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The Ultimate School For Palmistry - IVA

By Institute Of Vedic Astrology Jan 05 2021

Palmistry, also known as palm reading, chirology, or chiromancy is an ancient practice of fortune-telling through a pseudoscience study of the palm. This practice has been practised all around the globe with various variations depending on the culture. The interpretation of various features and lines in one’s palm say much more about the person and what their future holds. There is no wizardry involved in this however it requires a lot of learning and understanding of pseudoscience.

Why The Institution Of Vedic Astrology?

The Institute of Vedic Astrology brings to you the opportunity to learn the ancient science of palmistry from the comfort of your homes. These courses are conducted by palm reading experts, face to face in virtual classes. We put emphasis on teaching our students how to develop inquisitiveness and approach this ancient science from a neutral perspective. The experts at the Institute of Vedic Astrology and Palmistry teach palmistry and astrology in a logical system to help them understand the subject better.

By imparting our knowledge of an ancient science we wish to teach our students how to predict the behaviour, nature, future and various other fundamental aspects of a person’s personality. We encourage our pupils to ask “why” until everything about the subject becomes logical and reasonable to them.

 This course is created with the intention to teach the ancient practice of palm reading in a verifiable and scientific manner and not limited to only mystical manner. Our course is designed to teach our students astrology and palmistry in a gentle pace suitable for every students’ capacity. However, we do expect our students to practice thoroughly what they learn in class. We do assure our students’ continuous help and support for any query they may have even after the completion of the course.

What Makes Our Course Unique?

This course on Palmistry is available for a professional diploma in palmistry. The course will also provide students with a Certificate of Completion, Specialization and will include an orientation program and set of 12 books with astrology and Vastu courses. The Institution of Vedic Astrology does bring in a unique experience on the table for all our students with premium email support, 1000+ pages of study material, and an orientation program for practising professionals.

We offer a 12 Module course to ensure our students have a holistic understanding of the ancient science of Palmistry. The summary of the modules is given below:

Module 1: Art of Palmistry, Ancient Palmistry Systems, Palmistry Vs other subjects, Rules and ethics, Basic principles and more

Module 2: Methods of Reading Hands, Taking Handprints, Developed & Undeveloped Hands, and more

Module 3: Thumb: phalange, position, length, flexibility, apex, bending, angles. Fingers: Phalanges, length, thickness, root bulge, knots, shape, skin, colour, mutual distance, effects and more.

Module 4: Main lines and subordinate lines on the hand, other lines, structure, and level of lines. Lifeline, heart line, headline, Sunline, luck line, other minor lines, and more.

Module 5: Mounts and their effects, identifying the position of mounts, Mounts of Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn, and more.

Module 6: Mounts of Mercury, Moon, and Venus: Developed, highly developed, and depressed areas, and more

Module 7: Lines: Shape, form. LifeLine: origin, relation to mounts, nature, terminating point, and more

Module 8: Headlines: Shape, form. Origin, relation to mounts, nature, terminating point, and more

Module 9: Fate or Luck Line: origin, termination. Home area, form, quality, defects, and more.

Module 10: Sunline: origin, termination. Home area, form, quality, defects, relation to other lines, signs on luck line, and more

Module 11: The Wrist Line, Child Line, Travel Line, Marriage Line, and the Girdle of Venus. Health Line, Line of Mars, and more.

Module 12: Discussions and analysis of Hands of many people, practically applying knowledge of Palmistry into practice, step by step explanation on reading hands, Vocational traits for reading palms, and more.

To learn more about our course you can head to our website.


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