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If You Suffering From Bad Dreams, Then Just Follow These Measures

Astrology By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Mar 13 2018

Generally, dreams are connected with our inner thoughts, the more you think about something that will happen in your dreams. But some astrologers’ view these dreams as various perspectives like good, bad, lucky, unlucky etc

Nowadays, most of the people are worried about bad dreams, don’t worry astrologer who Learn Astrology that can resolve your problems. Let's look at the measures for bad dreams.

Timing and Dreams

According to the dream interpretation study, the dream comes between 12 am to 2 am that gives results within a year, 2 am to 4 am that happens within 6 months and 4 am to 6 am gives results within 3 months. If you had a dream about something every morning that gives results very quickly.

Follow these measures to avoid bad dreams

You should follow these measures to avoid bad dreams,

Keep a knife under your head position. People having recurrent bad dreams and have sleep disturbance should keep a knife under the pillow. In case, if you don’t have a knife, you may prefer scissors, thorn, nail cutter, etc.

Keep a small yellow rice packet under the pillow or bed. You may add the turmeric powder to the rice; it will give a yellow color.

While before going to bed, you should keep small cardamom pods that are covered by cloth under the pillow. It brings peaceful sleep. Here, everyone Learns Indian Astrology for these premises. You can also learn astrology from Institute of Vedic Astrology formally known as IVA Indore. If you want to know further about this wonderful institute you can read the reviews on Google by searching Institute of Vedic Astrology Reviews.

At night, keep water in a copper vessel and place it next to your bedside, then in the morning pour the water to any plants. Don’t buy any foods from a stranger and don’t give it to your family or loved one, because it may try to harm through the item.

You may wear any lucky Gemstone that should be a lucky aspect of your life as well as acts as a protection shield. Keep an iron object under your pillow or bed; it helps to stay away from nightmares.

As well as, you can take a lemon, rotate it from the head of the affected person 7 times anti-clockwise and throw the lemon.

Keep river and sea salt water mixed in a bowl that placed near the north-east corner of your home. Change the water weekly and it will help you to stay away from negative thoughts. You may Learn Vastu for placing the water bowl.

Things to be kept in mind while before sleeping

  • Avoid dark color bed sheets as well as avoid wild animal printed bed sheet.
  • Footwear cause bad dreams and nightmare, so you don’t place those things under your bed at all.
  • Before sleeping you should clean your bed properly and wash your feet before sleeping.
  • If women have bad dreams, they should always tie up their hair before sleeping. Sometime, it may also invite the nightmares. You may learn Jyotish Shastra online for avoiding the bad dreams.

Always keep your mind with positive thoughts that will reduce the bad dreams. You can Learn Astrology for resolving bad dream and nightmare problems.


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    Astrology, when practiced correctly, is very reliable for every aspect of life, and it would be a good decision to consult knowledgeable and experienced astrologers. You will be well guided, and informed about the events that will happen in your future life, what is expected of you, and how you should deal with it. You can pursue the best Vedic astrology course online.


    Hence, astrology makes accurate predictions in these areas along with career prospects:


    • Jobs — Government or Private
    • Sum of success in career
    • Job change
    • Time to get a new or new job
    • Success in business
    • work environment


    Astrology helps you to predict your core strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis), based on which it is possible to identify the right and suitable career path. For example, if your chart says Mercury is strong, the native can excel in communication, business deals, negotiation as a writer, networking, media, logistics, and much more. Anyone can enroll Vedic astrology online course.


    Astrology also predicts Dasha's sequence, which tells about the times to come. If Mercury is strong, the duration of Ketu Mahadasha can be seven years, where the effect of Mercury is of no use. As a result, natives, without knowing this issue, will leave their current field and look for a new career option, which may not be suitable per their potential. However, the knowledge of such an issue makes the native keep a low profile for seven years, after which he can move forward in the same field again. You can find the best online Vedic astrology course.

    Astrology also tells us about good and bad in career and other aspects of life like a life partner, income, money, and local or foreign career.

    The availability of career fields is abundant. Basic guidance in career choices is available in old and new texts. Still, a good astrologer will know modern occupations and use horoscopes to understand such career paths.

    Hence, consulting an astrologer helps the native to get guidance, clues, and hints regarding career choices and which career path would be most suitable with proper analysis of the birth chart with the help of a competent astrologer.

    Having a career that is stable, secure and at the same time on a fast growth path is everyone's dream. However, we all know that in this modern world where there is fast-developing technology and tough competition in the corporate sector, making a booming career for yourself is indeed a challenging task. You may find so many Vedic astrology courses in India.

    So, one thing is clear beyond the usual staples of hard work; you need something that backs you up with some entities that can change your destiny for good, especially regarding your career.

    Yes, we are talking about the planets, which are compelling celestial entities that exert powerful and life-changing effects depending on their position in a person's horoscope and a person's career. But when it comes to highly effective astrological tips and remedies to understand their impact and uplift a person's career graph significantly, the career horoscope of the person is analyzed. You can also do a distance learning astrology course.

    Incorporating good old-fashioned hard work into your career is perfectly fine. It is great because, without hard work, it is unrealistic to expect success in life, but to ensure 'business success,' you need a career astrology consultation to know the specific path to success with minimum hurdles and maximum related careers. Rewards are waiting for you!

    So, we urge you to be a complete professional in the career domain of your life and talk to an astrologer to know what is best for your career.


    How does Career Astrology work?

    Career astrology focuses on what planets and very specific houses point in a person's horoscope. There are planets in a person's horoscope according to his position and house, which are very closely related to the person's career domain and reveal the cosmic will for him as far as his career is concerned.

    Suppose the person chooses a career field compatible with the planets and houses of their horoscope. In that case, the person gets professional success quickly and without significant career-related hurdles.

    If you chart your professional pursuits based on your horoscope, career success becomes a natural occurrence in your life!

    Hence, go for a career astrology consultation and get a comprehensive analysis of your horoscope online to know how to make a prosperous career a vibrant reality.

    An experienced astrologer who suggests potent remedies to a person facing career challenges in life can nullify the negative effects of some wrong planets in the horoscope, making the person excel in their field.

    So, you are facing a delay in getting a job. In that case, astrology can help you get a job, which will be supported by auspicious planets in your horoscope and will eventually bring you the growth and success you deserve in your professional life.

    While deciphering the career domain of an individual, a very detailed analysis of the horoscope is done. However, the following specific houses are looked upon on a primary basis as to how the career domain of a native is represented:


    • Second house- It represents accumulated wealth.
    • Sixth House - It represents job and competition.
    • Seventh House - It represents business and partnership.
    • Ninth Bhav- It shows luck.
    • Tenth House - This is the primary house of business/career.
    • Eleventh House - It represents profit and attainment of desires.


    So, go for proper career counseling with the best astrologer and learn how to build a rewarding career that will skyrocket your professional graph!


    A career obsessed with burning issues, an existential necessity:

    Apart from financial prosperity and security in life, the importance of a career comes down to fulfilling one's social standing, retirement planning, and many other obligations on the domestic and personal fronts. However, the career itself is not an example of a continuous journey; obstacles, difficulties, and many elements of destructive nature become hindering factors, thereby hindering the path of success in your chosen career.


    How can we analyze careers through astrology?

    The tenth house, sixth house, or fifth house tells about career. The lord of the tenth house is in good condition and is not affected by any sin. The house position places a person in a responsible job profile, such as the head of a department or the manager or CEO of a company. If an auspicious planet like Jupiter influences the lord of the tenth house, then the native gets a good salary. The position of the Guru plays an essential role in the career. If Jupiter has a positive effect on the ninth house, then the person gets suitable employment at an early age.

    Shani transit plays a vital role if you want a change in career-oriented assignments. Saturn's transit in the third, sixth or eleventh house can lead to a change in career. If Saturn is situated in any of these houses in the birth chart, it indicates frequent job changes. If Saturn afflicts Sun or Moon, then work is changed. Some astrological position of the planet suggests career ruin due to some reason.

