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Your Hand Reveals your Future - Palm Reading Online Your Hand Reveals your Future

By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Jul 13 2018 Palm_Reading

Do you ever think your hand is related to science and it can reveal some facts about your life? Yes. Hand reading is an art. Each individual differs in the rise and fall in the structure of the palm and the major lines running through the palm. Each of these lines define the qualities of intelligence, vitality, and emotions,  while mounts denote archetype, personality. By analyzing these lines and mounts, a profession can deduce some facts of your life.  There are professional coaching and training, where you can undergo training to become a professional in hand reading. There are professional establishments on par with Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore that offer such courses.

Mounts and line of the palm

Palmistry says that the names of seven mounts denote the seven celestial bodies of the ancients, gods of Greek and Roman mythology. There are two mounts in the palm that have an equal effect on the personality of a person. If they stand high and full, then it is considered being strongly influenced.

Generally, a palm has six major lines and numerous minor lines. Every palm has lines that denote head, heart, and lifelines, whereas lines of Saturn, Apollo, Mercury are found in some palms and are absent in other palms. The depth and clarity of the lines determine the strength of each aspect. There are many Palms Reading Online Courses available to gain more knowledge regarding palm reading.

The major lines of the palm

There are six major lines that speak about the particular aspect. These lines are unique for each palm. When the line is thick and clear, the aspect that the line represents functions well. When they are thin or broken, there are probabilities for the aspect to be weak or the individual may face challenges over it. For further clear understanding of the lines, Learn Palm Reading. This is an interesting subject and you can even choose this as a profession.  The six major lines are:

The heart line: It speaks about an individual’s emotions and physical condition of the heart. If the line is deep, then the person will be steady in handling emotions, along with being reliable and devoted. If not, the person will be fickle-minded, sentimental and changeable. The heart line originates from the mount of Jupiter and moves through the hand.

The headline: It denotes intelligence, the ability for concentration and focus. By having a clear headline, the person will be able to think clearly, concentrate and have a good memory. By thin or broken headline; the person may experience poor memory and confusion. It begins from under the mount of Jupiter and extends till the beginning of the lifeline.

The lifeline: It informs about an individual’s vitality and ability to resist illness along with the overall energy of the person. If the line is deeper the person has good energy, whereas the thinner line denotes the poor level of energy and poor ability to fight illness.

The Saturn line: It is the line of security and fate representing the security feeling of an individual. It begins near the wrist and extends till the figure of Saturn.

The line of Apollo: It is said to be the line of art or recognition. This is not observed in all the palms. When it is present, there are high chances that the person is creative. They start from the wrist and end in the mount of Apollo.

The line of Mercury: The line of health appears in lesser than 50% of hands and indicates certain distinct health issues. Even without this line, the person can have a long life. 

To learn more about the line and mount in the palm choose the best institute to learn Palmistry - IVA Indore to study the palmistry. 


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