture course or degree courses for Vastu shastra to gain knowledge.

    Tips for Making Vastu Friendly Kitchen

    If the insides of the kitchen grant, one should region keep the gas cylinder exactly in the south-east direction and individual must face east direction while cooking. The kitchen Rack can have white, grayish, ivory, or another lighter shade. Never pass for a dark, green, blue, or darkish earthy colored shade of shelf.

    Appliances need to be situated in the northwest part of the kitchen. The south and west directions need to be for the cupboards. The kitchen is in the south-east direction should regularly be painted white, and closets could have a total of white, grayish, or blood red.

    Summing Up

    These are all Vastu-friendly tips that can help you in bringing prosperity, wellbeing, peace, and a calm environment to your home.

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