    We provide cost-effective career-related service solutions covering various areas like career problems and solutions, career remedies astrology, career problems astrology, career growth astrology, and career growth astrological remedies using the principles of Vedic career problems. Solution Astrology or dream job. Many burning career issues such as job instability, job insecurity, short-term employment, slow growth, unemployment for long periods, and being unable to find a new job despite having the necessary talent are some of the reasons that trigger an episode. , depressed mood, and different types of emotional outbursts like anger, frustration, feeling of a dark future, and negativity in job aspirants.

    Such issues are prevalent not only in the lives of unemployed people, but employed people also face different career-related hurdles, causing emotional and physical damage to their lives.


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  • What does a break in headline suggest in palmistry?

    Headlines created an important role in Indian palmistry. The headline is also called Metri Rekha in Hindu palmistry. It is also called as wisdom line.  The study of headlines informs about the mental health and quality of thoughts of a person. Future events and current circumstances of life will determine by the headline. By looking headline we collect lots of information about the person. The headline shows the decision-making power and problem-solving attitudes of a person. This headline predicts many things about a person such as knowledge, intelligence, will strength, intuitive ability, power of the mind, and capabilities of a person. This headline is also called the line of knowledge.

    A person’s mental health is recognized by their actions and decisions. In the same way, looking at any person’s headline predict the mental stability and decision-making skill of that person.

    The symbol, shape, and place of origination of the headline can inform us about the person’s current and future events. The break-in headline informs us about the future and present mental health issues of a person. Future illness or injury of the head is recognized by the headline. Patterns in the headline give strength to the breaking headline. This shape and pattern on the headline reduce ill effects and provides stability for a person.


    Where you can find headlines in your hand?

    The headline above the lifeline commences from the index finger and the thumb runs through the halfway palm horizontally. The headline is parallel to the lifeline and sometimes it took a curve on the moon mountain.

    Headlines predict a person’s honesty and rationality. With the help of headlines, palmists can predict the future issues and current circumstances of a person. Headlines affect thought processes and the possibility of head injury in the future. Learn more about the palmistry online course available.


    Break in a headline in palmistry:-

    The headline breaks into two parts, it shows mental fever and sudden illness in life. The headline considers a river of thought processes and the mental flow of emotions. It predicts that head-related problems will arise. These people take their decision from their hearts, not from their minds. Breaking headlines can explain arise impulsively and will create mental exhaustion. The person who has a breaking of a headline in their palm can suffer from many ups and downs in their life and sudden changes. These people are unpredictable. Their thoughts change from time to time.

    If the breaking of the line of the head in a repeated way shows a lack of mental stability. The person may predict as unpredictable, with constant headaches, erratic, and poor health. The person also suffers from nervousness.

    The cuts, clues, and small lines are also responsible for the prediction of the path line, lifeline, and headline. The line intersection place also determines the future prediction. If there are any connecting branches, symbols, and clues shapes will heal the line and suffers less. These symbols help the breaking headline as a support system. The breaking line shows the bad effect of the symbols and shapes like squares, triangle will help to diminish the bad effect and heals the line to show positive results.

    The clues of the line’s conditioning and shapes such as stars, dots, islands, and intersecting lines reduce the ill effect of the break line. At the end of the break, the line reaches for more clues.        

    There are many types of headlines that can predict several events and things about current and future events in a person’s life.

    Long headline: - People who have long headlines have good thinking abilities and clear mind thoughts. Most people who tend to have long headlines often overthink.

    Medium headline: - The headline with a medium length that extends from the ring finger has a good ability to take decisions. They are brilliant people.

    Short headline: - The headline ends till the ring finger such people are impulsive and careless. They are slow to respond, they should be more careful about solving the troubles of personal and professional fonts.

    Curve headline: - headline ends on Moon Mountain with a gentle curve these people are more tolerant, real, and have good interpersonal skills.

    If the curve of the headline goes downward this person is considered to be artistic, emotional, and highly creative.

    Crossing headline: - If the headline crosses the heart line the person has good common sense. But sudden changes were seen in their life.

    Missing headline: - the missing headline in the palm is very rare and it suggests unrealistic and passionate nature. Their thoughts come from emotions.

    Overlapping headline: - The breaking of the headline, and overlapping the other lines is a sign of mental exhaustion and a transforming mental outlook in life. If the headline break and overlaps between the lines it resonates with mid-life crises.

    If the headline has broken with clean and has no overlap can predict illness or head injury in their life. If there are islands it is rarely seen as encouragement. Learn more about the palmistry course in India.

         The energy of lines in palmistry:-

    Let’s take an example of a flowing river its origin starts from a mountain and breaks into several channels the speed diminished as it divides into many small canals. In the same way in palmistry, the headline which is broken has less energy than the other lines. It disrupts the flow of thoughts. Which reflects in the person’s behavior and passion. A person is very passionate, set his way, and sometimes behaves cold-hearted.

         If the headline is broken in the left hand but it’s unbroken in the right hand then the power is negligible of the broken line. If you want to know more join the palmistry course online.


    Role of Sister Line:-

    Sister lines play a major role in supporting any broken line. All the bad effects of a broken line are neutralizing and giving strength to the broken line. It overcomes the problem which is created by the broken line.

    Recently we have seen actor Sushant Singh Rajput who ends his life by hanging. We can find the breaking of a headline in his palm.

    The thoughts which are made disrupting the thought flow are the bad results of headlines. But the good results are to make prosperous. Learn more about online palmistry courses.

    Hence, the breaking of the headline shows the unstable mind of the person. It also tells about the future of mental health and future events. The person whose headline is broken often makes decisions from their heart and faces several problems. They are very emotional. The Crossbar in the palm near the headline shows the frequent headache and brain fever. The island in the headline shows the interruption of thoughts and concentration on mind thoughts and self-control.

    The headline is also called Dhan Rekha in Hindu palmistry. Looking at headlines we gather lots of information about a person’s behavior and mental issue. The person can solve their problems and make the stability of their mind by more focus and meditation. Breaking headlines aware the person of the present event and cautious about future problems. Remedies are suggested by palmists to avoid bad effects and make a person’s life happy and easy. Join palmistry classes online.

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  • Patiently wait for the effect of vaastu corrections

    People do Vastu correction and expect good results the next day. That may only sometimes happen. Remember that it takes time to see effects. It would help if you also were patient to avoid bad effects. In cases where the difficulties are purely financial and related to industries and other businesses, immediate improvement can be expected once reforms are made. Wherever the pranic sheath is affected, resulting in health problems, youth behavioral problems, marriages on the rocks, etc., recovery is slow. But as said earlier, stopping further downfall is a good sign of a correct Vastu sector. The field of Vastu is like the universe. There are so many degree courses in Vastu Shastra online.

    Beyond this knowledge, there can be no end to exploration and development. Try it yourself and be convinced. After being convinced, motivate your relatives and friends to build according to Vastu. We hope this science gets the recognition it deserves and is universally adopted. Thus every home can be a happy home, and in turn, it can help us live with less tension, more harmony, peace, love, and understanding among different communities, so hatred, malice, and envy are a thing of the past. You would like to know what benefits you can get if the building is as per Vastu. Anyone can do Vastu course online.

    This information is given below. If the rules of Vastu are strictly followed, you can expect the following results. Please note that all other areas should be according to Vastu for effect starting from North East. If the structure meets most requirements despite minor flaws here and there, then most of the benefits described here are available to the inmates. You can find Vastu shastra online course.


    • Northeast Area Fully Open - Plinth - Lower level than water body or fountain or swimming pool in the area - or Low-level lawn in the entire area. Effects: Healthy progeny - Calm mind - Never react - Everything runs smoothly in their life - No accidents or premature death - No fatal diseases - Prisoner healthy and cheerful - Forgiving and kind.


    • East offset as per Vastu - North East in Para (1) - gradually moving from North to South. Effects: Obedient boy - Brilliant - Do well in studies - Never worry about your parents - Affectionate - Caring - Healthy - Achiever in all fields.


    • North open as per Vastu- North East and East as above- Gradual gradient from East to West- No rock garden- Heavy weight- Level of North West and South East same. Effect: There will be a continuous increase in economic prosperity.


