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Vastu for your Factory

By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Sep 27 2020

Just like our home every place which is connected with our lives personally and professionally is a part of our life and happiness. The place where we work, which gives us the way of income should be as important as our house. According to Vastu every place where we spend our time should be managed according to Vastu and its principles. Every place should be well directed and everything should be kept in the right place.

Half of our life revolves around work and home. But sometimes we end up ignoring our workplace so it is very important to look after the workplace to bring higher profits and benefits from the place.

We should know to maintain the balance between our personal and professional life in the same reference one should know how to maintain his home and workplace accordingly. With the help of Vedic Vastu, one can convert his professional life easy and acceptable in every situation through Vedic Vastu.

Here we are going to tell you about the big workplace which is a factory. Factories are established to conduct manufacturing and do several dealings for the business to get the proper profit in the business. But the question arises does every factory and its manufacturing gets the proper profit? Maybe not so, there are some people who end up facing huge losses in their business and factories. To get the proper response and profit in your factory and manufacturing you should apply Vastu there as well because it can harmonize the place perfectly.


Here we are going to share some important tips of Vastu for factory layout so that you will end up getting the freedom from Vastu defects/dosha.


  1. Vastu for factory entrance - The very important path for the factory is its entrance. the main entrance of the factory should be big-sized and situated in the east, north, and northeast direction. In case your factory is very big then you can also so assigned to entrances.


  1. Vastu for the office of factory owner - The office of the factory is really important for the owner of the factory and for another administrative department of the factory. There is always an office in the factory of business deals and discussions normally took place. The best place to build your office in the factory is the north and east direction.


  1. The heating equipment of the factory is also involved in the interior. The heating pieces of equipment like boilers, energy meters, transformers, generators, or any kitchen equipment should be kept in the south-east direction. These things according to Vastu can help to avoid accidents in the factory.


  1. There is always a place for a temple in every place. If you are creating a temple in your factory then it is a good start. You should always create your temple in the office and it should not be built in the North-East corner else any other directions can also be good. Remember to clean the temple every day and keep it clutter-free.


  1. Toilets are the major important place in every working space for the comfort of employees and workers working over there. The toilets should be e built according to the employees and space. If you have fewer employees you can create a small toilet otherwise if you have a large number of employees you should be built a separate washroom for males and females. And the toilet should be built in the south-east or northeast direction.


  1. When it comes to the storage of raw material in the factory, it should be kept in a proper place to avoid clutter and mess in the factory. The main aim of factories to convert the raw material into finished goods so it is really important to keep your raw material safe and secure all the time. Heavy raw material should be e constructed in the South-West, South or west direction.


  1. Then comes the outside wall which is the compound wall. The compound wall of a factory is a support system for the factory. so according to Vedic Vastu to build a compound wall south and Westside is considered auspicious.


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