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Institute of Vedic Astrology Vaastu Tips for Kitchen

By Institute Of Vedic Astrology May 29 2017 Vastu

Vastu is the traditional Indian technique of home designing that combines the natural forces with architectural orientation. According to the Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore every modern household is following Vaastu rules, as the home is the first place that brings happiness and peace in our life. The kitchen is not an exception and modern kitchens are being designed following Vastu rules. As we all know Vastu has a connection with the Vedas and there are specific rules for every corner of a house in Vastu, to provide maximum peace and prosperity to its habitat.

Why it is essential to follow the Vastu tips in the kitchen: -

If we consider our home is the center of happiness, then the kitchen is its heart. The role of a kitchen is to provide healthy food and to maintain the health and energy of the family members. The kitchen design has evolved over the years. Before it happened to be a place with a closed-door at the farthest corner of the house, but the concept has been changed a lot. The modern kitchen is a spacious open place, equipped with household gadgets where the family can meet at the end of the day. So, it is essential to design the kitchen according to Vaastu to keep the family healthy and eradicate health-related problems. Also, in Hindu Shastra kitchen and food is related to the Goddess Laxmi. So a proper layout of the kitchen is vital as it is believed to bring good luck and peace to the family. Let us check the tips.

1) Kitchen direction

According to Vedic Vaastu direction is vital since the kitchen symbolizes the ‘fire’ element. Fire or Agni is beneficial if we can control it properly but could be very dangerous if it goes out of our hands. The symbolic fire is the origin of all hopes and desires in our minds.

So, the fire element needs to be handled with great care in Vaastu. Each direction has a significant role in Vaastu. There is a specific direction to keep fire elements like oven, stove, etc. in the kitchen.

The South-West direction is known as the home of the fire element, and the North-West is meant as the home for air element. Following this fact, in the kitchen location of such equipment should be towards South-East. If not possible, the North-West is the right option, as air and fire are interconnected.

2)  Ideal placement of kitchen sink

The kitchen sink symbolizes the flow of water as it is meant for different washing purposes in the kitchen. Since sinks and taps point out the water flow, it should be placed away from the gas stove and the North-East corner of the kitchen is the best option for it. Vastu Shastra indicates the fire and water as opposing elements and repulsive to each other.

3)  Place the exhaust fans and windows in the East

The kitchen should be airy and well ventilated. So, to keep your kitchen airy, there must be windows and exhaust fan to ward off the smoky air from inside. According to Vastu, the kitchen window and exhaust fan must be placed in the East.

4) Placement of Gas Stove

The ideal installation of a gas stove is the South-East as it is known as the Agni cone. Moreover, the cook must be facing towards the East direction while cooking. A gas stove is used for cooking food and food is the primary source of our energy. So, it is necessary to choose the right corner for the fire element to keep the energy flow in the household.

5) Place the electronic kitchen gadgets in the proper place

The modern kitchen is equipped with electric kitchen appliances like microwave, heater, induction stove, toaster and mixer-grinder. As per Vastu, all these appliances should be placed in the South-West direction.

6) Kitchen color

The kitchen should be vibrant in color as it is the place where we spent quality time. If the kitchen color looks dull and pale, it will create a negative impulse in the family members. So according to Vastu, the kitchen must be colored with yellow, green, orange and unique color. Never use black color in the kitchen.

7) Choose the perfect flooring

Flooring is an essential aspect of the kitchen, and it must be made with marble, tiles or mosaic. Floors made with these substances are hard, non-scratch able and easy to clean.

8) Ideal place for storage

Storage is a vital part of every kitchen. It should be spacious, comfortable to access and separate from every purpose. According to Vastu, walls that are situated towards Southern and Western walls are perfect for making cupboards and drawers.

How can you learn Vastu?

The Institute of Vedic astrology offers different courses on Vedic Vastu, which could be very helpful for anyone to know about the Vastu laws of orientation. The courses are

•    1-year post-graduate diploma course in Vastu.

•    Six months diploma course in Vastu.

Benefits of joining the course

•    Knowledge of Vastu is a must for those who are dealing with construction, renovation, development and interior designing business. Vastu courses can help then a lot to serve their clients in a better way.

•    In the Vedic institution of astrology, the Vastu course is taught under the guidance of skilled professionals.

•    After completing these courses, anyone can work as a Professional Vastu Expert



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