    • Kitchen in South-East - subject to the conditions of Para 1 to 3 above. Effects: Healthy women - Always happy - Enjoy running a family - Satisfied - Forgiving - Kind - Never quarrel or dislike others - Make your husband feel he has the best wife in the world.


    • Room in south direction - For Virgo - Conditions 1 to 4 above are fulfilled - Effects: Healthy and happy Virgo - Affection - Deep attachment to parents that does not diminish even after marriage - Excellent academic achievement - Artistic - Time But someone's marriage crisis.


    • Set short and high on the south with a gradually increasing slope from east to west. Effects: Always free from trouble- No financial problems in their life- Long life of both men and women.


    • All short and high positions as per par vest of 1 to 6 meters set. Effects: Male children settle into excellent careers- Timely marriages are happy- Healthy boys who do well in sports and other outdoor activities prefer to be with parents- Increase in harmony. 8. Master Bed Room in South-West - All Positions from Para 1 to 7 Meters Effects: Healthy couple - Rarely fall ill - Longevity assured - Energetic and loving work.


    Vastu Shastra is an ancient construction science that is used to maintain happiness and prosperity in the home. It is considered to be the key to maintaining a happy and healthy environment within our home. Hence, if the recommendations of Vastu are not followed, it may lead to a Vastu defect known as Vastu Dosha. So Vastu Dosha is a defect of any philosophy of Vastu Shastra. There are so many Vastu Astrology courses in India online is present.

    It is believed that Vastu defects can bring stress in the family, difficulties in running a business, bad luck, and can also harm our physical and mental health. And according to Vastu Shastra, every Vastu defect has some remedy, and if done properly, it brings back happiness and peace in life. You can also go for Vedic astrology courses in India.


    How to work on Vastu Dosh?

    • Work on the direction – Knowing about the directions and the positive and negative effects is essential. So one should always start with finding the right direction, according to Vastu. Look around your house and note which room is located in which direction.
    • Work on the correct placement of furniture and other items - after working on the direction. It should be ascertained whether the furniture is placed correctly or not and if not, then it can be rearranged as per Vastu.
    • Work on the color of the room – The next thing is to find suitable colors for each room as per Vastu Shastra. It is one thing that can be rectified if not made, as per Vastu Shastra.
    • Based on karma and all the doshas, we can choose suitable Vastu remedies to reduce the Vastu defects.


    Remedies for Vastu defects:

    In this 21st century, people mostly live in towns and cities where they have to live in high-rise buildings and apartments due to the scarcity of land. In such a situation, it is challenging to follow Vastu concepts, and hence it is difficult to maintain Vastu compliance.


    Vastu correction can be done without any hard and fast destruction and reconstruction. The most significant importance of Vastu Shastra is that Vastu Dosh can be rectified by just a small change that will impact our life.

    • Changes in the interiors of the bungalow or house
    • Change the color of the rooms
    • Change in position of furniture
    • Location of some religious objects
    • Worshiping at home removes defects etc.

    There are many other ways to reduce Vastu defects. However, this means one must follow only some of the measures. We can trust those best suited for us and what we can do. You can also pursue distance learning astrology courses in India.


    Vastu Improvements for Your Home:

    As mentioned above, there are many different methods for Vastu correction. Some simple remedies to remove Vastu defects are given below:


    • After entering from the house's main door, install the idol of Lord Ganesha or hang the picture somewhere.
    • Place a copper swastika above the main door to attract positive energy and ward off negativity.
    • Make a place of worship in the house so positive energy comes.
    • According to Vastu Shastra, keeping a small brass idol of Annapurna Devi in ​​a rice jar brings prosperity to the family and reduces Vastu's defects.
    • Placing a white elephant somewhere in the study room will increase knowledge and academic excellence.
    • Place a copper pyramid to remove Vastu defects in the directions.


    According to Vastu Shastra, if the idol of Lord Kuber is kept in the northeast corner of the house or near the cashier's place in the office, then the financial problems caused by Vastu Dosh go away. Similarly, a Seven Mukhi Rudraksha, if kept in a locker, can remove financial obstacles and bring back a good fortune.

    If the toilet or bathroom is in the northeast, southwest, and southeast, which are major Vastu defects, never keep a wooden bowl with rock salt in the bathroom or toilet window. Vastu defects will be removed by applying these tips.

    Hang wind chimes on the west window of the home or business premises. Wind chimes will prove helpful in removing family tension due to Vastu defects.

    To remove all kinds of Vastu defects from the living room, put a picture of a white horse in the living room.

    To reduce Vastu defects, keep crystal lotus or tortoise in the bedroom.

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  • Purvabhadra nakshatra according to vedic astrology

    This Nakshatra falls between the Aquarius, and the people born in this are usually affected by this Nakshatra. Purvabhadra nakshatra turned out to be the 25th Nakshatra in the zodiac belt, and its planetary power is planet Jupiter. So in this article, we will discuss how this Nakshatra affects people and the growth of people falling into this Nakshatra, and one can learn it by joining the best Vedic astrology course online. From the origin, the Nakshatra is governed by Jupiter in an orbit of 320 and 330 to almost 330 to 330' 30 pieces.


    Characteristics of the Human in Purvabhadra Nakshatra  


    1. The male of this horoscope is peace-loving, and they love to do their work with passion and determination.
    2. They are not much materialistic, love to lead a simple life, and don't have much desire for themselves.
    3. Males usually lead a very disciplined life and are generally strict toward their It. Therefore, other family members get irritated and face the issue.
    4. He is very trustworthy and always takes a stand whenever things are wrong, and they take a stand without being partial.
    5. The males are ritualistic and pray, but they don't take this blindly and are not blind to religious principles. They follow meaningful rituals.
    6. They are related to the profession, which provides more respect than money; therefore, they are famous in their society for their reputation.
    7. Males of this Nakshatra are beneficial, always ready to help others, and available for them physically and financially.



    The males of this Nakshatra are likelier to succeed in business as they are sincere toward their work and follow a strict timetable to achieve the goal. At the same time, they can also do well with the government job and achieve great success in that field. They are more likely to live independently and don't want to depend on others. Males of this Nakshatra have the golden phase between 40 to 54.


    Female profession

    • Female is more devoted to science; therefore, they choose a profession related to science backgrounds like science and technology.
    • They are also good in statistics, research, astrology, and research.


    Marriage and family life: The native of this profession mostly doesn't have a good love life, and they are not attracted to them. Also, they are unlucky to get their mother's love; therefore, they feel unattached from their mom.

    Females of this Nakshatra are very truthful towards their partner, and they are sincere as well as devoted toward their family. Being educated and trying to manage both household and workplace with passion and love. They love children and their growing phase, enjoy their children, and manage the household.


    Female Characteristics 

    Females of this Nakshatra are more likely to be very carrier oriented, and they are most likely to achieve everything they want. They are not dependent on anyone For anything. She has leadership qualities, and they are very work oriented. They never get Distracted from their goal, and nothing gets between them and their goals. They always help the needy, but one must fully convince them they are in need; otherwise, they don't trust anyone.


    Health issues in Males & Females of this Nakshatra



    Made of this Nakshatra are more likely to get affected by the disease and acidity problems.

    • they are easily affected by heart disease and can get heart attacks in the future if they don't take care of themselves.
    • They can also get affected by the ribs, side of the abdomen, and feet, which can cause severe issues.


    • Females of this Nakshatra can face low blood pressure.
    • they can have an issue in their ankle, and they are more likely to face liver problems and vibrations in the future.


    Purvabhadra Nakshatra Pada: All You Need to Know

    The pada of Purvabhadra nakshatra is mainly into four categories which are mentioned below. You can all read in detail about it with the help of the Vedic astrology online course. To know about the best online Vedic astrology course, one needs to search about the Vedic astrology course in India and can go for distance learning astrology courses in India or Vedic astrology courses in India.


