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Achieve peace and prosperity with vastu shastra

By institute of Vedic Astrology Mar 27 2018 Vastu

Nowadays, many homeowners have lost peace of mind because of the influence of negative energies. The sleeping direction is the main factor for losing peace, as many people spend more time in the same direction.

If somebody sleeps in the wrong direction, they may get affected by the unwanted energies, which may result in illness and loss in peace of mind.

Vastu Shastra – Discard unnecessary things from home and make space to welcome positive energy

Vastu is an old practice that is followed while building a home, to increase the positive energy in the location. While following Vastu, you have to follow the standard units of measurements in your home.

To have good positive energy, the compatibility of nakshatra of the building with the nakshatra of resident is essential. Muhurtha plays a vital role in delivering peace and prosperity for the residents.  You can Learn Vastu from IVA Indore which can help you in knowing more things about Indian Astrology. This will help you to get deep insights into Astrology and Indian Palmistry.

Best Vastu tips for your home to achieve peace and prosperity

  • According to the Vastu principle, it is better to have open courtyards in the center of the home to have positive vibes.
  • Build your bedroom in the southern side of the home. You must avoid building bedrooms on the northern and eastern sides, as it is not auspicious. 
  • You can build the bedroom in the South-west corner of your home, but it should be used by elder people of your home. If you are the head of the family, your bedroom should be on the North-west side.
  • Children’s room must face the West direction rather than Northeast, Northwest, Northeast, and Southeast.
  • Mirrors should not be placed in the kitchen and it should also face your children’s bed.
  • Keep your kitchen in such a way that it faces the east direction and the cooking place is on the eastside. It is strictly advised not to locate the kitchen or doors in front of the toilet. In addition, toilet doors should not face the dining hall or kitchen.
  • Your dining hall should not be exposed to the main door of your home. The entrance door must be larger than the door of your home.
  • While constructing a home, plan to keep your Pooja and entrance room in the North-East direction. Vastu shows that this rule can bring peace and prosperity to your home.
  • Pooja room doors must have two shutters with four frames. You should place the deity facing the West, East, and North.
  • To bring prosperity to your home try to keep fishes. You can place the aquarium in the Southeast corner of the living room.
  • The furniture and furnishing items kept in the house can be of any shapes like circle, square or octagon. You must not keep a television in your bedroom, which may affect your prosperity greatly.
  • You can grow bright colored flowers and aroma flowers in your garden or lawn.
  • The backyard of your home should not have any tall trees like Pipal or Banyan. Also, there should not be any thorny bushes like the cactus.

Thus, these are some of the best Vastu Shastra tips to bring home the prosperity, peace, and happiness. Follow Vastu and Live in Peace!


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