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Vastu Tips for Healthy Life 2022

By Institute of Vedic Astrology Jun 24 2022 vastu_tips,vastu_shastra_tips,vastu_classes_online,vastu_shastra_college

Vastu shastra is an ancient Indian science that studies the energy of everything in the universe. Vastu helps us to eliminate the negative energy and convert its effects to positive energy, which can be used for our benefit and progress. Vastu shastra studies the land, building, work area, or space around us. But directly or indirectly, it affects all parts of our life because all our work is interrelated. You can also pursue a Vedic Vastu course.

Vastu shastra helps in financial prosperity, career stability, academic growth, relationships, and good physical and mental health. We have learned that the human body is made up of five elements. We can also say that this universe is made up of these five elements: Earth, Air, Space, Fire, and Water. The human body is formed up of these elements and mixed up back with these elements only after death. Thus these elements play a vital role in our life and energy. Each element affects us, and we are controlled by all five of these. We should know each element and how they work in our day-to-day life. We must understand Vastu shastra also plays an important role in using these elements for our good mental and physical health. You can also find the best Vastu shastra course and advanced Vastu courses online.

Tips for living a healthy life through Vastu

These five elements help maintain energy in our bodies and around us. This we are directly related to them. These elements control our mind and body. If we have good knowledge about them, we can use them for our betterment and progress. So we should learn about them. In this, we will understand how these elements are controlled in Vastu shastra and which directions are responsible for or dominate them. Accordingly, we can decide what will favor our family and us. And how we can use this energy for our progress and well-being. Let's us individually know about each element.

Earth is the first element, also known as Prithvi. This element is known for providing stability and patience. It dominates the center and diagonal directions also. Air is the second element, also known as Vayu; this element is known for fun and happiness in life. It dominates the east direction. Space is the third element, also known as Akasha. This element represents cognitive energy and mental peace. It is responsible for all forms of social energy. It dominates the West direction. Fire is the fourth element and is also known as Agni. This element represents confidence, money, and success. It dominates the South direction. Water is the fifth element, also called Jal. This element supports life. Thus is the major element associated with immunity and health. It dominated the North direction. All these details you can find in the Vastu architecture course and Vastu consultant course.

For all human beings, a major factor is health. As we all know, "A healthy mind lives in a healthy body." If we are physically and mentally fit, we lead healthy and peaceful life. Health is the most important part of the progress of a human being. If we are not physically fit, we cannot perform our day-to-day work properly, which leads to mental and personal loss and hampers our progress in life.

Now let us study how these element and Vastu helps us to maintain a good and healthy life. Vastu helps us in knowing about the different directions of the house and the energy level of that place. Certain measures are mentioned below that can be followed for the good health of all our family members. And maintain peace and prosperity in the house. You can go to a pandit who has done a degree course in Vastu Shastra.

Vastu says Fire (Agni) element is also responsible for health factors; if fire element is imbalanced, it causes sickness in the house. So to balance it fireplace should be in the house's southeast direction. So we should place candles and diyas in the southeast direction only.

Our sleeping habits are also responsible for our health. Our bedroom is where we sleep and gain most of our energy by relaxing. The position of our bed should be in such a place that it is a little away from the wall so that positive energy can flow. And while sleeping, we should face South direction for a sound sleep. The center of our house should be left empty, or we should keep light furniture in the center. This helps free the flow of energy in the house. One should avoid placing mirrors opposite the bed as a reflection of a sleeping person drives his/her energy and causes sickness.

If someone in the house is not well for a long time, keep a burning candle in the room, which helps in fast recovery. We should ensure that our bathroom and kitchen energy do not mix up. If they are opposite to each other, make sure doors should be closed and kept close to avoid energy mixing up. While drinking water, we should face east or northeast direction; this helps to make the immune system good. If there is space around the house, we should plant citric fruit trees near the entrance of the house. This invites good health and prosperity. We should not place a cactus inside the house as it is considered a negative plant that affects our health and relationship. You can also do Vastu online classes or find Vastu classes near me on the internet.

Vastus says salt is also a very useful component that plays a very important role in healthy living. If anyone is ill for a long time or suffering from the disease, a bowl of rock salt or black salt should be kept at his bedside. Make sure that the patient's head should be in the east direction. This helps in the fast recovery of their health. Also once a week floor of our house should be cleaned using salt that keeps illness away from the house. Using rock salt or black salt in the food is also good for health. It keeps our blood pressure controlled and makes a person fit and fine. Rock salt does not have any side effects as normal white salt.

In earlier days and even today, a picture of Lord Hanuman is placed in the house. It should always be South facing because he is Lord of health and protects our family from illness and disease. Vastu Shastra classes should be held in every university and school.

We can place air purifying plants inside the house. Leaking taps should be repaired soon. Health is directly related to the food we eat, so the dining room is the heart of the house. By placing mirrors to reflect the food on the table, we attract abundance into the house. Many such small things were taken care of from very ancient times. These small tips not only bring wealth but also prosperity to our house. We should remember health is wealth.

Our grandparents sometimes tell us about many such small things, we call them religious beliefs, but there are not only religious beliefs and are now proven in the modern study of science. All the older rituals and beliefs are now directly or indirectly relating to science these days. Similarly, Vastu shastra is also a type of science only. Now when we study this, we come through the olden day's rituals followed by our ancestors. And we can connect more easily.

Different fields of Vastu shastra can be studied nearby us. Many universities have accepted that this ancient knowledge is helpful for human beings and can solve many problems in our life. Many universities in India offer a diploma in this course, and one can get a certificated degree in this course. Learning such courses can lead help mankind.

Today's youth is keen on learning all the ancient knowledge because somehow, these beliefs are also related scientifically. We can learn Vastu through books; many famous writers have also written books on Vastu shastra. It is not very difficult to understand if we start from simple books and basic studies. Once the base is clear, you can move up level by level. Many universities offer offline courses, and online courses are also available.


Getting an online advance vastu shastra course is easy because today's world is advanced; if one cannot attend universities regularly, one can enroll in online courses. Online certification is also available, and degrees can be taken. Vastu shastra is a vast topic to study once you get inside it, you would like to go deeper to discover every part of it. It will help today's youth explore and learn more about this unique science.


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