    1. 1st pada – the 1st pada of this nakshatra Fall in the group is governed by Mars. Therefore members of this Nakshatra are more aggressive in their minds than in their bodies. Thus, members should control their anger and felling and focus on their goals.
    2. 2nd pada follows into the Nakshatra, which Mars governs, and they are more energetic and physically balanced. It also shows the dark side of their health.
    3. 3rd pada – this follows into the Nakshatra, which is followed by mercury. Due to the effect of mercury, they are more into communication, and they are more curious. And they have a good sense of humor.
    4. 4th pada – 4th pada fall into the cancer navamsa ruled by planet moon. So the native is very dangerous as they can sense other members' thoughts and manipulate others. They are more compatible with the members of the other three Padas.


    2022 for the Members of this Nakshatra

    This year of 2022 can bring a lot of changes, so now we will discuss their love, career, education –



    Those stuck between what they want will get the wish completed this year. They may find this year quite good as they can get good news at the end of this year. Therefore people need to work hard constantly, and from mid the year, they will get the best result. You are more likely to succeed through sound strategy and hard work for starting the business and for the business.



    Talking about love, you may not feel any issues about the family this year. You can achieve whatever you dream of with passion and good communication skills. With the blessing of God, you can get whatever you want to accomplish in your life with the gift of God. And with your partner, you need to be quite sensitive and follow up good communication, patiently talk and listen to them, and always be available for them. 


    Read the blog- Shatabhisha Nakshatra According To Vedic Astrology


    Positive and Negative Aspects of People in Purvabhadra Nakshatra

    The sincerity, fidelity, endurance, and strength of this Nakshatra's inhabitants are only a few of their positive qualities. They can continue in any situation because they are constantly willing to make concessions and adapt. They never complain and are content with what they have.

    Like any other normal human being, they have some undesirable characteristics in addition to their excellent qualities. One of their most pernicious traits is a great propensity for occult and supernaturalism, which transforms them into someone entirely different.


    Summing Up

    The constellation of Pegasus contains Purvabhadra. Strong ties exist between this Nakshatra and fire. These people will even sacrifice themselves to achieve a better goal in life. They are autonomous. They strive to improve this planet and uplift the weak because they understand the true purpose of existence. Their speech has a lot of charisma and frequently motivates others. They often do the preserving, inspiring, and educating of others.

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  • Decode failure & success from an astrological point of view

    There are 12 astrological signs, but we all know that people are more than just one sign. We all have a mixture of characteristics from each zodiac sign, and it’s not uncommon to feel like you’re a mix of two or even three different zodiac signs at once. However, there is some truth behind these characters, and one can learn about it with the help of Vedic astrology online course. Each zodiac sign has its strengths and weaknesses, and your experiences in life can depend on which sign you are.


    Understanding what sets you apart from others can give you new insight into who you are and help you to prepare for future challenges based on your natural strengths and weaknesses. You can learn about all these signs with the help of the best Vedic astrology course online. While every person is unique in their interests, we see general patterns when looking at the 12 astrological signs - positive or negative attributes. Here is an in-depth look at each sign to decode your success and failure



    The first sign of the zodiac is also the most impulsive and energetic one. The element of fire rule Aries, so these people are often as fiery as their sign’s element. It can be a great thing as it often leads to Aries being incredibly passionate and motivated. At the same time, they tend to lack the patience to go at a slower pace, which can lead to rash decisions or acting before thinking. Aries may be impulsive because they are eager to make a difference in the world, which is usually a good thing. They also may be unable to wait for the right time because they have a strong sense of urgency and want to take action as soon as possible.


    Another trait that Aries is known for is being very simple. They are not afraid to say what they mean and move on. Depending on the situation, this can be good or bad, but it is important to note that it is sometimes good to be direct. Being direct can be a good strategy if you are concerned about offending someone or want to avoid unnecessary drama.



    One of the most sensitive people in the zodiac group is Taurus. It is ruled by the element of earth, which means people born under this sign are often down-to-earth and practical. They are known for being patient and persistent, which is essential when pursuing long-term goals - this is a great sign to have if you plan to succeed in a long-term career.

    Another trait that Taurus individuals are known for is being very stubborn. That is often a good thing because it can help you stay committed to your goals and refuse to give up in the face of challenges. But it can also be wrong if you are unwilling to change your mind even after getting new information, which is vital to avoid being too stubborn. Taurus can be good if you need help staying grounded in reality, but it can also be wrong if you are too focused on the present and must remember to dream about the future.



    People born under the sign of Gemini are often great at starting conversations with new people and come across as friendly individuals. They also enjoy being surrounded by others but are often happiest being left alone to do their own thing. That is important because it means being alone is not the same as being lonely. It means you can enjoy time alone and talk to others in public or with friends.

    People born under this sign might go through phases where they are incredibly focused on one thing and suddenly be interested in something else entirely. It sometimes becomes frustrating when your friend suddenly becomes interested in a different topic that has nothing to do with their previous focus; however, you must respect them.


    Read the blog- Astrological Aspects Of India's Growth With The Modi Government



    Cancer is ruled by the element of water, which means these people are often very emotional and in tune with their feelings. They are highly intuitive and can be great at reading other people because they are perceptive. Cancers are often very creative but can also be a bit moody. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to mood swings. Being intuitive and sensitive can be a great thing. It allows you to understand others better and notice things that others may overlook. However, it can also be bad if you are too sensitive. When people are upset or in a bad mood, it is essential to respect that and leave them alone. While being intuitive is a positive trait, it is vital to remember that you are not a psychic and can’t predict the future.



    People born under this sign are often very confident and outgoing. They are ruled by the element of fire, which means they can be passionate and fiery, but it can often be in a positive way that makes them passionate about their beliefs and excited about the future. Being a Leo means that you are confident in yourself. You believe in yourself and your abilities and show this confidence to others. It is important to be proud of your strengths and mindful of your weaknesses because while confidence is a positive trait, arrogance is not.


     Leos are often very charismatic and likable people. They enjoy being the center of attention and usually have a positive effect on those around them. It is essential because you don’t want to be too self-centered.



     Virgos are often very logical thinkers who prefer things to make sense over following their feelings. It is essential because it is good to separate your emotions from your thoughts and make logical decisions, but it also means that you can quickly become overly critical. You need to be careful not to turn into a bully who fusses about everything but rather a crucial friend who points out the flaws that can be improved. Being critical is good when it helps you improve and know where you can improve, but it can be harmful if it turns into destructive criticism.



    Read the blog- What Does Vedic Vastu Say About A Favorable Day For Traveling?



     People born under Libra often have a natural charm that draws people to them. They are usually very independent people who don’t like to be tied down by the rules and regulations of society. It can be a good thing because it means that you don’t like to be constrained by typical societal rules and can be creative in finding new ways of doing things.


    Still, it can also be harmful because it can mean you are too rebellious and don’t like to follow essential rules. Libra is also known for being very adaptable and making good friends. They are typically very easygoing people who can get along with almost anyone.



    Scorpios are known for being very passionate and intense, which can be a good thing. Being passionate about what you do and driven to accomplish your goals can be good. It can also be wrong if you are too focused on yourself and unwilling to open up to others. They are very focused on your goals and determined to succeed.



    People born under Sagittarius are often very confident and know what they want out of life. They are ruled by the element of fire, which means they are often very passionate and excited about new ideas and opportunities that come their way. It can be a good thing because it means that you have faith in yourself and believe you can accomplish great things.


    Summing Up

    Suppose you are still curious and want to know more about how the placement of planets and astrology are responsible for success and failure in your life. In that case, you can learn them by yourself with the help institute that provides the best online Vedic astrology course or distance learning astrology courses to make learning easier for all.


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  • Dhanishtha nakshatra, according to vedic astrology

    Nakshatras are small constellations of stars through which the moon travels orbiting the Earth. In English, the constellations are known as "lunar mansions."The 27th and 23rd nakshatras are Dhanishtha. If during your birth, the moon was between 23:20° Capricorn-6:40° Aquarius, then this guide is for you. You will learn about your strengths, weaknesses, compatibility, ideal career, and more. You can pursue the best Vedic astrology course online.


