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Will You Find a Compatible Love Partner? Take Help of Astrology

By Institute of Vedic Astrology Oct 06 2022 Astrology,Astrology_Classes,Online_astrology_course,Vedic_astrology

How to decide whether you and your partners are soul mates or cannot get along? How your love will grow in the future? Can astrology really help in finding the most compatible love partner? Yes, astrology may answer all these queries! The best Vedic astrology course online will give you deep insight into astrology.

A loving and compatible partner is bliss in life, and not everyone is lucky to get one. With the help of astrology, we can make out which zodiac sign is more compatible with our zodiac sign than the others.

However, we only know about always the filtered version of Astrology, which is general and may or may not be suitable for everyone. As the horoscope in the newspaper and magazines. They are just general predictions that may or may not suit your daily events. To get the full, true picture of our daily and future occurrences, we should consult the best astrologer for a full horoscope analysis.

This article will discuss the factors determining our love compatibility with a partner. And what should we do to find the most compatible love partner?

What are the determinants of Partner Compatibility as per Astrology?

Let us analyze the factors determining our love compatibility with our partner. After understanding these factors for you and your partner, you can easily find the reasons for disagreements between you and your partner. Or you can use them to find the most loving partner for you. Vedic astrology courses in India will make people read a chart of their own and their partners.

The elements of various zodiac signs:

In Astrology, there are 12 signs of the zodiac, and every sign belongs to a certain element. These elements give particular characteristics and traits to the natives, ultimately building their respective personalities.

  • Fire Element- Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Earth Element- Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo
  • Air Element- Gemini, Aquarius, Libra
  • Water Element- Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

Unknown reasons that hinder marriage.

  • People struggle because good marriage proposals do not come easily, even after a good lifestyle.
  • In some cases, even after walking a few steps to take the proposal forward, the matter does not move forward.
  • Some people expect too much from their life partner, which hinders the marriage.
  • Natives' family and friends find it difficult to find the right life partner because of their horoscope.
  • In some cases, because of the position of the planets in the horoscope, people face misfortune.
  • The position of the planet may result in a delay in marriage.

Apart from these circumstances, some such facts create obstacles in the marriage of a person-

  • Distrustful nature.
  • Extremely conservative nature towards the spouse's religion, society, and economic status.
  • Negative thinking and obsessive nature.
  • A selfish personality.
  • Tendency to criticize. Limited to oneself.
  • Inability to give empathy.
  • Lack of compassion.
  • Inability to devotion.

On commitment, Don't be steadfast. Vedic astrology institute will help you to understand astrology, and you can read charts and predict actions.

Why it is important to read the horoscope for the right partner

In Kundli's analysis, many such reasons create hurdles in marriage even after tireless efforts. The ascendants with a negative mindset and unfavorable Lagna can become the major reason for obstruction in marriage. However, the number of people who overcome this shortcoming is very less. The best online Vedic astrology course makes people understand astrology's complex concepts easily.

Important house for marriage

In Vedic astrology, the sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses are considered inauspicious, with unfavorable planets. This house can become a hindrance to the development of other houses. It is important to see that when the native's marriage and life partner's house is 7th from the Ascendant chart, then the 2nd and 12th house from this chart and the sixth house from the ascendant become inauspicious. The astrology courses online in India make people understand astrology predictions.

All these houses harm the seventh house (the house of marriage and spouse). If there is any planet in this house, then this problem will become more serious.

The important factors to consider for marriage

For men, the planet Venus is the significator of the Ascendant. On the other side, for women, Jupiter is the aspect of the ascendant. If these planets are not in a beneficial position in the 7th house in the horoscope, then it might delay the marriage.

While regarding marriage purposes, Saturn is the biggest factor. If Saturn is placed in the seventh house of the chart, the lord of the 7th house is placed in the Ascendant horoscope, or the Navamsha chart, then surely there will be some delay in getting a perfect man for marriage.

What are the Effects on a relationship:

Generally, the two people with the complementary elements within their sun signs enjoy good compatibility between them. For example- earth-water; fire-fire; air-fire; water-water; etc.

So, suppose your partner belongs to the sun sign holding an element that compliments the element of your sun sign. In that case, there is a possibility of a blooming and loving relationship between you both. However, it is important to thoroughly analyze the Ascendant's chart based on the sun and moon signs and lunar nodes. Vedic astrology classes online will make you understand astrology while staying at your place.

