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10 Things Women Should Have in Their Home as Per Astrology

By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Nov 21 2022 Vedic_astrology_courses_in_India,Vedic_astrology_courses,astrology_courses_online

Our living environment should overwhelm us and reflect our personalities to be comfortable. One of the benefits of being an adult is decorating our home, whatever we like. It's very liberating and enjoyable to have the freedom to decide what to keep and how to arrange our living space. But we need to exercise caution in how we go about it and arrange everything according to astrology; one can learn quickly by enrolling in a Vedic astrology institute that offers distance learning astrology courses in India and the best online Vedic astrology courses and more.

Vastu asserts that there are actions we take in our homes that could be damaging to the occupants. So, here is the list of things that, according to astrology, every woman's home must have.

When it comes to maintaining and thriving in our home, the objects we store there and their placement are essential for growth in different aspects of life. Females exhibit choosiness when choosing what to keep and put in their homes. See what you, as a woman, may incorporate in your home per Vastu Shastra, whether it be the window, bedroom curtain, or cushions we want to retain in our home. You can learn more about them with the help of Vedic astrology courses in India.


Things Women Should Have in Home as Per Astrology

Coffee Maker

Not everyone can wake up early feeling rejuvenated, with beautiful skin and hair. Women frequently experience this problem. A coffee maker is a good possession, according to Vastu Shashtra. According to astrology, as per Vedic astrology courses in India, this is a must-have item among the essentials for ladies.

According to astrology, it would improve women's health and wellness and help them deal with daily challenges. One can select their particular Women to tend to be picky about the items they choose to preserve, and one might choose their certain coffee machine kind and shade based on their horoscope sign. They might also select a coffee that would improve their health and luck.


A Queen size bed

A bed is essential. What style of bed, nevertheless, would increase female prosperity? A queen-size mattress. The right side of the bed is crucial, says Vastu Shastra. Additionally, choosing pillows and cushions with the right multitudes is essential. Consequently, a queen-size bed is one of the necessities for women.

According to Vastu astrology, the space where we sleep is crucial. The location of the bed in the room is significant. Because it revitalizes the mind and body, the bed headboard must be in the southern part of the bedroom. Additionally, we have to sleep with our heads at the northernmost corner.


Nook for reading

Every person has their interests, and reading is only for some. What do we mean by a reading nook where work-related items are not allowed in the house? According to astrology, choosing a suitable location for reading is crucial. Having a reading nook is vital, but this is equally important. Northeast, people must place their reading nook on the northeastern side of the house. As a result, the location will soothe and comfort women's souls. You should visit this location to meditate and practice breathing techniques.


Aesthetic Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are beneficial for lowering stress and psychological issues, according to Vastu Shastra. Therefore, having indoor plants will help to lessen anxiety and despair. Furthermore, because it mitigates the adverse effects of the planets, adding anything like this is regarded as lucky for individuals of various zodiac signs.

Our astrologers advise having a Tulsi plant inside the home or outside as one of the essentials for ladies. In addition to being an excellent medicinal plant, it helps balance the chakras and the three pillars of life and lessens stress.


Family Pictures

Using pictures is an excellent approach to designing a home and making it appear active and imaginative. But be careful not to display images of dragons, battles, or anything else violent because doing so will make the atmosphere in the home more stressful and chaotic.

Additionally, it is advised that cruel images be avoided when dealing with girls. It draws misery and inhibits good fortune and wealth from entering the home. On the other hand, as it fosters harmony, ladies can place family photos on the southwest side of the house.


Cookbooks with Different Recipes

Women prioritize the health of their families as domestic workers and mothers. But what does it mean astrologically? Having anything like this increases a female's planet's favorability.

Each planet is said to rule over a different type of food in food astrology. According to astrology, a cookbook correctly uses the spices and food items in the house pantry is needed. A cookbook is, therefore, one of the essential objects to possess at home.


Wooden Furniture

For a house to feel comfortable, furniture is essential. A house filled with furniture hardly qualifies as a house; it seems more like a warehouse. Having enough wooden furniture is a cozy option. Rugs are also among the first items that women think of since they enhance their homes' beauty, prosperity, and luck. Additionally, according to Vastu Shastra, one should avoid placing heavy furniture in the middle of the room because that area is considered the Brahma Sthan and should be left vacant.


Single shade lights

Single-shaded lights are on the list of necessities for women since they enhance life. Having lights that spread positive energy is crucial. Females should remember that bright lighting adds to a pleasant and energetic mood while choosing a shade. Women can also experiment with using artificial or natural illumination in their homes.

Additionally, burning fragrant candles will bring joy and calm into people's daily lives in terms of illumination. Additionally, blue night lights are fantastic since they are cooling. A soothing blue glow in the room while you sleep will make you feel more relaxed.


Know the Right Direction

Try to spend time in the eastern area of your home if you feel weak, exhausted, or ill. Indra, the deity of weather and war, is said to control the East. Indra holds the rising sun, which is thought to control the bones, eyes, heart, spinal cord, and circulatory system.


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Dream Catcher

If you didn't know, a dreamcatcher typically finds a spot over a child's bed to prevent nightmares from ruining their sleep. According to Vastu, dreamcatchers are made with a unique spider web pattern that only allows pleasant dreams to enter and flow through to the child through the feathers tucked with the pattern. Therefore, you should purchase a dreamcatcher if you have kids at home for Vastu purposes.


Summing Up

Who wouldn't want to experience some sort of renaissance by bringing positive energy into their home? And to simplify that part, several Vastu Shastra-approved customs and trinkets are designed to reduce negative energy from your environment and replace them with positive ones. You can learn all about them by enrolling in different best Vedic astrology courses online to learn in the comfort of your home.

As you may know, nature comprises five main elements: fire, water, air, earth, and space. Each of these exudes a specific energy, the reflection of which might favorably abound in fortune, health, and prosperity in your life.

Some reasonably priced and cute things are listed above to have an eye for these energies, even though humans can only do so much to attract them.



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