    Overview of Dhanishtha Nakshatra

    Each Nakshatra has its undeniable qualities. It includes planetary rulers, constellations, zodiac signs, deities, symbols, and powers. Below are the features of Dhanishtha:


    Sanskrit name:

    धनिष्ठा (धनिष्ठा) comes from the Sanskrit words धन (wealth) and tisthati (abode). One of the meanings of Dhanishta, as the name already suggests with its initial word dhan indicates good fortune, resilience, and a strong character. You can find Vedic astrology online course.


    Planet owner: Mars

    People worshiped Mars as the God of war, and one can find its roots in the scriptures of Vedic India. Mars is associated with masculinity, strength, vitality, courage, and struggle.


    Constellation Group:

    Demonic. The constellations are divided into three classes – demons, humans, and deities. Dhanishtha is a demonic constellation. People in this group are usually spontaneous, strong-willed, and outspoken. They may have very high anger and violence.


    Zodiac signs: Capricorn (1st and 2nd quarter) and Aquarius (3rd and 4th quarter)

    People who have a Capricorn zodiac sign are strange and capable of doing challenging tasks. They are blessed with sharp minds, intelligence, and thoughtfulness, which makes them careful while making decisions.

    A person with the Aquarius zodiac sign is intelligent, romantic, determined, and philosophically inclined. They are often involved in social work or other spiritual or humanitarian endeavors.


    Deities: Eight Vasus.

    In Vedic theology, Vasu presides over the elements. In ancient history, known as Mahabharata, Pitamah Bhishma was an incarnation of Vasu known as Dyu.


    Symbol: A drum.

    It represents rhythm, dance, music, divine timing, and significant influence.

    Shakti: To purify. People born in Dhanishtha Nakshatra can save and use things that others have discarded or considered to be worthless.


    Resonant syllable: In India, the birth star is traditionally used to choose a child's name. The corresponding letters for the four stages (padas) of Dhanishtha are Ga (गा), Ghee (गी), Gu (गु), and Ge (गे). If the time of birth is unknown, the syllable of a person's first name is sometimes used when calculating astrological charts.


    Strength Or Power:

    Dhanishtha Jatakas are honest and straight people. They radiate confidence and can overcome any obstacle between them and their desired objectives. They are resourceful, capable, and brilliant, and these supreme qualities make them excellent problem-solvers – ideal people, no matter the situation.

    The people born in Dhanishta Nakshatra enjoy the adventure. The thrill of venturing into the unknown and facing unexpected challenges brings them joy. They are kind-hearted and take pleasure in giving to others. They don't hesitate while hanging out with a new friend or even a stranger in need. There are so many best online Vedic astrology courses.

    They are musically inclined and have multi-tasking abilities. They are good at extracurricular activities and have many aspirations in life. And you will somehow find a way to fulfill them, especially if you align yourself with God's blessings.

    Dhanishtha Career:

    Individuals born in Dhanishta may do well in careers in performance or entertainment or those that allow them to exercise their innate helpful nature.

    Some ideal businesses include:

    • Musician, dancer, artist, or entertainer
    • Doctor, nurse, herbalist, or therapist
    • Nonprofit workers or philanthropists
    • Real estate agent, seller, or investor



    Sagittarius's luck, confidence, and outgoing nature can sometimes make them cocky. You must be careful to develop a humble and kind character actively. Otherwise, you can become highly opinionated, argumentative, and boastful. These symptoms can drive away friends and community members who care about your well-being. People can find astrology courses online in India.

    Dhanishtha natives may be indifferent to the feelings and needs of others. They may even resort to violence when opposed by others. They can be pretty ruthless if their patience is pushed to the extreme. In addition, their fearlessness can cause them to behave recklessly, indulging in narcotics, narcotics, and other dangerous substances. If they do not practice sobriety and self-restraint, they may become addicted to one of these substances.

    You are getting value more than you think, so that you may resort to deceit or dishonesty. However, remember that the end doesn't always justify the means. Actions have consequences, often much worse than we initially imagined. The satisfaction provided by a noble, moral life far exceeds anything that comes from fame or money.


    Read the blog- The Best Astrology Software And That Too Free Of Cost



    Other personality traits:

    There are so many Vedic astrology courses in India.

    You are a talented musician and artist. You have a perfect sense of aesthetics and a keen ear for music and rhythm. You can make a career in any of these fields, provided you can plan ahead and manage your finances responsibly.

    You do well in the limelight. You are a natural entertainer. You love to please people, make them laugh, and be the center of attention.

    You may choose the wrong people for friendship. You are only sometimes able to differentiate between true and false friends. You may make mistakes while choosing your partner and become embroiled in troubling romantic affairs.

    You can be a volunteer. You like helping others, but sometimes there is an ulterior, selfish motive. You have difficulty setting aside your self-interests and making sacrifices for one another.


    Dhanishtha compatibility:

    The symbol of Sagittarius's sexuality is a female lion. In terms of physical compatibility, this makes them an ideal match for individuals born in Purva-Bhadrapada Nakshatra.

    Based on the overall match, Dhanishtha is most likely to find happiness in a long-term partnership with the following:


    For Capricorn natives (1st-2nd quarter)

    Kritika in Taurus

    • Rohini
    • Ashlesha (for male natives)
    • Uttara-Phalguni in Virgo (for female natives)
    • Visakha in Libra
    • Uttarashada in Capricorn (for female natives)
    • Shravan (for female natives)
    • Pre-Bhadrapada in Pisces (for male natives
    • For Dhanishtha natives in Aquarius (3rd-4th quarter)
    • Rohini
    • Humid
    • Punarvasu in Gemini (for male natives)
    • Poorva-Phalguni (for female natives)
    • Swati (for female natives)
    • Visakha in Libra


    Four quarters of Dhanishtha (feet):

    Each Nakshatra is divided into four stages of 3:20 degrees, also called padas. These quarters are based on the 1/9th Mandala chart, Navamsa in Sanskrit.

    The moon's position at birth determines in which quarter you are born.

    First Quarter (23:20-26:40 Degree Capricorn): Leo. You are highly ambitious and an expert in material matters. You are world-minded and sensual. You may have marital difficulties.

    Second quarter (26:40-30:00 degree Capricorn): Virgo. You are talkative and friendly. You quickly adapt to different situations, are naturally extroverted, and lead a carefree lifestyle. However, you don't hold grudges against those who have misbehaved or let you down.

    Third Quarter (0:00-3:20 degree Aquarius): Libra. You are creative and incredibly skilled in music. You are righteous and dignified. However, you may act recklessly and without adequate forethought.

    Fourth House (3:20-6:40 degree Aquarius): Scorpio. You have immense power and energy and can easily overpower your opponents. You have a sixth sense and an extreme intuition power. You are actively interested in mysticism and spiritualism. However, you are egotistical and may adopt unfair means to achieve your goals.


    Dhanishtha in Election Astrology:

    In election astrology, Dhanistha, also known as Muhurta, Nakshatras. It helps determine the important dates for significant events and ceremonies such as marriage, buying a new house or vehicle, starting a project, or conceiving a child.

    The electoral nature of Dhanishtha is variable, "mobile." Dhanishta is an excellent Nakshatra:

    • Buying a Vehicle
    • Changing housing, jobs, or other life changes
    • Beginning of Pilgrimage
    • Plantation or gardening
    • Travel


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  • What does vedic vastu say about a favorable day for traveling?

    Traveling is integral to our lives, and everyone's plans have been postponed due to the pandemic. Now that travel restrictions have been eased, and everything is slowly returning to normal, people are starting to travel again. The frequency is even higher for those who are traveling for business purposes. Additionally, their previous visits should be analyzed based on whether they were highly successful or unsuccessful. In this regard, it is crucial to understand the day and direction of travel. We saw a massive craze for learning astrology, so here you can find degree courses in Vastu Shashtra Online.

    This phenomenon is known as Disha-Shula, which means that one should avoid traveling in a particular direction on a specific day, as the elements in that direction are unfavorable. Every day has a favorable direction; if traveled, immense success is achieved. Following these instructions during a business trip is essential for a successful outcome."

    Astrologers said, "To avoid the ill effects of traveling in an inauspicious direction, one must wait for the right time and turn towards the right direction to make it successful." You can also go for the Vastu course Online.


