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10 Top Most Feared Yogas in Astrology

By Institute of Vedic Astrology Oct 31 2022 vedic_astrology_classes,Vedic_astrology_courses_in_India,Astrology

Astrology is a branch that requires careful and in-depth study to claim anything accurately. There are plenty of planetary movements and astrological yogas because of their position and the Kundli chart of a person. These several yogas and positions are, in reality, regulate the key to anyone's life. However, many of these yogas give you growth and prosperity, while others worsen the situation. However, some people with good yogas are blessed and born to rule, leading wherever they go. E.g., our minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, has powerful raj yoga, and his position is evident about astrological yogas power.

In PMO Lagna, lord Mars is in a strong position and resides at their own house. It destroys the moon responsible for neech bhang yoga making the person more powerful and having the power to make people the elected PM of the largest democratic country in the world. However, some yogas and planet positions are extremely unfavorable and make your life full of stress, tension, and problems and affect an individual's life.

One can learn about its details by getting into a Vedic astrology institute. Afterward, they can quickly attend Vedic astrology classes online with the option of distance-learning astrology courses in India. Alternatively, for a quick solution, one can talk with their astrologer and follow different remedies suggested by them. However, astrologers who have deep knowledge and have completed Vedic astrology courses in India from reputed institutes can analyze the details of your kundali chart and yogas. They will recognize which planets are imparting positive energy and which ones are harmful with the help of your birth chart.

In astrology, yoga is the name given to various combinations of planets in a horoscope, which are believed to produce specific results or events. The planets involved in yoga can be beneficial (helpful) or malefic (harmful), and the effects of yoga can be either positive or negative. There are many different types of yoga, each with its own planet combinations and derivatives. Here in this article, we are discussing the 10 Top Most Feared Yogas in Astrology. So let's move quickly to the next section.

Top 10 Yogas in Astrology That One Should Know

Kemadruma Yoga: Kemadruma yoga is among one the most feared yoga in astrology. The reason behind this yoga formation is the moon's placement on the birth chart. It can be observed when the moon resides in its own house or if only the sun is situated in the 2nd and 12th house where the moon is. In simple words, the formation of kemarduma yoga takes place if no other planet is available in the 2nd and 12th house concerning the moon's position. You can also observe this yoga if Rahu or Ketu are present in these houses. The impact of kemarduma yoga makes your life situation worse, and the person with such yoga becomes stressed, unhappy, and meets various difficulties in their life. However, there are remedies to avoid the effect of it, and you can learn about them by contacting the best astrologers.

Chandal Dosha: This dosha can be found in an individual kundali if Jupiter and Rahu are positioned in the same house or may be interrelated in a person's Kundli. This dosha is highly harmful and inauspicious. It can also cause a downfall in your career; however, it is suggested that you contact your astrologer and eliminate the problem of Chandal dosha. The effect of this dosha is broad and influences a person's mind and knowledge, leading them towards negativity, which ultimately surrounds them with failures.

Visha Yoga: This yoga has been observed because of the placement of the moon and planet Saturn in Kundli. They might be seen conjoint with each other in the same house or maybe be closely associated with a degree that creates adversely impacts Kundli. It will weaken the person emotionally and turn them into a cruel or arrogant personality. It might result from bad karma in your past life; however, if the moon's position is strong, it will be easier to cope with this situation.

Amavasya Dosh: The sun and moon position is responsible for this yoga formation. The sun and moon are situated in the same house in Amavasya dosha. On the day of the Amavasya, the moon loses power, and the whole Amavasya dosh is influenced by the sun. The native could experience both financial and emotional difficulties. According to many astrologers, the sun overpowers the moon. It occasionally may lead to issues with the mother. 

Raja Yoga: Raja yoga involves the benefic planets, Jupiter and Venus. This yoga is said to bring wealth, success, and fame. It is considered the dreaded and auspicious yoga that helps individuals achieve success in life. The person with raja yogas has leadership qualities and offers a way to lead them. It shows that the person will lead a luxurious and peaceful life along with a reputed social status. However, there are a total of 32 different types of  Raja yoga; only some can be analyzed by seeing the person's birth chart.

Kalsarp Dosh: Kalsarp dosh is one of the feared yogas because of the placement of Rahu and Ketu in a person's natal chart. The position of Rahu and Ketu is usually on opposite side of each other. However, in Kalsarp dosh, all the other planet's placements are in between these two planets. In contrast, if a single planet comes out of this two-planet axis, the dosh can get canceled, or the person might suffer through anshik KalSarp dosh.

It is one of the most dangerous and severe yoga of astrology that indicates life-threatening danger to a person. They will not get a positive outcome for their hard work, and they will feel the ease of putting in more effort than any other ordinary person. Bad dreams are also an indication of Kal Sarp dosha.

Saraswati Yoga: Saraswati yoga involves the benefic planets Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus. This yoga is said to bring knowledge, wisdom, and artistic talent. The combination of these planets in a strong position indicates the Saraswati yoga in an individual's birth chart. If Saraswati yoga is in person kundali, the native personality reflects the intelligence and skills that let them stand out in the crowd. Most people with this yoga are creative and can be seen in different careers like speakers, writers, poets, and other literary professions.

Buddha Yoga:  It involves the benefic planet Jupiter and the malefic planet Saturn. This yoga is said to bring spiritual enlightenment. Mercury is the planet of communication and is crucial for making judgments under challenging circumstances. Jupiter is the planet of luck, fortune, abundance, and happiness. In Vedic astrology, "Buddha guru" yoga develops in a birth chart when Jupiter and Mercury are in the same house.

Mercury and Jupiter are enemies; therefore, a chart can forecast what will happen in that house. Different outcomes will occur depending on which planet is more powerful in between them.

Shiva Yoga: It involves the benefic planets, Mars and Jupiter. This yoga is said to bring power, strength, and courage.

Manglik Dosha: It is a common dosha found in individuals and raises numerous problems in a person's marital life situation. The formation of Manglik dosha depends on the position of the planet Mars. In Manglik dosha, the mars are situated in the 4th,7th,8th, or 12th house. It delays a person's marriage and indicates the financial, mental, and physical losses in the person's life.

One can find many other yogas in their Kundli, each with its specific combination of planets and results. Some yoga is more powerful than others, and others are more optimistic (lucky) than others. The strength of yoga is determined by the planets involved and the position of those planets in the horoscope. The most powerful yoga is those that involve the most benefic planets in favorable positions. The results of yoga can also be influenced by the planets influencing the planets involved in yoga.

Summing Up

Yoga can be a crucial factor in astrology and can help predict specific events or outcomes in a person's life. There are many rumors, understanding, and questions as there is much debate surrounding the topic. Some people believe that astrology and yoga are interconnected and can complement each other, while others believe they are two completely different practices. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide what they believe and whether or not they think astrology and yoga can work together.

The study of astrology is an ancient practice that was available years ago. In India, the research and practice of astrology is a well-established and respected pursuit. Many astrology courses are available in India, ranging from introductory classes to more advanced studies. Astrology courses in India typically cover a wide range of topics, including the history and origins of astrology, the planets and their influence, the zodiac signs, and how to interpret a birth chart. Students of astrology in India also learn about the use of astrology for prediction, forecast, and guidance in personal and professional life. Whether you want to deepen your understanding of astrology or learn how to interpret birth charts, an astrology course in India is right for you.


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