Change your company name with numerology and change your destiny

August 11, 2021
Institute Of Vedic Astrology
Change your company name with numerology and change your destiny

Numerology reveals that a company’s name has a certain impact on the company’s future. People believe that the correct application of numerology plays an important role in their company’s life. This means that a company's name can bring good vibrations into your business. You can Learn Numerology on your own by Numerology Course which is available online and offline.

The study of numbers, its combination and the interaction of numbers in a person’s life are termed as numerology.

When you use numerology to change your business name it is known as Business Name Numerology. As your company name has a powerful energy, the letters and words in it can determine the future of your business.

Change your company name with numerology to change your destiny

Changing the company name with numerology is easier than the name numerology. In the company's name numerology, you have to consider two factors such as the nature of business and date of birth of the business owner.  The name of your company must reflect the sense that you want to deliver in the society.

Changing the name and destiny

Company name numerology can be done with the use of formula

Find a name that can show your business + Think an effective number for your company + provide your service + be patient = Success

You have to follow this formula to achieve success in your company. First, you have to find a name that suits your company and then choose the expression number with the alpha-numerical chart. After getting the right name for your company you can change it. Now market your company’s product or service and wait until you reach the goal.

Meaning of Numerology Expression numbers are

One – can be a leader, new ideas and innovation

Two –says about relationship and balance. Number 2 is good for the therapist or a coach

Three- creative expression in art, music, speaking, photography

Four – it is great for construction or manufacturing company

Five – successful expression number and it explains the travel, entertainment, and fun

Six – this suits for healing professions like a teacher. It is best for schools, restaurant and businesses.

Seven – it is a powerful number which can seek unique and unknown

Eight – a great number for business and it gives power as well as success

Nine – represents the transformation so it is useful for coach or speaker

These are the meaning of numbers and you can choose according to your kind of company. When you apply some mathematical principles and good numbers to keep your company name, it can lead your company to a successful path.

Many business owners don’t attain success even if they have the right knowledge, skills, dedication work. They may get disappointed as their efforts are going useless.

Such a person can change their company name with Indian Numerology to have luck in their life. The name of your company based on Indian Numerology will not only increases the wealth but also brings popularity to your company. When you have the growth it has greater results in your life thus by changing your destiny.

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