    Here are some of the tips suggested by him that you should keep in mind:


    • One must keep in mind the purpose of the visit and, accordingly, choose the hotel room in the appropriate direction of the hotel or the specific entrance of the room to ensure beneficial results. People can search for the Vastu Shashtra course online.


    • If one is traveling to sell his product and receives orders, he should stay in the south direction of the hotel or with the entrance in the north.


    • If one is traveling for joint venture or equity placement, they should stay in the east part of the hotel or a room with an entrance in the west or southwest.


    • A room with an entrance in the west or east should be taken to meet suppliers and vendors so that they can connect with responsible and reliable resources.


    • To connect with money and financial institutions, stay in the northwest direction of a hotel or room's north or southeast entrance.


    The North-East entrance can bring opportunities for foreign tours. The northeast entrance can bring opportunities for foreign travel with name and name. Entry from west to southwest will not allow you to travel abroad. The northwest direction of the house is related to foreign trips. Sleeping in the northwest bedroom gives me chances to go abroad. Anyone can find online Vastu course.


    Things you have to keep with you like a cloth bag, briefcase, visa, passport, etc., if you keep these important things in the Northwest direction to avoid delay in foreign travel. Room, this may result in an early departure from home.

    Cleanliness, lightness, and the presence of water should be maintained in the North-East sector for quick and effective decisions in travel.

    Also, the right balance of North-West should be maintained to create all the support systems that will make your journey successful.

    You may encounter strangers and traitors while traveling, so you should prefer sleeping in the south or southwest of your hotel or place of residence to improve your confidence, stability, and alertness.

    Suppose one wants to go abroad for the purpose of education or to earn money. In that case, it is crucial to balance the north and northwest by placing a water fountain, fish aquarium, and blue color in the north direction.

    If someone wants to go abroad to get important research, award, honor, or position, then keep the house's east side window and door open as much as possible. Due to this, auspicious energy enters the house. To increase the auspiciousness of the east direction, it would be auspicious to put a bronze sun in the lobby of the drawing room or the east side of the workplace. You can also pursue a free online Vastu Shashtra course with a certificate.


    11 Vastu Tips While Traveling:


    • Avoid traveling in particular directions to increase your success
    • Avoid traveling north on Mondays
    • Avoid traveling to the South-East on Tuesdays
    • Avoid traveling in the west direction on Wednesdays
    • Avoid traveling to North-East on Thursday
    • Avoid traveling in the south direction on Friday
    • Avoid traveling to North-West on Saturday
    • Avoid traveling to the South-West on Sundays
    • It is considered most auspicious to travel in the opposite direction on that day
    • Night travel is favorable on Sunday, Thursday, and Friday
    • Day trips are suitable for Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday


    Vedic astrology has determined good and bad days for travel based on the moon's transit in different zodiac signs, constellations, and days of the week.

    So, if you are planning a vacation or traveling for work, choose a convenient weekday and Nakshatra for a pleasant journey.

    Generally, Ashwini, Rohini, Mrigashira, Punarvasu, Pushyami, Magha, Hasta, Anuradha, Moola, Shravan, Dhanishtha, Uttarabhadra, Revati are considered the best Nakshatra days for Moon travel.

    And, during the growth period of the moon (between the new moon and full moon days): 2,3,5,7,10,11,13 lunar days are considered auspicious.


    Different days are prohibited for long-distance and business travel:

    Suitable Lagna (rising signs) and lunar days (dates) have been prescribed for traveling in certain directions.

    These combination days can be chosen for successful travel and expected results.

    In case of emergency and short distance travel (distance within which you can reach back home on the same day)

    Weekdays, Nakshatras, Lagna, and Lunar days (tithis) are unsuitable for traveling in particular directions.

    • East: Lunar days 1 and 9, weekdays Monday, and Saturday, Moon in Jyestha and Dhanishtha Nakshatras, Libra, and Aquarius are unsuitable for natives.
    • North-East: Eighth lunar day (Ashtami) and new moon day, Wednesday, Gemini ascendant is not suitable
    • Lunar days 2 and 10, Tuesday and Wednesday on weekdays, Moon in Purvaphalguni and Hasta Nakshatras, Taurus and Virgo are not suitable for natives.
    • North-West: Saptami and full moon days, Sundays, and Tuesdays are not suitable for Aries Lagna on weekdays.
    • West: Lunar days 6 and 14, weekdays Sunday and Friday, Moon in Rohini and Pushyami Nakshatras, Leo and Sagittarius natives are unsuitable.
    • In the southwest direction: Lunar days 4 and 12, weekdays Monday and Friday are not suitable for Cancer Ascendant.
    • In South: Lunar days 5 and 13, Thursdays on weekdays, Moon in Ashwini and Shravan Nakshatras, Scorpio and Pisces are unsuitable for natives.
    • South-East: Lunar day 3 and 11, Thursday and Saturday weekdays, Makara Lagna is unsuitable.


    Measures to prevent travel due to colic:

    There are some unavoidable reasons why we must travel on a particular day in the direction where the direction school (obstacle) is present, as per Vedic astrology. There are so many best Vastu shastra courses in India.

    However, we should adopt some remedial measures suggested by Vedic astrology before traveling in a particular direction on a specific day affected by Disha Shool. In that case, we can negate the obstacles and problems faced by Disha Shool.


    • Sunday: Travel after eating sugar and curd (sweet curd) or paan and cardamom.
    • Monday: Travel by eating kheer (porridge made of rice and milk) and look at yourself in the mirror.
    • Tuesday: Travel after eating jaggery.
    • Wednesday: Worship Lord Ganesha and travel after drinking milk.
    • Thursday: Travel by eating curd with roasted cumin.
    • Friday: Travel after eating milk or sweet lassi.
    • Saturday: Travel after eating urad dal khichdi (rice and urad dal) or Imarti.


     Read the blog- Life Is Incomplete Without Learning Vastu Shastra


    Taking care of these small things will encourage your journey, and there will be no hindrance. You can enjoy this journey happily with your family and friends and enjoy your journey without worrying. Always keep these pointers in mind, and have safe, successful, and prosperous travels!

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  • Astrological aspects of india's growth with the modi government

    Is astrology an effective way to predict the future? Is there any scientific evidence that our zodiac sign affects how we behave or how successful we will be in life? While skeptics continue to doubt its effectiveness, astrology remains one of the world's most widely practiced forms of divination. No matter how you feel about it, one thing's for sure: India has been growing exponentially recently, especially under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. That may not be coincidental--Vedic astrology has many factors that could influence India's growth and predict what lies ahead for the country and its people.

    The stars have aligned in favor of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The ruling party won a resounding victory in India's most general election, winning 325 seats in the lower House of Parliament and thus securing itself another term in power. Astrologically speaking, this win was predestined from the start, given the confluence of factors at play at the time of Modi's swearing-in ceremony back in 2014.

    The stars have a much more significant influence over your life than you might think! That's why learning about them can help you understand your fortune and the future of India better than anything else out there. In the Vedic Astrology course online, you'll learn about the basics of astrology and practical use it afterwards.



    India has been experiencing significant growth under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The country has grown on average by 7% in recent years; it's expected to grow at 6%. The question, however, is whether this growth was just a coincidence or if there are astrological reasons behind it.

    In this blog post, we'll explore how some of the best Vedic astrologers in India believe that there are many reasons why we've seen such incredible growth rates under PM Narendra Modi.


    What is Vedic Astrology?

    Vedic astrology is an ancient Indian science that explores Vedic science, with roots stretching back thousands of years before recorded history. Vedic astrology is based on the belief that our universe is a living entity that has existed for billions of years and will continue to exist for billions more.

    Astrology courses online in India vary from short-distance learning courses for Vedic astrology to long and intensive full-time courses. There are many reasons students might choose distance learning courses over traditional classroom courses, including their geographical location or transportation gap. Distance learning courses require students to be self-motivated learners who can set their own pace to complete coursework and assignments as they see fit without any pressure from other classmates or teachers.