Sun Sign:

This is the sign where the Sun was placed in your kundalini when you were born. Your date of birth conveniently can get your sun sign. You generally come across your sun sign while reading your "daily horoscope."

For example, if you are a Sagittarius that would mean that the Sun was transiting through the Sagittarius sign at the time of your birth. The sun sign signifies the soul in astrology. Thus, our sun sign reflects our sense of self, our identity. It also decides how we would express ourselves in public or in a good mood.

The effects on a relationship:

The Sun sign compatibility of two people based on basic elements shows basic affinity. The signs are belonging to the same category of an element always share compatibility between them.

For example, Scorpio and cancer both bring similar energy, i.e., water. So, they both will possess the traits like a loving and caring nature, fear, sentiments, etc. But it is not necessary, as sometimes even the opposite elements show compatibility. For example, a Leo and a Scorpio will also showcase tremendous passion because of the appealing differences in the signs.

The indifference between the elements also adds a type of curiosity and excitement to the relationship. Especially for the younger lot but it is important to focus on whether you wish to have a long-term relationship or just a temporary one loaded with greater excitement and passion.

Moon Sign:

Natal Moon is placed in this zodiac sign. Our natal Moon sign governs our emotions, instinct, mind, and inner traits. In our birth chart, the moon is a karaka planet of a mother, family, and domestic environment. Your Moon sign plays an important part in getting solace and happiness in life.

Effects on a relationship:

It is desired to have compatibility between the Moon signs of both partners. While carrying kundali matching through ashtkoota Milan, the moon has been given dominion over all other planets.

Marriage compatibility is checked based on the placements and positions of the moon in the charts of both the boy and girl. In analyzing love compatibility, Moon signs matter much as your mindsets are more or less the same, and you tend to agree with similar things. There is better chemistry between the partners.

The moon represents the instinctive nature of an individual and their emotional needs. The moon signs compatibility is desirable if you are looking for long-term companionship. 

The Lagna as Ascendant:

The rising zodiacal sign on the eastern horizon at the time of an individual's birth is represented by Lagna or ascendant. The Ascendant also determines your personality. It signifies your physical appearance and characteristic traits.

Planetary influence on Ascendant can tell what kind of human you can be. This is your general first impression that you make on others receive as they meet you. Vedic astrology online courses are one way to understand astrology and will help to understand personalities.

Effects on a relationship:

This is your physical appearance, and here compatibility in terms of elements is not necessary as it talks about physical attraction. Physical compatibility and attraction are also required to maintain a loving relationship. And, here the adage- Opposites attract holds! Hence, someone with their Ascendant as Leo might feel attraction for Virgo, and vice-versa. Ascendant falls just opposite the marriage and partnership house and thus influences the seventh house as well with its planetary influences.

Lunar Nodes:

Rahu and Ketu, or Lunar nodes, are the shadowy planets in astrology. Which means they don't have a physical presence in the sky. But they play a very important role in calculating mathematical, astronomical intersection points of the orbital paths of the Moon, Earth, and Sun.

In the birth chart, the nodes are opposite to each other and function on an axis: Ketu represents the southern nodes, which means the accumulation of knowledge, accomplishments, and habits. The northern node, the Rahu, represents our expectations in life. What are your goals, where you wish to move forward, and what are your deep desires in life are represented by Rahu.

Effects of Lunar Nodes on a relationship:

The north node in the chart tells about your aspirations in this life. The south node in your birth chart represents your past-life connections. If, as per astrology, the nodes in the chart of both the partners are conjunct or overlap. It means both of you have met to accomplish some goals as a couple based on your past life karmic deeds.

These nodal points represent some karmic actions to be done within this lifetime with that person. The nodes tell about karmic bondage, and one may understand it by analyzing the chart.


Astrology, birth charts, and planetary positions play an important role in someone's life. But it is also important to note that one should never decide on a love relationship just by the birth charts, sun signs, moon signs, or ascendant as there could be other planets combination which might be completing yours. Through distance learning astrology courses in India, people can learn astrology at home.

Astrology is a deep science and requires lots of effort to come to accurate conclusions. Analyzing the whole chart deeply before concluding compatibility in any love relationship is essential.


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