    The Role of Astrology in India's Growth

    India has always been a country of mysterious and unknown traditions and beliefs, and astrology is one of them. Astrology in India is based on astronomical observations, not on mathematics and calculations. Vedic astrology studies the position of celestial bodies such as stars and planets to predict an individual's or nation's future. Vedic astrologers believe that specific planetary configurations at the time of one's birth are responsible for shaping one's personality, life span, health, afflictions, and wealth. This ancient science can be traced back to over 5000 years ago when it was considered sacred knowledge. Vedic astrology is called Jyotish in Sanskrit, which means light or brilliance.



    The Role of Jupiter in India's Economic Development

    In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is referred to as the king of planets. It is considered a benefic planet that symbolizes career and good fortune. In India's case, it has been playing an essential role in improving the economic development of India under the Modi government. Jupiter's position in India's horoscope is the 8th House from the 10th House, representing its business development.

    The main reason for this success is that Jupiter rules over two houses in India's horoscope: the 10th House of career and the 8th House, which stands for prosperity and money. It also positively influences its 12th House, which indicates hidden wealth.


    The Role of Saturn in Modi's Election Victory

    Saturn is the planet that governs delays, setbacks, and difficulties. Saturn represents our limitations, restrictions, and boundaries. The role of Saturn in Modi's election victory is that it acts as a barrier to his victory, and he had to work hard for it. Saturn also influences leadership qualities, so it can be said that because of Saturn, Modi will have more potential to bring about changes in the country.

    It's impressive to see how the stars have played a significant role in India's growth under the Modi government. The charts for 2018,2019, and 2020 are all very favorable, and the planets are in a close but harmonious position. Jupiter will be in harmony with Saturn, benefiting our country's economy. That is why so many people are discussing the possibility of India becoming one of the world's top economies in just a few short years.


    The Role of Rahu in the Demonetization Policy

    The demonetization policy is an astrological aspect of the Indian economy that has caused a lot of chaos. The best online Vedic astrology course has dramatically increased inquiries as people seek clarification. We've had requests to write about the role of Rahu and how it may have played into the policy.


    Rahu is the planet that can disrupt our lives and used to be considered a planet of evil forces. It was also believed that Rahu would bring both good and bad luck depending on its placement concerning other planets at any given moment. Rahu is important to understand with this policy because it was one of the main planets involved when some significant changes were made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi back in November 2016.


    The Role of Ketu in the Implementation of GST

    The Indian economy was on the brink of stagnation and economic slowdown in the aftermath of demonetization. It is a fact that no economy can sustain itself without a stable system, and GST has come as an answer to all the problems. There are many planetary configurations favorable for GST implementation, but Ketu plays a significant role in its success. Ketu signifies endings and change of old order, which demonetization also represents. The Mars aspect on Ketu will also help implement GST because it shall eliminate all the red tape that has been haunting businesses for years.


    How has the Modi Government Used Astrology to its Advantage?

    In the Western world, astrology is a word that has fallen out of use. The majority view is that its superstition a pseudo-science not worth considering. In the East, however, astrology is often used to determine the best times for making major life decisions or taking essential steps. Despite the differences between Eastern and Western views on astrology, there are many points in common. Both approaches rely on objective observations of natural phenomena such as planetary movements and cycles; both are grounded in ancient traditions and texts and can be used to predict future events by examining current conditions.

    Many people who follow Vedic Astrology believe that the Modi government has been using this science to its Advantage to form policies and make executive decisions according to the alignment of the stars.


    The Benefits of Astrology for India

    Astrology is a science of life. It helps us know our potential and how to reach it. With the help of astrology, we can solve many problems and make decisions in life. Astrology shows what is best for us and gives guidance on how to achieve it. Vedic astrology is a complete package of all knowledge related to not only planets but also zodiac signs, twelve houses, Navagrahas (planets), Yoga (chart), etc. The best Vedic astrology course in India provides high-quality courses which will help you understand your prospects and take action accordingly.


    The Drawbacks of Astrology for India

    It has drawbacks in a country where astrology is used in politics, the stock markets, and life. Indeed, astrology was never a science to begin with. Yet it has been part of India's culture for centuries and remains so today. In India, many believe astrologers can tell fortunes based on predictions of one's birthdate and time. The horoscope for each person shows what their strengths are but also what their weaknesses are as well. One can use it to make them more productive or successful in some way or another.


    Read the blog- The Best Astrology Software And That Too Free Of Cost



    The best online Vedic astrology course, available through the Distance Learning platform, will teach you everything you need to know and will make it possible for you to gain practical skills through an online medium.


    In conclusion, with all of the astrological aspects taken into consideration, it can be predicted that India will increase its economic growth with a good mix of hard work and luck.

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  • Shatabhisha nakshatra according to vedic astrology

    The lord of the ring usually rules Shatabhisha nakshatra. It is also affected by the Planet Venus as a lunar node of Rahu also influences this nakshatra. It is also known as a veiling star, and the empty circle is usually donated as this nakshatra. In this article, we will discuss its effect on the life of people and those born in this nakshatra, career, and more.You can learn more about different nakshatra with the help best vedic astrology course online.


    Effect of Shatabhisha Nakshatra on Both Gender

    With relation to doctors and medicine, this nakshatra is known as a doctor and healing of pain. The person born in this nakshatra is usually self-independent, intrigued, and they are mysteries in nature. This nakshatra is secretaries in nature. Therefore people born in this nakshatra are introverted and love to spend time alone. They believe more in their freedom and want to spend their life on their terms and conditions without interruption from others. You can know everything about your personality by astrological reading with the help of vedic astrology online course. One can choose about to opt for any course with the help of distance learning astrology courses in india and astrology courses online in India.



    • Males of this nakshatra are usually very truthful and want to live their life honestly, never stand on false claims, and even stand against their own family if needed.
    • Males of this nakshatra are ready to specify their self and self-worth when it's come to following their principles and standing in them. They first considered rules and policies above themselves and followed them throughout their life.
    • They are star burn in nature; therefore, they want to stand in their decision and want to fulfill at any cost.
    • Males born in this nakshatra are very emotional and can feel the pain of others; hence they can be easily carried out or cheated by others.
    • They never show off their intelligence or assets. They are not like the materialistic type. They love to live on the ground, never make other people down, and can easily mix up with others.



    • Females born in this nakshatra are very calm, expressive, and shy. They never show extra tantrums with others.
    • They are very hot-tempered and, once poked, can lead to anger; there are not easily get affected, but constantly being disturbed can affect their mood and can result in fights
    • They are very ritualistic, believe in God, and follow all the rituals because of fear. They are very orthodox.
    • They often see the negative side of the situation; therefore kind of sad and easily fall into family fights or with their collogues, and therefore they are always mentally disturbed.
    • Often, the women of this nakshatra are sympathetic and generous.


    Nature of Professsion People Born in Shatabhish Nakshatra


    Shatabhish Nakshatra usually leads to professions leading to research, science, and technology.


    The male of this nakshatra can try the profession related to science, psychology, astrology, and other healing arts. Up to approximately 34 years, they may face many hurdles in life. They can lead a delighted life, enjoy life, and succeed in business and their job. From a very young age, they stand out of the crowd due to their smartness and sense of humor.



     Females born in this nakshatra are usually related to science and are more inclined to study medicine. So the maximum number of females lead to being doctors and can excel in this profession. Even many also lead to research in the science field.


    Family life

    Males – males of this nakshatra are not very lucky in terms of family life. They will always get issues due to their siblings, and their siblings always keep hurdling in their life, and this causes their mental breakdown. Even if they will not get full support from their father therefore always remain sad. Males will get love from their mothers, and she will always take a stand for them. Talking about life partners, their wives will possess all the good qualities and be perfect in the role of housewife even though their love life will not be good or smooth.

    Female - Females of this nakshatra will have happy families, and everyone will love them. They will also have a very loving partner and but their married life will not be smooth; they will face many issues like they can be separated due to their profession, or there is the chance that they will be widowed at a very young age.


    Health and well-being


    Male of this nakshatra will always face issues related to infection as they will have a weak immune system, and therefore, even fever can affect their health. They even get affected by urinary tract infections and respiratory tract issues, including breathing issues. They will also get diabetes at a young age.


    Females of this nakshatra are very sensitive; therefore, extra care should be taken for them. They usually get affected by the urinary infection and have uterus issues, which can lead to issues in getting pregnant and having a baby. They are also prone to colic, breathing issues and chest pain.


    Different Padas of Shahtabhisa Nakshatra


     1st pada – 1st pada of this nakshatra Falls under the shahtabhisa nakshatra, which is ruled by the planet Venus. The people born in this nakshatra are more likely to be causal. They are highly optimistic and always have positive thoughts about their goal. They easily get affected by others' pain, and they are always generous and stand for others if they need help; hence they are cheated by many.


    2nd pada – 2nd pada of this nakshatra fall under the Capricorn zodiac sign navamsa, ruled by Saturn. People born in this nakshatra are efficient and never think about others and what impacts their discussion with others. They are kind of over-ambitious, and therefore they are more likely to see their benefits in everything they are not easily carried out by others and have a powerful personalities. They could attract more opportunities due to this.


    3rd pada – 3rd pada of this nakshatra Fall under the aquarium navamsa ruled by Saturn. People born in this nakshatra are usually very far-sighted and can assume the situation earlier and then make decisions according. They never do any work without thinking about its consequences, so they never regret their decision. They are very quick-tempered and easily get affected by others; their anger is out of control. They are eccentric.


    4th pada - the 4th pada of this nakshatra Falls under the pieces navamsa ruled by Jupiter. As a result, the people born in this nakshatra are very mature and believe in healing and compassion .negative planet can make natives bold in nature.


    2022 For the People of this Nakshatra –


    1. Career – this year may sound fruitful for you. At the beginning of the year, you will get many rewards in more appreciation or money, which can lead to your carrier at its peak. In the mid or end, you will likely achieve your target, which you have been waiting for a long time. For any Innovative ideas and business, this year may be crucial; you can start p your firm and get success with good planning.


    1. Love – this year will be perfect for married people; they may go on the trip, enjoy themselves with their partner, and even have a perfect time with them. This year, talking about the love birds allows them to enjoy and live with their partner. At the end of this year, there can be some challenges, like if the partner is hiding something or trust issues can arise during this time.


    1. Financial issue – this year, you will get good rewards and funds. Suppose you try a mutual investment where you can earn a lot and can get a profit. For the part-time business and new place where you can get good profit at the end of this year .and if you have property by selling it you can get good profit.


    Read the blog- How You Can Benefit By Learning Astrology With IVA India



    1. Health issue – this year, you will not find many health issues. But in the mid of the year, you can get plenty of issues like mental stress and other like pain in the eyes and many more, so to get protection from this, you should try to get enough sleep and take rest according. Eat a proper diet, including fruits and vegetables and when you feel stressed; you can take a break and go for a short trip with your family.
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  • Shravana nakshatra according to vedic astrology

    Shravana nakshatra is also known as savanna, Shravan, and thriovam. It is the 22nd from the list of the 27th constellation of the Nakshatra belt and falls under the three stars, including Altair, alshian, and tarazed. They together form the star head, which is Aquila, which is an eagle.

    This Rashi is spread to the Capricorn zodiac sign and ruled under the lord Vishnu. In simple terms, the savanna is known as hearing, and the sign of this nakshatra is the ear used for hearing and listening. This nakshatra is ideal for listening as well as speaking skills. As the nakshatra discusses, this is commonly used for people with good listening and hearing ability.


    They are more capable of listening to things and what is going on in the environment; they absorb all the information with good listening ability. People born in this nakshatra have the best carrier advice in the media and entertainment. And people have the best quality and are bold; they can easily travel to foreign countries and are likely to settle in the foreign. The best thing about this nakshatra is that people are very honest with their goals and do what is required to achieve them with pure determination and hard work. In this article, we will discuss how this nakshatra affects the people, their impact on the men and women, their careers, love life, and finances, and how this year will affect them.These nakshatra predictions might take your attention and amaze you , if something like this excite you then we suggest you to search for best vedic astrology course online or can explore about the distance learning astrology couses in india.


    Characteristics of Shravana Nakshatra

    This horoscope has different outcomes for both men and women. Usually, this nakshatra is symbolic of the footprint, which symbolizes the lord Vishnu's foot. This nakshatra relates to listening and power gain due to hearing ability and sense of adoption from the environment. It is also the birth opening of the God Saraswati, known as goodness of knowledge and educational devotion. Therefore these nakshatra people are more related to education and do well in this field. Vedic astrology online course can help you in getting indepth knowledge about it.



    Men of this nakshatra are usually very soft-spoken, and they could handle difficult situations just by having polite and very saturating knowledge. They don't get aggressive very quickly and are diplomatic.Astrology courses in India or distance learning astrology courses in India are helpful for learning the basic aspect of astrology at comfort of home.


    • They are very forgiving and readily accepted and available for needy others. Due to this nature, they are more likely to be cheated by their people.
    • They are highly spiritual in nature and a great god lover. They follow rituals that the gurus instruct without any doubts. And they always believe in God's hand in everything that ever happens.
    • They face a lot of ups and down in their life. They never get fear due to this; they welcome both ups and down with great happiness and are strong
    • The knowledge about their carrier highly influences them, but in their life, they remain in the middle and spend their whole life as that.


    • women of this nakshatra are very kind; they likely to donate to people in terms of money, materials, or other, and they kind of show this nature in front of each one. She poses a character that attracts people with money.
    • she is easily driven by the needy, and this always remains on the list of great fund donators.
    • Females of this nakshatra are susceptible and emotionally weak.
    • they follow God and believe god hand in everything Which she does.
    • Females are very talkative, mostly very Frank with their partner, and share everything with their loved ones without hesitation.


    Profession According to Shravana nakshatra


    Male of this nakshatra usually has a good career in engineering, like mechanical. And more likely to achieve well in this specific field. Whereas till 30 years, they may have a very struggling life, and till 45, they may get stability in their job, and after 65, they can socially and economically grow in their specific field.



    Female of this nakshatra couldn't go with a high education degree or professional job. Therefore minimal education and just a related job. But they can be good in many other specific arts, like a good dancer.


    Family Life


    Males of this nakshatra will have a perfect family life. They can enjoy a wonderful married life with their loved ones. Their wife possesses good character and is very loyal and trustworthy toward their partner. They took excellent care of their family as well as their husband and were an example of an ideal wife. Males of this nakshatra have a few hookups and maintain them free outside the marriage.



    Female of this nakshatra lead a joyful life. She believes in perfectness in everything, including room wardrobes, cooking, and even relationships. She expects the same from each and everyone, which sometimes upsets Her. She had a great married life; she is the kind of one men woman who showers all her love and care on one person and leads him to a good marriage.



    Male-male of this nakshatra are prone to skin disease; therefore, they need to take great care of their skin. Also, they may have hearing issues; consequently, they should take care of that and always be protective of their ear. Also, the make should not eat junk food as they can face digestive issues.


    Female-female of this nakshatra should be very careful about their skin. And later on, they can get affected by tuberculosis.


    How will be the year 2022? 

    So now we will discuss how the year 2022 will affect people and their carrier, love life, financial condition, and everything.


    Job – this year can be either very favorable or unfavorable. So talking about the favorable, you need to make the right move and discuss the right discussion with your boss to get a great opportunity and promotion. If you do not take a stand, you will either fall into the hard-working phase or, after doing a lot of work, you may not get what you deserve.


    Read the blog- Shatabhisha Nakshatra According To Vedic Astrology


    Business – talking about the business, you will have a great year starting your business and lead a very successful career. You need to be very careful and have proper planning.

    Family – talking about the family this year may be very blissful, and you may feel more connected with your parents and plan things for them accordingly. Talking about a married couple this year can bring any ups and down in your relationship. Although you may be very friendly with your partner but still try to figure down the small conflict between you can your partner. This year may sound like a true gift for single people as you will get what you want and will be very fortunate to get life from your live ones.

    Financial – this year may sound like a very struggling year in the context of money; therefore, people need to focus on their saving skills and always have savings. This year bring uninvited financial issue which can affect your finances.

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